Some Upset After Indiana Pizza Delivery Man Gives Customers Gospel Tracts

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dozens have expressed outrage after an Indiana employee of Domino’s Pizza reportedly gave customers gospel tracts along with their pizza orders.

According to WTHR, the local NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, a delivery person working for a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in east Indianapolis gave several customers tracts along with their orders. The issue first came to light when customer Andrea Stone complained via a Facebook post.

“Honestly kind of fired up here,” Stone wrote. “It’s unprofessional and downright rude to proselytize your customers. You’re entitled to your personal beliefs, but this is simply not ok.”

Stone included a picture of the tract in her post and said she was “dumbfounded” when she saw it.

“I didn’t know what to say,” she stated. “I just kind of took my pizza and went inside. And as I sat and thought about it, I got more and more irritated.”

The title of the pamphlet was “Eternal Life Is a Free Gift.”

“Just completely uncalled for [and] unprofessional,” she added. “You don’t know my religious beliefs; you don’t know anyone’s religious beliefs. For all you know, I could not be religious at all, I could be Muslim, I could be Jewish. It’s just disrespectful. … For a big corporation like Domino’s to let their employees do something like that, I think that it is a big misstep.”

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The pizza delivery employee, whose name is Steven, reportedly gave pamphlets to several of his customers. Christina Watson is another patron who complained after receiving the gospel tract.

“To just be on company time, to walk up and try to promote your version of Christianity or Catholicism or whatever your religious beliefs are, I find that invasive, I find it intrusive and I find it slightly rude,” Watson told reporters.

“It’s not an anti-Christian thing, it’s an anti-proselytization thing,” she added. “I’m a paying customer. I don’t want a side of your religion when I’m ordering pizza.”

Others have also weighed in online, many of them upset that Steven gave customers tracts while on the job.

“As a former delivery driver, I can’t even begin to describe how much this makes me cringe,” one commenter wrote.

“No one has any right to be paid for proselytizing on the job,” another opined.

In response to the controversy, a Domino’s corporate spokesman issued a statement saying, “We are a publicly traded company that does not subscribe to or endorse any single religion.”

When the local NBC affiliate contacted Steven to ask him about his decision to give tracts to his customers, he said that no customers had complained about the pamphlets until Stone’s Facebook post. Since then, a director of operations from Domino’s asked Steven to stop handing out the tracts, and Steven agreed to comply.

Steven shared with WTHR that he decided to distribute the tracts after he was shot at while on the job several weeks ago. That experience changed his thinking about life and compelled him to share the gospel with his customers.

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  • Trilemma

    Steven was lucky he didn’t get fired.

  • james blue

    Unless he had cleared it with his company first he shouldn’t have done it, however he has been spoken to and agreed to cease so I see no problem.

    I’m glad he wasn’t hurt when he was shot at and glad he still has a job. I wish him well and pray for his safety.

  • Gizmo

    Americans claim to be tolerant, but obviously they are not.

    • james blue

      If your pizza came with a leaflet with satanic text would you be okay with that?

      • debra

        I would just toss it in the trash and continue on about my business…………..

    • Tangent002

      Seems to me this Steven guy was pretty intolerant of other peoples’ beliefs.

      • Jason Todd

        How so? Was he forcing anyone to read them?

    • debra

      Exactly. A bunch of complaining , whining, babies. This is the future society we are raising…………….

  • Michael C

    I think it’s just fine that Steven wants to talk with others about his religious beliefs. Prosthelytize to your hearts’ content. I have some recommendations, though. Feel free to either listen to or ignore my advise.

    1) Don’t try to prosthelytize subordinates at work. Feeling trapped and coerced does not put a person in a very receptive position.

    2) Don’t force others to pay you to prosthelytize them. If you are a waitress, cashier, or delivery driver, customers might not be very receptive to your message if you’re forcing them to pay you to hear it.

    • Jason Todd

      I have been known to include a tract or at least a Bible verse at a full-service restaurant. Why? Because I care enough about their soul to want to point them in the direction of Jesus Christ and salvation.

      • Michael C

        Cool. I’m just stating how I feel about the matter. If your boss is fine with you passing out religious materials to their customers, go for it, just know that it can really turn people off from what you’re trying to tell them.

  • cashcraze

    Kudos for your boldness Steven. I’m sure you’ll have to stop because you are representative of the company but please do not let this deter you from handing out gospel tracts other places.

    • Robert

      tracs are a great way for some one to share there faith . our WELS church’s. have one tract that asks (if you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell ? And then tells what the bible says about Jesus our only savior from our sins.

  • tatoo

    Did he mention that Leviticus thinks eating pepperoni is an abomination?

    • Amos Moses

      yeah …. no it is not …………. we are free to eat anything on our pizzas …… but i think people who put pineapple on it are nuts ……….

      • Tangent002

        Hawaiian pizza rocks!

      • tatoo

        Leviticus 11:7 states you can not eat swine. Pepperoni, ham, sausage is made from pigs.

        • Jason Todd

          We are not Jewish. We are Christians.


