Texas Rep Placed Under State Protection After Receiving Death Threats Over Pro-Life Bill

Photo Credit: Tony Tinderholt/Facebook

AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas lawmaker has been placed under state protection after receiving death threats over his recently-introduced bill to protect the lives of unborn children.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is providing security assistance to Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, who has reportedly received multiple death threats, as well as his wife.

His political consultant, Luke Macias, told the Dallas News that the Arlington Police Department and the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office has been involved due to the number of threats and an investigation is underway.

“All involved have done an incredible job protecting his family during this stressful time,” Macias said.

He advised that Tinderholt’s “wife in particular” had been threatened.

Tinderholt’s chief of staff, Micah Cavanaugh, confirmed the situation.

“Representative Tinderholt and his family have received multiple death threats leading to his family being placed under DPS protection on multiple occasions,” he told the Texas Tribune. “Specifics to the threats cannot be discussed due to an ongoing investigation, and we do not intend to speak on behalf of law enforcement.”

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The threats surround Tinderholdt’s submission of H.B. 948 earlier this month, also known as the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act. As previously reported, the bill declares that unborn children are entitled to human rights from the moment of conception, and removes current exemptions under state criminal homicide law relating to abortion.

“A living human child, from the moment of fertilization upon the fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum is entitled to the same rights, powers, and privileges as are secured or granted by the laws of this state to any other human child,” it reads in part.

Abortions committed in cases when the mother’s life is at risk would not be prosecuted as murder.

“When you read and see how abortions are performed, and how they end the life of an innocent child, it amazes me that we allow that,” Tinderholdt told the Star-Telegram. “When we look back over history and we see … the cultures that took the lives of children, people are appalled by that. People are going to do that with America, too, and look back one day and say they can’t believe we allowed this.”

He said that the bill is in response to language in the Texas Republican Party platform, which was passed in May, calling for the complete abolition of abortion in the state.

“We call upon the Texas legislature to enact legislation stopping the murder of unborn children; and to ignore and refuse to enforce any and all federal statutes, regulations, executive orders, and court rulings, which would deprive an unborn child of the right to life,” the platform text reads.

Macais says that while Tinderholt and his wife, who identify as Roman Catholic, have received death threats over the matter, there has also been positive feedback from those supportive of defending life.

“Local law enforcement have been very protective of him and his family,” he stated. “The truth is that he has received a tremendous amount of feedback—both positive and negative—on the subject of his legislation.”

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  • Nidalap

    Pro-aborts threatening to take human life?
    Makes sense…

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Non-christian never value human life equally or unconditionally. Only the Christians value all human life equally and unconditionally. Every man lives according to the doctrines he holds.

      • RWH

        Yup! And that’s why the good Christians dropped atomic bombs on Japan and rounded up the Japanese and Aleut Indians in Alaska and interned them into camps. Not too many people talk about the Aleuts, but many of them died in inhuman circumstances because the good Christians didn’t care. It was only in the late 1980s that the US government made reparations for the lives and villages that were destroyed by these good Christians.

        • Jason Todd

          Troll. Flagged.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            He is just another ignorant ungrateful secular Westerner.

        • Grace Kim Kwon

          Imperial Japan killed more number of innocent people than two atomic bombs did. Mankind do not need nukes to conduct atrocities upon the people. US soldiers could not be sacrificed anymore to an insane nation who sent kids as death-mission pilots. American camps are a heaven comparing to German camps and Japanese camps and Soviet camps. Learn some history.

          Americans have been totally spoiled by the gentle Protestant churches. Mankind is not that humane or civilized outside of the American Christendom. You guys don’t know the outside world much except for your missionaries and soldiers. Today’s secular Westerners = rotten kids from a good family. Happy is a man whose descendants are not today’s secular Westerners.

          • RWH

            Grace. Obviously you don’t know the story of the Aleut Indians. During WWII, they were herded like cattle and placed in camps in Alaska without any sanitary conditions. About a third of these people died. The American government made reparations both to the Indians and the the Orthodox Church in 1988. Also, don’t assume that we are ignorant of history. I know a lot more history than you do. The Japanese might have been cruel, but neither of us claimed that they were Christian. However, the same can not be said of the fascists in Spain, Italy, and especially Germany during the Second World War. Most Germans were Protestant at the time. Also, it doesn’t do you service to paint groups of people with a wide brush. I’m proud of our kids. We may have some problems, but our kids have done well and have generally made us proud. Furthermore, I don’t think that you have a clue as to what goes on in US Churches, Protestant or otherwise.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You only know partial. Life has been hard for everyone during WW2 and the years before. A lot of people died young from the lack of simple solutions, not just the Indians. You don’t know history. Imperial Japan worshiped their stupid king and fought the Pacific War by believing they were a divine nation. They were pagan-insane. Pagans and Darwinians are the same in sending their young boys to death in a lost war and conducting experiments on live humans

