Canadian Pastor Ordered to Allow Gay-Straight Alliances at His Christian Schools

coldwell-compressedEDMONTON — A Canadian pastor is standing firm after being ordered to allow gay-straight alliances to be formed at his Christian schools.

According to reports, on Sept. 2, Alberta Education Minister David Eggen sent a letter to Brian Coldwell, the chairman of the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society and pastor of New Testament Baptist Church, to demand that he allow the alliances at his two schools as per provincial law.

Coldwell runs Meadows Baptist Academy and Harvest Baptist Academy in Parkland County.

Earlier this year, Eggen sent a letter to school boards throughout the province, advising that officials must draft and submit policies by the end of March surrounding how they would accommodate homosexual and transgender students.

But Coldwell told CBC News that he would not comply.

“I have a duty as a pastor to protect the flock of God,” he said. “And there is no way under heaven I’m going to allow gay activists to come in here and basically undermine our ministries and our religious freedoms or confuse and corrupt our children.”

“To be able to come into religious institutions, Christian schools, churches and demand that they can set up their GSA clubs and have a platform to advance what I would call anti-Christian, hostile liberal, secular values that really undermine our Christian faith,” Coldwell said.

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Therefore, Eggen sent Coldwell a letter this month, laying down a deadline of two weeks to send written assurance that gay-straight alliances would be allowed at his school. Coldwell again refused, and instead, Eggen received a letter from Coldwell’s attorney.

“They did not change their position,” Eggen told reporters on Monday. “They did not give us any indication that they would provide written assurance that they would allow students to form a gay-straight alliance.”

On Friday, Eggan posted an open letter to students within the province, advising, “You have the right to create a gay-straight alliance or a queer-straight alliance, and you have the right to name your clubs this way. You have the right to use the washroom that is consistent with your gender identity.”

Coldwell says that students are free to choose other schools if they don’t align with the Christian faith and its teachings on sexuality.

“If a student doesn’t agree with our statement of faith, and our Christian moral values and so forth, then they have the option of attending many other schools—secular schools, non-religious schools,” he told the CBC. “We’re not saying that the gay community doesn’t have any rights. But they just don’t have the right to come in here and push their agenda, or what you might call the rainbow ideology.”

Eggan has now launched a formal inquiry into the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society. He said that the society could possibly lose its charter or the $2.5 million in funding it receives from the government.

Kris Wells of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services at the University of Alberta told Global News that he would like for Eggan to be even stricter in his enforcement.

“If you don’t comply with the law, then there are consequences,” he said. “I’m not sure how many more opportunities school boards need to be given.”

Groups like Wells’ believe that the government should have created one uniform policy and required all schools to conform.

“What we’ve seen is what we thought would happen,” he said. “Schools are not going to comply no matter how many chances they get.”

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  • TheBottomline4This

    Academics aside…the only reason a practicing homosexual would come into a faith school that doesn’t support their choice is to stir up trouble. The same with any trans that come into such a school.
    I’m glad the school our kids attend is prepared legally on how to deal with these sort of things. A few have tried, but have failed to get in 🙂

    • Jenny Ondioline

      I don’t see anything in the story that says anyone wants to form a gay/straight alliance in the school. They appear to be being told that they must do so if someone wants to have one.

      • Katara c.

        It doesn’t matter, though, if anyone ever actually wants to do it. All that matters to these people is that they’ve got every school on board with the ideology. It makes me think of that pizza place in the US that got mobbed cos they said they hypothetically wouldn’t make pizzas for a gay wedding, even though nobody ever asked them to.

    • Lexical Cannibal

      The only reason a practicing homosexual would come into a faith school that doesn’t support their choice is to stir up trouble because their parents literally forced them to.

      I went to a very conservative (and academically mediocre, though that’s off-topic) Christian school against my wishes for the entierty of my high school years. I didn’t even know we had other LBGT kids in attendence until after I graduated, they were forced so far underground.

      • Chet

        Depending upon your age, there probably were none as this phenomenon is less than ten years old, that is, with any real numbers. And yet, there are no real numbers per se… This is all part of the “fundamental transformation” of America under duress and of the last eight years, overwhelmingly.

      • Ezra

        As well they should be. If we would not treat this malady so lightly perhaps more could be saved from it.

    • ZappaSaid88

      Or they could be gay AND Christian.

      • Amos Moses

        mmmmmmmmmmm ……. nope ……… sorry ……… no such thing ……….. cant have a square circle ……. cant have a live dead person ……… no 35 degree ice cubes …….. cant be a little bit pregnant ………. two diametrically ideas cannot both be true …… one might be a former homosexual and a christian …… but there is no sin modified, sin-hyphenated christian …………. no thief-christians, no murderer-christians, no idol-worshipping-christians …………

        • 1PierreMontagne1

          But there are a lot of Pagan/Christians practicing a form of Godliness that rejects God’s word while dragging evolution and secularism into the church.

