Children Do Better With Married Parents, Confirms New Report

(Christian Institute) Marriage is “associated with more family stability for children across the globe,” and cohabitation “typically associated with more instability,” a new study has found.

The report by the Social Trends Institute also stated that there is a “growing consensus” that children are more likely to thrive in a stable family than in an unstable one.

Sir Paul Coleridge, chairman of the Marriage Foundation, called the report a “wake-up call” for the UK and called for the government to act.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Of course. Grown people are normal and noble only when they place children’s happiness over their own. True adults.

  • Horrible moralistic brats! How dare they do better!

    • Emmanuel

      LOL, how dare they!!!!!

  • Emmanuel

    So the Bible has been right this entire time?

  • William of Glynn

    Marriage is good.

  • BoyPinoy

    Specifically, a marriage of one man and one woman.
    The fact that this even needs to be mentioned shows how decadent America has become. Two men or two women – not even close to creating a normal home.

    • johndoe

      Do you have any proof for that statement?

      • Jason Todd


        • Lexical Cannibal

          You mean the one with heavily documented methodology problems that’s been debunked and dismissed by nearly every exterior research body that’s read it? Because unless you’ve got a different Regenerus study tucked up your sleeve, that’s not exactly compelling as evidence.

          • Jason Todd

            You mean the one that has not been debunked as those who attacked it did so in the name of social justice and politics instead of actual facts?

            To say nothing about Robert Oscar Lopez and Moira Greyland, to list two vocal examples.

          • johndoe

            Nope. In all of that study there were only 2 families with gay parents….2! Just 2!!! Do you know how to read a study and tell if it’s reliable?

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Here’s an actual fact for you: Regenerus found that same sex couples with children had poorer outcomes than heterosexual couples with children, but failed to account for the fact that same sex couples much more often adopt, and so are more likely to have kids with serious pre-existing behavioural, emotional, or academic problems since, you know, orphans. Later studies which did document control for this variable saw no such distinction between same sex parenting and heterosexual parenting. Outcomes were the same.

            Just because someone points out bad science doesn’t mean they’re lying to fit an agenda. Sometimes it really is just bad science. The Regenerus study is bunk and its results have not been reproduced without its methodology errors in place.

          • Jason Todd

            The only thing that’s bunk is the idea same-sex parents are okay and acceptable. Have you spoken to Robert Oscar Lopez? Read his book Jepthah’s Daughters? He is the reason why Regenrus is right and these progressives posing as scientists are wrong.

          • Michael C

            Regnerus’ survey didn’t actually collect data on children who were adopted by gay couples.

            He asked participants if either of their parents had ever been in a relationship (for any length of time) with a person of the same sex at any point throughout their childhood.

            If the respondent said ‘yes,’ they were tossed into the “gay fathers” or “lesbian mothers” category regardless of whether or not they ever even lived in a household headed by a same-sex couple.

            So basically, he compared children of broken homes to children who were raised from birth to adulthood by their married parents. Hardly apples to apples.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Wow that is…actually genuinely way worse than I was lead to believe. That’s pathetically bad methodology, I legit knew undergrad psychology and social work students who could tell you at a glace why they’d get an F for a project like that, and they weren’t even that good, as students. And people are still waving this about like it’s some kind of argument killer? Jeez…Thanks for the fact check, dude, I just…wow.

        • johndoe

          LMAO! His study has been the laughingstock of social scientists everywhere!

          • Amos Moses

            “social scientists ”

            oxymoron ….. contradiction in terms ………. laughable …….

          • johndoe

            Like most of your posts…..laughable…..

        • johndoe

          Regenrus had a total of two gay families in his entire study. Just two. That doesn’t even come close to a valid study. His fellow social scientists wouldn’t even defend him.

        • Michael C

          Regnerus admitted in a federal court in Michigan that the participants of his survey who had been raised by same-sex parents turned out “pretty good” when compared to kids raised by their biological, opposite-sex parents.

          His survey seems to say the exact opposite of what you’re proposing.

          • Jason Todd

            No, he didn’t. That’s fake news.

          • Michael C

            Fake news? Who are you? The White House Press Secretary? You can’t call facts “fake news” just because they prove you wrong.

            On March 3, 2014, Mark Regnerus testified before Judge Bernard A. Friedman in a Federal District Court in Detroit, Michigan. The following is an excerpt of the transcript of Regnerus’ testimony. Here, state attorney Kristin Heyse is asking her witness, Mark Regnerus, how many participants of his survey were actually raised (from birth to adulthood) by same-sex parents and how those individuals fared when compared to participants who were raised (from birth to adulthood) by their married, biological parents;

            Q. Were there any respondents of the NFSS that lived with their parent and the parent’s same sex partner through age 18?

            A. Who? From the beginning?

            Q. Uh-huh.

            A. Yes. Two. There were some people for whom the relationship started later and was still ongoing at age 18.

            Q. I mean, any respondents that lived with their parent and same sex partner from birth to through age 18?

            A. Yes. Two.

            Q. Two. Okay. And what were the outcomes like for those two children?

            A. Right. On average they looked pretty good.

            There you go. Now please stop saying things that are blatantly false.

          • Jason Todd


            Again, Robert Oscar Lopez. And how about the rest of the testimony?

          • Michael C

            Yawn. Again, Robert Oscar Lopez. And how about the rest of the testimony?

            I’ll gladly reply to this when you acknowledge the fact that Regnerus’ NFSS doesn’t actually prove what you thought it proved.

            I have no interest in addressing your arguments if you’re just going plug your ears, shouting “I can’t hear you” whey they’re refuted.

          • Jason Todd

            I’ll gladly reply to this when you acknowledge the fact that Regnerus’ NFSS doesn’t actually prove what you thought it proved.

            1) Sure it does. Read “Regnerus Revisited: American Sociological Association is Wrong about Homosexual Parents and ‘Stability'” by Peter Sprigg, e.g.

            2) You have no intention of acknowledging Robert Lopez because truth be told you can’t touch him. Lopez, Moira Greyland, they don’t need to talk about why children should not be in same-sex households. They lived it.

            I have long said children raised in a moral vacuum never turn out okay, and you will never convince me otherwise.

        • Mr Cleats

          They say Regnerus is “flawed” – meaning “tells the truth, and we don’t like it when that happens.”

    • RWH

      Actually, the research doesn’t limit the marriage to one man and one woman. The Regenrus study has been discredited, so much so that it has not been accepted by the courts when used as evidence.

  • Roy Hobs

    It is a sad day when we have to state the obvious. Like defending the Sun is hot. Or the sky is blue. Orwell was on to something.

  • Balerion

    Can’t think of any more unstable a “family” situation than bouncing around from one foster home to another.