            At those years, all the white people on earth claimed to be Christian except for the Soviets. Hitler-hailing Darwinian pseudo-christian Germany was defeated by the Christian Britain and Christian USA. To many Germans, it was too late when they truly realized what was going on. Today, UK and USA are going down with Sodomy. Pathetic empires, but this is what happens to nations that forsake the Lord. Your fathers are 0% proud of you because you bash your white Christian ancestors and forefathers who are better than you.

            Western kids will be dominated by either sharia law or Sodomy at this rate, and they will blame today’s idiotic liberals for all the human rights abuses in the future. Man cannot prosper by upholding immorality. Christians gave you enough warnings. You have no idea about your own Western civilization including the USA. Secular Westerners are incapable of understanding history because of their mad inclination to godlessness and sick immorality. You need to read the Holy Bible to be saved and see things clearly and get wisdom and freedom.

          • RWH

            Grace, Don’t be so arrogant as to pontificate as to whether people know history or not or are saved or not. You know absolutely nothing. If you actually read a history book–that is an unbiased one–you will discover that the Soviets–a group of atheists–fought against Germany singlehandedly. They did not receive any help either in materials or personnel from the west. They were strong enough to be the first ones to invade Berlin itself. In other words, religion, or the lack o it, had no bearing on the outcome. The Soviets don’t get a lot of credit in history books published in the west.

            The Germans also knew what was going on. Soldiers and their families were in fear of being sent to the Eastern Front. They were just too afraid to say something because they knew very well that someone would come to collect them in the middle of the night.

            For someone who lives outside of the United States, you surely do have a condescending attitude. If you knew anything about the way that Americans think, you would realize how offensive your term “white” Americans is. This is the telltale sign of people sympathetic to the Klu Klux Klan or the other assortment of white supremacists. For someone coming from Asia, who is definitely not of “white” America, your assertions seem so very ironic.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You are the one who came to me with a false assumption. Soviets took care of the Eastern sides, but the Christian Britons and Christian Americans indeed liberated Europe, Africa, and Asia, and helped Israel get independence. Don’t look at only one side. A lot of things happened all at once. Eastern Europe said Nazis was better than the communists. The Germans were not barbaric towards their fellow white healthy Europeans, but the atheist Soviets were barbaric to everyone.

            When the Germans knew Hitler’s intention, everything was already firmly under the Nazi control. Nazi Youth education did the trick; it’s like today’s West’s immoral public education upon children. Kids got traned to be evil since youth as a culture. Who gains what by making children immoral since kindergarten except for the demonic pedophiles? You Westerners are completely suicidal after losing Christianity.

            KKK is white race’s problem, not mine. I suffered racism from my own yellow race too much and white people are rather nicer to me. But this century, they force the endorsement of the sins of homosexuality and transgenderism. This slavery-by-immorality is the new battlefront for the truth and freedom. I don’t want anyone to bow to Western pervs. You guys are respectful and decent only when you adhere Christianity. White racists leave us alone, but the childless white pervs corrupt global children.

            Pervs are everywhere, but white pervs and their mental slaves force it with legality; that makes Christless Western culture deadlier.

      • james blue

        Have you not met any of the operation rescue terrorists or someone like Scott Roeder?

        Are you unaware of the genocide of the native American population?

        • Grace Kim Kwon

          Who’s that? I mainly know George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. All whites claimed to be Christian until some decades ago. Native Americans massacred the white people, too. The disease was an accident. Many natives intermarried and assimilated into the main population; it wasn’t genocide. God punish nations and tribes when the barbarism gets too much. Sodomic USA is no exception. Go back to your European caves if you don’t like the Christian Englishmen’s produced nations. Illiterate people cannot create a nation.

        • NCOriolesFan

          Scott Roeder executed a terrorist named George Tiller.
          Native Americans did not deserve the treatment they got from white settlers expanding the USA.

      • TwoRutRoad

        “Only the Christians value all human life equally and unconditionally.”
        Except during The Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunting, Slavery and several other situations past and present.

