Hundreds Gather for Opening of ‘Why the Bible Is True’ Exhibit at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. – Hundreds gathered on Friday to witness the opening of a “stunning” new exhibit at the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter that addresses difficult questions about the Bible and artistically presents the gospel message.

As previously reported, the Ark Encounter is a theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky that features a full-scale replica of the ark that God instructed Noah to build to escape the coming flood, as outlined in the book of Genesis. Thousands flocked to the project’s grand opening last July, and over half a million people have reportedly visited the 510-foot wooden ark since that time.

In a blog post on Friday, Answers in Genesis President and CEO Ken Ham announced the opening of a “stunning,” 2,500-square-foot exhibit at the Ark Encounter called “Why the Bible is True.” The exhibit, which Ham said has been months in the making, fills much of the bow end of the ark’s third deck.

“Why the Bible Is True features a contemporary, graphic novel style, with exceptional artwork that allows you to seemingly walk through the pages of a book,” Ham wrote.

The exhibit presents the story of three college students whose beliefs are challenged by difficult questions about the truth of the Bible. “Is the Bible just another religious text?” “Are the scriptural manuscripts reliable?” and, “What about death and suffering?” are all questions addressed in the exhibit.

“The gospel will be presented clearly and tastefully in this exceptional exhibit, and in a way that’s understandable to our secularized culture,” Ham said in a press release. “We’ve never hidden the fact at AiG that our main purpose as a ministry is to present the truth of God’s Word. Of course, we are not forcing it on guests. AiG just presents the clear gospel message.”

Over 600 people and several TV crews from local media outlets were present on Friday to witness the ribbon-cutting for the new exhibit.

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“Our prayer is that this striking Why the Bible Is True exhibit and the new movie will challenge visitors with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Ham said.

In his blog post, Ham shared an email from Dr. David Wismer, who, along with his wife, is the sponsor of the new exhibit.

“Of all the Ark exhibits, we think this one is the most important,” Wismer wrote. “It is the one that confirms why the Ark Encounter attraction is important, namely, the Bible is the one and only book that leads one to salvation and eternal life. What could be more important than that?”

As previously reported, Ham said at the time of the Ark Encounter’s grand opening that the full-sized ark replica would be “one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of our day.”

“Millions of people—many of them unbelievers or unchurched Christians—will come to Northern Kentucky to tour this family-friendly, Christian attraction where they will learn about Noah, his family, the animals, the Ark, the Flood, and most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he stated. “We are excited to see how God uses this project to make an impact for eternity.”

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  • InTheChurch

    Saving my pennies to go see the Ark.

    • Ed Byerly

      Made it in September! Wonderful! Worth every Penny!!!

    • wandakate

      We’re thinking of going in the spring or early summer but will see how the pennies stack up…Hope you save enough of them.
      After reading all of these replies it makes me wonder just what kind of man Mr. Han really is. JESUS did say, “Not everyone who says LORD, LORD will enter the Kingdom of GOD, only the ones who DO the will of the FATHER.”

      • InTheChurch

        Amen, I agree with you.

  • Tangent002

    Meanwhile, the county is short on funds due to the $16 million sales tax break given to Ark Encounter. The Ark exhibit has simply not bought in the tourist revenue Ham promised and they must raise income taxes by 2% and cut several county jobs to make up for the shortfall.

    • Kaz

      And this upsets atheists?


      • Croquet_Player

        I imagine it’s upsetting the all people who lost money on this scam much more. Do I feel sorry for them? Yes. They’ll have to bear the added financial burden for this boondoggle for years to come, whether or not they were in favor of the project in the first place.

        • Kaz

          If you feel so much compassion for them, send the county some money.

          But you won’t, because you aren’t compassionate. Just talk.

          • Lexical Cannibal

            Atheists tried to stop Ham from ripping off the county in the first place.

