Unhinged Town Hall Attendees Shout Down Louisiana Chaplain Praying in the Name of Jesus

Photo Credit: Capitol Commission of Louisiana

METAIRIE, La. — Some attendees of a town hall meeting in Metairie, Louisiana came unhinged on Wednesday as they shouted down a chaplain who sought to present a prayer in the name of Jesus.

According to reports, members of a group called Indivisible, which opposes President Trump, attended the town hall meeting led by Republican U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, just as many liberal protesters have been doing in recent weeks across the country.

An overflow crowd packed the East Jefferson Parish Library, far exceeding the expected 100 participants that usually turn out for town hall events. The gathering wasn’t supposed to start until 3:30 p.m., but some arrived as early as 11:30 a.m. and waited for several hours for their chance to vent.

Cassidy had scheduled the meeting to talk to constituents about issues such as healthcare, the economy and immigration, and the crowd was even more wound up as the senator didn’t arrive until near 4 p.m. due to spending the afternoon surveying tornado damage in New Orleans.

However, when Louisiana State Chaplain Michael Sprague of the Capitol Commission of Louisiana announced that he would be opening the gathering with prayer, the room became especially raucous as some in attendance began yelling loudly in opposition, “Prayer?!” and “Separation of Church and State!”

After pausing a moment in surveying the chaos in the room, Sprague began to pray, still being interrupted by protesters who talked through the invocation.

The gathering seemed to quiet down to an extent after several seconds, but as he spoke the words “We pray in Jesus’ name,” the room again erupted in loud shouts of disapproval. Sprague recalled to Christianity Today that there were exclamations of “Lucifer” and that some referred to him as a Nazi.

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“Thanks for doing that, Mike,” Cassidy said in taking the podium. “Wow, they booed the name of Jesus.”

The chaplain told conservative reporter Todd Starnes that he’s never been in a situation where he’s seen such disrespect for the things of the Lord.

“I’ve never been shouted down throughout a time of prayer like that,” he stated. “I’ve never been in a situation like that. It’s sad there wasn’t honor and respect for God.”

The shouting continued as a local veteran took the podium to present the Pledge of Allegiance. Video footage shows that a number of attendees refused to stand and yelled throughout the recitation. One woman slapped her legs angrily several times, and another called out “Get on with it (the meeting)!”

The protesters “were terribly intolerant, and those that say they want dialogue, didn’t want dialogue. They only wanted to shout,” Cassidy told reporters. “There were Americans who wanted to exercise their First Amendment rights, but also there were some there to make a scene no matter which way they find them.”

Sprague said that he is not upset that he was shouted down at the town hall meeting, but finds the reaction to be indicative of “the move that is occurring spiritually in our country and our need for a spiritual awakening.”

“People ask me all the time if I am mad at the people seemingly speaking out against God and Jesus. My answer is that I’m not mad, but I am sad that it has come to this in our country,” he outlined.

“We need to remember that Jesus has been booed many, many times and He will be booed again,” Sprague noted. “But when I was praying in the name of Jesus, I was not praying a political prayer or a religious prayer; I was simply praying in the name of a very real person named Jesus who says to love your enemies, care for the poor, and turn the other cheek.”

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Jesus Christ is God. Bad people hate the sight of the cross and the name of Jesus. Both Americans and Non-Americans.

  • bowie1

    Such hostility from rude, intolerant spectators!

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Respect and quest for the truth does not exist in secularism.

  • Croquet_Player

    “But when I was praying in the name of Jesus, I was not praying a political prayer or a religious prayer…” Not a religious prayer? Then what kind of prayer was it, if not religious?

    • james blue

      Had me scratching my head too.

    • TomD

      He must mean ‘sectarian’. But then a Christian prayer is sectarian. I think he is a little confused.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Charlie Daniels should rename his song to “The Devil went to Louisiana” instead.

  • InTheChurch

    Keep praying, don’t stop.

  • terrymengle

    Respect for others is missing in public interaction. We are becoming intolerant while at the same time saying we are for free speech and freedom of religion. Society is changing freedom of religion to freedom FROM religion.

    • Jason Todd

      No. It’s not society that is doing this. It’s the godless left. And they are being allowed to get away with it because we are a bunch of cowards, too afraid to be so much as looked at differently because we had the unmitigated gall to take a stand.

