Dove ‘Real Moms’ Commercial Features Father Who Identifies as Mother

A recently-released commercial from the popular personal hygiene company Dove, which centers on the lives of “real moms,” includes a father who identifies as the co-mother of his child.

“Meet #RealMoms whose diverse parenting styles shatter stereotypes about motherhood and prove that there are no rules about how to be a parent today,” a description of advertisement, released on April 6, reads.

Mothers from various vocational backgrounds share their personal thoughts about parenting in the nearly two-minute production, from a cattle rancher to a dance instructor to a rock climber. Included in the mix is a man named Shea, who identifies as a woman. He explains that both he and his wife are the biological parents of their infant son.

“You get people who are like, ‘What do you mean [that] you’re the mom?'” Shea states. “We’re like, ‘We’re both going to be moms!”

His wife smiles as he laughs about the concept.

Shea also later advises that “[t]here’s no one right way to do it all” in motherhood.

However, the group One Million Moms, has expressed concern about the commercial and Dove’s inclusion of a man as a “real mom.”

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“’Shea’s’ delusional belief that he can be a woman and a mother suggests the absurd idea that belief can alter reality. The message of the ad is that good mothers are those who fully embrace their own selfish desires and their own internal sense of right, wrong, and reality,” it wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

The organization reached out to Dove about its “transgender” messaging, but the company’s consumer services department simply said that the commercial was not meant to be offensive.

“We certainly apologize and did not wish to offend anyone; we thank you for being a loyal consumer to our brand. Our ads are designed to be informative, truthful and ‘in good taste.’ The agencies creating our advertising adhere strictly to our guidelines,” it responded. “In developing product messages, we may not always anticipate all possible implications of a television commercial.”

As previously reported, last summer, the athletics apparel company Nike used its advertising dollars to laud a female athlete who identifies as a man and serves on the U.S. men’s national team. The commercial, which was part of Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign, featured Chris Mosier, a duathlon and triathlon competitor who became the first “transgender” to garner a spot on the team.

“Hey, Chris. How’d you know you’d be fast enough to compete against men?” the commercial began.

Nike also posted an article about the advertisement on its website, stating that Mosier didn’t feel she was “competing as [her] authentic self” by participating in female athletics.

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  • xinthose

    Boycott Dove. Buy Dial instead.

    • Amos Moses

      learn to make your own soap …………. or take a spit bath …………. lol ……….

    • Jason Todd

      Or Zest, Safeguard, etc. Dove isn’t a bath soap. Avoiding it should not be a problem.

  • What utterly perverted times we are living in. Just as the days of Noah were, and just as Romans chapter 1 testifies to.

    America: you flaunt your sin proudly as Sodom did — and you will pay. Your land will be ravaged and destroyed, and you will be utterly humbled (your time has been set).

    Repent, forsake your sins, and turn back to the God of your forefathers while there is still precious little time left to do so.

    • Colin Rafferty

      Isn’t the rainbow the promise that God won’t destroy us again?

      • wandakate

        NO, GOD said that He wouldn’t destroy the world again by water. Next time by fire.

        • Colin Rafferty

          Good point!

        • Chet

          Tying right in with the so called “Global Warming” …

          • wandakate

            Is it getting hotter every summer? Seems to me it has been. Global Warming may not be “proven” but toxic Chem Trails (chemical trails) from those planes flying overhead has been. Chemicals, toxins and poison being distributed in that white smoke coming out of all those plans that I see everywhere. Toxic fumes can kill whatever it lands on slowly (people/animals) but works faster on plants, vegetable gardens etc. That’s NOT condensation from those planes. They’re telling us it’s all toxic chemicals to poison the atmosphere…Look it up on google. I’d be more concerned about that than global warming.

          • Chet

            The same God Almighty who created the entire universe and all contained therein will maintain same till such time as He determines otherwise. Not to worry about what’s in the skies, but, rather, what’s on the streets and what’s in automobiles coming at you 6o + mph while texting, drinking and/or drugging it up…

          • wandakate

            So sorry, but that’s NOT what GOD warned us about. He wanted us to know about the signs of the times. His signs come in the sun, the moon, the stars and on the earth. He wants us to be alert, awake, aware of our surroundings while we see what the sun, moon, stars and weather are doing on planet earth. He didn’t warn us about cars coming at us or any of these things. However, I don’t text, drink or drug while I’m driving but anything can get any of us at any age at any time. When our time is up, it’s over. We are ONLY one heartbeat away from eternity, just ONE breath away. I don’t know about you, but I’m on GOD’s timing and under His watch. Thanking Him for each and every single day that He allows me b/c He’s in charge and not myself…This life is just passing away slowly.

