Christian Couple Denied Adoption of Foster Children Over Opposition to Homosexual Parenting

Photo Credit: Michal Rybski

A Christian couple in the U.K. has reportedly been denied their request to adopt two foster children in their care after they told social workers that the juveniles needed a mother and a father, and not two daddies.

According to reports, the couple, which has not been identified, has been looking after the children since early 2016 and has sought to adopt the youth themselves. They had initially been turned down because their house was too small.

When they were later told by a social worker that two men had expressed interest, the couple “expressed a degree of shock and asked if this was a ‘joke.'” They also said that it would be hard to explain the concept to one of the children who had said he was “waiting for a new mummy.”

Two days later, the couple moved forward again to adopt the children themselves, stating that they believed it would be too hard on the children to be removed a second time from people that they loved.

“They said immediately, We want to look after them. We want to adopt them; we love them,” Andrea Williams of Christian Concern told Premier. “They’re thriving in our care. They’re thriving with a mum and a dad, and this is not the situation we want for them. We believe the best interest of the child will be served if they stay with us.”

However, the couple was rejected and told that “having heard that the prospective adopters were a same-sex couple, you shared some opinions in relation to this proposed placement which are concerning … as these views could be detrimental to the long-term needs of the children.”

But the husband and wife, who have biological children of their own, don’t believe anything they said was wrong.

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“We are Christians and we expressed the view that a child needs a mother and a father. We expressed our views in modest, temperate terms based on our Christian convictions,” the father told the Sunday Times. “We love everyone (regardless of [their attractions]) and we love the children and believe that they would benefit from the foundation offered by a mother and a father.”

The couple has now appealed the denial, stating that they are being treated wrongfully and that what is best for the children is not truly being taken into account.

“The decision … appears discriminatory to us and not related to the children’s needs,” the father said. “The children love us: we love them. All the reports show that we are a loving, caring and stable family. What more could a child need?”

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