            But let’s talk about how you’re trying to shift this over on Atheists for not pitching in to help after a Christian bilked a county out of $16 million. Where was Ken Ham’s compassion when he inflated attendance projections to justify the construction his ahistorical farce? Does his responsibility in this get a pass because he’s a con man for God?

          • Croquet_Player

            I do give them money. I live in California. Every state pays federal taxes, and they are ranked. California is seventh. Kentucky is 41st. For every dollar California pays to the federal dovernment, we get about $0.90 back. For every dollar Kentucky pays they get about $2.30 back. Kentucky is on federal welfare, and I’m paying for it. I’m happy to help Kentucky out, so they have food and services. I just wish they’d stop making such poor business decisions.

          • Bob Johnson

            This doesn’t bode well for Kentucky after Trump’s upcoming speech Tuesday evening.

          • Croquet_Player

            And sadly, it will affect the very poor the most. Nobody from Kentucky asked me how to improve their economy, but if they had, I would have told them a few things. Kentucky is, by all accounts, a very beautiful state. They have relatively mild weather, compared to, say, Buffalo New York. Promote tourism in local cultural things. Bluegrass music. Fantastic barbecue and other regional foods. Horse racing. These are things Kentuckians can be rightly proud of and, if promoted and businesses were encouraged, would attract tourists from all over the world. Invest in technology and education. Get some tech “campuses” going for start ups. But no, they went for this expensive boondoggle promoted by a religious zealot. It’s not making anywhere near the money they claimed it would, and it sullies their reputation by making them look like rubes and backwards hicks.

      • Upsets? No.

        Entertains? Endlessly!

    • Ken

      The county has no income tax, so your post is a lie.

      • Croquet_Player

        Locals pay taxes of various kinds. Property taxes, sales tax, etc. This thing was largely funded by a “TIF” – “Tax Increment Financing”. A TIF can be set up to attract developers whose businesses may revitalize the area. The district officials could, for example, give the developers interest-free loans to build their project based on what they expect they can retrieve in property taxes over the next 30 years. But now, rather than the property taxes going back to the community, the tax revenue is diverted to pay off the loan. Over a 30-year period, 75% of Ark’s real estate taxes would go toward repayment of the interest-free T.I.F. So instead of that money going to the city (and the citizens), it’ll be used to repay those bonds.

        If the development is a long-term success, it’s money well invested. The downside is, if the new developments fall short of projections (or fail entirely), the developers aren’t held liable or repayment and the burden of debt falls on the investors and taxpayers. Also all employees working within the TIF district (that is, Ark Encounter) will pay a 2% job assessment fee on gross wages. In other words, $2 out of every pre-tax $100 dollars will go directly to paying off the for-profit Noah’s Ark attraction.

        Somebody’s going to wind up holding the bag, and it’s not going to be Ken Ham, who takes a salary from this project.

        • Steven Thompson

          The economics of the matter are complicated, but it seems to me that if Ken Ham had not built the Ark Encounter, then no one would be paying real estate taxes on the land at all (he was given the TIF and sold the land for a dollar because no one else was taking any interest in buying or developing it). Now, the town paid for a number of improvements in anticipation of vastly increased tourism, which didn’t develop, but I don’t see how they’re out sixteen million dollars over this. Of course, if it weren’t for the Ark Encounter, presumably a lot of the people spending money there would be spending money elsewhere in Kentucky, at businesses that don’t get these tax breaks — but I suspect that few of them would be spending those dollars in the local town.

          • Croquet_Player

            You know what? If the thing was legitimately generating money for the community, well fine. Unlike Disneyworld or other similar attractions, it’s a ridiculous fantasy purporting to be “truth”. When you go to Disneyworld, no one is telling you “Harry Potter land” is based on “truth” or “reality”. It’s a very popular work of fiction. But leaving all that aside, is it making the money for the locals that they promised? Apparently not. And that’s the real heartbreak here. They were sold a bill of goods. The community leaders bent over backwards to allow this thing to go forward, and what have they got to show for it? They were ripped off. It’s a damn shame.