          • Roses are reddish
            Violets are blueish
            If it wasn’t for Jesus
            We’d all be Jewish

          • tatoo

            Thou shalt not kill is in the Old Testament. I guess Christians can disobey that. Not a surprise, really.

          • Jason Todd

            This shows you haven’t read the Bible. I am shocked.

          • Jason Todd

            It’s also in the New Testament. But you don’t know, because you haven’t read the Bible.

        • Amos Moses

          You have to read the WHOLE of scripture ……. Christ fulfilled that law as He did many of the OT laws ………

          Col 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

          10:9 On the morrow, as they went on their journey, and drew nigh unto the city, Peter went up upon the housetop to pray about the sixth hour:
          10:10 And he became very hungry, and would have eaten: but while they made ready, he fell into a trance,
          10:11 And saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending unto him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners, and let down to the earth:
          10:12 Wherein were all manner of fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.
          10:13 And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.
          10:14 But Peter said, Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean.
          10:15 And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.
          10:16 This was done thrice: and the vessel was received up again into heaven.
          10:17 Now while Peter doubted in himself what this vision which he had seen should mean, behold, the men which were sent from Cornelius had made enquiry for Simon’s house, and stood before the gate,
          10:18 And called, and asked whether Simon, which was surnamed Peter, were lodged there.

          So fail but nice try ….. have fun at Red Lobster ………..

      • TheKingOfRhye

        “but i think people who put pineapple on it are nuts”

        Finally, one thing I agree with you on. lol

  • Codfish Ball

    Why do people get so upset over someone handing them a tract? Smile politely, and after they leave throw it away. I deal with the JehoWits by saying politely, “Sorry, I’m not interested, have a nice day.” There is no “right” to never encounter religious people in America. Every time I walk through our local mall, some person is standing around handing out flyers for some store or service, and most of the time it’s something I have no interest in. No big deal.

    • james blue

      The difference is bringing it to your door. We have a no soliciting sign yet the door knockers think it doesn’t apply to them.

      Had the delivery guy handed out satanic texts or a coupon for an adult club would that be okay? Perhaps to you who seems reasonable it may be, but I think you know as well as I do there are many readers of this site who would have a hairy fit.

      It comes down to this, he is delivering a product for a company and he was handing out leaflets without company knowledge. regardless of what the content was it could have cost the company business.

      • Codfish Ball

        Idiot, people come to my door all the time – roofers, lawn guys, tree pruners, also people handing out flyers for restaurants and stores. If I’m not interested, I just say so. I handle the JehoWits just like I handle other callers, I’m polite.

        If you Christian-haters can’t handle a religious person on your doorstep, move to Saudi Arabia, they kill Christians who proselytize, that should make you really happy.

        • Michael C

          Idiot, … I’m polite.

          Interesting way to put that.

          • Codfish Ball

            If my posts upset you, click “Block,” you won’t see them any more.

        • james blue

          “you Christian haters”?

          Forgetting that I accept Christ as my savior, why would I want to move to an Islamic theocracy if I had a problem with people knocking on my door to talk about their faith?

          Apparently you don’t have a no soliciting sign, apparently you like people knocking on your door. Perhaps you are lonely and crave the company, but we do not want to be disturbed and put a sign out TO ALL. We no longer get flyers attached to our door alerting potential burglars we are not home, we no longer get roofers knocking at our door or people trying to sell cable TV. We still get people knocking to discuss their faith.

          • Codfish Ball

            You sound like a hysterical girl, not a man. Get some medication.

          • james blue

            Oh look, a troll.

      • Chet

        Wow, Dude. Satanic texts and literature for sex outside of marriage all serve but to drive one deeper into SIN and push them quickly yet comfortably on their way to eternal Hell. Gosh, man, can you not distinguish between the trash you just cited as opposed to one merely sharing the gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ via a little pamphlet. There’s no gain for the man freely giving such out, merely sharing with others the self same message someone was kind enough to share with him…

        • james blue


          Doesn’t matter what the text was, if it wasn’t asked for you shouldn’t be delivering it to the door.

          • Chet

            They did not have to accept it… No one was forced to accept anything. Lighten up, man…

          • james blue

            This wasn’t someone handing stuff out for people to voluntarily take on a sidewalk. This was a private residence where the customer ordered a pizza, not a sermon.

          • Chet

            And they did not receive a sermon, but, rather, a lifeless leaflet, one to be read or recycled… Too many things warrant man’s attention in this nation and the world nowadays rather than be frustrated by one harmlessly fulfilling Christ’s command. If the leaflet was something on Global Warming or denigrating God-placed energy resources available right here on our own real estate it should not cause the strongly disagreeing recipient to get too animated. Again, read or recycle… Simple as that, James.

          • james blue

            You yourself ranted about other text being different, don’t you think those leaflets should be treated the same?

            Offense is in the eye of the beholder, I’m not talking about offense or content, I’m talking about respect for private space.

          • Chet

            “The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good” Proverbs 15:3, Holy Bible. There is no hiding from Him with whom we all have to do, sooner or later, but, all, believing or no…

  • debra

    Good grief. Throw them away if you don’t like it. Petty friggen, panty wadded people. Grow a damn pair………………….