          • Amos Moses

            sho nuf ………..

          • Ezra

            Always – that’s why we try to be vigilant.

      • Kent Lee

        Zappa: Don’t kid yourself. That is a contradiction in terms.

      • Ezra

        That MAY be possible (if you mean by gay, homosexual), but one cannot be a Christian and a practitioner of this or any other sin.

  • Amos Moses

    and the judgment of the New World, all of the Americas, continues, and God has turned away His hand of protection against those whom have turned from Him ……………… sad day for a once great idea ….. freedom without God at the head of it …… is a wasteland of false promises and false pagan idolatry and ideology ……………. this election will make absolutely no difference ……. vote …. don’t vote ….. judgment is here ……

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    A hero! Western Christians must continue battling for truth’s rights for existence and for religious freedom for the sake of the entire world’s religious freedom and human rights. Transgender children and families must learn that their false sexual orientation is sin by being refused by the Christian schools. That’s the one way for the secular West to get healed from the sinful mental illness. Why do the Western Sodomites always single out Christians for bullying and threatening and leave the Jews and Muslims alone? All are monotheists.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    According to its founding document and monuments, Canada was created for the glory of God to the end of the world and the purpose of spreading Christianity on earth and should never persecute the Christians for the purpose of accommodation and promotion of sexual immorality. Most religions including Christianity are incompatible with secular Western version of sexual immorality and depravity. The West will have to persecute most religions on earth at this rate to fulfill their secular agenda, not just banning the Holy Bible. The West must stop trying to install slavery on earth. Their usual apologies are futile after having ruined of global children’s morality. Mankind gets truth, human rights, equality, and freedom only by adhering to the Holy Bible, the Word of God. Bible-literacy alone brings freedom, both then and now. The Western liberals are well-dressed savages. It is a disgrace as a human being, not just as a Christian, to comply with their demands.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Rich secular nations( the West and its faithful servant nations) have not many children of their own and believe this world is all there is. Is that why they try to destroy the children’s morality and ruin the world because they have no future anyway? Too many childless(in the absolute meaning) individuals in power in secular nations. Though the water is polluted and the human cultures are heinous, all children everywhere have rights to God’s truth and dreaming of good future. Christians alone can battle for the truth and for all children’s welfare. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. …Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” [ John ch.10, Luke ch.18 (Matthew ch.19, Mark ch.10)]

  • david

    why do people side with gays right to discriminate against Christian beliefs? do Canadians have freedom of thought or religion anymore ? what right do elected people in parliment have to take other peoples freedoms away?

    • Katara c.

      So true. Funny how all us religious people are required to pay our taxes, but the second we want to actually practice our faiths instead of conforming to secular humanist morality, our taxes “shouldn’t fund” it. How hypocritical. People should have the right to attend (or send their kids to) a school with a moral atmosphere that’s to their liking.

      And of course we have freedom, David. We have the freedom to keep our religion to ourselves, and to practice it in our houses, as long as we never bring it into the public sphere. We have the freedom to be sued til we’re destitute if we don’t follow along. That’s Canadian-style freedom and tolerance for you 😛

    • bowie1

      We do, but like the USA some of the same ungodly agenda is being pushed. Not that I am unsympathetic since one of my cousins has a lesbian niece but she will need to go the public school which Christians also pay for and if their kids go to a Christian school that is an extra cost – up to $10,000.

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      “why do people side with gays right to discriminate against Christian beliefs?”
      Consider the so called Christian who is a public school teacher. The majority of these types every Monday check their Christianity at the door as they enter their “real world ” of being teachers. They promote evolution and absolutely avoid displaying a scintilla of their Christian beliefs(if they really have any) in the classroom. Many such teachers even go so far as to fight the creation of Christian schools in their own communities while at the same time serving on board as deacons in their own evangelical churches.
      They need only read 2 Timothy 3 or the Book of Jude to be convicted little wonder they prefer to avoid the Pauline gospels and call themselves red letter Christians so as to also avoid the truths of the Old Testament.

      The saddest thing I saw this past year was Christian school parents who were glad the NDP won in Alberta – Christianity it seems has run aground having fallen for the fraud of NDP socialism.

  • Katara c.

    Part of me is wondering if maybe this is that “mark of the beast” in Revelation that you can’t do business without & such. Seems nowadays that if you’re not projecting a gay rainbow aura at every moment, they’ll destroy your livelihood, cut your funding, fine you, & otherwise make sure you’re not able to function in society anymore.

  • Nidalap

    Well, we HAVE read the back of the Book, right?
    It’s HIGHLY unlikely to get better from here…

  • “If you don’t comply with the law, then there are consequences,” he said, in that queer affected voice with which he chooses to speak. “I’m not sure how many more opportunities school boards need to be given.” He was lying though. He is actually sure: no more chances. He wants unfettered access right now to freely trawl the Christian school for beautiful and innocent virgins to groom for his insatiable appetite. Hand over those children, or we will do worse to you than we intend for them.

