Satanic Temple’s Quest to Erect Homage to Satan at Arkansas Capitol to Have Public Hearing

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission subcommittee has allowed the Satanic Temple’s request to erect a Baphomet statue at the state capitol to move forward with a public hearing.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, which included a presentation from Satanic Temple spokesman Doug Mesner, who goes by the name Lucien Greaves.

“It’s not the place of the government to dictate to people what is and what is not appropriate religious expression,” he contended.

Over two dozen protesters stood outside, many appearing to be Roman Catholic as they held signs and banners that read “The Virgin Mary triumphs over proud Lucifer,” “Mary, the queen of angels, crush Lucifer’s head,” and “St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.”

“We’re a Christian nation; we’re God-fearing people. We like law, we like order, we like things in their proper place … so let’s put the devil in his proper place. Let’s put him back in hell where he belongs,” Cesar Franco of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property declared.

As previously reported, the Satanic Temple, a group that seeks to combat what they believe is partiality to Christianity in government, desires to place a statue of Baphomet at the capitol in light of a move by Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Bigelow, to display a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds.

Rapert’s bill regarding the matter was approved in the House and Senate in 2015, and was subsequently signed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson. The Decalogue will be privately funded.

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The Satanic Temple wishes to utilize a monument that it originally created to place at the Oklahoma capitol near another Ten Commandments monument, but ended its pursuit after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Decalogue ran afoul of language in the state Constitution.

The statue shows the goat-headed Baphomet making the sign for the occult as he sits upon a throne with a pentagram overhead. Children fixate their eyes upon him on both sides.

“To that end, an inscription on the monument shall read, ‘Be it known to all that this statue commemorates the history of law in the United States of America. From the deplorable Satanic Witch Hunts, the cherished doctrines of due process, presumption of innocence and the protection of minorities from the tyranny of mob rule became part of the established foundation of American jurisprudence,’” the group explained in a press release about the matter.

During the 2015 unveiling ceremony of the homage to Satan in Detroit, Michigan, attendees shouted “Hail Satan” as two shirtless men pulled off the cloth that covered the Baphomet and then embraced and kissed each other in front of the statue.

According to its website, the Satanic Temple does not believe in Satan at all, but only views the devil as a metaphor.

“[W]e do not promote a belief in a personal Satan,” its FAQ section explains. “To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions.”

The date of the public hearing has not yet been set.

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  • NCOriolesFan

    Children and their temper tantrums need a time-out.

    • Lexical Cannibal

      I agree. Those Christians are throwing a HUGE fit over one little religious monument while they’ve already got hundreds of their own across the whole nation! Spoiled, much?

      • balloonknot9

        But that is the whole point, they claim it is not a religion, they do not worship a god-head, they are supposedly all about humanistic reasoning. So one must ask in all logic, if they do not believe in a being, then why does their statue contain beings? Why have they chosen to represent satan? I don’t think they know what they believe except being anti-God. So technically, if they wanted to erect something that symbolized their beliefs, or really anti-beliefs, any empty space would be a good representation. But then again we all know what they are really about, only a fool would fall for their lies.

        • TheKingOfRhye

          But they DO claim Satanism is a religion, just not a theistic one.

        • Lexical Cannibal

          Ah, but that’s the trick, isn’t it? They do not believe in a god but, critically, that does not mean they do not operate as or consider themselves a religion. Legally speaking, a religion does not strictly require a deity and the actual beliefs of a particular religion are nobody’s business but its own.

          As a religion, Satanists profess to disbelieve in supernatural beings, but they still have a deep apreciation for metaphorical symbols, which baphomet is and their statue does contain, heavily. In that specific case, TST has said that the statue represents their belief in equality, especially among religions.

          Look, I’m not going to lie to you and say that TST doesn’t have a beef with American Christianity; they do. They think you guys get preferential treatment and work to balance that and frankly, the amount of pushback they get kinda puts their point across. Legally, though? They make it very clear that they don’t have much interest in trying to do anything that a Christian group wouldn’t already have access to.

          I repeat: you guys have hundreds of statues, they’re still just trying to get the one.

          • balloonknot9

            It seems like they keep towing that same statue around looking for some idiot to say ok it can go here.

            I would think that based on their hatred of Christianity, they would be considered a hate group. They have no other “tenets” besides being anti-Christian. They observe no holiday, their BM is nothing but an anti-Catholic Mass in which they desecrate. No other religion/cult/group has their main purpose being the anti- of another. Why do you think they want to all of a sudden put up some nonsense display next to a Nativity Scene. All they are doing, all they are about, is being a contrary. They have no identity of their own, they have nothing to mark their identity except taking Christian symbols and do the opposite with them. Then of course if you look at the picture of it, you do understand that the “tablet” with the pentagram is a tomb stone.