          • Chet

            I agree with you, but that doesn’t mean we simply ignore hazards all around us. I’m saying to you that a man is in more danger from drivers texting etc while coming at him head-on than he is with concerning himself about the Sun and Moon and Stars… And even though the very hairs of our heads are numbered it doesn’t mean we should play Russian roulette or jump in alligator infested waters. I too thank Him for allowing me to live to see the light of another day, but, mostly, I thank the Lord for His precious cleansing blood that washes away all my sins and covers me with His righteousness. Thanks for the exchange of views, mostly agreed upon…

          • wandakate

            Enjoy exchanging viewpoints. I basically say that we’re both correct. We must not dive into alligator infested waters, but on the other hand we are to also be concerned the signs of the times that are GOD’s warning signs. When you see all these things happening, look up. It won’t be long until JESUS appears. He scolded the Pharisees of His day b/c they didn’t know the signs of the times. So I am saying, lets not miss those really important things. Blessings…

          • Chet

            Amen. Thanks and God bless.

  • bowie1

    It’s just another form of deception pretending to be what they are not.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Cowardly men did this when Titanic sank. Men should be really ashamed to identify themselves as women. They sacrifice real women and children for their hobbies instead of protecting them as all normal men should. Western men should never bash the Crusaders or American colonists again. The white men of yesteryears protected their women and children, and they are far better than the feminized men of modern age who endanger women and children even in restrooms. Real men protect women and children. Women should stay virgin before marriage so that men could live and die for a noble cause because postitutes sacrifice children and are not worthy of men’s life. Sexual purity actually has to do with everything true and honest and noble and respectful for both individuals and civilizations.

  • Reason2012

    Using kids as pawns to promote the perversion agendas. Shows they really hate kids, taking them down with them.

    • Parodyx

      Oh, whatever. A commercial shows a transgender person. Whoopee. What century is this again?

      • Reason2012

        What does transgenderism, homosexuality or heterosexuality have to do with soap?

        • Parodyx

          Transgenders, homosexuals and heterosexuals use soap. How about that, for starters?

      • Chet

        A very dark one for sure. One that’s far away from God Almighty by choice…

  • Nidalap

    Sad really. The compulsion to oppose God’s design is so strong, absolute insanity is embraced…

    • Chris

      “The compulsion to oppose God’s design…”

      Especially when the doctor’s oppose the God designed germs, right? Or operate to strengthen a God designed weak heart?

      • Nidalap

        As I say, sad…

        • Chris

          So you do oppose all medical treatment? Good to know. Have you ever gone to a doctor?

          • Chet

            For sickness and injury and prevention. Not to have the doctor try to change one into something he ain’t…He cannot make a silk purse out of sow’s ear, no matter the trying… DNA can never be altered… The gender one is born with identifies who one is and who one isn’t…

          • wandakate

            I have a neighbor where I moved to about 6 wks. ago who is in a relationship with another women. This woman is in her 40’s but she kinda looks like a guy, but you can see she is a woman. She dresses like a man, she works on cars, she drives a big Harley, she has a job as a heavy machine operator (dump trucks, fork lifts, graders etc.) She doesn’t wear ladies jewelry, she wears black and silver bracelets that look like small dog collars/chains. She likes to do everything men would normally be doing. She got some tattoos here and there.
            Her partner (called wife) says that she knows she’s a woman. Of course she knows she’s a woman, but in her mind she either wants to be a man or she actually thinks that she is a man b/c of all of her male tendencies. They’ve been together for 14 years the other one told me, and seem happy enough. This one has never been married (the one that thinks she’s a man), but the other one was married at one time and has 2 sons and a daughter who are in their 20’s.
            What would JESUS do? I think He would HATE the sin (of both) but He would also LOVE the sinner and want repentance. He tells us that the “sexually immoral” will NOT enter the kingdom of GOD…That’s very serious.
            Same for the dad who says he’s a mom. If he provided the sperm then he’s the dad and there is no other way around it. The one that gave birth is the mom, no other way around that either.
            GOD only created one man (the one that provides the sperm) and one woman (the one that provides the egg) and the one that gives the birth and outside of that, He didn’t create any other form of humans…We are one or the other. What we think really matters not, b/c it’s NOT what we actually are. We are whichever one the LORD made us…It’s helpful to just simplify this into something like day or night, right or wrong, male or female, a sun, a moon. It’s always one or the other.
            Like you either obey GOD or satan, one or the other…

          • Chet

            Perhaps the good Lord will provide you an opportunity to share your saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary. When a Christian shares what Christ has done for them, personally, it often has a noticeable impact upon others. Then, you might be able to share the simple plan of salvation. God bless…

  • Race Carrington

    Well stay at home dad’s mostly face ridicule and get no respect for what they do so why not identify as a mother what’s the big deal. Why does a label matter so much. Bottom line here is we have man doing everything mothers do and people hate him for it

    • wandakate

      Man has always been the dad, and woman always the mom. Men can’t have babies. GOD created them both differently. Each one plays his own park in being a parent.

  • Bobby

    God rejectors from a God rejecting world!!!

  • mememe123

    Another weirdo. Come soon Lord Jesus!

  • Chet

    Wow. Wannabes sure make for some very rough looking make-believe women, whew…