Laughing Planned Parenthood Abortionist: It ‘Takes More Force’ to Dismember Some Babies

LOS ANGELES — Newly-released undercover footage from the Center for Medical Progress captures a Planned Parenthood abortionist laughing about how much force is required to dismember babies when chemical agents aren’t used, and joking that she first thought she needed to go to the gym just to get in shape to perform a dilation and evacuation procedure.

“Research shows that Dig (short for Digoxin) doesn’t make the procedure easier in someone who is well trained, but I have to tell you anecdotally my biceps appreciate when the Dig works [to kill the baby],” DeShawn Taylor of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles stated, flexing her arm and giggling.

“It does not take me any longer to complete the procedure, but it takes more force,” she explained. “I remember when I was a fellow and I was training, I was like, ‘Oh, I have to hit the gym for this. I need to hit the gym.'”

When asked at what gestation dismemberment abortions become especially difficult, she replied 20 weeks (five months).

The Center for Medical Progress had posed as a fetal organ procurement company at an abortion services networking event, and had been introduced to Taylor by Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s senior director of medical services.

“[I]n order to get you an intact calvarium, the patient is going to have to go into labor,” Taylor advised. “Because generally, especially in a breech presentation, everything’s going to come out and the head is going to get trapped.”

During the conversation, Taylor also stated that she has to be careful for her staff’s sake that the baby is crushed enough that he or she doesn’t look like a person when removed from the womb.

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“It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I gotta worry about my staff and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby,” she outlined.

But Taylor also noted that she herself doesn’t like when the aborted infants are referred to as babies.

“We have the people who do our paperwork for the fetal death certificates, [and] they email us calling them ‘babies.’ Baby this, baby that, baby so-and-so, and I’m like, that’s creepy!” she exclaimed.

The abortionist likewise outlined during the discussion that if the baby comes out with any signs of life, they are required by law to be transported to the hospital. When asked if she has a protocol for identifying those signs, she replied, “Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?”

The full, unedited footage is posted below.

The video was released just one day after David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress was charged with 15 felonies by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who alleges that Daleiden broke the law in recording the undercover conversations without consent.

“This footage is just a preview of the damning and incriminating admissions of Planned Parenthood leaders on our further unreleased tapes, being censored by an unconstitutional gag order from a federal judge in San Francisco,” Daleiden said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The only difference between Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion business, and that of the notorious Dr. Kermit Gosnell, is that Gosnell was not so careful as to ‘pay attention to who’s in the room,’” he remarked. “Elected officials must stop forcing taxpayers to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s criminal abortion business, and the Department of Justice must immediately open a full investigation and prosecute Planned Parenthood to the fullest extent of the law.”

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  • Amos Moses

    /SMH …… demonic smiles and laughter ………. seared souls ……

  • RWH

    Considering that these videos have been severely edited, we don’t really know what was said and what is supposedly laughed at. Recording people without their knowledge is unethical.

    • Oleg Shishko

      I can’t tell if you’re serious or joking. Unethical? Lol… They are slaughtering babies and you are worried about ‘unethical’ recording. Wow…

      • RWH

        You don’t record people without their permission. Period. I don’t care what the justification is. The other recordings were doctored up in order to make people say things that they didn’t say. This was substantiated by the courts, and when independent people did investigations against Planned Parenthood, they found no evidence to back up the recordings. And that is a fact.

        • Greg

          Your logic is flawed. So if someone were to secretly record a husband hiring a hitman to kill his wife, by your standards, the husband is the victim. SMH

          • Ambulance Chaser

            No, what he’s saying is, if you saw a video from an organization known for producing deceptive videos, that purported to be a husband hiring a hitman to kill his wife, it wouldn’t necessarily be enough to believe that that’s what it is.

          • RWH

            So, you’re going to equate law enforcement getting a court order in order to wiretap with an independent individual who uses lies, deceit, and trickery to steal things from people. This is why when dealing with some types, it is vitally important to have an independent witness in the room as well. Hopefully, you will never run up against an individual who uses such low-life tactics to get money or information out of you. It just goes to show us that it is important to watch one’s back at all times because there are a lot of unscrupulous types who are out to deceive and connive.

    • InTheChurch


    • Oleg Shishko

      If someone would secretly record the atrocities of the Nazis, I’m sure you would also call them out for severely editing the footage and for ‘unethical’ recording. You need to repent.

      • RWH

        Sorry. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You don’t secretly record people without their permission and then go out and publish the results. Someone can secretly record you, edit the contents, and then make it look like you said what you didn’t say. The Nazis have nothing to do with what is going on here.

    • Copyleft

      Yep, this is just more lies from Lying Videos, Inc. “It’s OK Because We Do It for Jesus!”

  • Jason Todd

    Unfortunately, the words that come to mind when I look at this I cannot express, as I would get banned.

  • InTheChurch

    It takes a lot of strength to cut the head off the baby’s body. To pull the arms and legs off the torso.
    You think PP gets a discount at the local 24 hour fitness center?