    • Michael C

      I guess the same could be said about the Christians who demand the removal of atheist billboards from public view or school pamphlets from the Satanic Temple.

      The truth is, these customers have every right to complain to the company about an employee’s actions. The company has the right to allow the employee to continue these actions or require them to stop.

      In this case, Domino’s made it clear that they don’t want their drivers handing out religious materials to customers. I think that’s a fair business decision that has no bearing on the business owner’s personal religious beliefs or the personal beliefs of their employees.

      • Chet

        Your entire first sentence reveals you’ve got a lot to learn…

        • Michael C

          Feel free to educate me. I’m all ears.

          • David Stoneslinger

            Even worse than Obama’s.

  • MLC

    People are upset about receiving a biblical pamphlet, while the LGBTQ are shoving their lifestyles down everyone’s throat and suing Christian companies who refuse to assist them ?? Oh and let’s not forget the “After School with Satan” club !! this world is so sick !!!

  • Steve Buckley

    Praying for you Steve.
    Follow Jesus.
    Colossians 3,
    Whatever you do, do as unto Jesus.
    And remember, Jesus said if they hated him, they’re going to hate us.
    so, please don’t be disheartened by this. Rather rejoice that you are being treated as they treated jesus, and others who gave them the wisdom of God, and eternal life.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    I give pizza delivery people and clerks Gospel tracts or something Christian little along tips. Why not?

  • Croquet_Player

    Steven the employee does not get to use his job to hand customers promotional materials relevant to his own personal interests. This is true whether they are religious tracts, political endorsements, or flyers for his brother-in-law’s new dental office. He has every right to do it on his own time, and as long as he respects people who have put up a “No Soliciting” sign on their home or office, and does not bother them, he may do what he likes.

  • Mark Burgess

    God bless you Steven!! Your reward is in heaven! We as Christians are not called to be of this world. In it but not of it. Don’t be discouraged. Keep the faith and continue to be bold in your faith. The world takes your actions as an assault when in reality it is an act of love. 2 Corinthians 4:4

  • michael louwe

    Many Christians would not like it if they were to receive Islamic or Satanism tracts together with their pizza delivery order.
    MATT.7: = 12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
    Remember, the Lord/God Jesus Christ only preached about the kingdom of heaven to His fellow Jews who were already following Moses Law, n not to the mostly lawless Gentiles.
    ……. Thereafter, it took a former Pharisee(expert in the Law), a Roman citizen(familiar with the Gentiles) n new Jewish Christian, ie Paul, to be able to preach the same effectively to the Gentiles, eg ACTS.15:24-29, GAL.2:9-21.

  • Let this be a lesson to you anti-Christian thugs: when you shoot at pizza delivery guys, they return fire by spreading the gospel of light into your kingdom of darkness.

  • Jj

    Praise God Steven was bold enough to step out in faith and love to share those tracts. That’s true love. As a delivery man he doesn’t have time to speak to every customer so he did the best that he could. If those people don’t repent that will be used against them on judgement day. God is so merciful he even sent the pizza guy to spread the good news!! I pray all of those people get saved in Jesus name.

  • John foster

    God bless you Steven, keep on doing what you’re doing. You are always gonna have a stone thrown from time to time, but you know God’s got your back. Have a blessed day my friend.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Steven could of done the same thing on HIS time, not his employers.

  • Robert

    The pizza delivery Guy evidently thought souls are more important than his Job or others thinking he was rude or some sort of religous nut.

  • Robert

    The pizza delivery guy made the unamerican choise of pleasimg God rather han men.
    Lets shoot him!!

  • Robert

    by the way prostylizing is a word invented by christians to mean those spreading non christian gospels.. He evidently id not guilty of that.

  • Seems to me that what they ought to be upset about is that someone would actually put tomatoes and corn on a pizza.

  • Chet

    Why the outrage and seeming hate over a little paper? If you don’t like it just recycle it out along with the pizza box. This gentleman is doing as the Lord Jesus Christ has so commanded us Christians, and that is to share the gospel, or good news, Jesus saves and His precious blood can was one’s sins all away… No need to take offense, just ignore it and continue on your broad path….

    • Michael C

      It appears that his employer took issue with him passing out religious materials to their customers.

      Personally, I believe his employer has the right to tell him to stop.

      • Chet

        Sure they can. They can also demand that he come to a full stop at stop signs. My point was in those who received such invitations to investigate the claims of Christ (via the tract) to either do so or merely recycle the pamphlet and let it go. Why make a big deal outta nothing. One day, one way or the other, in eternity each recipient of such will recall this scene repeatedly. One will be thankful for the man’s efforts while praising the Lord. The other will curse himself at the though of someone caring enough to give them fair warning and to learn of God’s unmerited love for their never dying souls, yet, they would not hear. And now they have all eternity in the region of the damned (Hell) to rehearse the moment…. It’s Christ and Him crucified, buried and living today that all us sinners need to learn about and the only way to do so is with His Word, the Holy Bible. Tracts are merely an elementary approach to a glorious eternal end in the prepared place for prepared people, Heaven… Thanks for this opportunity to share.