School District Clears Teacher Accused of Promoting Homosexual Advocacy in Math Classroom

TAMPA, Fla. — A school district in Florida has cleared a mathematics teacher of wrongdoing after a religious liberties organization submitted a letter of complaint asserting that she had overstepped her bounds by promoting homosexual advocacy in the classroom.

“The evidence obtained in the investigations does not support the allegations and established that there was no malicious intent on your part to intentionally harm, disparage or embarrass students,” the two-page decision letter issued to Riverview High School teacher Lora Jane Reidas on May 5 reads.

As previously reported, attorneys with Liberty Counsel wrote to Hillsborough County Superintendent Jeff Eakins on April 19 to express concern about Reidas, who identifies as a lesbian. They advised that they had received reports that three children in Reidas’ classroom had been prohibited from wearing crucifixes because they could be considered to be “gang symbols” and “disrespectful.”

It provided a photograph of one of the crucifix pendants.

The letter also noted that according to additional photographs provided to the organization by parents, Reidas had decorated her classroom with various homosexual advocacy material, including buttons on her desk that read “I Love My LGBT Students” and “Safe Schools for All” in promotion of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

A poster was displayed on the wall advising that her classroom is “safe and inclusive” for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies,” and the word “ally”—also posted to the wall—was spelled out in large cut-out letters and covered with handwritten sayings in support of the homosexual lifestyle.

“Moreover, at the beginning of the semester, Ms. Riedas placed LGBT rainbow stickers on students’ classroom folders without their consent, which were there one day when the students arrived,” the correspondence from Liberty Counsel alleged. “One of our clients reports that after she removed the LGBT sticker, Ms. Riedas’ behavior toward her changed markedly for the worse.”

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At the time of the correspondence, it was also believed that Reidas planned on promoting the GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” and was allegedly tweeting about homosexual advocacy issues during class time.

While Reidas serves as the sponsor of the school’s “gay-straight alliance,” Liberty Counsel concluded that the teacher’s actions violated district policy, which states that staff “may not dedicate work time to an outside interest, activity or association,” since her homosexual advocacy has nothing to do with math class.

“Ms. Riedas has … ‘use[d] institutional privileges for personal gain or advantage’ in promoting her own politically activist LGBT viewpoint to the students, which are a captive audience. Her choice of buttons and classroom décor give the overwhelming impression that her lesbian identity is foremost in her mind at all times, and is designed to show students in no uncertain terms how she views the world,” the group wrote.

However, Reidas denied any wrongdoing, stating that she only told one student at the beginning of the year not to wear rosary beads because they could be considered gang symbols as per district policy. She said she would never prohibit students from wearing crosses, claiming that she herself identifies a Christian.

And while she didn’t deny the homosexual advocacy displays in her classroom, Reidas asserted that such discussions are separate from math class and that she’s simply trying to let students know that her room is a safe space from bullying.

The school district interviewed students about the matter, and while there was conflicting information at least in one aspect, it decided to heed the majority.

“Although a few of the students advised the investigator you asked students to remove their cross necklaces, the majority reported that only students who wore rosary beads were asked to take them off,” wrote Mary Frances Ledo, general manager of professional standards.

“Additionally, students disclosed that the stickers you place on their folders did not have LGBT letters on them and every student interviewed advised the investigator you do not promote LGBT issues in class,” she said.

However, Ledo warned Reidas to be more circumspect in her communication with students so as to not exceed her role solely as supervisor for the Riverview High School Gay Straight Alliance.

“Although the allegations were not substantiated, I am compelled to remind you to use caution whenever interacting with students. As the sponsor for the RSGA, your role is defined as supervisory only and I am certain you would not want the public’s perception of you to be otherwise,” she wrote.

Reidas told the Tampa Bay Times this week that she is “relieved” that the results of the investigation were favorable and says that she still has “no idea what student is even complaining.”

However, Liberty Counsel says that more than one student had contacted the organization and that it will continue its communication with the district.

“We’ll be following up with another letter to the school,” said Founder Mat Staver. “We have other students who have come forth in other classes as well.”

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  • Sharon_at_home

    “says that she still has “no idea what student is even complaining.”
    Does this mean she behaved that way to so many students and that is why she isn’t sure?
    One said she took the sticker off and was treated differently afterwards. Did she do that to more than one student?

    IMO I think this woman is just a liar. She can’t seem to accept responsibility of her actions and lied too many times during this complaint to make it seem like her actions weren’t wrong. There seems to be very mixed reports from the students of her different classes too. The article pointed out more students have come forward as well. It will have to be reviewed again when those are looked at.

