American Missionary to Nicaragua Pleads Guilty to Helping Ex-Lesbian Who Fled Country With Daughter

Miller and family

BUFFALO, N.Y. — An American missionary to Nicaragua entered a guilty plea on Wednesday to a charge of conspiracy in international parental kidnapping for helping an ex-lesbian flee the U.S. with her child seven years ago.

“Timo Miller is a good man,” his defense attorney, Jeffrey Conrad of Pennsylvania told the Buffalo News. “He made a mistake and he wants to put this behind him.”

Several supporters sat in the courtroom as Timothy Miller, also known as Timo, entered his plea. Miller lives in Crossville, Tennessee, but conducts missions work in Managua, Nicaragua.

criminal complaint had stated that he worked with the Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries, but Assistant Director Paul Weaver told Christian News Network that Timo Miller had no affiliation with their organization. A lawsuit filed against the group by the ex-lesbian’s former partner was also dismissed because of the misunderstanding.

Miller appeared in court in Buffalo, New York as that is the location where the stated crime occurred.

He now faces 12 to 18 months in prison for purchasing plane tickets for Lisa Miller (no relation) and her daughter to fly from Canada to Nicaragua, and then helping them find refuge in the country. The woman had fled the United States after being threatened by a federal judge that he would transfer custody of the child to the woman’s ex-partner if she did not allow the girl to have further visitation.

As previously reported, according to the criminal complaint filed in 2011, Timothy Miller allegedly used his mother-in-law’s credit card to pay for Lisa Miller’s plane tickets to fly out of Canada—funds that he reimbursed. He then picked up Miller and her daughter in Managua and helped them to find refuge in the country.

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“Timothy Miller provided assistance for Lisa Miller and [Isabella’s] travel outside of the United States,” the FBI complaint read. “Timothy Miller provided a place of shelter for Lisa Miller and [Isabella] outside of the United States.”

In March 2010, email from Timothy Miller to his mother outlined a birthday party being planned in Nicaragua for Isabella, known undercover as Lydia.

“I feel dearly for these two people,” he wrote. “And I can see it would mean a lot to them in this rough first year of their stay in Nica. I would love for Lydia’s birthday to be very special and remembered long. She is going through a lot and her future looms greatly in front of her right now…”

The situation began in 2000, when Lisa Miller joined in a civil union with lesbian Janet Jenkins in the state of Vermont, one of the few states that allowed homosexual arrangements at the time. Following an artificial insemination procedure from a male sperm donor, Miller gave birth to a girl, named Isabella, in 2002.

But Miller said she had concern even then.

“There were numerous incidents of Janet going to [the Internet] and putting up naked women on the screen saver, and I would ask her to please change it,” Lisa later told the court, according to the Washington Post.

“I don’t have clean hands, either. Previously, before … the baby was born, [pornography] was used in our relationship,” she said. “When we moved to Vermont, Isabella was 4 months old, and I said this stuff has to go … There’s a baby in this house now. I don’t want that.”

In 2003, Miller and Jenkins split over continued tension in their relationship, part of which involved the miscarriage of Miller’s second pregnancy, and Miller moved to Virginia. She renounced her involvement in homosexuality and reportedly turned to Jesus Christ to be born again.

“It wasn’t a struggle,” she recalled of walking away from the homosexual lifestyle. “I felt peace.”

When the civil union between Miller and Jenkins was officially dissolved, the court gave custody to Miller, while also granting visitation rights to Jenkins.

While Miller did allow Isabella to spend time with Jenkins for a while, she reportedly became concerned at the information that her daughter was providing to her following the visitations.

Miller and Isabella
Miller and Isabella

Later, Miller testified to the court that the visits were causing great trauma to Isabella. She claimed that at six years old, the girl was forced to take baths together with Jenkins, and that the girl was openly touching herself inappropriately. She also stated that Isabella was withdrawn and talked about suicide at times.