            Ask yourself, why do they only attack Christians, why are they not attacking Islam, Hindu, Jewish, any other religion. Even pagan religions (which do not believe in God) have their own identity, have their own holidays, their own religious traditions. What is the most striking is that all these religions mark life as sacred, all life as divine and from a deity. Satanist have no regard for life, or its sacredness, or beauty as we can clearly see from their MO of mutilation, killings, carnal degradation.

            So to come back to this statue, what positive, life affirming, goodness does this statue think its telling people?

          • TheKingOfRhye

            You clearly don’t know the first thing about Satanism.

          • Croquet_Player

            Wow, you clearly don’t know the first thing about the Satanic Temple. The Oklahoma State Capitol lawn had a large monument of the ten commandments. This is a religious monument on public property. So the Satanic Temple wanted to put theirs up too. The ten commandments monument was damaged after a man drove his car into it. (He was apparently a mentally ill person with no connection to the Satanic Temple, who later said he was a Christian, and had stopped taking his medication.) The courts ruled that the ten commandments monument was in violation of the Oklahoma state constitution, and should not be replaced, but should be moved to private property and repaired. Once the ten commandments monument was gone, the Satanic Temple promptly dropped their bid to place their statue on the lawn. Do you get it? The point being, they don’t want any religious monuments on public property, including theirs, but if people insist on putting up religious monuments on public property then they want to put up their statue too.

            Furthermore, they are not “attacking Christianity”. If it had been a Hindu or Muslim monument on the state lawn, their response would have been identical. It seems however that Christians are the ones who keep putting up monuments (or Nativity scenes, etc.) on public property, in which case the Satanic Temple will avail themselves of the same right. It is a statement about public property, and the rights of all faiths. People may put up all the religious monuments they like on private property. If you want yours on public property, you have to share the space with others, you don’t have exclusive rights to it.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Ask yourself, why do they only attack Christians, why are they not attacking Islam, Hindu, Jewish, any other religion.

            By way of rebuttal, ask *your*self, where are the Hindu senators trying to rescind gay rights? Where are the pagans pushing creationism? Where are the Jews, frothing at the mouth because someone said “happy holidays” instead of “happy Hanukkah?” Where are all the Sikh religious monuments on public property? In all of these cases, the answer is either that they don’t exist or are so few that you have to squint to see them.

            In a country where all religions are supposed to be on the same level, Christianity has demonstrably more power and influence and frequently abuses that fact. You guys own 90% of the legislature and have been 100% of the presidents. Public lands are littered with your monuments, you fight to teach your creation story as science, you rally around treating lbgt people like garbage so as not to offend your religious sensibilities, and you visciously turn on anyone who tries a fraction of what you do, for themselves. If you feel like Christianity’s being targeted, it might be because the rest of us can hardly move without bumping up against you. In a world where a religious minority feels unequal, there is no clearer source of that inequality than…all of you.

            It seems like they keep towing that same statue around looking for some idiot to say ok it can go here.

            They withdrew their petition in Oklahoma because the OKSC determined that ALL religious monuments on public land violated their laws. No OK Ten Commandments, no religious favoritism, no problem. It’s worth noting that a Hindu temple was also trying to get a statue put up, but encountered some similar problems as TST with lost paperwork, unexplained delays, and general runaround stuff. That sounds fair, right?

            They have no other “tenets” besides being anti-Christian.

            That…is entirely untrue, actually, and the fact that you said that indicates that you probably haven’t actually looked into them beyond what you see on sites like this. I just took thirty actual seconds to google “the satanic temple tenets” and immediately learned that they, in fact, have seven core tenets, none of which can be summarized as “Christianity is garbage, amirite?” Largely they revolve around the importance of logical thought, a person’s dominion over their own body, and the like. I encourage you to do some actual research.

            They have no identity of their own, they have nothing to mark their identity except taking Christian symbols and do the opposite with them.

            If the US recognized religious systems based on having their “own identity” then a huge portion of Christian denominations would be excluded. Also, such distinction would be unconstitutional, but that’s beside the point. You can talk down their legitimacy as much as you want, but being derivative doesn’t disqualify a religion, nor does it qualify it as a hate group.

            You’re really hung up on this hate group thing. The unfortunate thing is, though, that they don’t really qualify. They don’t incite violence, they don’t try to keep Christians from practicing their religion, you won’t find them taking the official stance that Christianity or Christians are somehow inherently “lesser” or “harmful,” (though, incidentally, those words have been used by Christians to describe me for being pagan and lbgt), they even go out of their way to avoid using language that singles out Christianity when it’s possible to do so.

            It may tickle your own biases in just the right way, but your boat don’t float, owl.

          • The Skeptical Chymist

            What a wonderful reply! Thank you!

      • NCOriolesFan

        Ok, to clarify, I meant those satanic children disguised as satanic adults.

