U.S. Education Secretary Concerned Homeschoolers Aren’t Getting ‘Rapid Instructional Experience’

HomeschoolingWASHINGTON — U.S. Education Secretary John King told reporters this week that he is concerned that some homeschoolers aren’t receiving the “rapid instructional experience” that they would normally obtain in the public school environment.

King was speaking at a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor on Wednesday. During his remarks, he said that he was worried that homeschooled children aren’t “getting the range of options that are good for all kids.”

“King said he worries that ‘students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school’—unless parents are ‘very intentional about it,'” the Monitor reported. “King said the school experience includes building relationships with peers, teachers and mentors—elements which are difficult to achieve in homeschooling, he said, unless parents focus on it.”

But he also noted that he knows homeschooling families that are “doing it incredibly well” and explained that he knows homeschooled students who are now in college and having “very tremendous academic success.”

“Obviously, it’s up to families if they want to take a homeschool approach,” King stated.

Some had mixed feelings about King’s words, including Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) co-founder and Chairman Michael Farris, who disagreed with King’s assertions that homeschoolers have a narrower range than public school students.

“While Secretary King had some good things to say about homeschooling, I’m disappointed that his comments imply that public schoolers have a wider range of options in education, which is simply not true,” he said in a statement.

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“Homeschoolers are far outperforming their public schooled peers, largely due to the fact that parents know what works best for their child instead of implementing an outdated, one-size-fits-all approach that Secretary King appears to favor,” Farris remarked.

Lindsey Burke of the Daily Signal made similar remarks.

“Many homeschooled students attend some of the most rigorous and intellectually challenging schooling there is,” she wrote in an op-ed. “Many families pursue a rigorous classical curriculum. Others choose to homeschool because their children wanted more challenging options than their assigned public school provided.”

“The home-education movement has exploded under Obama, spiking from 1.5 million to more than two million in just five years,” Family Research Council also wrote about the matter. “[C]onsidering that the ‘school experience’ now includes everything from radical sex education to genderless locker rooms and showers, most parents are more than happy to exclude their kids. “

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  • Amos Moses

    What they are not getting is government indoctrination ….. and that is what they are concerned about …. they have not been given the “received reailty” …………….

    The War on Reality: How globalists occupy your mind to control everything
    youtube;com/watch?v=8ZbhCeUWa1A – Replace the ; with a .

  • Liz Holder

    Matt. 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    What range of options like beastiality, homosexuality and transgendering? You will have to answer and give an account to God, U.S. Education Secretary, John King

  • Reason2012

    The public schools’ version of “rapid instructional experience” is rapid homosexual and transgender indoctrination when they’re 5 year old kids in kindergarten, then reinforce it every year.

  • Becky

    Who does he think he’s fooling? King is sicking the homosexual activists on the homeschooling laws. Someone has realised that the majority of homeschooled kids have not been indoctrinated by the homosexual agenda and he’s attempting to open that door for the hounds he supports. Each state can vary regarding its homeschooling laws, from no regulations to high regulations, but the majority of states do have laws that must be followed. God Almighty forbid the wicked from infiltrating the home of these families and forcing their evil propaganda upon them…God forbid.

    • Joe Palmer

      The word you want to use is “sic”. I sic, you sic, he/ she sics, we sic, they sic. Or in your instance “siccing”.

      • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        In this case, though, “sicking” seems a propos.

        • getstryker

          Your comment was totally . . . ‘apropos’ 😉

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    As more and more parents choose to home school their Children trying to protect them. The left knows they will have fewer children to brainwash.

  • TheBottomline4This

    Homeschoolers are shown to do just as well if not better than public school students.
    The real concern are public school students. I have seen too many public school students who barely can get by in reading, writing and math. Talking to them is concerning also. If asked if they know this or that…you know, stuff we learned in school…they are very limited in what they know. So to King, clean up all of your own backyards, before trying to look into homeschoolers.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Home schooled children tend to fare much better than their public school counterparts.

    • They do. I have thousands of archived articles that prove government schools are not a safe place for children.

  • Assuming the number of home schooling parents has remained constant, the spike from 1.5 million to 2.0 million would mean that they have 33% more children in training. If every home schooling family had two more children to celebrate the beginning of the obama-nation, then that would more or less explain these numbers.

    Neither the children nor the parents want the government memo.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    If only the Western public education were not so atheistic and immoral. Secularism teaches children as if blasphemy and infanticide and sexual immorality are humanity’s sole duty. It also teaches disrespect of everything noble. No respect for God = No respect for anyone or anything including human life. Secularism brings suicide and despair. Christianity alone bring the light, truth, meaning, fairness, beauty, safety, hope, and life. All children have rights to innocent years( it’s impossible to maintain innocence in rich secular nations) and God’s righteous instructions from the Holy Bible to live well.

  • JohninRedding

    “rapid instructional experience” Sounds like a fancy term to see if you are up on the latest progressive lingo. Never explained why this was important or what exactly do it means.

    • brightlight

      It means the kids aren’t getting indoctrinated.

  • I suppose “U.S. Education Secretary Notes Homeschooling Families Doing Well and having Tremendous Success” wouldn’t have been as sexy of a title, even though it’s just as true.

    Nice clickbait, though.

  • bowie1

    If they have a narrower range perhaps they can do better on those areas than trying spread themselves out too thin.

    • getstryker

      Yeppers . . . like the ‘three R’s’ – ”Read’n, Rite’n and Rithmetic’

      • bowie1

        And maybe technology might help if it isn’t obsolete by graduation time!

  • poppyw

    What government school advocates are angry about is that 2 million home schooled kids are NOT subject to the intensive “progressive” propaganda or mind control which turns the kids into little communists. Witness the young people who flocked to Bernie Sanders. Never saw so many young communists. Of course, Communists have an atheistic belief system. The Ten Commandments and references to God were removed long ago. Christian holidays removed. I think its “child cruelty” to put a child into a totally heathen community of losers.