“Isabella came home and said, ‘Mommy, will you please tell Janet that I don’t have to take a bath anymore at her house,’” Miller told reporters in 2008. “I asked her what happened. She said, ‘Janet took a bath with me.’ I asked her if she had a bathing suit on. ‘No, Mommy.’ She had no clothes on and it totally scared Isabella. She had never seen this woman except once in 2 ½ years and she takes a bath with her.”

“Last year, Isabella put a comb up to her neck and said she wanted to kill herself after one of the visits,” she outlined. “She took a comb and pressed it into her neck and said, ‘I want to kill myself.’ I don’t know where she got that. It was immediately after a visit. Other people have seen huge changes.”

Miller then filed for exclusive custody of Isabella, and the court agreed. She told the Washington Post, “I don’t see Janet as a parent, first and foremost. Secondly, I don’t want to expose Isabella to Janet’s lifestyle. It goes against all my beliefs. I am raising Isabella to pattern herself after Christ. That’s my job as a Christian mom. Homosexuality is a sin.”

However, Jenkins fought the ruling all the way up to the Virginia Supreme Court, which in 2008, ruled in favor of granting Miller’s former lesbian partner visitation rights. Miller refused.

The following year, family court judge Richard Cohen warned Miller that she must allow Isabella to visit Jenkins and threatened that if she did not do so, he would transfer full custody to Jenkins. In November 2009, Cohen followed through with his threats and ordered Miller to hand the child over to Jenkins.

However, Miller had fled the country with Isabella before he issued the transfer order, and for some time, none knew the whereabouts of the two. It was later discovered that they had fled to Nicaragua via the help of a number of Mennonite Christians and their contacts.

Mennonite pastor Ken Miller is currently serving 27 months behind bars for his alleged part in the escape after being convicted in 2012. Businessman Phillip Zodhiates, who is not Mennonite, was found guilty by a jury in October and is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

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  • Jenny Ondioline

    What on earth is an “ex-lesbian”?

    • Med1

      Someone who’s come to their senses.

      • Jenny Ondioline

        And can magically change their attraction? Yeah. I don’t think so.

        • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          How would you know?

    • robertzaccour

      A woman who naturally becomes attracted to men instead of women that look like men.

      • Jenny Ondioline

        Which doesn’t really happen in the real world.

        • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          There are thousands of ex-homosexuals who will tell you otherwise.

        • Amos Moses

          does not happen in the delusional world of sexual perversion ….

      • Michael C

        There is no evidence that anyone has ever changed their natural sexual attractions by will, force, or even divine intervention.

        According to previous articles written by this article, Lisa Miller was never gay.

        She said that she turned to alcohol in an attempt to deal with her problems, and soon ended up in AA, where she met Janet Jenkins and entered into a relationship with her, although “I did not feel sexually attracted to women.”

        Lisa Miller cannot be “ex-gay” if she was never gay in the first place.

        • Amos Moses

          “There is no evidence that anyone has ever changed their natural sexual attractions by will, force, or even divine intervention.”

          more agenda baloney ……….. utube it ….. numerous persons who give their testimony to the contrary …… you dont want to change ….. i do not care ….. but to openly and purposefully lie about that ….. typical Mikey ……….

          • Michael C

            I used to be a giraffe. I’m now “ex-giraffe.” Take my word for it.

          • Amos Moses

            i am queer for tater-tots ….. i identify as one ….. take my word for it …… and you are still a liar and deceiver ……….

  • RWH

    There’s an awful lot in this case that this site isn’t reporting. For starters, a lot of Miller’s claims were not corroborated when asked to provide documented proof and councilors talked to the little girl in private. Anyone with a little ingenuity can look up the court documents.

  • SFBruce

    The real victim in this case is the child who was unlawfully deprived of one of her parents. It’s unfortunate that this article doesn’t include Janet Jenkins’ perspective; clearly, the courts who did hear from both Lisa Miller and Jenkins ruled in favor of Ms. Jenkins. It’s good that Timo Miller acknowledged his mistake, but nothing can restore the lost years between Ms. Jenkins and her daughter.

    • LLM

      Ms. Jenkins is a perverted child abuser. She got what she deserved.

