Girl Who Identifies as Boy Becomes First ‘Transgender’ Allowed on School’s Football Team

cooley-compressedHALIFAX, Canada — A Canadian girl who identifies as a boy has become the first “transgender” player allowed on her school’s football team.

Kennedy Cooley, 17, transferred to Halifax West High School after students at her previous school made her feel “unaccepted” for identifying as a boy. She had heard that Halifax West would be more accepting, but was still apprehensive.

“I’d heard that a lot of the guys are like family, they really get along together, they all know each other, and they’re really close friends,” Cooley told CTV News. “I was just really nervous about going in there and maybe, somebody wasn’t okay with me being transgender.”

At Halifax West, she was permitted to join the boy’s football team.

“You feel like you’re a brother; you don’t feel like you’re a player,” the teen said. “They’re just so open and they accept you for who you are.”

“That’s what he wants to be—included—and he wants to be one of the other guys,” Cooley’s mother, Pam Reinders-Cooley, said.

Her father is likewise supportive.

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“He’s never been afraid of challenge, and we’ve always supported him as much as we could,” Robert Cooley told ABC News. “It isn’t always easy, but at the end of the day, your goal as a parent is to make sure your child is a productive citizen in society, and when we look at him, we see that he is a good kid.”

Halifax Head Coach David Kelly said that Cooley hasn’t played on a football team before and so she is still learning.

“He’s very new to the sport, so I think he’s still in the process of learning the game,” Kelly explained.

But Assistant Head Coach Nick MacLeod told the Chronicle Herald that Cooley will be expected to perform equally with the male players.

“When Kennedy came here, we asked him the same thing that we ask everybody else: that you put the team first and work hard and give 100 percent effort,” he said.

As previously reported, earlier this year, questions were raised about whether or not it would be fair for a male student at an Alaskan high school who identifies as female to be permitted to compete against girls on the school’s track team.

“Allowing students to play on teams of the opposite sex disproportionately impacts female students, who will lose spots on a track, soccer and volleyball teams to male students who identify as female,” Alaska Family Action Executive Director Jim Minnery told reporters regarding Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot, 18.

In Texas, school superintendents voted in March to require student athletes to provide proof of their gender by submitting a copy of their birth certificate to ensure that that boys do not play on girls’ teams and girls do not play on boys’ teams.

“Member schools may not permit boys to try out for or participate under the jr. high school or high school athletic plans designated for girls’ teams,” the policy reads, noting the same for girls. “Member schools that offer cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, track and field and/or wrestling individual athletic plans may not permit mixed plans for boys and girls.”

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  • Nidalap

    Well, they HAVE been dumbing down the game to the point where boys and girls could play it together…

    • Amos Moses

      no longer a mans game …….. sissified ………. but hey …. it canadia “football” ………… who cares …….. if they are stupid enough to allow that ….. they deserve the outcome that will follow …..

      • Bob Johnson

        Give Blood – play Rugby or Australian football.

      • Bob Johnson

        No Pads – No Helmets
        https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=niYaLPDVN2o

        • Amos Moses

          Still sissified ………

  • David Nitz

    Is there an emoji for broken-hearted?

  • ComeOnPeople!

    Nope sorry the CREATOR of mankind & the DNA HE created within every woman and every man does not lie… humans lie.

    • Tony

      IN DNA the are many different parts and 2 chemicals in the DNA make people the gender they are But some of them are In Disarray. There forth God Created the Trans-gender people. It ios More than the Mind / Brain is it also the DNA too.

      • ComeOnPeople!

        The Director of the Whitehead Institute and professor of biology at MIT, has shaped modern genomics and mapped the Y chromosome. His renowned studies of the sex chromosomes have shaped modern understandings of reproductive health, fertility and sex disorders. He has discovered that both the X and Y chromosomes function throughout the entire body, not just within the reproductive tract.

        We aren’t unisex, and our bodies know this – every cell knows it at the molecular level. Males are 99.9% the same when compared to other males, and females are as well when compared to other females, but males and females are only 98.5% equal to each other – outside of the X and Y chromosomes. The genetic difference between men and women is 15 times greater than between two men or two women. You have been taught that other than X and Y, males and females are genetically exactly the same. They aren’t.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    She should be still treated as a girl by those who around her – the only right thing. Facts override imaginations and wishes.

  • TheBottomline4This

    Not as many are accepting as you think. Put a hidden camera in the room when you are not in there and see what you hear. Sure some who enable this mental illness will be fine with it, but the majority won’t be.
    You were born a female and will die a female. Nothing you do can change your DNA 🙂

  • Unionville

    Transgenderism is gender stereotyping. It is completely offensive. It is the same as wearing an afro and adopting a black dialect and claiming that makes you black.