‘Viral Response’ to Plea to Find Adoptive Family for Five Children Who Want to Stay Together

TOPEKA, Kan. — Officials with an adoption agency in Kansas state that they have received a “viral response” to their plea to find an adoptive family for five children who are currently separated in foster homes, but would like to stay together.

“This is a viral response … and it’s pretty insane,” Corey Lada of the Kansas Children’s Service League told the Kansas City Star. “In 13-plus years of working here, I’ve seen nothing like this. Nothing.”

The outlet had posted a story on the children—ages 11 to 2—on Saturday, and Lada says that the League’s voicemail quickly filled, and 1,500 emails have thus far been received about the matter.

While the background of the children has not been revealed, the organization did share a bit about their personalities.

“Bradley, the music lover, is 11. He is a bit shy and quiet, but those who know him say he’s respectful, sweet and kind. He feels confident in his math and science abilities and loves a good game of soccer or tether ball,” the Star reported.

“Preston, 10, is an energetic animal lover and outdoor enthusiast. He loves fishing and exploring whenever the weather permits,” it outlined.

Layla, 8, loves animals and hopes to work with sick animals one day and help nurse them to health. Landon, 6, enjoys the outdoors and wants to be a physical education teacher when he grows up. Olive, 2, is a bundle of energy, but also likes to be held.

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All five children attend church.

The League states that it would like to keep the children in Kansas, and advises that it will take some time to go through all of the messages that they have received.

“It’s a great crisis to have,” Lada said, referring to the outpouring of interest in adopting the children.

Kansas residents may visit AdoptKSKids.org or call 877-457-5430 for more information. Those outside of the state are encouraged to look into adoption opportunities in their own state.

The Star reports that there are approximately 1,200 children in Kansas waiting to be adopted.


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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    May the Lord bless these children and give them a good home. ^ ^

  • Omnicopy

    I wouldn’t think this would be hard to find!!

  • Jane Jessee

    If I were financially able and had the space, I would gladly take them in, even at my age. Children keep you young in spirit.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    Trust in Jesus

  • Please excuse the cynicism, but the evil state of Kansas has a history of breaking up families because they can, and dumping the children into misery and personal peril. Which happy household did the workers of evil in the state of Kansas invade now, to impose the family death sentence? Why was this dispute, which has a value of over $20 not judged by a jury? Was it this one – “Navy Dad Goes on Hunger Strike in Kansas Until State-Kidnapped Children are Returned or He Starves to Death”? (All white kids look the same … hard to tell.) Naturally, the natural family of these children cannot be trusted, since they will fail to uphold the state’s injustice, and allow the parents to visit. (Or did the parents actually die a death in which their bodies actually decomposed … or together commit an actual morally criminal crime … after living as hermits without next of kin, and without friends … at their church.)

  • Busayo Adejuyigbe

    its bcos they’ve been apart that they want to be together…give em a few years

  • RWH

    Weren’t there any members of the extended family willing to take these children in? It would be informative to know what happened to the parents.