        • Jason Todd

          Point and relevance, please.

          • TwoRutRoad


          • Jason Todd

            Because it’s otherwise irrelevant. If it isn’t, you need to explain how and why.

          • TwoRutRoad

            It’s two sentences with a clear point and relevance. Under what authority do you demand an explanation?

          • Jason Todd

            The only person it is clear to is you. Looking at it, it looks like you are saying something negative about Christianity but rather failing due to ignorance over the Crusades and slavery, and the inability to make the distinction between Christianity and Catholicism.

            All in a comment under a story about someone getting death threats over an abortion bill.

            I merely want a clarification.

          • TwoRutRoad

            I find it hard to believe that nobody else understood my comment.

            Grace separated people into two groups: Christians and Non-Christians. Catholics are Christians. (I was one of them.) If you think it “looks” like I’m saying something negative, I’ll be glad to clarify…Yes, I am.

            Please clarify your statement about my ignorance over the Crusades and slavery.

            I was commenting on a comment. That’s how this works. I did not introduce the idea that “Only the Christians value all human life equally and unconditionally.” I merely replied to it, so If you have an issue with the subject matter, take it up with Grace.

          • Jason Todd

            If you think it “looks” like I’m saying something negative, I’ll be glad to clarify…Yes, I am.

            So on topic, do you think this man getting death threats is acceptable?

          • Jason Todd

            BTW, Catholics are not Christians.

            The Crusades were because of Islam, not Christianity.

            Christians didn’t support slavery. It was the exact dead opposite.

            Look up William Wilberforce on Wikipedia.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Nothing human is a value to them.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    American liberals hate the conservatives more than the enemies of America hate America. USA’s real crisis is its own amoral citizens who have no Christian values.

    • RWH

      Liberals don’t hate conservatives. They hate their fascist ideas that would strip minorities of their civil rights. The test for a true Christian is one who follows Christ; it does not hinge on agreeing with you. Citing Christian values can be create a lot of nastiness. People from Northern Ireland experienced a lot of strife from Christians of various stripes who sought to hurt each other badly.

      • Jason Todd

        Which means what? Do you have a point to make?

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Liberals are the fascists. They force everyone to support homosexuality/transgenderism and to pay for abortion murder. People have rights to live out the Christian morality; that is human rights and freedom. Northern Ireland is a problem of nationalism. 1/3 of humanity is Christian on Planet Earth and the Christian-majority land mass covers 2/3 of the world. Ireland is one small nation and is no delegate of the entire Christian population.

        • RWH

          Do you even know what a fascist is? Fascists are right wing. Liberals are not fascists. And exactly what do you mean by support? I have never been forced to support anything. Perhaps by force, you mean that people are being compelled to treat others as Christ would, to go the extra mile, to repay others with kindness. There is nothing anti-Christian about treating others in a civil and respectful manner. Concerning abortion, rules and laws have been in place that prohibit governmental money to go to abortions. That has never changed. Organizations that receive support receive it with the stipulation that none of this support goes for abortion. Being rude and condescending to others is not a Christian value.

          • Jason Todd

            Do you even know what a fascist is? Fascists are right wing.

            According to whom?????

          • TwoRutRoad

            Wikipedia, for one:
            “According to most scholars of fascism, there are both left and right
            influences on fascism as a social movement, and fascism, especially once
            in power, has historically attacked communism, conservatism and
            liberalism, attracting support primarily from what in a classical sense
            is called the “far right” or “extreme right”.”

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Christians are good. Liberals are tyrannical and immoral. Liberals’ rule must be broken. Americans were worthy only when they were Christian-moral. No one has any obligation to obey the American Sodomites, no matter how rich and powerful they are.

        • NCOriolesFan

          “Liberals are the fascists.” I 2nd that, Grace.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            They riot and commit treasons against the US president.

          • NCOriolesFan

            Cal-Berkeley is the latest example of their rioting.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Yes, American liberals’ tyranny must be countered against. Not Every Earthling supports the West’s Sodomy. The liberals think everyone has to obey them or something. Enslavement by the racists has been bad, but enslavement by Western pervs will be far worse. People have rights to live out Biblical Christianity – the freedom’s foundation.

  • james blue

    No excuse for making death threats

  • Robert

    The Bill hammers at the human conscience accusing the defenders of abortion of Murder .no wonder so many want him dead.

  • Upsetti Spaghetti

    I hope he dies

    • Nidalap

      Oh he will…but so will we all. Make ready…