North Carolina School District Pulls First Grade Book About Dress-Wearing Boy Following Complaints

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A school district in North Carolina has pulled a book that was set to be a part of First Grade curriculum after teachers and lawmakers complained about its content regarding a little boy who liked to wear dresses.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools had originally planned to make the book “Jacob’s New Dress” a part of the anti-bullying reading plan for Child Abuse Prevention Month. The 2014 book, written by Sarah and Ian Hoffman, is meant to teach children about those who are “gender non-conforming.”

“Jacob’s New Dress” is a story about a boy who likes to wear a princess dress for playtime at school, but is teased by his peers.

“Not very long ago little girls couldn’t wear pants. Can you imagine that?” the teacher tells the class in urging them to be accepting of of the child’s dress-wearing.

The boy’s mother soon helps him make his very own dress, advising “there are all sorts of ways to be a boy.”

But some teachers were uncomfortable about reading such material to their students, and their complaints reached the desks of several Republican lawmakers.

“I got a call that it was brought up in the House Republican Caucus Monday night, which is never a good thing,” district government liaison Charles Jeter told the Washington Post.

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He was asked to relay concerns from lawmakers to the district, which soon decided to replace the book with another. The new selected story is about a blue crayon with a red label, which teaches children to be “true to your inner self.”

“The initial first-grade book selection, which focuses on valuing uniqueness and difference, has been replaced due to some concerns about the book,” Superintendent Ann Clark said, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The North Carolina Values Coalition had also become involved in the matter and urged followers to contact the district to object.

“The purpose of our elementary schools is to teach writing, reading and arithmetic, not to encourage boys to wear dresses,” the organization wrote in a press release this week. “These lessons found in the ‘Jacob’s New Dress’ and ‘My Princess Boy’ and other transgender curriculum are not appropriate for any child whose parents support traditional family values.”

The Human Rights Campaign is reportedly behind the effort to include such reading material in public school curriculum.

As previously reported, in 2015, a lesbian public school teacher in Canada outlined at an educator’s conference how she convinces young children to accept homosexuality.

“I started in Kindergarten. What a great place to start,” Pam Strong stated at the Accepting Schools Act Conference in Toronto.

Strong said she began by reading the book “King and King” to the Kindergarten class, a publication about a prince who passes up all the princesses his mother presents as potential mates and instead “marries” the brother of a princess.

She told the story of one incident where a student expressed objection when she got to the part of the book where the two men have a “wedding” ceremony.

“They can’t do that!” the Kindergartner proclaimed. “They can’t get married. They’re two boys.”

Strong then replied, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, they can. It’s right here on page 12.”

When the student remarked that the book was just a story, she then began to tell the class that she herself is a homosexual.

“And I said, ‘It happens in real life too. I am married to a woman. I am gay. And I am in love with my wife,” Strong told the Kindergarteners.

“And off I go to the next classroom,” she explained.

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  • InTheChurch

    This is a book I am never buying.

    • Johndoe

      That’ll show em!

  • Reason2012

    Government needs to be removed from the control of schools and local communities need to take over instead. The education aspect of government is being run by perversion activists who are using schools to indoctrinate everyone else’s kids and grandkids.

    • SFBruce

      To a large degree, that’s pretty much the way things already are. This book wasn’t introduced as a result of some federal mandate, and it was removed because of a local response to a local complaint. Personally, I think this would be an excellent part of an anti-bullying campaign.

      • Robert

        Just your statement makes me want to club you over the head.
        There for
        May be you shouldn’t be the deciding factor what would make a good anti bullying campaign


  • Jason Todd

    The pedophile-founded Human Rights Campaign is behind this.

    Big. Shock.

    • Malleus

      Yes, founded by the pedophile Terry Bean. He and his adult male partner sexually abused an underage male. So much for their “happy marriages,” and so much for their repeated lie that “homosexuals are not pedophiles.” It’s all about legalizing pedophilia.

      • Combi

        I had no idea. That alone is a shock to me.

      • Ambulance Chaser

        Bean was accused but never convicted. His accuser never showed up for trial. We have no evidence that he is a child molester.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    This is a systematic destruction of boyhood and girlhood. Children need the Bible instructions and real parents.

  • Robert

    What kid wouldn’t tease a boy wearing a dress ? I think lots of parents and grand parents would to. I would .. Id tell his parents deal with it.

  • Robert

    The new book teachs be true to your inner self .. What a bunch of braying donkeys that wrote both books . No wonder we have so many suicides like never before even in the very young grades.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Citation needed for suicide being on the rise.

      • Robert

        You can Look it up your self I did .It’s the number one killer of children under ten and also the number one killer of teen girls .
        .suicide for teen boys has dropped to the 2 biggest killer of them.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          That’s not a citation, and it’s not my duty to prove your point for you. Your claim, your burden.

          Also, becoming the “#1 killer” does not mean it’s on the rise, it just means other forms of death are declining faster than suicide.

  • Pedro

    Good, there’s absolutely no reason to have a book like this. It’s indoctrination.

  • Combi

    It beggars belief that there are some people, even Christians who support this sort of thing. What a mess your country is in, i will continually pray for you all. Be blessed and remember that God is in control.

  • PilgrimGirl

    The replacement book is more subtle than the one that was pulled but, sadly, the two are essentially the same in their message. Nothing accomplished.

  • Balerion

    No doubt that “Christian” conservatives were squawking just as loudly when women first started wearing pants.