Washington Attorney Advises Elementary School to Approve ‘After School Satan’ Club

SEATTLE, Wash. – An attorney is advising an elementary school in Washington to approve an “After School Satan” club, warning that the school district may incur expensive litigation if they turn down the Satanic group.

The Satanic Temple of Seattle recently approached the Mount Vernon School District, asking if the group could start an after-school Satanic program at Centennial Elementary School. According to reports, the Satanic group is bothered by the elementary school’s Good News Bible Club and desires to counter the Bible club with a Satan club.

“It’s designed to be a counterpoint to the Good News program,” Tarkus Claypool of the Satanic Temple of Seattle told the “Skagit Valley Herald.”

Claypool (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Claypool (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Citing a 1991 Supreme Court ruling that says if public schools allow any organization to use school property, they must open their doors to all organizations, the Seattle Satanists argue that the school board has no right to turn them down.

After receiving the Satanists’ request, the Mount Vernon School District hired attorney Duncan Fobes to give them legal counsel on the matter. On Wednesday, Fobes presented his suggestion to the school board: accept the Satanic group.

“I think that if the school district denied that application, you would face costly litigation that would be distracting from your mission and would ultimately be unsuccessful,” Fobes reportedly said.

“We believe that it’s clear that, because the district has a policy and procedure that encourages the use of community groups to use your facilities, because you do that, you must open it to this group,” Fobes added. “You don’t have to sponsor the group, you don’t have to help the group.”

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The Satanic Temple, which according to its website only views Satan as a metaphor “symbolic of the eternal rebel” and does not hold to a belief in the supernatural, is reportedly targeting school districts across the country that allow the Good News Clubs. As previously reported, Satanists released a promotional video earlier this year, in which they announced plans to spawn Satan clubs in schools nationwide.

In the Seattle area, school officials and parents alike have voiced concerns over this development.

“We didn’t invite them to the school, they put our name on a website,” said Centennial Elementary School Principal Erwin Stroosma. “We feel like we’re pawns in a game—someone else is manipulating us.”

The school board president, Rob Coffey, described the situation as “very unfortunate.”

“Our hands are tied in this question,” he said. “We must make our facilities available—and in many cases we are eager to make them available—to Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. We must make them available whether we like the group or not. There really is no opportunity for us to say no to the Satanic Temple or the After School Satan Club.”

When asked about the Satanic club during a recent meeting, nearly all parents and grandparents of students at Centennial Elementary School indicated that they do not want the group to meet in their children’s school.

“They say they’re not going to teach anything bad, but we don’t know,” said Moises Pacheco, whose grandchildren attend an elementary school in the district.

“This is going to be infectious and widespread,” said Mike Cheek, who also has grandchildren in the district. “I know that if there is anything to do with Satan, it is dark and it is evil.”

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  • Reason2012

    A hate group whose only purpose is to pretend to honor satan to mock Christianity is not a religion.
    It’s actually a flat out hate group.
    A hate group should not be approved and they need to be sued if such a hate group is allowed.
    Would they allow a “Uncle tom” activity?
    Would they allow a “Put up a wall on the border of Texas” activity?
    Would they allow a “Just say no to allah” activity?
    Neither should they allow a “Satan” activity.

    • Croquet_Player

      You are entirely misinformed about the Satanic Temple.

      • Reason2012

        So pretending to be a group about satan is not mocking Christianity, where satan is the enemy?
        So it has nothing to do with Christianity, yet it has everything to do with a Christian activity being there which is why they’re demanding their ‘satan’ activity?
        So a group that has nothing to do with satan / Christianity just got the name satan by chance?
        If it has nothing to do with satan – nothing to do with Christianity – then feel free to pick some other name and not demand to have an activity only when a Christian activity is present at the same school and you might actually convince someone of that false claim.

        • uninvitedguest

          Yup, croquet player hit the nail on the head.

        • Croquet_Player

          That you believe in a mythical “Satan” is your problem. And anyone has every right to make fun of anything, including ridiculous beliefs. If you don’t like it, well that’s just too bad. It’s a free country.