      These people are bullies. And the one thing that bullies are afraid of are people who get up and push back. You want to stop these people? Throw them out of the sandbox. By any means necessary.

      • FHRITP

        If by “it” as in “getting away with ‘it,'” Jason means “stopping unconstitutional endorsement of one religion over another by a government,” I suspect some would counter that those who try to illegally muscle in prayers to THEIR deities at the beginnings of government meetings are the bullies and the secularists are getting up and pushing back.

        • Jason Todd

          I think it was Mark Twain who said, “It’s better for someone to think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

          • FHRITP

            When people respectfully challenge Jason’s points of view, he sometimes responds disrespectfully, with insults. Jason, would your savior approve of you being unkind in this way?

          • Jason Todd

            The thing is your argument would be valid if you knew what you were talking about. But you don’t.

          • FHRITP

            To those who value the truth, consider dismissing Jason’s ad hominem argument. The validity of A’s argument is independent of A’s intelligence level(s).

          • Jason Todd


            There’s nothing in the Constitution that prohibits publicly expressed religious expression. Nothing. I have gone over this time and time again, and yet you anti-Christian bigots don’t want to listen.

            I personally would love to conduct a prayer at a town hall meeting. Are you going to try writing a letter to stop me? That’s not going to work. You’ll have to physically come to it and try to physically stop me.

            Not only will you fail, you’ll likely be subjected to grievous bodily harm in the attempt.

          • johndoe

            Another internet warrior…LOL!

          • FHRITP

            Jason uses the strawman fallacy here, but I’ll bite. Jason, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is mentioned that we must obey traffic laws either, but we DO have to obey them.

          • Jason Todd

            Where is the strawman? You are comparing religious freedom, which is in the Constitution, to traffic laws, which isn’t.

            If you are trying to impress me with your super-smart intelligence, Wile E. Coyote, you aren’t.

          • FHRITP

            Mmm, impressing Jason is the least of my desires. How conceited of him to even presume otherwise. Next he’ll be telling us the universe creater considers him special!

          • Jason Todd

            And notice you didn’t otherwise dispute what I said. I rest my case. Anything to say before I block you?

          • FHRITP

            Don’t block me. I’ll be nicer to you.

          • johndoe


          • Osamao

            Stupid argument.

          • johndoe

            Sonny you’re the one without a clue. Let’s use physical means to shut people up is your mantra. Good grief

          • Osamao

            You mean like the Secular Progressive Communist Democrats?
            Good idea!!………..Works for the Muslins. They fascist bullies kiss their terrorist butts. I have a problem with the Communist democrats Religion of State. Now THAT’S Unconstitutional.

          • johndoe

            You should take his advice

          • RWH

            I sincerely hope that Jason won’t mind spending a month or to in prison–if not more–if he carries out his bodily harm threat.

        • Osamao

          That’s progressive B.S. Keep it up though. Your party is going in the Whig, Bull Moose pile.

          • FHRITP

            If Osamao agrees with something, she may label her opposition “the pot calling the kettle black,” or “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” If she disagrees, she hides behind labeling her opposition, “[full of] progressive b.s.” PS. Osamao, don’t you want societies’ morals to always continue progressing?

          • Osamao

            Progress. Like letting perverts in the girls room?
            No. That’s why we’ve been exterminating the Dems. at the polls.
            Not picking up on that one huh?

          • FHRITP

            Give the masses an insignificant battle to wage, right Osamao.? Tranny boys and girls have been using each other’s bathrooms for decades. It simply will not happen that guys will use those laws to be pervs, as for rapists they will rape regardless of laws in place. Those laws change little.

          • FHRITP

            No, progress like being continually nicer to more and more of those of varying stripes.

          • Osamao


        • Royce E. Van Blaricome

          You would suspect wrongly. See my comment above and I wrote that BEFORE reading yours.

      • johndoe

        I love the godless left comment! People are tired of two faced politicians not doing their jobs. They’re not bullies. They’re exercising their first amendment rights! Throw us out of the sandbox…..I dare you

        • Osamao

          We’re starting too. That’s why you’re melting down.

          • johndoe

            How am I melting down? LOL!

    • Chris

      I think you’ll find that you can’t have one without the other. If I want to attend the religion of my choice then I must have the freedom NOT to attend all the rest. See how it works?

