Guatemalan Army Expels Docked Dutch Abortion Boat Seeking to Kill Babies at Sea

Photo Credit: Women on Waves/Twitter

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — The army of Guatemala has expelled the crew of a Dutch boat that had docked on its shores in an effort to transport abortion-minded mothers out to sea, where it would provide drugs to end their child’s life.

According to reports, the non-profit organization Women on Waves had docked at the Port of San Jose last week to offer medicinal abortions to mothers in the country. The group proffers abortions to women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant, as it transports them out to international waters to provide mifepristone and misoprostol.

As abortion is illegal in Guatemala, except in cases where the mother’s life is deemed to be in danger, Women on Waves thought it could get around the prohibition by offering the abortions out at sea.

“Guatemala has been chosen because the laws are very restrictive on the subject of abortion,” Quetzali Cerezo of the group Women in Equity, which partners with the organization, told reporters.

However, President Jimmy Morales would have nothing of it.

“The military will not permit this group to carry out its activities in the country,” read a complaint from the Guatemalan army, according to the Dutch News outlet Deutsche Wells.

It said that must adhere “to the Constitution regarding the preservation of human life and the laws in effect in our country.”

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But Women on Waves decried the denial, stating the government was “obstructing a lawful protest against the state’s restrictions on the Guatemalan women’s right to safe abortion.”

“Here we have all required licenses to enter, stay and sail in Guatemala. Detainment of the abortion ship is a violation!” the group also Tweeted.

It said that “[e]specially at the dawn of the Zika crisis, access to safe abortion is fundamentally an issue of social justice.”

Four of the seven crew members on the ship were U.S. citizens, according to La Prensa Libre. Those aboard the boat include Rebecca Gomperts, Daniel Evans, Merilee Nyland, Alicia Ott and Seth Bearden.

Deutsche Wells reports that a crowd of protesters was ready to push back against the abortion organization, to physically block those from Women on Waves who came ashore.

“Why don’t you go to the Netherlands to kill children?” called out Marleny Arias, 50.

While Roman Catholicism is prominent in Guatemala, it is also stated to be the most Evangelical country in Latin America, with 40 percent of the population identifying as Evangelical and 47 percent identifying as Roman Catholic.

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  • Good for them

  • OldBut YoungMoney

    Perhaps they should have blown the boat up as an enemy combatant?

    • FHRITP

      Please complete your thought. I’ll start it for you…”Perhaps they should violently kill the dozen or so civilians on that ship because doing so is in accordance with Christian/Biblical teachings, namely…”

      • OldBut YoungMoney

        I know that anyone knowingly on board a boat that’s sole aim is to murder infants should be taken down with the ship. That’s why I know.

  • Nidalap

    Seems like the sign wasn’t meant to be read by the Guatemalan people…

  • Becky

    The pro-abortionist groups have no respect for human life…much less the laws of another country.

    • FHRITP

      Eight of the 28 comments and upvotes on this thread thus far are by Christians wanting those civilians in opposition to their views violently slaughtered by Guatemala’s military. Now, who are you claiming has “no respect for human life” Becky? Do you agree, or guess that Guatemala has “laws” against killing civilians indiscriminately? Here we have Christians evidently not respecting “the laws of [other countries]” either, yes? To make your weakly phrased statement significantly more truthful, try, “Sometimes both pro- and anti-abortionists show questionable respect for human life and the laws of other countries.”

    • FHRITP

      Becky? Becky? Where did she go?

  • I wonder if the dear abortionists would mind if a baby dolphin was slaughtered every hour next to their ship.

    • FHRITP

      I would mind.

      • I understand your problem here, because collecting baby dolphins in sufficient numbers would be a large undertaking which would be prone to failure, and after all of that trouble, there is no guarantee that the heartless baby shredders on the ship will even care. The problem here is that there are no ready supplies of baby seals nearby that can be economically clubbed at sea for their furs, which is why I suggested baby dolphins.

        • FHRITP

          Zoom….right over this peasant’s head. In your comment, the one thing I’ll add is please change “your” to “my.”

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Dutch people should learn about the Christian Dutch Resistance of Nazi era to learn how to value everyone’s life. Abortion is Nazism. Nazism prevailed in Western Europe after all, wherever Christianity is lost. Sad. Western white people need Christianity to be moral and to value life.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Perfect target for a accidentally launched wayward torpedo.

  • Beauty in Christ

    YES! Thankful for this good news.

  • Jason Todd

    Wow. A willful, deliberate act designed to circumvent Guatemalan law, provoking their military, and these people think they have a right to do it?

    Attention morons: When you leave this country for another, you are subject to their laws and penalties. I graciously hope these people will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    And don’t expect much help from the State Department.