Texas Cuts Planned Parenthood From Medicaid Program Despite Lawsuit

AUSTIN — Officials in Texas have formally cut the abortion and contraceptive giant Planned Parenthood from the state’s Mediciad program in the midst of a year-old lawsuit challenging plans to defund the organization.

According to the Texas Tribune, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) issued a final notice on Tuesday that Planned Parenthood would be defunded in 30 days. The organization had heretofore received $3.1 million in Medicaid reimbursement annually.

Planned Parenthood, which sued last year over the matter, says that it plans to file for a restraining order.

“Planned Parenthood continues to serve Medicaid patients and will seek a preliminary injunction in an ongoing lawsuit filed in November 2015, following the state’s original threats to take action against Planned Parenthood’s patients,” Yvonne Gutierrez, executive director of Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, told the outlet.

As previously reported, the Commission initially sent a letter to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in October 2015, providing the entity with a notice of termination.

“[T]here is reliable information indicating a pattern of illegal billing practices by Planned Parenthood affiliates, including you, across the state,” the letter read. “Our prima facie case of fraud is supported by related cases involving fraudulent practices identified by whistleblowers from inside the Texas Planned Parenthood network.”

It pointed to two federal lawsuits that had been settled for millions after whistleblowers came forward about false Medicaid claims that had been filed.

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Without specifically mentioning the Center for Medical Progress, the Commission also referenced undercover video footage showing representatives from a Texas Planned Parenthood facility discussing its willingness to alter abortion procedures to remove deceased children whole.

“The videos indicate that you follow a policy of agreeing to procure fetal tissue even if it means altering the timing or method of an abortion. These practices violate accepted medical standards, as reflected in federal law, and are Medicaid program violations that justify termination,” it said.

As previously reported, a video released in August  2015 by the Center for Medical Progress captured Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discussing with undercover investigators the “diversification of the revenue stream” over dinner, along with a visit to the organization’s pathology lab, where workers sorted through the remains of aborted babies.

“If we alter our process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget, that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this,” she explained. “I mean, it’s all just a matter of line items.”

Planned Parenthood sued the Texas HHSC last November in an effort to retain its participation in the Medicaid program, asserting that the termination was illegal.

“By cancelling Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid contract, these politicians are telling women where they can and cannot go for reproductive healthcare,” Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. told reporters. Richards is the daughter of Ann Richards, who was the Democratic governor of Texas from 1991 to 1995.

Texas did not cancel the organization’s contract last December as initially planned.

According to the CDC’s annual Abortion Surveillance Report, over 61,000 Texas residents obtained an abortion in 2013, the latest record on file.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Texas Americans doing what is right. Children must be allowed to live and not die.

    • makingcomments

      This will actually increase the amount of abortions that occur. The funds that are being defunded are for things like birth control (which is the number one cause for decreased rates of abortions), as well as HIV prevention (which will lead to increased HIV infections).

      Are you concerned about the fact that, in the past five years, the rate of maternal deaths has doubled, and Texas now has the worst rate for maternal deaths of ALL developed countries? Because, when the mother dies, the fetus dies, too. But Texas doesn’t seem to care about that.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        In developed countries, mothers almost never die from carrying the term. USA is not a Third World nation.

        • makingcomments

          I am not allowed to post articles from outside sources (big surprise with a site like this), but all you have to do is google “Texas maternal deaths.”

          While you may not believe it, facts are facts.

          • Oboehner

            I’ll bet they are dropping like flies in Texas..

          • makingcomments

            Wow, are you making light of pregnant women dying? Not very Christian of you.

          • Oboehner

            Being sarcastic about comments claiming babies must be murdered because pregnant mothers are dropping like flies.

          • makingcomments

            You don’t read very well, do you? First of all, I was talking about contraception, which has nothing to do with abortion, so your argument about “killing babies” is completely unnecessary. This bill is about birth control and HIV prevention (I guess you don’t much care about the women getting HIV, do you?)

            Secondly, I was pointing out that none of these people who claim to be “pro life” are up in arms about the fact that, in the past five years, the maternal death rate has doubled. I said absolutely NOTHING about abortions being needed to save the mother. Again, learn to read.

          • Oboehner

            You don’t remember very well do you?
            “This will actually increase the amount of abortions that occur.” – makingcomments(hecantremember)
            Planned parenthood is more about infanticide than birth control.