          • Reason2012

            // That you believe in a mythical “Satan” is your problem. And anyone has every right to make fun of anything, including ridiculous beliefs. If you don’t like it, well that’s just too bad. It’s a free country. //

            Thank you for admitting that I was not “misinformed” about the satanic temple, having just admitted everything I said as being true after all.

            And no, a hate group whose only goal is to hatefully mock what others believe does not have any sort of “right” to be an after school activity.

    • uninvitedguest

      Neither should christianty be in schools, which is the whole point of this particular group.

    • james blue

      What do you have against the 1st amendment?

      • Reason2012

        You tell me – apparently all of the above would also be denied, so apparently the first amendment does not cover your ‘right’ to be a hate group, flat out attacking what others believe under the dishonest guise of an “activity”.

  • bowie1

    When I went to elementary school I don’t recall that there were any kind of clubs there. It was only at the high school level that they had these extra curricular activities.

  • TheBottomline4This

    Are any other clubs not allowed to form?
    A Bible club? A Prayer club? A Pro-Life club? Are any of these allowed?
    If not, then the After School Satan” club shouldn’t be allowed.

    • james blue

      All of those are allowed. What do you think the good news club is? The satanic temple guys are only setting these clubs up at schools with good news clubs or equivalent.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      ASS is setting up specifically in schools which have Christian clubs. Legally speaking if the schools approve Christian clubs they have to approve this club too.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Childless Washington should not decide anything for the nation’s children. Children need Christianity because Christianity is life-giving good. Only the Good should be allowed and not the evil(Satanism). Christless America is being filled by evil. Evil has no right to be equated with the Good. May God rescue the American children from the evil.

  • Nidalap

    Interesting. The name “Satan” has a general negative connotation for obvious reasons.
    Such a club would have very few members, other than a sparse collection of misfits trying to project a tough image.
    Might as well leave the club be. At least they’d be labeling themselves instead of creeping about in sheep’s clothing…

    • Becky

      I agree.

      The schools have already been infiltrated by a lot of unholy things and the satan/heathen clubs are just another addition to that unholiness. It has quickened many parents, but it became too late partly when prayer was removed. I say, ignore them. These groups revel in the notoriety…that’s the attraction really. Ignore them and watch their argument deflate straightaway.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Again… why does any Christian send their kids to these schools?

  • Gena B

    Christian clubs have no place at public schools which already teach things that are against God, worldly views and immorality. I would not want to hold a Christian worship service or Bible study at a pagan temple, why would you want to hold it at a public school? No difference. There are plenty of places to have Christian activities. These ‘Satanists’ are merely being hostile towards Christians. Christians are pushing the issue to have their Christian club at the school it’s only giving these pagan groups a platform. Stop casting your pearls.

  • peanut butter

    Not going to teach anything bad??? Only to teach about the most evil being that has ever been cast down to the earth. The one that wants to claim their souls so they will be cast down to hell with him. The one that wants them to do bad things even to the point of murdering someone. Keep your children out of this club people!!! If they don’t have anyone to teach, maybe they will go on their way.

  • “We feel like we’re pawns in a game—someone else is manipulating us.”

    Two thoughts come to my mind here.

    First, that they had to hire a lawyer for advice is quite telling. It says that these “officials” who head up the education of children do not comprehend the nature of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights or the SCOTUS’s decisions on matters of religion in public schools, which are funded by religious AND non-religious taxpayers. This ignorance is inexcusable.

    The second thing is that it is astonishing that they feel as though it is a game!

    Abiding by the Constitution’s stricture that all citizens’ views with regard to religion are equal under the law and that no part of government may choose or favor one over another, is no game. It goes to the very core of equality under the law and it is the very reason there has been so little religious strife in the U.S. Too, it is why religion has thrived in the U.S.

    No one’s freedom of religion is diminished when all views are equal under the law. By the Satanic Temple organizing a counter group to the religious group is an ultimate test of the school’s view of free speech and freedom of religion. It is a great learning opportunity for the students. I applaud the Temple’s activity.

    There is one alternative to the school allowing in the Satanic Temple, and that is to disband the religious club and separate itself from any and all outside groups. The school is there for secular education under our secular Constitution. And, no, secularism is not a religion.