British Sketch Show Produces Skit Depicting Employer’s ‘Problem’ With Job Applicant’s Christianity

A popular British comedy sketch show has produced a skit depicting an ideal employment candidate suddenly being looked upon as undesirable when she reveals that she is a Christian.

The BBC posted the sketch from the Tracey Ullman Show on Feb. 20. It features a woman named Patricia Hughes, played by Ullman, being praised by her prospective employer as being “impressive” and a shoo-in for the job—that is, until she mentions her Christian faith.

“That’s very impressive,” the employer states as Hughes outlines that she believes her time in America has given her an “extra layer of experience to draw on.”

“I hope I’m not blowing my own trumpet too much here,” she replies.

“If I had a trumpet this good, I’d be blowing it non-stop,” the employer states, advising that she should be receiving a phone call notifying her that she was chosen for the job.

“Thank you. I just find it so difficult to boast on my CV. It’s just that as a Christian, I—,” Hughes says, suddenly being interrupted by the man.

“Oooo!” he blurts out, his eyes becoming wide. “You’re a—”

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“Christian,” Hughes replies. “Is that a [problem]?”

The employer, visibly flustered, points out that she did not mention her Christianity in her Curriculum Vitae.

“Well, why would I?” she replies. “I’m not planning on running your factory along biblical lines.”

The man chuckles and then excuses himself to consult with a colleague, appearing disturbed. When the colleague, named Denise, emerges from the other room, she expresses excitement that Hughes had applied for the job—that is, until she, too, learns that Hughes is a Christian.

“Oh Patricia, how wonderful to meet you. You know, we’re all so excited that you’ve applied for this role,” she states, as the employer is hurriedly writing her a note to advise that Hughes is a Christian.

“It’s really very flattering when somebody of your [character]—,” Denise continues, stopping mid-point as she reads the note, her facial expression changing. “Oh. … Okay.”

Hughes, noticing their behavior, questions the two about the matter.

“There’s a problem with me being a Christian, isn’t there?” she asks.

“Absolutely not,” Denise replies, adding “legally speaking.”

“But you both seem uncomfortable for some reason,” Hughes notes. “Do you think that it makes me untrustworthy?”

“No,” the two reply.

“Incompetent?” Hughes asks.

The two again state that is not the issue.

“A bit weird?” Hughes then inquires, receiving confirming looks. She consequently withdraws her application for employment.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s been perfectly normal to be a Christian in this country for the last 1,500 years or so, but now, well,” Hughes declares.

When her prospective employer, who just moments earlier had advised that she would likely be chosen, apologizes, Hughes replies, “It’s fine. I forgive you.”

As the woman leaves, Denise remarks that the situation was a “lucky escape” since they had almost hired a Christian.

The skit has generated mixed reaction from viewers, but mostly positive thus far.

“And that’s about it. Safe to be open about any faith these days—but mention Christian—yowzers,” one commenter wrote.

“If she was a Muslim there wouldn’t be a problem of course,” another remarked.

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