Ohio Couple With Five Children Adopts Six Siblings Who Didn’t Want to Be Separated

CINCINNATI, Ohio — An Ohio couple with five children has adopted six siblings in foster care who wanted to stay together as a family.

Christopher and Christina Sanders of Forest Park had made an agreement prior to becoming foster parents that they would keep the children, and would always keep siblings together, no matter how many.

“We just made the agreement [that] whoever we get, we will keep them,” Christina, 41, told reporters. “It was rough, but we did it. And we are happy we did.”

In 2014, the Carsons took in six children whose parents had been addicted to drugs: Coby, 16, Christan, 14, Caleb, 13, Cayley, 12, Carson, 10, and Chloe, 9.

The couple already had five biological children, and their names also all began with the letter C: Christopher, Cameron, Caden, Chaz and Caitlyn.

On Thursday, surrounded by family members, friends from church, social service workers and the children’s school teachers, the Sanders made the six an official part of their family in Hamilton County Adoption Court.

“I love those children as if they were my bios,” Christopher Sanders told local television station WLWT.

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He also credited his wife as having a big heart, and said that her love had rubbed off on him.

The children say that they are thankful for the Sanders and state that their lives have changed for the better.

“I would not know where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for the Sanders. We [were] having a rough life before,” Caleb told the court.

“I used to just run the streets [and] skip school,” Christian also explained to reporters. “And now, I’m here, so I make A’s and B’s, and I don’t run the streets.”

Coby said that he was shy and introverted before coming to the Sanders’ home.

“Now, I’m more open. I can speak a little more [and] tell people about my feelings,” he said. “It changed me [and] helped me become a better young man.”

Probate Judge Ralph Winkler praised the Sanders for their care for the children.

“They serve as an example … to how people can change the community one child at a time—or six children at a time,” he stated.

As previously reported, adopting children in foster care is very inexpensive compared to a private or overseas adoption.

“Adoption from foster care is virtually free, and you can also get subsidies for a certain amount of time and additional resources and support post-adoption,” Theresa Freed, the communications director for the Kansas Department of Children and Families, told Christian News Network in March. “It’s a very cost effective way to adopt, and also a very meaningful and important way to adopt.”

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  • InTheChurch

    I pray blessings for this family.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Thank God. A beautiful news.

  • What do the parents say? Did they say anything? Did they have a say?

    • Chet

      Perhaps drugs did all the talking, unfortunately…

  • Nedd Kareiva

    I cannot ever recall a story or instance of black parents or a black family adopting a white child, let alone six. This is an amazingly heartwarming story & should serve notice to the black community to get their collective act together & take responsibility for the families they create. It also is an example of what appears to be a fine black family without a scintilla of racism (like the kind existent in the BLM racist movement).

    Totally classy folks, the Sanders are. God, this is great. God bless them good.

    • Sista Adama Jewel

      lol….so many inconsistencies. First, you say this should serve notice to us, yet, WE are the ones who nursed and fed white kids for generations. Then you talk about responsibility, as if you didn’t read that the white parents were drug addicts and the kids were on their own. Then you had the AUDACITY to try to disparage a movement that actually says that Black.Lives.Matter (because we should be quiet when kids are killed for no reason-oh, I know, you’re gonna talk about Black on Black violence, as if White on white doesn’t exist, but it does, cuz folks have personal issues with people they know and live with). Y’all so warped- but you..anyway, we been taking care of y’alls kids for centuries now, and obviously the kids know who was doing the best job. God bless them, like all of us

      • Alexx_I

        You have some points, but about raising white kids for generations, maybe you are talking about of 5% of white kids at most? Think about it, black persons make up about 10% of the population of this country, even if every single black person was raising a white child, that leaves out 90% of other white kids. Especially up in places like New Hampshire, Nebraska, or in California I can tell you that blacks were not raising white kids for generations. In the South that happened sometimes, but only for the rich white people that could afford it. The middle class and poor white persons in the South were raising their own kids.
        And about BLM, I think everyone agrees that no child should be killed for no reason, and I think people will stand with BLM in those cases. I think the issue is that in some of the cases where BLM movement got involved, there were reasons for the tragedy and it wasn’t 100% caused by police. But in cases where police did abuse authority, I think everyone can agree that is wrong.

        • Florenca Mcdowell

          We are talking about God’s LOVE HERE NOT SKIN COLOR.

      • Florenca Mcdowell

        Sad that Nedd and sista Adama just cannot realize the story is about People who know and follow God’s love without looking at SKIN COLOR.

        • Nedd Kareiva

          Sorry for taking so long to respond but I just saw this reply in my mailbox. Where do you get off? I commented how heartwarming this was. Of course I looked at skin color but did I speak disparagingly of it? Of course not!

          You get off this site, dodobird!

  • May the Lord bless you beyond measure.

  • peanut butter

    Wonderful! I remember hearing about their story and wanting to stay together.

  • Dianne

    Praise the Lord for such a heart warming and inspiring story of unconditional love and sacrifice. This is a truly godly example. May the Lord pour out an abundance of blessings upon them all.

  • Chet

    Now this is not something you see every day. God bless this Mom and Dad and their huuge family… This is indeed news worthy, yet, not a peep of it on TV…