Virginia School Board Appeals Order to Allow Girl to Use Boys’ Restroom to U.S. Supreme Court

Grimm-compressedRICHMOND, Va. — A school board in Virginia has filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court after being ordered to allow a female student to use the boys’ restroom since she identifies as a male.

“Depriving parents of any say over whether their children should be exposed to members of the opposite biological sex, possibly in a state of full or complete undress, in intimate settings deprives parents of their right to direct the education and upbringing of their children,” attorneys for the Gloucester County School Board wrote in an emergency appeal.

As previously reported, Gavin Grimm, now 17, told reporters in December 2014 that she began using the boys’ restroom after obtaining permission from the school principal when she expressed disapproval over being forced to use the nurse restroom.

“I’m not a girl. I’m not using the girl’s restroom,” Grimm stated. “So I said, ‘Hey, where can I use the restroom?’ … And so they said, ‘Use the nurse’s room,’ and at the time I was fine with that, because I was still afraid—I didn’t know how my peers would react. So, I didn’t want to push the envelope any further than I had to all at once.”

But she said that the option soon became a problem.

“The nurse’s office is at least a three minute walk from the class I have closest to it. It took a substantial amount of time out of my class time, and it was embarrassing,” Grimm said. “When you’re gone for 15 minutes at a time to use the bathroom, what are high schoolers gonna think? It’s humiliating and it’s alienating.”

The student therefore asked the principal about the matter, who suggested that Grimm go ahead and use the men’s restroom since she identifies as a boy. But some of the parents of the male students soon learned about the allowance, and the issue turned up before the school board.

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Due to the concerns of parents, the board voted to approve a policy requiring students to utilize the restroom that correlates with their biological gender, or to use a private bathroom.

But in response, Grimm sued the Gloucester County School Board with the aid of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in an effort to overturn the policy.

“By excluding Gavin—a transgender boy—from the boys restrooms because the school board does not deem him to be ‘biologically’ male, the school board, under color of state law, has treated and continues to treat Gavin differently from similarly situated students based on his gender,” the suit asserted.

Last September, District Court Judge Robert Doumar, appointed to the bench by then-President Ronald Reagan, ruled against Grimm, disagreeing with the ACLU that the board had violated Title IX with its restroom policy.

“Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and not on the basis of other concepts such as gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation,” Doumar wrote.

The ACLU appealed the decision to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled 2-1 in favor of Grimm in April by pointing to the Obama administration’s recent interpretations of the federal statute.

“At the heart of this appeal is whether Title IX requires schools to provide transgender students access to restrooms congruent with their gender identity,” the three-judge panel wrote. “We conclude that the department’s interpretation of its own regulation . . . as it relates to restroom access by transgender individuals, is . . . to be accorded controlling weight in this case.”

It then sent the case back to Doumar, who was instructed to rule in light of how the U.S. Department of Education views the federal statute. Doumar consequently ordered the board to allow Grimm to use the boys’ restroom.

On Wednesday, the Gloucester County School Board appealed the order to the U.S. Supreme Court, asserting that it will cause “irreparable harm to the board, to the school system and to the legitimate privacy expectations of the district’s schoolchildren and parents alike.”

The case is now in the hands of Chief Justice John Roberts, who will decide either singularly or with his colleagues whether to grant a stay of the order while the board files a petition for certiorari.

“The only thing this injunction does is let Gavin use the boys’ restroom,” ACLU attorney Joshua Block told reporters. “The notion that simply allowing one boy to use the restroom during his senior year of high school would cause the sky to fall is impossible to take seriously.”

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  • I see no problem here. She would be using the stalls and she would have no interest in looking at boy’s penises as they urinate. People are not always, genotypically (their genetic makeup), the same gender as their phenotype (outward appearance). This should be taught at least at the high school level. Were it to be taught, there would be a lot more toleration of others.

    • Becky

      “She would be using the stalls…”

      She’d be using the stalls in the girls’ bathroom, too, just like all of the other girls…she has no need to be using the boys’ bathroom at all.

      • TheKingOfRhye

        I can’t say I’ve been in girls’ bathrooms all that often, or ever, really….since when do they have stalls, though?

        • I’ve been in a couple and both had stalls. Why not ask girls/woman that you know.

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Oh wait….STALLS. Duh. For some reason I thought you were talking about urinals. Never mind. LOL

      • Jolanda Tiellemans

        wow, then that school is very moddern. In my time there where only open showers.