    I would have preferred the approach that included an apology and “it was a mistake and I won’t do it again” rather than I “did it so the kids could feel safe”. Making anyone deny their faith in any way is wrong IMO. Implying that by having faith you would scare anyone is something I know about, but I don’t agree with the teaching it within a school system. I have had LGBT’s on the bus look terrified at me because I was in my Church clothes. I was really upset the whole time because of their fear. I thought about trying to say something but I thought I might scare them more by my presence, so all I did was direct smiles at them and said Have a Good Night when one of us got off the bus.

    That’s one of the reasons I want to make a difference to how people feel about Christians. Not all of us will point out loudly in public the sin that person might be guilty of . I tend to have a quieter approach. I also know of LGBT being treated badly in public just for being different.

    • Amos Moses

      TBH …. you were probably in more danger of being attacked ….. than the reverse …….

      • Sharon_at_home

        No Amos these girls were young and frightened. I wasn’t worried about that at all. Besides if I did approach them they probably would hear me say don’t be afraid. I’ve done a lot of “in hindsight I see I should have handled it this way instead.

    • Colin Rafferty

      “The evidence obtained in the investigations does not support the allegations”

      That means that the school district did not, in fact, think that she was treating children differently, or removing crucifixes. The only thing the district found that she did in terms of religion is that she told the one child that her rosary beads were violating district policy.

      Now you may have as issue with the policy, but that’s about the district, not her.

      If she is a liar, then the majority of her students are also lying, and so is the school district.

      • Sharon_at_home

        Colin there were many things that the teacher said since the first article, that she changed what she said about a few things. That’s the only reason I thought she was lying.
        She said she never asked any student to remove their jewellry, but then it was stated that she told a student to take off because it was a gang symbol. Wouldn’t she know the student and whether they were in a gang by now? If no where else they would have heard it in the staff room.
        You think the students that were in the court statement in the first place, were lying? and the ones coming forth with more complaints too.

        How would you know if they were giving a report that was because they were on the School boards side? Or that they did it because the LBGT were involved and were afraid they’d pick the wrong thing and get involved with them. I apologize for the last one, but it is something they have to be concerned about. Because she had all the paraphernalia in her classroom and they included it in their findings – it sounded like it was a separate thing?
        I still stand that this kind of thing being in the hall or in the Social Studies class.
        I have no problem with the LGBT being protected from bullies,It should be focus on everyone who feels different. That would include any one who felt different at the school, like nerds, class clowns, many girls who aren’t in an in crowd, and anyone who has been bullied. Is LGBT being stressed because they are trying to stand up for themselves?

        • Colin Rafferty

          She said in the first article that she had told a child that the rosaries were a gang symbol. Which was also district policy.

          And the board, which has far more actual information than either of us found no support for the allegations.

          • Sharon_at_home

            So do you think random students and their parents would lie to start a lawsuit. Is that why they didn’t go to the teacher or principal? Because they were lying?
            If other students are coming forward – according to the article – doesn’t that mean it should be reviewed again?

            Did the articles ever say why they chose not to go to the Teacher and the Principal? It would be a definite sign of why they went to court wouldn’t it?

          • Colin Rafferty

            I always adjust my assumptions about articles based on the medium. Given that Christian News, which is very slanted toward Christian persecution, is quoting the school district as saying there’s nothing there, I’m inclined to believe the district.

            I don’t know why Christian News choose to not mention whether they went to the Teacher or Principal. I would assume because the answer would make it look like less persecution, not more persecution.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I find it very sad to view this world these days. Everyone seems to want to sue someone, all the media won’t stick to a story because it’s not good enough for selling papers, Christians are persecuted. LGBT are persecuted. Muslims are persecuted. It just makes me want to scream “for God’s sake, Stop it and get along! Compromise. Discuss things. Don’t give up until both sides are agreeable. You don’t have to sue if you try to work it out with each side making compromises. I’m not sure people even know how to do that anymore. It surely doesn’t seem like it.
            Have you not looked at other news sites about the case then? I did and that’s why I don’t trust the Teacher.
            Maybe I’ll try to see if anyone says anything about the parents choice.

          • Michael C

            So do you think random students and their parents would lie to start a lawsuit.

            There is no lawsuit.

            …and the student’s account is fishy. Liberty Counsel keeps talking about a “crucifix” that a student was asked to remove. They even provide a picture! However, in the picture, the crucifix is not attached to any sort of chain.

            Is it possible that it had been attached to a string of rosary beads?

            Is it possible that’s why the picture shows no chain? Is it possible that the student was wearing rosary beads as a necklace in violation of school policies?

            The student and Liberty Counsel aren’t necessarily lying, they’re just not telling the truth.

            If other students are coming forward – according to the article – doesn’t that mean it should be reviewed again?