          • makingcomments

            Once again, you don’t read very well, do you? Or maybe you are just dumb as rocks.

            I said that limiting birth control funding will lead to increased numbers of abortions. Which any smart person would understand – when women experience unwanted pregnancies, some of them they will get abortions, and if the rate of unwanted pregnancies increases, which it will I’d Planned Parenthood is kept from Medicaid, then the rate of abortions will increase.

            Infanticide is the crime of killing child between birth and one year. You sound like a complete idiot when you continue to use the wrong word.

            NINETY SEVEN PERCENT of all their services go towards things that have zero to do with abortion.

            Let me guess, you repeat the lie or have yourself lied to so often that you eventually get convinced that it is true. Sad.

          • Oboehner

            “You don’t read very well, do you? First of all, I was talking about contraception, which has nothing to do with abortion” “This will actually increase the amount of abortions that occur.” – makingstupidcomments(hecantremember) “Once again, you don’t read very well, do you? Or maybe you are just dumb as rocks… you sound like a complete idiot.”

            I don’t buy79%, but even if accurate PP is a multi-billion dollar international conglomeration who’s infanticide count is in the millions. How will defunding increase abortions? If they don’t have the funds to prevent pregnancy, how would they to commit infanticide?
            In·fan·ti·cide- noun in-ˈfan-tə-ˌsīd

            Definition of infanticide:
            1 : the killing of an infant
            2 [Late Latin infanticida, from Latin infant-, infans + -i- + -cida -cide] : one who kills an infant
            – Merriam/Webster

            Let me guess, you repeat the lie or have yourself lied to so often that you eventually get convinced that it is true. Sad.

          • makingcomments

            How do you not understand that an infant has been BORN. A fetus has not been born. Therefore, if you want to call what Planned Parenthood does feticide, you go ahead, if that gets your rocks off. But it is NOT infanticide. They don’t take born infants and murder them. Maybe you should research what abortion actually is. Infanticide is illegal, abortions are not. It is as if you were being willfully ignorant.

            Also, how do you not understand that birth control prevents pregnancy? And the number one reason that women get abortions is for unplanned pregnancy. That is why the place is called PLANNED PARENTHOOD, because it is there to help women get access to affordable contraception!

            I could post numerous articles to back up my assertions but this website doesn’t allow that. You can go find information from various scholarly articles.

            Whether you believe facts or not, they are still facts. I think that abortion is an extremely difficult decision for a woman to have to make, and I would like to reduce them as much as I can. Which is why I am very pro access to birth control. But sometimes things happen and I don’t want to take that choice away from a woman. It is her decision to make.

            But Texas is making all the wrong decisions. People are going to have sex. Texas cannot stop that from happening. And Texas can decide whether to help women access these services and therefore reduce the number of abortions, or they can cut off one of the most trusted (and yes, women trust Planned Parenthood) health care centers around the country and therefore lead to women seeking more abortions. That’s just how things are.

          • Oboehner

            I see you subscribe to the magic cervix fallacy, it’s still murder of a child, born or not – infanticide. The number one reason women get abortions (commit infanticide) is because they can – for convenience. Her decision to murder, ending a helpless life.
            I’m sure a pedophile could post numerous articles to back up their assertions as well, doesn’t change the sickness of that either.
            If people don’t have the easy way out, do you really think they won’t adjust their lifestyle? Planned Parenthood can be completely eliminated with no valid argument against that. That’s just how things are.

          • makingcomments

            I also can’t outreason crazy, so have fun. Glad I will never run into you in person.

          • Oboehner

            Also be glad YOUR mother didn’t find you inconvenient…

          • makingcomments

            Wish your mother had

      • Radix

        Texas is a country?

        What grade are you in?

        • makingcomments

          Of course it’s not an country. See, you have to have some complex thinking here.

          Texas’ death rate is the worst in this country. To compare it to the rest of the world, if you ISOLATED Texas and treated it as a country, then Texas has the highest rate of maternal deaths of ALL OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES.

          • Radix

            Strange that people keep moving TO the nation of Texas if it’s as horrible a place as you say it is. In fact, the nation of Texas is growing by leaps and bounds. If it’s as lethal as you say it is, I guess the women better start having twins and triplets.

          • makingcomments

            Um the maternal death rate, which I talked about above, would definitely increase with multiples. So, super fail on your attempt to be clever.