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Modern witches massacre the unborn babies. Societies that endorse the killing are equally evil.

    • RWH

      I know of no witches, modern or otherwise, who have engaged in human sacrifice. If you know of such, please identify them.

      • Jason Traweek

        So because you don’t know of any…that makes it not so?You need to do a little more research.

        Witch Justine Glass observes in Witchcraft: The Sixth Sense:

        The object of ritual, including the Black Mass, is to raise power (paraphysical power) to implement and strengthen the mental force of its practitioners. Some form of measurable energy is given off by intensely-experienced emotion, the exact character of which is not known—but then neither is the exact character of electricity; and there is no doubt that the emotions generated by the Black Mass constitute a considerable energy potential.[4]
        In The Black Arts, Richard Cavendish discusses one rationale for human sacrifice: the dramatic increase of occult energy:

        In the later grimoires[5] the sacrifice tends to be more closely associated with the ceremony itself and in modern rituals the victim is sometimes slaughtered at the height of the ceremony. This is done to increase the supply of force in the circle. In occult theory a living creature is a storehouse of energy, and when it is killed most of this energy is suddenly liberated. The killing is done inside the circle to keep the animal’s energy in and concentrate it. The animal should be young, healthy and virgin, so that its supply of force has been dissipated as little as possible. The amount of energy let loose when the victim is killed is very great, out of all proportion to the animal’s size or strength, and the magician must not allow it to get out of hand. If he is unsure of himself or lets his concentration slacken, he may be overwhelmed by the force he has unleashed.
        It is an ancient magical principle that blood is the vehicle in which an animal’s life-energy is carried. The spirit or force which is summoned in the ceremony is normally invisible. It can appear visibly to the magician by fastening on a source of energy on the physical plane of existence. It may do this by taking possession of one of the human beings involved in the ritual. Alternatively, it can seize on the fumes of fresh blood, or on the smoke from the brazier, but blood is more effective.
        The most important reason for the sacrifice, however, is the psychological charge which the magician obtains from it. The frenzy which he induces in himself by ceremonious preparations, by concentration, by incantations, by burning fumes, is heightened by the savage act of slaughter and the pumping gush of red blood.[6]
        He proceeds to refer to human sacrifice:

        It would obviously be more effective to sacrifice a human being because of the far greater psychological “kick” involved. Eliphas Levi said that when the grimoires talk about killing a kid they really mean a human child. Although this is highly unlikely, there is a tradition that the most effective sacrifice to demons is the murder of a human being….
        In practice, human victims normally being in short supply, the magician’s bloody sacrifice is the killing of an animal or the wounding of the magician himself or one of his assistants, whose skin is gashed till the blood runs. If this is combined with the release of sexual energy in orgasm, the effect is to heighten the magician’s frenzy and the supply of force in the circle still further.[7]
        Satanists have various reasons for human sacrifice. With specific body parts, they can allegedly garner increased power. The head may be believed to contain the spirit and may even be slept with for a period of weeks until the power of the spirit is absorbed by the Satanist. The heart may contain the soul and may actually be eaten for its power, etc. A candle made from the fat of an unbaptized baby is allegedly a prized possession among some Satanists.[8]

        Witches are also involved in human sacrifice, though to a much lesser degree; several cases are mentioned in Kahaner’s Cults That Kill.[9] But witchcraft easily becomes a recruit­ing ground for Satanism as the need for more power grows. And as the need for power grows, occult crime increases.

        Indeed, for the last 30 years, stories about devil worship, witchcraft, satanic ritual, and criminal activity have become increasingly common across the world. In Australia, the Melbourne Observer tells the tragic story of Lorrian Faithfull who died in bizarre circum­stances in her St. Kilda flat. It was some 15 days after she died of a suspected overdose of drugs that her rotting body was found, no longer beautiful, a bloated and blackened thing.

        Only ten days before her death, she had spoken to reporter Brian Blackwell and re­vealed how deeply troubled she was—afraid of members of the satanic cult to which she once belonged. There were paintings and books about the devil all over her apartment, and little bells draped around the walls were supposed to keep the evil spirits away. The air had been thick with incense, and she constantly drew on her marijuana joint as she told about her life as a so-called daughter of the devil.

        She admitted that she had taken part in a number of satanic orgies, and that those taking part sought Satan’s help to bring harm to other people. According to Lorrian, it had worked in a number of cases. However, the time came when she felt she could not con­tinue with these practices. According to the newspaper report, the crisis came when she saw a privately made Italian film showing an actual human sacrifice. She left the cult, but could never shake off the past, and night and day she was tormented. Though she had rejected the macabre world of the satanic underground, she still felt its power and did not seek deliverance in the only way that could be effective spiritually.

        In the end this tortured and bewildered girl tried, for the tenth time, to commit suicide by an overdose of drugs. She finally succeeded.[10]

        • RWH

          Good. Now suppose you find some news stories of people who have been sacrificed in the United States within the past ten years. If what you say is true, there should be plenty of information. Sites like this revel in this sort of thing. Where are they?