      • While that seems to be a valid point, but it apples to the boy’s room as well. She would have no need to inspect boys as they urinate. No interest.

    • Amos Moses

      Same would be true for the ladies room ………….. which she is …….. and should use ……

      • Actually, she would fit better in the boy’s room since she is sexually attracted to girls. But we do need to get over our shyness and assigning vulgarity to human bodily functions and gender orientation.

        • Amos Moses

          No ……… we need to maintain respect for boundries ……..

          “since she is sexually attracted to girls”

          So are you saying she is a lesbian and should therefore be afforded different treatment because of depravity and no other reason ……….

          • We need to respect boundaries for the majority, you mean? Yes, she is in a small minority, but I am not bound by religious stricture nor its permutations.

            It was once a “boundary” for gays to be denied the right to marry the person they love. It was once a “boundary that kept women from voting. Boundaries are stretched and broken quite often to accommodate people and groups.

            I understand that a lot of people, no doubt the majority of citizens, are hung up on what is moral and what is not. But the “boundaries” argument simply don’t fly in a case where no one is harmed.

            Personally, I have no problem having a lesbian enter the men’s rest room where I’m revealing myself in a urinal. As a founding father once said, “it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

          • Amos Moses

            “We need to respect boundaries for the majority, you mean? ”

            No ….. we should cater to every little foible and distress of a minority so that they can feel comfortable in their disease ……… and foster chaos … /Sarc

            “It was once a “boundary” for gays to be denied the right to marry the person they love. ”

            So when do i get to “marry” my horse ………… and what other boundary shall we push ….. age ….. should call pedophilia “ageism” ………. after all …. its just love ….

            “Personally, I have no problem having a lesbian enter the men’s rest room where I’m revealing myself in a urinal. As a founding father once said, “it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.””

            Then use the fire hydrant outside ………… whats the big deal ………… push that boundary ….. of cousre you will have to put up with all the laughing ………

          • “Disease?” You are displaying the ignorance of the radical Christian right who deny evolution and global warming. Every had any formal education in genetics?

            If you believe a person is diseased if he is attracted romantically to his same gender, then what about intersex people (born with both male and female genitals?). This often results in a tragedy because the parents choose which gender they believe or want the baby to be, and order an operation to make it so.

            Can you guess what might be wrong with that? They sometimes choose the wrong gender. Shall that person be denied his true self for life? Who can help the way they are born and to which gender they will be attracted (this forms during fetal development).

            So when do i get to “marry” my horse

            As soon as the horse gives his/her verbal consent. These are unthinking, hyperbolic and fallacious arguments. That includes your last argument. Urinating on the street is highly unsanitary.

            I understand your sensitivity and push back. But since you are using standard, boilerplate religious conservative arguments, I can only assume that you’ve had no formal training in logic or genetics. That is not meant to be condescending, but to point out that you should educate yourself in these disciplines before attempting to argue against things about which you know little. After all, I would not even attempt to argue with an electrician or a plumber or a brain surgeon.

          • Amos Moses

            “”Disease?” You are displaying the ignorance of the radical Christian right who deny evolution and global warming.”

            Yes ……….. dis-ease ……… the state of not being at ease ……. either physical or mental …….

            evolution ………. in what sense ………… not even sure what you mean by that ……… but it is a deflection ……. same with “global warming” …………. deflection ………

            “Every had any formal education in genetics?”

            Have you ……….. what are YOUR Bona Fides ………. Got ANY …………..

            Let see ……….. the rest was blah, blah, blah …………… SIN is SIN ……… it does not matter how you try to dress it up ….. still SIN …… and the DSM%5 recognizes it as Body Dysmorphic Disorder ………. not really a disease ……. disease has to have a PATHOLOGY ……. and NOTHING in the DSM5 has one …………

            BDD – Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD

            To diagnose BDD, the DSM-5 criteria should be followed. DSM-5 classifies BDD in the chapter of “Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders.” The DSM-5 …

            It includes such things as OCD, Bulemia, Anorexia, and any other disorder that the person has that they are not what they see in the mirror ……….. they see a distortion of reality ………..

          • As usual with conservatives, you certainly know how to equivocate. I consider it a disingenuous for you to ignore the obvious. First, I am sure you know the meaning of “comparison.” You pretend you don’t.