          • Radix

            Sounds like another bitter atheist. You folks always get nastier around Christmas time.

          • makingcomments

            Actually, I’m an Episcopalian. You know, the real kind of Christian who actually tries to do what Jesus talked about rather than those who just use their religion as a justification to discriminate against others or disparage them.

          • Radix

            Episcopagans are NOT Christian.
            Other than sodomy and pedophilia, you don’t believe in anything.

          • makingcomments

            Oh yes, we are pagans who pray to God and read the Bible…

            Also, when has there been a scandal with children in the Episcopal Church? We aren’t Catholics.

          • Radix

            Um, actually there are LOTS of Episcopal pedophiles, so you’re either ignorant or lying.

          • makingcomments

            LOTS? Well, the entire population of the Episcopal church is around 2 million, so there can’t be a whole lot. What religion are you? I am sure that every religion has its pieces of shit. I have worked with child victims of sexual abuse – none by the church, but by their uncles and fathers and other males involved in their lives. If I were ever aware of pedophilia in my own church, I would be the first to go to the police. My head priest is a woman, so I am pretty sure that she isn’t one of them.

          • Radix

            Yeah, LOTS of male Episcopal clergy prey on BOYS, so you’re no different than the Catholics.

            They won’t let us post links here, but you can Google these find upstanding Episcopal priests and see how depraved they are:

            Youtube Franklin Huntress priest sexual assault

            Howard White Episcopal sexual abuse St. George’s school

            Bruce Jacques sexual assault Connecticut

            Alabama Episcopal diocese sexual abuse

            Jim Carlton Wooldridge sexual assault

            Bruce Fehr Savannah child porn

            Paul LaCharite Boston child assault

            Brian Shriner Episcopal sex emails

            Wallace Frey Episcopal sexual abuse

            Donald Shissler Episcopal child assault

            Richard P. Smith Episcopal Academy indecent assault

            Michael Royce Penland restroom sex

            Richard Pollard Episcopal molest

            John Grey Tampa Episcopal sexual

            Adam Tannous sexual assault

            Robert L. Drucker lewd conduct child

            Robert Henry Ventura child molest

            Bede Parry Episcopal child sexual

            This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are THOUSANDS.

            Flagged your comment for obscenity. If you can’t make your point without filthy language, you need to post elsewhere. Some of us have morals.

          • makingcomments

            So, you have a problem with me calling pedophiles pieces of shit?

            So I guess you disagree with me – you don’t think that pedophiles are pieces of shit. Good to know.

          • Radix

            The Episcopalians are infiltrated with pedophiles and homosexuals. I just provided you with the NAMES of several Episcopal pedophiles. The Episcopal church is morally the scum of the earth. I want nothing to do with a “church” that ordains homosexuals who prey on children. That’s your church, not mine.

            Flagged your post, you need to take your vulgar language elsewhere.

          • makingcomments

            Also, great job on skipping the substance and going right to an attack on me.

      • Oboehner

        I believe you may have a small point as infanticide is where the money is, preventing profits from that would definitely fall to the back burner.

        • makingcomments

          Infanticide is the murder of infants. An infant is a born person. Go read the dictionary.

          And really? They were charging fifty dollars for transportation reimbursement. If you think that’s a lot of money I feel really sorry for you.

          • Oboehner

            Oh yeah, my bad I forgot about the magic cervix. I remember when my first child was born I was startled when the baby fairy appeared, waved the sparkling rattle, and sprinkled the magic baby powder. Wow, I could hear angels singing, I could see bright lights, and everyone was joyful and singing!! After the fairy left I asked the doctor “what was that?” he then told me the story of the baby fairy. He also told me that if the baby fairy hadn’t come to make the cervix magical, all we would have had was a blob of tissue that we would have had to chop up and sell the parts to Pepsi and Merck. My wife and I were so glad, after all we saw ultrasound of the child 10 weeks after conception moving his arms and legs – so much so, that the nurse had a hard time keeping the child in the scope.

      • Jason Todd

        This will actually increase the amount of abortions that occur.

        Only in your fantasies. Those who choose to live in reality know better.

        • makingcomments

          Oh really? Because in the real world, birth control prevents unwanted pregnancy. More unwanted pregnancies lead to more abortions. This is taking funds away from birth control services. Which mean that there will be more unwanted pregnancies, which lead to more abortions.

