Texas Elector to Resign Rather Than Vote Trump: ‘I Do Not See How Donald Trump Is Biblically Qualified’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

DAYTON, Texas — An elector in Texas has announced that he has chosen to resign his position rather than vote for Donald Trump as an electorate.

“I do not see how Donald Trump is biblically qualified to serve in the office of the presidency,” Art Sisneros wrote on Saturday in his blog “The Blessed Path: Delighting in the Law of the Lord.” “Of the hundreds of angry messages that I have received, not one has made a convincing case from Scripture otherwise. If Trump is not qualified and my role, both morally and historically, as an elected official is to vote my conscience, then I cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump for president.”

Sisneros had also outlined earlier this month that he does not believe in voting for the lesser of two evils, and pointed to the biblical qualifications for rulers as outlined in Exodus 18:21, 2 Samuel 23:3 and Deuteronomy 1:13.

“God has given us a standard for our civil rulers. They are to be men that fear Him and are to rule justly according His law. This has implications for both the rulers and those choosing them,” he wrote. “The Bible knows nothing of situational ethics; God and His Word do not change. If God tells us we must choose (vote for) a righteous man that fears Him, we are not free to attach an ‘unless’ to the end of that command.”

According to reports, Sisneros had previously been considering being a “faithless elector” after expressing objection to Trump, meaning that he would not cast his vote for Trump despite the candidate’s victory in the state. But he recalled that he had signed a pledge that he would vote for the winner, and regretted doing so, stating that it is “immoral” and “unlawful” that the GOP makes electors sign such an agreement.

“I was wrong in signing this pledge and not communicating to the body when I ran that my conscience would not be bound by it,” Sisneros wrote. “I honestly did not have the convictions about the original purpose of the Electoral College or the biblical qualifications until after I was an elector. The Bible calls this a rash oath and warns against making them.”

“The heart of this issue now is, does honoring the pledge cause me to sin? If it does, then I am obligated not to honor it. If it doesn’t, then I am obligated to honor it,” he said.

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Sisneros concluded that the best choice would be to resign since he has objections to the way the Electoral College is run, and believes that it would be dishonoring to God for him to vote for Trump.

“Since I can’t in good conscience vote for Donald Trump, and yet have sinfully made a pledge that I would, the best option I see at this time is to resign my position as an elector. This will allow the remaining body of electors to fill my vacancy when they convene on Dec 19 with someone that can vote for Trump,” he wrote. “The people will get their vote. They will get their Skittles for dinner. I will sleep well at night knowing I neither gave in to their demands nor caved to my convictions. I will also mourn the loss of our republic.”

Sisneros reportedly wrote in candidate and pro-life advocate Tom Hoefling of Iowa for the Nov. 8 election.

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