            Second, you know very well what I meant be “evolution.” You deny it (I thought lying (bearing false witness) was a cardinal sin.

            As well, I asked if you’ve had any formal training in genetics. I did not ask if you had a doctorate in genetics. Yes, I had a semester class in genetics. Have you?

            LOL! I see that you simply ignored my challenge. That’s a common tactic of those who come up against cognitive dissonance. You can’t answer it, so you ignore it.

            I ask again:

            If you believe a person is diseased if he is attracted romantically to his same gender, then what about intersex people (born with both male and female genitals)?

          • Amos Moses

            First ………. this is not a conversation about evolution ………. or any other topic …… more than happy to discuss your view on it on an appropriate thread ……… not this one ………. and it is still deflection and you are the one “bearing false witness” ………….

            “Yes, I had a semester class in genetics.”
            Yeah ……….. me too ……….. as well as a 20 year career in the medical field …………. so what ………..

          • Wow, you still don’t get it. I had no intention of discussing evolution. What is the matter with your reading comprehension?

            Okay, since you have had so much training in biology, you shouldn’t have any problem answering my question that you keep avoiding: If you believe a person is diseased if he is attracted romantically to his same gender, then what about intersex people (born with both male and female genitals)? (I should have added, “and if you do not believe genetics has anything to do with it, then what about intersex people . . .”

            You must not have paid much attention in genetics training. If you had, you would know that the genes can manifest in many ways (fortunately) and what the genes say about one’s sexual orientation is sometimes not what one’s physical appearance says. This is a normal variation both in Homo sapiens and and other species.

            I’m going to hold you to answer my question. To avoid it is very telling.

          • Amos Moses

            You are the one who brought up evolution …………… so ask yourself …….

            “If you believe a person is diseased if he is attracted romantically to his same gender, then what about intersex people (born with both male and female genitals)? ”

            First you asked about gave your Bona Fides …….. i gave you mine ……… so now that we are finished with that nonsense …………….

            It is not a genetics matter ………. it is a sin matter ……… there are people born with ambiguous genitalia ……….. so what ………… it is still a SIN matter ……… they are not exempt from SIN due to “genetics”, ambiguous genitalia or any other reason you choose to latch on too …………..

          • It is not a genetics matter ………. it is a sin matter ……… there are people born with ambiguous genitalia ……….. so what ………… it is still a SIN matter ……… they are not exempt from SIN due to “genetics”, ambiguous genitalia or any other reason you choose to latch on too

            Still obfuscating–refusing to recognize that children born with ambiguous genitalia pose a true dilemma for your position of “sin.” Exactly how can a new born baby be sinful? How can a new born baby help the way he looks or how his genotype and phenotype developed?

            LOL! That is such a transparent dodge. You refuse to seriously address the question. It is self-deception (intellectual dishonesty).

          • Amos Moses

            “Still obfuscating–refusing to recognize that children born with ambiguous genitalia pose a true dilemma for your position of “sin.””

            No …………. it does not ……….. for you maybe ………… but that is all …….

            “LOL! That is such a transparent dodge. You refuse to seriously address the question. It is self-deception (intellectual dishonesty).”

            That you reject the truth ………… that is your difficulty …….. and nothing else …… you have Moral Dishonesty ………….

          • Are you proud of being a racist, making fun of people because of their physical appearance–what they cannot help?

            I’ve called you out for the white supremacist you are.

            And you call ME morally dishonest? As well, you are lying about your knowledge of genetics. That you’ve worked 20 years in the medial field doesn’t make you knowledgeable about genetics. For all I know, you may be just lab technician or a custodian. While those are honorable jobs, I wouldn’t expect such folks to deceive others into thinking you are something you are not.

            All Christians are not racists. I hope that some on this site is following our “conversation” and have the personal integrity to admit that you, one of their on, is in fact a racist prone to deception and deflection.

          • Amos Moses

            “I’ve called you out for the white supremacist you are.”

            Hehehe ………. been called “racist” and “bigot” by better than you ………. go away little boy …… you are the biggest one here wearing that label ……… only a person who truly hates homosexuals would continue to urge them to their destructive behavior ………. and that be you, bubba ……………..

          • Did you mother teach you to be so deceitful and afraid of showing your face and taking direct responsibility for your words? Did she teach you to make fun of others for attributes that they cannot help?

            Would she be proud of you, now? Or do you feel that by looking down on other people, you will feel better about yourself–mask your insecurity? That is usually the way with bigots and racists. It makes you feel superior.

