Teen Brawls Break Out at Malls Across U.S.

At least a dozen teen-related brawls broke out at malls throughout the United States on Monday night, resulting in arrests, injuries and temporary closures.

In Colorado, an estimated 500 people were involved in mayhem at the Town Center at Aurora. The matter reportedly began when off-duty police working as security arrived to break up a fight in the food court, but found themselves encircled by a crowd. As they called for backup, more fights broke out throughout the mall, movie theater, and parking area.

“As the officer was attempting to escort the arrestee to the Aurora Police Substation inside of the Town Center, the crowd continued to advance on the officer and several other fights broke out,” a press release outlined. “A citywide call for help was aired over the radio and all available APD units responded to the center.”

In Texas, a brawl erupted in the food court of Hulen Mall, with an estimated 200 youth running through the building, some screaming and taking punches at each other. Some stores closed up and went into lockdown due to the chaos.

Beachwood Place in Ohio was shut down for a time after “sizable groups of juveniles began causing a large-scale disturbance,” according to a statement from police.

“Beachwood police and mall security were able to disperse the juveniles and remove them from the mall. There were no injuries reported. One male juvenile was arrested for attempting to strike an officer that was dealing with another disorderly patron,” it outlined.

Fights also broke out in Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Illinois. An estimated 15 fights were reported nationwide.

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“I’m still a little shaken up. I’ve never seen that many people inside brawling like that,” Alexis Malone. a worker at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois, told WLS-TV. “Everyone’s pulling out their phones. I see the police rushing in. I see kids hitting each other, kids trampling each other. So, it was just madness.”

Police state that over 1,000 shoppers were in the vicinity of the chaos at Fox Valley, prompting them to evacuate for safety reasons.

In Tennessee, some shoppers at Hamilton Place Mall were knocked to the floor as patrons ran for their lives after hearing what they thought was gunfire. The sound turned out to be firecrackers, which had been set off inside of the store Pink.

“Our investigation concluded that it was perpetrated [by] a group of individuals who were setting off fireworks, possibly to cover-up the actions of a shoplifting crime,” Chattanooga Police Department spokesman Rob Simmons said in a statement. “We have had reports of injuries due to their negligence.”

Police are still looking into the possibility that some of the fights were organized or encouraged on social media. Witnesses whipped out their phones and posted footage of the brawls online, some with messages that seemed to take delight in the fights, such as “wild for this one.”

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  • A sad shame, to see where the world has taken the Christmas holiday.Incited fights to rob stores. Maybe now peoples will realize and think gifts are not the reason of the season to focus and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I feel bad for these poor souls they need Jesus now more than ever,material possessions will not fixed the empty feelings they yearn for God, Psalm 84:2. Not to mention the breakdown of the American family, where so many of these,kids grow up in broken homes these days. And of course let’s not forget this is also,the,result from deleting the message of Jesus Christ from public schools.

    During His ministry, Jesus taught NOTHING except that men should love one another, forgive each other, show mercy and compassion, serve each other in humility, live a life of chastity and holiness, depend on the LORD in prayer in faith, and heal the sick and dying. But by prohibiting,all mention of Christ message to our kids in schools, they are growing up by learning the opposite- hatred, vengeance, cruelty, selfishness, vice, promiscuity, and violence..,My Prayers goes out to them,

    FORGIVE THEM Father! for they know not what they do Luke 23:34 –

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Amen. Democracy is simply a lawlessness if not accompanied by Christian virtues. Western culture systematically taught children to disrespect Christianity for decades and the result is this, getting worse each year. Sad. The land should be possessed by the people who are better.

      • Agreed, that’s why we also must beware! We know the lawless one is behind this. The great deceiver and killer of man, the man of sin, Satan and his demons love to stir the pot, they love to put wrong thoughts into our minds-thoughts that are not in agreement with God’s word. And the only way to fight him is with God’s word. We must pray for them to allow Jesus come into their hearts, he’s always the answer to our problems and can replace the darkness in their hearts with light… 🙂

        • Grace Kim Kwon

          Amen! Jesus reigns! May HIs kingdom come!

    • bowie1

      This sort of thing can happen at any time such as at some really good sale.

      • That that is true, these folks forgot what Christmas is all about. Celebrating the King of Peace, our Lord and Savior. Lawlessness also comes from Satan, the man of sin, father of lies, he loves to put wrong thoughts in peoples head get them to sin. That’s why he must stay focus on God’s word 24/7 and read our bibles, every day. He’s always attacks and seeks to kill many souls as he can.We need to PRAY for them, pray that they will open their hearts to Jesus and allow him to start ministering in their hearts. Where darkness is replaced with light.


  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Children of rich nations are exactly the same with the children of rich families. They know they don’t get punished no matter what they do and go for lawlessness out of boredom. Secular youth need real parents and Christian education to be proper and value other people’s businesses. Children need to be taught to fear God and to respect parents and all the forefathers who built the good homeland they live in and be thankful. Make Christian education free again in America.

  • Robert

    What a grandiose display of verses 2 and 3 being played out here of the old christian hymn.. Dear christians one and all rejoice!! Those not familiar with this famous old christian hymn can web browser it.

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Christmas is meaningless without worshipping Jesus. It is Christ-mass.

  • Roy Hobs

    Who can recognize the obvious.