            I think this particularly bothers me because my professional background is in P.R. If I got on a plane tomorrow, and spent a few weeks hanging out in Williamstown, Kentucky, I bet you all the money in my pocket I would find some FANTASTIC things to promote. Food. You know a few places are dishing up some incredible meals, that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Hotels/motels. They might be pretty basic, but I bet they’re clean, friendly, and have got some real style going on. Talk about bang for your buck. Kentucky is rightly famous as beautiful state. “Come to our hotel! Have a lovely walk in our beautiful scenery! Then enjoy some of our regional extraordinarily fine local food! And after that, you can go hear some real down home bluegrass music played by the artists themselves!” And this legit American vacation will cost you half of what you would have spent going to Florida. But no, they went with this idiotic “Ark” thing.

      • Croquet_Player

        I looked it up. Grant county is instituting a new 2% payroll tax hike to make up for the losses. So the post is not a “lie”, it just got the type of tax wrong.

    • bowie1

      Taxes get raised regardless. Here in Canada every year property taxes go up usually in the range of 2-3 percent and we have no ark or something similar.

    • Alex

      And OBAMA Gave $15 million to the Palestinians ( ISIS or ISIL ) in 2014 + $25 million in 2015 , and just as he was leaving office $221 million , GOOD JOB TRUMP stopped the last transfer before it could leave the country , that’s why the income taxes are being raised to make up the shortfall .

  • johndoe

    This ham is the same guy who claims that there were gladiator fights between humans, giants, and dinosaurs. LOL! Anyone visiting his ark is being scammed!!


    Seems Ham’s grand affair is mostly to convince hisself.

  • Toller

    Ken Ham shouldn’t have put dinosaurs on his exhibit

    • wandakate

      There were NO dinosaurs in the ark were there? I don’t think they had those in the beginning when Noah was called by GOD to build the ARK. They need to stick to the facts, the truth, and nothing else.

  • Joe Grace

    “Taxes”, “dinosaurs”, “gladiators”, “grand affair”, “boondoggle” and “zealot.”

    Unbelievers trying to convince believers that we are fools!

    God is true…… His word is truth…… and unbelievers despise both.

    These humanistic comments only strengthen my faith!

    • Croquet_Player

      Do be sure to stop into the local town to buy lunch or something. Ken Ham and the Ark developers promised an influx of Ark tourists would boost the local economy. However because they built a new ramp for the freeway, people can just go to the Ark, leave, and never even know the town is there. Grant County extended them every courtesy, and gave them all kinds of tax breaks and incentives. They now have nothing to show for it, and are struggling.

      • wandakate

        I would assume people that stay overnite will have to have a place to stay, therefore they would need to go into the little town for a motel and food, unless there is lodging at the Ark.
        Should I visit there, I’ll be staying overnite b/c I live in N.C. and won’t be going and driving back on the same day. Besides I bet they do have some nice Mom and Pop restaurants there and hopefully the people who visit the Ark will also venture into the town…

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    The Holy Bible is true. “All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, because the breath of the Lord blows upon it; surely the people are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah chapter 40)

  • Pererin

    Thank you Lord for people like AiG who are standing up for God’s word and refuse to back down against the lies and deception that are prevalent in our society and even within the the Church. The reason so many non-believers are so furious with AiG is because it is working, we see the hysteria in the media over Trump and the direction the government may go, against the secular (atheist) direction they have enjoyed in recent years. Bring back the Christian west! Praise God for people like AiG.

  • da

    It seems like a nice exhibit, like Disneyland. Fairy tales are full of lessons to be learned.

  • Mr Cleats

    Not my cup of tea, but why don’t the peevish little atheists shut up and mind their own business?

    • Chris

      Why aren’t the self-interested little Christians outraged that a con artist has ripped off the people of a poor state?

  • soupson10

    Seeing it this summer

  • Croquet_Player

    The article neglects to mention that they have a new diorama of Roman gladiators fighting dinosaurs and giants. Think about that for a while.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    The Bible is the truth