            The United States Declaration of Independence was written and adopted in order to establish for our citizens the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

            I’m quite sure that you want to be left alone to pursue happiness according to the dictates of your conscience, so why do you not recognize these same rights for others?

            Ever heard the phrase, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto your?” In different words, it is in your Bible and the Holy books of other religions. It is also a tenet of secular humanism. As far as I am concerned, it is the only tenet by which all people should live their lives.

          • And, by the way, why don’t you use your real name and face. You’re using a photo of Rochester, a character on the Jack Benny show and the name of a character from a racist song.

            I’m convinced that you are a white person and are simply using that racist caricature.

            I find it so very interesting and ironic that so many religious people have no problem looking down on others who are different from them for reasons they cannot help. Yet I, an atheist, use my own photo and was using my own name up until recently (It can still be found on my public profile). I do not hide behind avatars and nor do I demean others for their physical appearance in order to get laughs.

            Quite truly, you are a member of the racist, religious right, and ethics is simply not our strong suit.

    • Paul Eldred

      What color is the sky in your world?

    • Ronald Carter

      You are exactly right.

  • Becky

    “The only thing this injunction does is let Gavin use the boys’ restroom,” ACLU attorney Joshua Block told reporters. “The notion that simply allowing one boy to use the restroom during his senior year of high school would cause the sky to fall is impossible to take seriously.”

    Problem is she’s not a boy…she’s a she that’ll be in the boys’ bathroom.

    • Amos Moses

      Camels nose …… tent ….. one exception ….. we must then allow anyone ………

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Children should be taught God’s truth; God made male and female and people must live out the birth gender. (Genesis ch.1)

    • Ronald Carter

      That isn’t in Genesis chapter 1.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Read the creation record. God even prohibited cross dressing. Read the entire Holy Bible. Deuteronomy ch.22. You secular Westerners are suffering from severe boredom, and that’s why you can’t battle for the truth or anything noble like before. The West has no moral standard apart from the Holy Bible.

        • Ronald Carter

          Grace, I say this with great restraint, but that is as nuts as anything I have ever read posted on any forum in my entire lifetime. You are imagining things in the Bible that are not there, plain and simple. You have voices in your head or something and you need to get some attention for them.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            No, read the text of the Holy Bible. Today’s secular Western culture is insane to support sexual depravity and mental illness to amuse oneself by forcing normal people to accept absurdity. It also hurts children because such notion bars children from knowing God’s truth. Secularism = a collapse caused by Anti-christian amorality. You must repent of your sins and believe in Jesus as your Saviour and Lord to get saved. Read John ch.3 and Romans ch.1 and 10. Don’t persecute the Christians in the land.

          • Ronald Carter

            Grace, what you are calling sexual depravity is simple homosexuality which medical health experts and science have confirmed is an entirely normal variation within human sexuality. It doesn’t matter what ANY holy book says, they have been quite simply been proven to be wrong. It’s really time you accepted that simple fact.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            No, they are lying; they just desire everyone to be a Sodomite in their own immoral dystopia. You’ve been deceived by them. God has condemned homosexuality as an abhorrent sin, and science proves that homosexuality causes depressions and diseases and suicide and it leads to pedophilia and other sick sins; today’s depraved destructive secular Western culture is the mega proof for all to see. You can’t even protect women and children and have no will to do it. Normal mankind know that intimacy is proper only within the marriage of one man and one woman. Secular Westerners are bullying the Biblical Christians this century because they can no longer bully the colored people for having different skin colors. They just want to cancal out the Word of God and break mankind’s conscience so that they could make everyone bow to Sodomites. Sin is slavery and secularism wants to enslave everyone with blasphemy and immorality. God forbid such evil. He destroys every Sodom on earth. Read the Book of Jude ch.1.

          • Ronald Carter

            No, Grace. You are lying. And this isn’t just a little white lie, oh no…this is a lie on a grand scale. Because you are saying that millions of homosexuals are lying, which is absurd in the extreme and would not even qualify as conspiracy theory. They don’t want to draw you into their world, they just want you to leave them alone so they can live in theirs free of molestation and bigotry. We do not live in a Christian theocracy so your hateful and vile pronouncements do not apply; further, your beliefs would and could never be those of a just God who would never make people a certain way just so he could hate and vilify them.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Your problem is your hatred against God’s truth. Because you hate the truth, you imagine up a non-existent deity for the sake of the Western depraved sinful lifestyle and attack God’s people. Your culture is toxic. Read the Holy Bible – all of it. God is holy and will destroy sexually depraved civilizations. Today’s abnormally immoral USA is dragging other less guilty nations. God’s just wrath will be brought upon the earth in His time. Truth-telling out of God’s Word is not hate but the true love. Stop hating the truth. The Western nations were built upon the Christian theocracy but the godless secularism corrupted them. God’s blessings went wasted in today’s West.