  • AustinRocks

    Whatever happened to courtesy? These people have no manners at all.

    • FHRITP

      Agreed! They rudely encourage someone to get up there and pray to one deity…THEIRS!! Quite inconsiderate of them to be so dismissive of those who don’t happen to pray to deities they prefer.

      • TomD

        I saw no act of dismissal of non-Christians in this story – except those non-Christians who support the Pledge of Allegiance, they certainly were disrespected!

        • FHRITP

          Perhaps you “heard” the dismissal. Choosing religion over non religion or one religion over others in the form of government sanctioned prayer is arguably quite dismissive to many.

          • Osamao

            Perhaps you progressives should get your heads out of your butts. Know why you’ve been getting exterminated at the polls lately?

          • TomD

            It’s only dismissive to those who look for it. I have no problem with public prayer from any religion, including from those i may not like. It’s called pluralism. It’s called respect.

            And I noticed how you dodged the agitators’ attack on the Pledge of Allegiance. Par for the course.

          • FHRITP

            Exactly. The dismissiveness is there. One only has to look for it. I didn’t dodge commenting on the POA. I read your woefully constructed paragraph once, had no idea what point you tried to make, so moved on. Clean it up and I’ll respond.

          • TomD

            You have no idea of my points because you don’t live in the same universe I do. I love the width and breath of Western civilization, and you love the stunted fabricated fantasy of a democracy perverted into an atheistic temple. You are literally ignorant of my position, concerns, and the history which I draw upon. Respond to that if you dare.

          • FHRITP

            I know you are but what am I?

  • Nidalap

    Like tossing holy water on a bevvy of vampires.
    Ach! All the hissing and fang baring! 🙂

  • RWH

    If people were lining up for hours, these people were looking for red meat, and they were ready for confrontation before anyone had a chance to say anything. The chaplain just happened to be collateral damage. I bet that they gave the representative a living hell. The anger that these people had from the get-go indicates that they would have gone after anyone who opened in prayer, regardless of whom s/he prayed to.

    • Osamao

      Yup. Organized Communist Democrats under their Chairman Bao’s direction.
      They wouldn’t have the guts if it were a Muslim. Perhaps we should bring violence on them like the Muslims would. Seeing the left are a bunch of fascistic bullies. Only one way to handle a bully right?…….Elementary school yard lesson 101. I’m ready.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    This video shows the crowd behaving as a chaplain tries to give an invocational prayer. There is another during the Pledge of Allegiance.

    This is who they are folks! THIS is what you’re dealing with. A bunch of uncouth rabble rousers who have NO concept of civility, manners, or respect for others.

    THIS is what happens when you throw God and simple Biblical principles like The Golden Rule out of Society.

    Now, whattaya gonna do about it? Support it? Ignore it? Fight against it? Choose the first and don’t be surprised or gripe when the same is done to you. Choose the second and the same goes for you as well. Choose the third and I say good for you but just don’t resort to sinking to their level and doing the same thing as they are.

    Let me give an example. Suppose there was some Iman who wanted to offer a prayer to Allah during that meeting. I would have stood there quietly and respectfully and lifted up my own prayer to God (who is real) asking Him to make Himself known to those who follow their own idols.

    For those who are disruptive and show no respect for others, no respect for the Pledge of Allegiance time, I’d have approached one of the officers there and politely asked them to remove those who couldn’t respect the others in the room and were being disruptive.

    Obviously these people never had parents who taught them civility, manners, and respect. We who have been should now make doggone sure that their uncouth, impertinent, and petulant behavior is taught for the lesson that it should be.

    If you don’t put a stop to this bad behavior now it will only get worse.

  • Robinske2

    I truly believe that many of the democrat rank and file are becoming concerned with this type of behavior. There is a core of the democrat party that loves power so much they would do anything to keep it, but there are also a lot of less partisan dems not happy with this non-sense and Mr Trump will be getting their vote in 2020 or they may stay home.

  • nineleven

    When God shows up in authority, sometime so does the devil. We are seeing manifest similar things to what Jesus saw when He was ministering to the people. I believe much of the violence and insane hatred we are seeing manifest in America right now in response to President Trump is directly tied men and women who have given themselves over to Satan.