Viral Video Urges Christians to Vote Not Out of Fear of Clinton, But in Obedience to God

hastings-compressedA viral video that has obtained nearly 400,000 views since Monday urges Christians not to make their voting decisions out of a fear of Hillary Clinton, but in obedience to God and His Word.

“As a Christian, I’ve been told this election that we should hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils,” Paul Hastings opens in the three-minute exhortation. “That our vote is justified because no man is perfect and that we’re simply electing a president, not a pastor. That we should vote for the party platform, not the candidate. That we should prevent Hillary from appointing the next Supreme Court justice no matter the cost.”

“But should I set aside my conscience and cast my vote based out of a fear of Hillary rather than my obedience to God?” Hastings asks. “Should I turn a blind eye to Trump’s incredibly public promotion of fornication, adultery, hateful rhetoric, sodomy, abortion and mockery of God? A man who says he has never needed to ask God’s forgiveness for anything…”

He then turns the tables and presents a different mindset for voters to consider.

“Is it possible that as Christians God has a higher calling on our lives than voting for either of two candidates who are so completely hostile to His commands—that God desires the trust of His people more than their strategies, that He desires our personal obedience more than He desires us to speculate about whoever the next Supreme Court justice will be?” Hastings asks.

“I believe in a God who is almighty—a God who very likely will allow either Trump or Hillary to become the next president. Yet, even then, He will still remain in control,” he exhorts. “No matter who sits in the White House, no matter who rules in the courthouse, a higher king should rule in our hearts.”

Hastings advises Christians, however, not to simply sit out the election because of their rejection of both candidates. He says that voting for other candidates on the ballot beside Clinton and Trump sends a message to the nation that Christians will not bow to ungodliness any longer.

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“[W]e as Christians can send a message to America that enough is enough and that we will no longer accept candidates that are unacceptable,” Hastings states.

He points Christians to to consider the other options in their state.

“We are not called to choose the lesser of two evils; we are called to holiness,” Hastings declares in the video. “God and God alone will save our country and we should never cast a vote out of fear unless it’s the fear of God. Remember that when the people of God vote like they belong to the Kingdom of God, evil always loses.”

As previously reported, a recent study by Barna found that more than four out of ten evangelicals currently reject both Trump and Clinton.

“Although Trump has a huge lead over Clinton among evangelicals, the most noteworthy finding in this regard is that more than four out of ten evangelicals currently refuse to vote for either of those two candidates,” analyst George Barna said in an Oct. 10 post, outlining the results.

“Nearly three out of ten are presently undecided, making them the largest block of undecided votes still up for grabs,” he stated, and “[o]ne out of eight evangelicals plan to protest the quality of the major party candidates by voting for a third-party or independent candidate.”

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