Former Planned Parenthood Managers: Abortion Giant Doesn’t Offer Help for Pregnant Women

Two former Planned Parenthood managers state that they had been disappointed after taking the job to find out that the organization didn’t really offer help for pregnant women or those needing other types of women’s health care.

Ramona Trevino, who formerly managed a Planned Parenthood facility in Sherman, Texas, and Sue Thayer, who once managed Planned Parenthood’s Storm Lake, Iowa facility, and then went on to manage the LaMars location, recently sat down with Lila Rose of Live Action to recount their experiences working for the organization.

They both expressed the letdown they felt in realizing that Planned Parenthood had nothing to offer women who needed help with their struggles with infertility or pregnant mothers who wanted to carry their baby to term.

“There was nothing to offer these women. Many times I felt that I couldn’t help in the way that I wanted to help,” Trevino explained during the interview, now posted to YouTube. “For example, prenatal care. There was no prenatal care. There was nothing we could offer women who were pregnant. There was nothing we could offer for women seeking fertility treatments or who were trying to conceive.”

“You go in with the perception that Planned Parenthood is there to help women in any situation, not just when they’re wanting an abortion. You think gynecological services. You think affordable health care for low income women, non-insured women,” she explained. “So, I really went in believing we’re just like a gynecologist. Then you realize as time goes by that you’re not.”

Trevino said that Planned Parenthood creates the impression that it offers services for women that will be difficult to find elsewhere, when the services that mothers-to-be need outside of abortion are really non-existent.

“That’s really the mantra of Planned Parenthood, isn’t it? To help women and to provide these services for women, and where are they going to go if Planned Parenthood doesn’t exist, right?” she noted. “And so as you go through your day to day routine and realizing that these women are encountering real problems that you really can’t help because everything is limited to contraception and abortion.”

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Thayer gave similar testimony.

“We would have even women that would come in and would have, say a breast lump. Well, there was nothing we could do about it; we would have to refer them out. Or, an abnormal pap smear—anything like that,” she explained.

“We didn’t do mammograms … There’s not a Planned Parenthood in the country that’s ever done a mammogram. But that’s just one example of something they say they do to help women, but they’ve never, ever done that,” Thayer said, referring to remarks from President Cecile Richards in 2011.

Speaking of efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at the time, Richards told CNN, “If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women are going to lose their health care access—not to abortion services, to basic family planning, you know, mammograms….”

Thayer said that she believes that prenatal care isn’t offered because there is no financial gain in providing it, as opposed to abortion, which is profitable.

“And so no prenatal care quota?” Rose asked.

“No,” Thayer replied.

“No adoption quota?” she inquired.

“Nope. Only abortion,” Thayer said.

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  • InTheChurch

    They need to keep speaking up and keep telling the truth.

    • Dan

      You said keep. I think you meant start.

      • InTheChurch

        Keep, start, begin, continue or whatever word you want to use. They need to say this loud and clear.

  • Amos Moses

    cant be “planned parenthood” when there are no parents ……….. so the lie begins with the name …. just like the “patriot act” was used against patriots ……

    • Dan


    • Dan

      Based on this comment (and article), every person who walks out of a Planned Parenthood would no longer have a child and would no longer be pregnant.

      What’s funny is that religious people (and please don’t be offended; I’m NOT saying you are one) tend to be the most likely to either believe or state untruths when it goes against what they believe. You’d think that they would be the most honest, and tend to check facts to be sure they were.

      • Amos Moses

        i am not offended ….. if what a person believes is a lie …………. their believing it does not alter that fact ….. it is still a lie if they believe it or not …… check that fact out ………….. “planned parenthood” is a lie ….. and if they wanted to be honest ….. it would be planned infanticide or planned genocide …… since its origin is in the eugenics movement and its purpose was to eliminate blacks ….. in the womb …………

  • antifasciste

    The unimpeachable testimony of 2 disgruntled employees, must be a fact.