            The LGBT are in trouble because no one teaches them God’s life-saving truth in the Western culture; thus the supporters of the sinful lifestyle are more guilty than they. ( Romans ch.1) The Westerners always become morally chaotic without Christianity. The world endured racist Westerners before for a few centuries, but will not submit to sexually perv Westerners because it’s too degrading to all and too destructive to all children. The world has been already suffering too much to accommodate the tyranny of today’s well-fed West’s filthy mental illness. The West must stop making humanity suffer. You need Biblical Christianity for your conscience to function properly.

          • Ronald Carter

            No, Grace. I don’t hate God. I don’t even know if God exists. What I hate is ignorance and stupidity, and the self-righteous manner in which people claim to “know” God and what he wants. I don’t imagine any non-existent deity, I don’t imagine ANY deity. You really have a hard time conceiving of that, don’t you? When are you going to stop telling me what I believe, and really start listening to what I’m saying to KNOW what I believe? And please, for the last time, stop telling me to read the Bible. I’ve read it cover to cover many times. You do NOT have a monopoly on morality just because you believe in God.

            LGBT people are not LGBT to rebel against God. They are LGBT because it’s how they are wired, and they cannot be anything else, so why don’t you stop beating them up with your Bible and allowing them to live their lives having the freedom to believe in whatever they choose to believe in? If screaming hatred at the LGBT community is your style, how effective do you think it’s going to be to turn them into a radical fundamentalist Christian like yourself?

            Finally, you need to stop calling homosexuality a mental illness. It’s not. It’s been proven by science that it is not an illness and it requires no cure. Those are FACTS, Grace. They aren’t opinions of people with different religious beliefs than yourself. They’re simple facts.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You have not read the Holy Bible. Or your inclination to Sodomy has blinded you altogether. If you have read the Holy Bible even once, you’d have discovered the objective fact that today’s secular Western culture’s evil has surpassed all the sick civilizations which God has destroyed. USA has not been destroyed yet because of her fundamental Christians’ population; you need to thank them for your life. LGBT are LGBT because of their desire for depraved sins. Sin must be battled against and never be boasted of or endorsed or condoned or encouraged. Trying to legalize Sodomy’s tyranny IS the criminatory mental illness and the human rights abuse this century.

            Secular Western culture has nothing noble to protect anymore due to their loss of Christian values, and that’s why they have started this evil circus against the Biblical Christians this century. The Westerners must stop being bored. The world suffered too much unlike the rich better-off West; it does not deserve the curses the godless secularism is due to receive. The West must go down by itself if it so wants to go down; its attempt to pollute the global children with abnormal immorality must be halted by normal and moral people. I heard some Westerners are trying to legalize pedophilia. Enough of crazy rich pervs’ atrocities on earth. Your sanity is only with the Judeo-Christian values.

          • Ronald Carter

            Listen to me very carefully, Grace.

            You really need to stop telling me what you have no way of knowing about my life. I have read the Bible. Many times. I reject that it is the word of God. I have the right to come to that conclusion. I have no “inclinations to sodomy” whatever THAT is supposed to mean, I just believe in letting people express their physical love in whatever ways they like and it has NO bearing on my life (or yours) whatsoever.

            The Bible can make whatever pronouncements it likes about “sick civilizations”, it doesn’t mean that I have to believe it. That seems to be what you’re not grasping here, that I can read something the Bible says and choose to disagree.

            Europe has very few fundamentalist Christians and the LGBT population does just fine out there and most people let them live their lives in peace. In Canada, the same thing is happening. I think what’s happening here is that you want to control others with your rather rigid morality, and people are standing up to you. This utterly stupid idea that homosexuals are afflicted by “sick sins” is the reason your fundamentalists are NOT more popular, because that idea is completely contrary to what we learn from scientific EVIDENCE to the contrary. And as long as you remain science-phobic and proud of it, your ideas will remain unpopular.

