19-Year-Old Homeschool Graduate Wins Canadian Provincial By-Election

oosterhoff-compressedONTARIO — A 19-year-old homeschool graduate has become the youngest in Canada to win a parliamentary seat, closing out his opponents with over 50 percent of the vote.

Sam Oosterhoff beat out New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Mike Thomas, 61, and Liberal Party candidate Vicky Ringuette, 37, on Thursday, receiving 54 percent of the popular vote.

He had taken leave of his political science studies at Brock University to run in the Niagara West-Glanbrook by-election for the past year. Oosterhoff now plans to take classes by night while taking over the seat held by longtime Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.

“Today we sent a very strong message to Premier (Kathleen) Wynne: People are fed up. People have had enough of soaring hydro rates. People have had enough of cuts to health care,” he declared to supporters following his win.

Oosterhoff, who identifies as pro-life and pro-family, is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church. He declared in his candidacy that he would be “a voice for common-sense, pro-family policies and concerns” in the government.

“I will never waver in my support of parents as primary educators, and I will strive to ensure that parental rights are respected in education,” Oosterhoff had outlined on his campaign website.

He also campaigned on supporting local industries and cutting unnecessary government projects.

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“I will defend and promote the unique industries that make our region great, from our soft-fruit producers, to our family farms, to the dozens of local manufacturers that provide stable, well paying jobs,” he vowed.

Some believe that voters selected Oosterhoff in part due to their concerns over Premier Kathleen Wynne’s updated health syllabus/sex-ed curriculum, but the Star reports that the candidate declined to state his position on homosexuality and same-sex parenting.

“The young MPP evaded questions on whether he believes homosexuality is a sin and whether he will support Bill 28, which will make it easier for lesbian and gay parents to have children,” it reported.

“I believe we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect,” Oosterhoff replied to the questions. “I reach out to all communities.”

He will now receive over $100,000 a year for his service.

“I am humbled by the tremendous support of the people of Niagara West—Glanbrook today. I intend on fighting for them as their representative and I look forward to joining Patrick Brown’s PC team at Queen’s Park,” Oosterhoff said in a statement on Thursday.

“Today, once again the Ontario PCs were chosen over Kathleen Wynne’s tired, scandal-plagued Liberal Party,” he said. “We will work to hold them accountable while building an even stronger party that will be competitive in every region of this province in 2018.”

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  • Lloyd Stringer

    It’s “New Democratic Party” not “National Democratic Party.” And “liberal” should be with a capital because she was the Liberal party’s candidate. Finally, I would challenge your wording that he “edged” the other candidates when he got 51% of the vote, over 20% more than his closest competitor. Sorry to be nit picky, but this was obviously not written by a Canadian.

  • Smiling

    Pretty sure he’s Canadian Reformed, not Christian Reformed. Different denomination.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Thank God for anyone who’d stand up for protection of children’s life! USA’s Christian homeschool materials are totally superb. Thank God for the American Christians for creating everything so wonderful. All for the Lord and His glory! Their godly legacy is for-ever.

    • johndoe

      This is a nation of many faiths and ethnicities, all of whom contribute to the greatness of America.

      • Amos Moses

        yeah ….. no …. they do not ………

        • johndoe


    • This style ten and six

      This story refers to Canada.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        I’m sure he grew up with American Christian materials.

        • johndoe

          Doubtful but do you have any proof?

      • George Van Apeldoorn

        Yeah, and your initial comment dealt with a horse while I thought that an election was the topic of discussion. Howver, I agree that a horse would be an improvement over what we now have in Ontario’s L.A.
        Gullliver’s travels speak of a nation ruled by horses and they seem to do well. Anyone not in the horse caste, is called a Yahoo, which seems to be an appropriate interpretation of your horse line.

        • This style ten and six

          I was trying to illustrate how safe a Tory seat Niagara is. I could have chosen anything that breathes and is warm.

          But let’s go with Houyhnhnm. They would do a good job.

    • Jenny Ondioline

      Read it again, Grace. It’s not America this time.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Americans are not aware that the world grows up with Christian America’s creations. You guys are very, very humble and are completely ignorant of American missionaries’ unequal massive contribution to the entire Earthling everywhere. America’s strength has been its Christian character, not the military. Please do not attack the Christian Britons or your own noble Christian pioneers who created the nation.

        • Jenny Ondioline

          Irrelevant Grace, this story is not about America.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            His homeschooling materials were American except for Canadian geography and Canadian history.

  • sovereign democracy

    This is good news. Enough of Liberal incompetence. Time for someone who represents the silent majority and common sense.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Please pray for Canada, particularly Ontario which is in the sewer due to Kathleen Wynne’s failed policies.

  • This style ten and six

    You should note that in a by election on the same day in Ottawa the Liberal candidate won easily. The Niagara seat is a safe Conservative one and you could run a horse and it would win.

    The Leader of the Conservative party will keep strong rein on Oosterhoof who will not be able to object to gay marriage and abortion rights.

  • Harry Oh!

    The tide is starting to turn. The only thing 50+ years of liberal ideology has managed to do is separate us along religious, racial, cultural, political, ideological, social and economic lines. Is this the unity and peace they promised? Maybe the old system wasn’t so bad huh.

  • NJ Constitarian

    may he do well and give people like Troudeau (sp?) a run for his money in the years to come.