Some Upset After Indiana Pizza Delivery Man Gives Customers Gospel Tracts

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dozens have expressed outrage after an Indiana employee of Domino’s Pizza reportedly gave customers gospel tracts along with their pizza orders.

According to WTHR, the local NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, a delivery person working for a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in east Indianapolis gave several customers tracts along with their orders. The issue first came to light when customer Andrea Stone complained via a Facebook post.

“Honestly kind of fired up here,” Stone wrote. “It’s unprofessional and downright rude to proselytize your customers. You’re entitled to your personal beliefs, but this is simply not ok.”

Stone included a picture of the tract in her post and said she was “dumbfounded” when she saw it.

“I didn’t know what to say,” she stated. “I just kind of took my pizza and went inside. And as I sat and thought about it, I got more and more irritated.”

The title of the pamphlet was “Eternal Life Is a Free Gift.”

“Just completely uncalled for [and] unprofessional,” she added. “You don’t know my religious beliefs; you don’t know anyone’s religious beliefs. For all you know, I could not be religious at all, I could be Muslim, I could be Jewish. It’s just disrespectful. … For a big corporation like Domino’s to let their employees do something like that, I think that it is a big misstep.”

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The pizza delivery employee, whose name is Steven, reportedly gave pamphlets to several of his customers. Christina Watson is another patron who complained after receiving the gospel tract.

“To just be on company time, to walk up and try to promote your version of Christianity or Catholicism or whatever your religious beliefs are, I find that invasive, I find it intrusive and I find it slightly rude,” Watson told reporters.

“It’s not an anti-Christian thing, it’s an anti-proselytization thing,” she added. “I’m a paying customer. I don’t want a side of your religion when I’m ordering pizza.”

Others have also weighed in online, many of them upset that Steven gave customers tracts while on the job.

“As a former delivery driver, I can’t even begin to describe how much this makes me cringe,” one commenter wrote.

“No one has any right to be paid for proselytizing on the job,” another opined.

In response to the controversy, a Domino’s corporate spokesman issued a statement saying, “We are a publicly traded company that does not subscribe to or endorse any single religion.”

When the local NBC affiliate contacted Steven to ask him about his decision to give tracts to his customers, he said that no customers had complained about the pamphlets until Stone’s Facebook post. Since then, a director of operations from Domino’s asked Steven to stop handing out the tracts, and Steven agreed to comply.

Steven shared with WTHR that he decided to distribute the tracts after he was shot at while on the job several weeks ago. That experience changed his thinking about life and compelled him to share the gospel with his customers.

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