          • Jason Traweek

            So if I can find one…you would believe things like this happen in America?I have two stories handy just right now.There is the child adoption cases as well…then there is the mock sacrifices.You might should education yourself on the subject.

          • RWH

            So, you don’t have any examples of human sacrifices by witches. I could care less about mock anything. If this type of thing happened, it would be splashed over the news.

          • Jason Traweek

            Why does someone have to do the research for you?Google can be your friend.I will say it again there are stories in America of occult sacrifices in the last 5 years.

          • RWH

            I’m not responsible for doing your research for you. You made the claim. You back it up.

          • Jason Traweek

            MMMM…I listed a full article of occult people talking about sacrifices.You then asked where is this happening in America and I said it’s easy to find stories have google like the rest of us.I smell a very badly uneducated troll here…so let me help you out here then search occult sacrifices killings in america…see I’ve done the work for you.Gonna mute you now because it’s getting to the point of arguing with my sisters kids.

          • RWH

            No, what we smell is a person who makes a claim about occult sacrifices and is too lazy to back up his claim with some solid evidence. I’m not doing your homework for you.

          • Chris

            Do you understand the difference between evidence and making a claim?

            The fact is anyone can make claims. But that doesn’t prove anything. Evidence is what matters.

            Finally when you run into claims which are extraordinary you should be asking for extraordinary evidence to back it up. Please don’t believe something just because you agree with it.

          • Jason Traweek

            I’m going to say this one more time for those that have reading comprehension issues…Google can be your friend there are plenty of stories there.And by stories I mean “real” articles about occult killings in the last 10 years.

          • Chris

            Looked up the evidence. People have found that it was all garbage. You have something else?

            Once again people giving ‘stories’ mean less than NOTHING. Try police records, etc. There’s none. But there’s plenty of evidence of Fundies making up stories in order to become famous and/or rich.

          • Jason Traweek

            Look again,sport.Once again for those that have reading comprehension issues and that’s pretty clear at this point….go to Google and search newstories on occult/sacrafical killings in America.

            I will give you a little help little one….Moises Meraz-Espinoza ..17-year-old Jose Reyes and 16-year-old Victor Alias.Google can be your friend.

          • Chris

            “Look again,sport.Once again for those that have reading comprehension
            issues and that’s pretty clear at this point….go to Google and search
            news stories on occult/sacrafical killings in America.”

            I did. That’s where I found the analysis by a criminal psychologist. Maybe you should more reports by experts and less by sensationalist articles.

            “I will give you a little help little one….Moises Meraz-Espinoza ..17-year-old
            Jose Reyes and 16-year-old Victor Alias.Google can be your friend.”

            A quote from the story “Investigators recovered a satanic bible with a chapter on human sacrificenear the crime scene, and prosecutors argued that the killing had been a
            satanic ritual, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

            Prosecutors claimed that the date of death corresponded to a day of human or animal sacrifice in the satanic calendar, and cited the accused’s tattoos of satanic imagery as evidence of his involvement in

            Two points:
            1) Satanism is NOT witchcraft.
            2) The presence of a book, and tatoos is NOT sufficient evidence to definately link Satanism to the crime.

            The accused didn’t admit any such thing. The fact that he kept the heads of his victims would suggest a mental illness more than a dedication to Satanism. Apart from which the Satanists in the U.S. are, by and large, atheists who like shocking people. They neither worship Satan nor indulge in murder.

          • Chris

            As to Reyes and Alas “Reyes claimed he sold his soul to the devil — and he told Alas he could, too, if he killed one of his classmates, Alas told Houston investigators.”

            So essentially they were a group of two who said they had sold their soul to Satan and then went out and killed a girl. Reyes even said ““I was sick-minded stabbing that (expletive) 60 times. It’s all good.
            It’s what the devil asked for,” he wrote in a jail house October letter.”

            Not exactly a glowing example of sanity. He even repeatedly admitted to the crime while awaiting trial. So not that bright either.

      • TruthTalker

        Any mother who aborts her unborn baby has sacrificed that baby as a “human sacrifice,” usually done for the personal gratification of the mother. The aborting mother is most certainly a witch of the highest order.

        • RWH

          This is what is called a red herring argument. Abortion is certainly an evil, but it is not the organized worship of Satan or any other god.

  • Aa Ee

    The pro abortion USA kills more people than all global Islam. Now the genocidal West uses public schools and court rooms to teach kids to be perverts.
    I am not Muslim, and I think it is a devilish thing to judge Muslims who attack the devilish West.

    • Chris

      Actually no one is pro abortion. They are pro choice. If they were pro abortion they would be encouraging every woman to have one – they don’t. No one does.

  • TJ

    And God cries……

    • eruaran

      Crying? No, not crying… “For behold, the Lord is coming out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, and the earth will disclose the blood shed on it, and will no more cover its slain.” (Isaiah 26:21)