    • Jenny Ondioline

      “Queer affected voice.” How nice. How Christian.

      You do realize that a gay/straight alliance is for the purpose of helping gay kids feel safe? You oppose that, why?

      • Amos Moses

        sure …. at the expense of the over 90% of the other children …..

        • Jenny Ondioline

          So you’d rather see the straight children shun and ostracize and bully the LGBT ones?

          • Amos Moses

            i would rather the alphabet denerates were not lied tp about what they have chosen…….

      • They are in visible danger of being cast eternally into hell. They should on no account be helped to feel safe. They are in eternal danger, quite apart from the damning bodily danger that they are exposing themselves to. As someone who delights in their perversity, you too are in danger. (I am not nice.)

        • Jenny Ondioline

          They aren’t perverts. They are merely homosexuals. As human beings they have the right to feel safe and not beaten up by people who hate them for what they are. The danger you describe isn’t danger at all, it’s just your religion. I delight in keeping kids from being hurt and beaten up at their schools (I am nice).

  • Reason2012

    He has no problem allowing those who feel they are homosexual but fight against those feelings and do not act upon them nor dwell in lust on them just like any other sinful inclination. The school would not let someone in who was living in any other open sinful behavior, nor should they be forced to let anyone else in that acts on sinful homosexual behavior or the behavior of mutilating their body and playing make-believe to be female when he’s a male.

  • ZappaSaid88

    Christians want to force creationism to be taught in schools and say, “teach the controversy”. When LGBT folks want to start a group in the school we hear from the religious, ““…there is no way under heaven I’m going to allow gay activists to come in here and basically undermine our ministries and our religious freedoms or confuse and corrupt our children.”

    • Amos Moses

      if you want to corrupt a person …. you begin with the child …. and in a generation you will have a nation of anarchy ….. just take a look out the window and or at the “news” …. if you do not get that you reap what you sew ……. then you deserve what you see …………

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Usual villains’ tactics: “Comply with our evil or you will lose money.” Sodomic West does this with poorer nations while the gain is really from poor nations’ blood. It is so unfair and evil that the godless rich powerful secularists make Christians pay for expensive Christian education in the land and then demand unthinkable perversions to invade Christian schools to ruin all children and youth. Childless Western pervs should not decide anything about education in the land. Only educated Biblical Christians and real parents( both biological parents intact with the children of their own) should dictate education for all children’s good.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Northern and Eastern atheism accompanies violences. Western atheism accompanies chaotic sexual immorality. Everyone needs Jesus for salvation and true living. There is no other way for both children and adults.

  • Nedd Kareiva

    Funny but I don’t see any of those pro-homo statist fanatics posting here who agree with this Canadian tyrant (except for one) and believe this should be foisted on Christian schools. Where are you all? Hello?

  • Harry Oh!

    I dare this nut to make the same demand of a Muslim organization.

  • Cady555

    This school appears to be funded by the Canadian government. The government can establish terms for the funding.

    If Christians want complete control, don’t take taxpayer money.

  • peanut butter

    “What we’ve seen is what we thought would happen.” This is the whole point. They know how the people are going to react to being forced to accommodate their demands. So then they go further and insist that their demands be met or threaten with loss of gov’t funding. Blackmail? Extortion? Why can’t they just lump all the ‘curious’ kids together and start their own school and call it the gay-queer or queer-gay, or whatever they want to call it school, and be the only-whelming majority there? That should quit their bitchin’!

  • Chet

    Praise the Lord for one brother in Christ daring to be a Daniel, whereas most all nowadays drop and roll over in the face of liberal adversity.

  • Kent Lee

    Canada is as sick as the U.S. There are no boundaries for Christians. The world demands that Christians and Christian schools accept all abominations. The Word of God means nothing to godless countries and governments.

  • bowie1

    Rhema Christian School, Peterborough, Ontario once had a case where they dismissed a teacher who had committed adultery and was dismissed from her position. That teacher sued the school but ultimately lost the case much to the relief of the school administration. Still it shows that some who commit various sins are not willing to repent want others to accommodate to their sins.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    When it comes to receiving Government Funding for anything there is no such thing as “Free”. Schools that wish to retain private status are hamstrung when they accept Government Tax Dollars.
    The only thing that they can try is to request a return of School Tax dollars when their children are not in a public school system. The problem with that request however is that people with no children are required by law to pay the education tax portion regardless.
    In the end the treatment that Eggan is dishing out was pee-planned as a attack on Christian schools. Pure fascist socialism is structured to enforce the will of the minority upon the majority. This is why Socialist so hate true democracy, as democracy is the only system that protects the rights of the majority

  • Ezra

    I note that it is alleged that the school accepts government funding. If that be so then why should the government not call the tune? If you want to preach God’s word unadulterated by government policy maybe you should divorce your finances from those who can tell you what to preach.