        • Lexical Cannibal

          Are you sure? It’s not the Satanists I see stamping their foot and trying to change the rules when they don’t like how someone else is playing.

  • james blue

    Well, allow one, allow them all.

  • No Whiners Aloud

    Look at all the excellent schools, colleges, hospitals, charities founded by Satanists.
    Oh, wait,…

    • Croquet_Player

      These Satanists are atheists. And we’ll never know how many atheists in the past participated in charitable endeavors, because religious people forced them to keep their atheism a secret, or risk prison, expulsion from communities, etc. So it’s a bit much to now say atheists never did anything charitable, when they weren’t permitted to go public.

    • Steve

      Look at all the people slaughtered in the name of their God……. Oh wait, they dont believe in fairy tales.

  • Croquet_Player

    Want your particular religious monument on public property? Be prepared for a whole lot of them, some of which you won’t like one bit.

  • Rapunzel2866

    Genesis 3:15 has nothing to do with the Virgin Mary. These folk need to study their Bible!

    • RWH

      Then who else does Scripture talk about since her seed is none other than Jesus Christ?

      • tatoo

        I thought it was god’s seed. She was just the incubator.

      • KissyJ

        Read the scripture properly. It says THE SEED of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent, NOT MARY. JESUS IS THE SEED of the woman – as you yourself have rightly stated. Jesus will defeat the serpent (satan), not Mary as these protesters are claiming. Only Jesus can defeat satan, so crying to Mary for help is pointless and idolatry as they putting Mary in Jesus’ place.

        • balloonknot9

          And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring[a] and hers; he will crush[b] your head, and you will strike his heel.”

        • RWH

          Well, to both you and Tatoo, the woman in question is Mary, the Mother of God. To relegate her to incubator is to disrespect her. To ignore her is just as bad. The Catholics may have elevated Mary to a higher position than she may deserve, but they haven’t thrown her out of the equation as has much of Protestantism. The Church grappled with the title for Mary, and she is the Theotokos, the God-bearer. To say anything less is to divide the Holy Trinity. God is God. Christ is God. The Holy Spirit is God. We may not understand it, but it is the three in one. And God indwelt within Mary’s womb for nine months.

          Just as with the burning bush in the Old Testament, God was in her womb, and yet she was not consumed. For those nine months, she was the tabernacle of the Most High God. You may not like the status that the Church has bestowed upon Mary, but facts are facts.

          • Damien Priestly

            Are you sure? More likely, our virgin Mary had her eye on a young, strapping and handsome shepherd boy…a romp in the hay…the rest is history!!

          • KissyJ

            Please don’t lump me in with anybody else. I didn’t call her an incubator and I would never refer to her as such. However, with that said she is not the one who is brushing the head of Satan, Jesus is. Calling out to her will save no one. Even though she had the great honor of bearing Jesus Christ, she was still only human and needed a saviour (Jesus Christ) like the rest of us (Rom 3:24, Lk 1:46,47) Misquoting Gen 3:15 to put herself in place of God (Jesus) doesn’t change that and quiet frankly is blasphemy.

          • Chet

            Nevertheless, all mankind, without exception, are sinners in need of the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. For sure the then virgin Mary was highly favored of God else He would not have chosen her to bear His only begotten Son. However, God existed in eternity past whereas the then virgin Mary (who later had children via normal interaction with her husband, Joseph) surely did not. And her existence today is Heaven along with all the other blood washed redeemed ones who place(d) their faith in Christ and Him crucified, buried, risen and ever living to make intercession for His own till His very soon return for the snatching-away of the saved… That said, to allow such wicked blasphemous trash image of none other than the Devil to be displayed publicly is far beyond disgraceful…

  • Satan has done nothing to merit a memorial.

    • tatoo

      Wrong. Satanist pay the same taxes and vote. What is good for the goose…..

  • KissyJ

    I don’t know which is sadder satanist wanting to erect their disgusting statue or catholics calling up on Mary and Michael the arc angel for help instead of Jesus Christ. Smh, the end times are really here.

    • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

      You are right the end times are here.

  • Guzzman

    When a government entity permits any group or individual to erect a religious display on government property (such as a Ten Commandments monument), it thereby creates a public forum and must open the area up to other displays expressing other viewpoints; otherwise, the government exposes itself to a First Amendment violation.

    • Doug Indeap

      And violation of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection of the laws.

  • Chet

    You’ll believe in a personal Devil and literal Hell one split second after you snap-out into eternity, fellas.. Can’t believe the local gov’t would allow such trash to progress this far…

  • Robert

    Yes lots of people in slavery to Satan think he just a metaphor And Mary would point people to her son her God her Jesus for their help in times of trouble
    And not her self.She proved how powerful she was She couldn’t even make wine. Her all power ful son had to do it for her.