          How’s that me living in a fantasy world? There are studies that back this up. Lots of abortions happen in countries where it is not legal – look at Mexico.

          • Jason Todd

            You forget Planned Parenthood isn’t the only game in town. There are many places you can obtain contraception. Including retail stores.

            And abortion isn’t a form of contraception.

          • makingcomments

            Spoken like a man who has no idea how women’s birth control works.

            Oh, so you can get an IUD inserted at the pharmacy? I bet you don’t even know what an IUD is.

          • Jason Todd

            Spoken like someone being intellectually dishonest.

            Dude, if you think contraception is exclusive to pills and IUDs, you’re woefully ignorant. But I don’t think you are. I’ve seen people on the sociopolitical left frequently make the alarmist argument of the exact opposite of common sense and actual fact.

            In short, you’re full of crap. You should know better than to challenge your intellectual superiors. But people do not learn.

          • makingcomments

            I work at an OB/GYN clinic. I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to list out every single form of birth control.

            Nuva Ring
            The Patch
            Permanent sterilization
            Natural family planning

            I see that you probably have an inferiority complex that you bring up my intellect, which has nothing to do with this. I challenged your knowledge, you challenged my intelligence?

            ok, sis

          • Jason Todd

            Why is that missing?

            And, no, your argument is if Planned Parenthood clinics specifically are defunded, abortions will rise, as if there isn’t a single place in the entire state of Texas that doesn’t provide what PP does.

            I call BS. Of the asinine variety.

            Go try selling your fertilizer elsewhere.

          • makingcomments

            Oh yes, I forgot condoms. How ironic – the thing that men so often forget or outright refuse to wear and this is a huge cause of abortions. Because it takes two to tango.

            Go sit on a pine cone and spin. Women shouldn’t be forced to go to some big anonymous health center. I don’t tell you where to go to get your boner pill prescription.

    • jscotttheory

      Texas ranks 38th for percentage of children living in poverty, so it seems they don’t care so much once children are born.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Americans should not talk about poverty. America’s land is not like that of Mars; it produces food in abundance. Every able-bodied human being can work hard and feed himself and his family in USA. Noble Christian American forefathers created a utopia for honest hard workers on Planet Earth. Stop whining and work to earn bread and feed your children like a man. If men do not work when they are not too old or too young or too sick, they get mentally unwell and become poor. Rich pervs and the mentally ills from laziness bring similar disasters to others on earth. Read the Proverbs and wake up.

        • jscotttheory

          You are disgusting, and I don’t read fiction.

          • makingcomments

            She is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

        • makingcomments

          You sound like a crazy person. Are you living in La La Land?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Man needs to work for bread. The basics. Genesis chapter 3. Playboys who seek easy money are disasters to Planet Earth.

          • makingcomments


            I bet you are a bot.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            jscotttheory says people should kill unborn babies so that children won’t live in poverty. That never happens and no American needs to live in poverty. Men should just work hard and feed families, as the Holy Bible says. Because men sleep around and do not care about the women they touched, poverty happens. It’s the root problem.

          • makingcomments

            Maybe you should stop reading the Old Testament and read the part that makes us Christians, the New Testament. Because Christ always talked about helping your fellow man and taking care of the weak and suffering.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You are not Christian. The Old Testament Bible teaches the same thing – the love of holy God. And the New Testament teaches diligence as well. Colossians chapter 3.

          • makingcomments

            Not only am I a better Christian than you, I am a kinder human than you. You seem like an alien.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            True Christians read and adhere the Old Testament Bible, too. American Sodomites are not Christian; they are hedonists. There are practically two religions among the Westerners and their mental slaves: Christianity or hedonism.

  • makingcomments

    This article fails to mention the FACT that Planned Parenthood was found to be cleared of ALL charges, and the grand jury indicted the Center for Medical Progress.

  • NCOriolesFan

    I suggest states that reject federal PP funding, refuse the check and let it wander in financial limbo-land

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Yes, reject Nazi fund.

  • http://www.gmail.com/ David van Heerden

    Death and Texas. Maybe more Texas and less death now. Keep ’em coming.

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      USA should stop bullying Texas.

  • Nidalap

    You’ve got the occasional nutty mayor, Texas, but you’ll bring out the good old American values of yesteryear when the chips are down.
    Good call! 🙂

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Americans are good when they are Christian.