            All your talk about sodomy is beside the point. You still don’t realize that straight people practice sodomy, and in far greater numbers. But if you realized that, you wouldn’t be able to attack homosexuals, would you? As for mental illness, no it’s not. And if you don’t like what the American Psychological Association has to say, there are dozens of others that will tell you the exact same thing. It’s only religion that is a holdout against this, Grace. You’re going to be on the wrong side of history on this one.

            You don’t have a Christian theocracy because lots of people don’t LIKE your “values”. You see them as essential. We see them as vile and horrible and that’s why we stand up to them.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You did not agree with the Word of God and that is your problem. The Western licentiousness hurts global children; it’s nothing of private matter since the Western Sodomites have started demanding the unconditional submission. Read Leviticus ch.18-20. God destroyed the civilizations like the secular USA. They just had no Christian population. (Genesis ch.19) You are wrong about the Western Europe and Canada and Australia. The people were simply bribed and threatened and silenced and tamed by the government’s free stuff. Freedom fighters are always minorities.

            American Psychological Association is the crazy entity. USA is one of the most immoral nation on earth because of them; no one should listen to them. Read the Holy Bible for morality and sanity. Hearing that homosexuality is sin is what the LGBT people need. Ronald, you are wrong. The West fell into the deadly error by applying racial equality upon the sexual depravity. Today’s Americans would be labeled as the sickest sexual addicts the entire history has to testify. People dislike Christian theocracy because they are sinful sinners, but the child-abusing culture must be fixed by the Christian Church whether any perv population likes it or not. At least in the West, the former Christendom, Christians must not be bullied for speaking out God’s truth. Liberty is for God’s Word and not for depravity.

          • Ronald Carter

            “You did not agree with the Word of God”

            No, I disagreed with the Bible, which I already told you I don’t believe is God’s word.

            There is no such thing as “Western Sodomites”, that’s an expression you’ve made up.

            “Read Leviticus ch.18-20”

            I have. So what? I already told you I don’t believe in your tyrannical and destructive God, the words of your holy book notwithstanding. God isn’t going to destroy anything merely because homosexuals have the nerve to exist.

            “You are wrong about the Western Europe and Canada and Australia. The people were simply bribed and threatened and silenced and tamed by the government’s free stuff.”

            Grace, I LIVE in Canada, so I can tell you first hand that you’re wrong. What bribes and free stuff did I get?

            “American Psychological Association is the crazy entity.”

            No, you just don’t like the evidence they are presenting because if you accept it you also have to accept that your Bible was wrong about something.

            The rest of your message goes off the deep end into racist stuff and child abuse and more name calling, so I’ll just stop there. I do think you should speak to a licensed therapist.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Your unbelief is the sin; the unconditional belief in immorality makes you unable to accept the Word of God. There may be Eastern Sodomites and Southern Sodomites and Northern Sodomites, but there are no news they imprison and fine those who refuse to serve or acknowledge same-sex “marriage.” It’s still today’s West’s unique crimes so far. No one believes in the Western Sodomites’ filthy deity; what you believe is your filthy self and nothing else. Secular Westernes hate God as criminals hate the law enforment officers. Homosexuality must be repented of. God destroyed Sodom and He will do it again. Read the Book of Revelation.

            Planet Earth belongs to God, not to the perv Westerners no matter how rich and powerful they are for now. If you are Canadian, read all the verses of O Canada and the nation’s founding document. Canada was created for spreading the Christian religion, not any sick depravity. APA is said to start supporting pedophilia. Secular West has no future whatsoever. Homosexuality leads to sexual chaos; if one feels lust over the same-sex members, he’s lust over anyone and anything. You guys should have turned to God instead of godless therapists who worships sinful humanity. Liberals are well-dressed barbarians. You need the Holy Bible for the truth and morality and to do what is right.

  • hytre64

    When are these people going to stop trying to reinterpret Gender and Sex. They use them one way (Gender=what is in your head/societal expectations, Sex=your body type) to try to explain “Transgenderism”, and then use the opposite when convenient (ie. Title IX specifically says that there shall be no discrimination based on SEX) – so they say that a person who is sexually Female, but has a Gender identity of a Male is being “discriminated against on the basis of ‘sex'”, because they are required to dress/undress only in the presence of those of the same ‘sex’?

    These people are confusing because they are so confused.

    God help them.