  • Victor The Cleaner

    The mistake Miller made was not to report this to the authorities at the time to be investigated by a 3rd party. If what the daughter said was true, and she said it to the authorities, Jenkins might be in jail. If she were a man given the same behaviors, if true, then for sure. Btw- exposing children to pornography is a crime. MDSA (mother daughter sexual abuse) does happen.

    • LLM

      This is very naive. Courts give visitation rights, and even custody, to abusers all the time.

  • jael2

    The real crime here is that Ms. Jenkins ( a non-biological parent) had any rights whatsoever. And then to add insult to injury, she was allowed to have visitation, and then expose herself to this child.
    The real heroes are the Millers, who rescued this child, from a sexual deviant. They loved their neighbor as themselves, and now are paying a high price for doing so.
    Although these brave men are being vilified in this life, their reward awaits them in heaven.
    God bless the Millers!

    • Michael C

      If a married heterosexual couple conceives a child through the means of IVF, the father (a non-biological parent) has the same rights as any other parent.

    • james blue

      If the biological mother was the one who remained a lesbian, would you say the one who became a Christian should have no rights? What about a heterosexual couple with a sterile husband who use a sperm bank? if they split should the man have no rights? What about a heterosexual couple where the female is sterile and use the husband’s sperm and a surrogate mother? should the woman have no rights?

      • Amos Moses

        all very interesting questions and point to the root of the problem ………… non-traditional methods that you describe ……. are full of consequences that a traditional christian MARRIAGE, a REAL MARRIAGE, avoids all together by trusting Gods wisdom ………. do things that the worlds says is “good” …….. suffer the consequences ………….

        • Michael C

          …did you just say that procedures like IVF are “unChristian?”

          • Amos Moses

            it depends on the use to which it is put …… it can be very dangerous to the family unit ……… just as a hammer can be used to drive a nail ……. or be used for a purpose not intended ………. it is not necessarily a sin ….. but it is putting ones desires before what God intended ………

        • james blue

          Other than the first sentence the whole thing applies to Christian marriages as much as any other marriage.

          So are only Christians in “REAL” marriages? Are all non Christians in fake marriages? Are all Children born in non Christian marriages illegitimate?

          • Amos Moses

            “So are only Christians in “REAL” marriages? Are all non Christians in fake marriages? Are all Children born in non Christian marriages illegitimate?”

            so your fishing trip must have been successful ….. lots of red herring there …….

          • james blue

            Didn’t expect an answer, but you put a lot of effort into not answering.

          • Amos Moses

            you did not have a real question ……… so bingo ………..

          • LLM

            God created marriage as a union between a man and woman, and thus He generally recognizes such a marriage as legitimate, whether Christian or not. (The Bible makes this clear.) There is no such thing as a “marriage” between two people of the same sex – it can never be more than a perverted, immoral relationship.

      • jael2

        Anytime we stray away from God’s natural order, life can get quite complicated. Sin has serious consequences.
        In the legal sense, the so-called “marriage” of these two women were not recognized by the state of Virginia. Lisa Miller is the biological mother. This story isn’t so much about “rights” but about abuse of a child.
        But as usual, the folks who practice sexual deviancy, want to use this situation to championship their cause for parental rights.

    • The crime here is that people are being convicted of kidnapping when there most certainly was no kidnapping. For protecting a child from evil, men are being taken from their family by the wicked princes of the realm and being held against their will.

      • johndoe

        Hopefully they spend some time in prison for aiding in the kidnapping. The evil one here is the pastor

        • LLM

          And your definition of “evil” comes from….where?

          • johndoe

            Common vernacular

      • jael2

        How true, David.

  • bowie1

    It seems even lesbians need a male donor to be able to even conceive a child. Go figure!

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    It’s altogether wrong for the Western nations to push homosexual immorality upon the world. The West needs Christianity to retain sanity. Racism was made done with, but the tyranny by abnormal support of sexual immorality is newly in. Now people get persecuted by refusing to endorse homosexuality in the West. The West upholds immorality instead of the truth. May God rescue the Western children from the militant pervs and bestow His justice upon the world.