Former Democrat Party Leader and ‘Husband’ Face Sex Charges for Abusing Teen Boy

NEWBURGH, Ind. — A former local Democratic Party leader and his homosexual partner have been arrested and now face sexual misconduct charges after allegedly being in a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

Justin Jarvis, 43, and Robert Owen, 38, were arrested on Wednesday following an investigation by the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. Jarvis had formerly served as the political director of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party.

According to reports, the teen’s parent contacted the sheriff’s office in October to report the relationship. It is believed that the men had been in contact with the boy, now 16, for approximately a year.

The teen was subsequently interviewed by detectives, and it was discovered that he and Jarvis had exchanged sexually explicit images, which were found on the boy’s phone.

The teen advised authorities that he met Jarvis through a dating app, and while he admitted that he lied about his age at first, he said he did soon tell Jarvis the truth.

He also said that some of his sexual encounters with the men were recorded, and advised that he had willingly engaged in sex with Jarvis and Owen 10 to 15 times each.

When police searched the men’s home, they found a number of sex tapes featuring the teen, just as he had said. They also found marijuana and a smoking pipe, as well as a bag that investigators believe contained meth residue. The teen stated that Jarvis had given him pot and Adderall during visits.

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Both Jarvis and Owen were arrested on Wednesday.

Jarvis faces two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, three counts of child exploitation, one count of child pornography, one count of possession of marijuana, and one count of dissemination of matter harmful to minors, among other charges. Owen has been charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.

The men were released from Warrick County Jail after posting $4,000 bail.

According to the Courier Press, the FBI assisted in the investigation, which was a part of the Indiana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

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  • Nidalap

    Perversion tends to kind of pile up, doesn’t it just?

    • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

      It sure does.

  • james blue

    Had they stopped once they were informed of his age I could have had some sympathy, but since they didn’t—-Castration with a blowlamp

    Site editors…. Please correct the error in the headline. it’s not the “Democrat” party, it’s the “Democratic” party. It is correctly used in the article. Although I fail to see how it’s relevant if this is a “news” article.

  • Delectable

    Nothing new here. Gay couples adopt boys in order to molest them. Happens every day.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Cite, please.

      • Delectable

        Bite, please.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          So you have no evidence to support your slanderous accusation?

          • Delectable

            You honestly believe that gay men never molest boys?

            You’re a joke.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            No, but that’s not what you said. You said that gay couples adopt children to molest them “every day.” And so far, you have offered not one iota of evidence for that accusation.

          • Glider50

            Delectable is right and gay adoption should be illegal like closed adoption. Both abuse kids.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            And your evidence for this is what?

          • Glider50

            You don’t EVER listen to kids forced to be raised in closed adoption? There are blogs all over the place and it happened to my brother and his life was hell so. Interestingly. it was “butch” pedophile that started closed adoption, Georgia Tann and the system is not much different today than the crimes she committed in the 40’s.. Due to stats from arrests of gay couples that adopted, via the courts and police departments, the majority of gay couples that adopt have raped the boys they adopted. Many who have adopted girls have let their lesbian friends take liberties with them as well. There is even a new lesbian pedophile group now called Butterfly Kisses. And if gay men DIDN’T molest boys then why the hell did they ever start NAMBLA huh? Why doesn’t LGBT EVER protest that NAMBLA is at gay pride parades? Why do gays walk around naked in front of kids at EVERY parade in every country and have sex acts in front of them? Got an answer?

          • Ambulance Chaser

            An answer for what? You just Gish Galloped all over the place.

            Pick a topic and stick with it. And start by citing something, not just stomping your foot and insisting it’s so.

  • Michael C

    Thank goodness they were caught.

    • Theo

      You sound SO sincere.

      • Michael C

        That would be because I am.

        • Imagine if they had been caught on their first victim. Who would you thank then?

  • SFBruce

    Raymond P. Buhrow, a former pastor in Indiana, was charged with having had inappropriate physical contact with girls, ages 14 and 16. Lucas Savage, a former co-director of a youth ministry program in Canaan, Maine, was charged with unlawful physical contact with a girl younger than 12. Otis Holland, a former minister in Las Vegas, was charged with raping several minor girls.

    Does this mean all pastors and church youth workers are engaging in these despicable acts? Of course not. Likewise, the illegal choices these two men made say absolutely nothing about the behavior of gay men in general.

    • Jason Todd


      • SFBruce

        If you’re talking the extent to which these men’s actions can be generalized to all gay men, I agree. It’s completely irrelevant.

        • Jason Todd

          No, it’s irrelevant because it has absolutely nothing to do with the story at hand. It’s a red herring.

    • Glider50

      Only gay people like to have sex with kids. So those pastors are bi.

      • InTheChurch

        LOL, this was funny about the pastors but messed up too. This is not a laughing matter but this was funny.

    • Chet

      Other than God Almighty declaring such as abomination, no… No overlooking fornication, adultery nor homosexuality on the Lord’s part…

  • J J

    Worth noting: Most media outlets do not mention that the victim was male. Simply “child” or “juvenile” or “minor.”

    In case you didn’t get the memo: Yeah, the mainstream media are biased in favor of gays.

    • Glider50

      A lot of them are gay.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    There is no end to this kind of abysmal crimes. The West must outlaw immorality altogether in order to protect children. Judges should be selected only from among the people who successfully raized their own children properly, not just those who studied the laws. Brain and rules are no use if people intend to harm other people’s children.

  • Ken

    The facial expressions are revealing. They do not look either guilty or remorseful. They got caught, but they are clearly not ashamed of what they did. One thing we know about pedophilia is, there is no cure for it, ever. Courts have two choices – send them to prison, or make them wear an ankle monitor so as to prevent them getting anywhere near children. If these two get the opportunity, they will prey on other boys.

    • Glider50

      I think it is time for public execution again. That would deter most of them.

  • Glider50

    They shouldn’t of gotten out on bail, I think we need a law that everyone arrested for pedophilia crimes are denied bail.

    • InTheChurch

      Straight to the electric chair

  • InTheChurch

    I’m seeing a trend here. Gay men and boys.
    Another article said a founder of a gay rights group was arrested for this.
    The other article about the dude that said it was ok and a good thing that men are with boys. The dude that was denied to speak at Berkley.
    What is going on?

  • Chet

    So then, one is called husband thus the other must needs be wife, ugh…

  • Florenca Mcdowell

    Once again they hijacked the word Gay they should use the name Perverts

  • C_Alan_Nault

    Typical democrat