            As it says in the article, the school heard accounts from many different students. It seems that more than one student is making claims against this teacher, but the school is heeding the majority of students who said that this teacher did nothing wrong.

            If these few students had any actual evidence of discrimination, this teacher would be disciplined.

            It would be a definite sign of why they went to court wouldn’t it?

            Nobody went to court. Nobody sued. There is no lawsuit. Liberty Counsel is just making a lot of noise and widely publicizing this nontroversy for the purpose of vilifying gay people and fund raising.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Sorry Michael, it sounded like it was a court decision but as I looked the article over again, I see you are right and it was within the school district.

            I am having trouble because she has said things in articles that conflict or make me question her honesty.

            Most students I know would not take something that isn’t true to their parents and on to Liberty Counsel. I really find it hard to believe all the children that said it did happen are lying. The other students quite possibly didn’t pay attention to what was going on in the classroom.
            What was the point of the students complaining in the first place if it didn’t happen?
            I guess there is too much not said in the articles to help me feel she was honest. I also believe that a School District would favour the teacher not the student in a situation like this.

            The first article I read the Teacher denied taking off any crosses. Any others since have said she only asked them to remove their rosaries, but if that was the case , why didn’t she say that in the first interview. It was suddenly understandable as to why she asked them .

            This complaint would give the students nothing if they were believed. Again why lie for something unless it’s going to gain something for the lie?
            It was the teacher that brought up the rosaries not Liberty C. after she had already said just crosses and nothing about rosaries or gang symbols. The rosary was the only one acceptable.

            I am having a hard time because it just doesn’t make sense that it was the students lying. They would profit nothing from it. And they went to Liberty Counsel – it didn’t go to them so it can’t be them trying to persecute anyone if it was a complaint by the students.

          • Michael C

            I am having trouble because she has said things in articles that conflict or make me question her honesty.

            I don’t know what articles you’ve read or what was said in them or if what was said in them was honest or told the whole story. I guess it doesn’t matter either way.

            I am having a hard time because it just doesn’t make sense that it was the students lying. They would profit nothing from it. And they went to Liberty Counsel

            If you want to believe these few students who are telling a tale that contradicts what the majority of their classmates are saying and you’d rather trust the SPLC designated anti-gay hate group, Liberty Counsel, that’s fine.

            On a daily basis, you see on these forums the utter hatred some people have for gay people. Hatred can motivate people to do some pretty horrid things, …even lie in the attempt to destroy an innocent woman’s life.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I guess I just can’t imagine people like that because I’ve never been involved in anything like that.
            Thanks and you’re right, not much difference now.

          • Bob Johnson

            “Most students I know would not take something that isn’t true to their parents…”

            Read about Betty Parris age 9, and her cousin Abigail Williams, age 11.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well, Bob, that was the Salem Witch trials and I think the kids of today are much different than they are. Most of them actually prefer telling the truth because it’s the right thing to do – at least the students I am familiar with. It’s a changing attitude I guess.
            These girls are Christians and obviously have faith if they are wearing crosses all the time. I don’t think someone who is brought up with God’s thoughts on honor in their lives would jump at a chance to go against it.
            Maybe the parents wanted to sensationalize the whole issue, and Liberty Counsel certainly wouldn’t back away.
            If the girls were telling their parents about the teacher telling them they were being disrespectful by wearing the symbol of their faith, then went on to say that she promotes homosexuality within her classroom and by things she said and did? Any Christian parent would likely be against it all, and felt the school would support the teachers view on LGBT (because it would), so went above the expected stages instead to make sure something was “done” about it.
            Something was done about it, but not the way they wanted it to be. One of the articles I’ve read said the students had to go through some training on tolerance or something (I can’t remember – I’d have to find the article) as if it’s all their own fault they were – I’ll put it – picked on by the teacher. The teacher did not show respect to the Christian students in her class but what happened makes Her the victim?
            Unfortunately I can see someone who is about safe schools for LGBT feeling that way only because a lot of the Christians can be very rude and vocal about LGBT’s and this teacher obviously felt they would ‘scare’ away the thought of her safe schools campaign. I never got the impression the girls were being bullies to the LGBT but that the teacher herself felt they were disrespectful by wearing crosses. I never saw anything about another student complaining about the crosses, so it was just her. I expect she would have made sure to mention another students complaint somewhere in the whole thing if they had.
            You know Bob, I agree that the Salem Witch Trials were horrible events in history, but the women and the children who were involved in the finger pointing often had grudges against the people they accused. Like a teacher that didn’t coddle them like they wanted and gave them low grades, so they got in trouble with their parents. BANG the teacher is a witch and everything is all better at home including getting extra attention because they had had go through whatever they said happened to them.
            I’m not saying everyone was lying about what they believed was witch craft, but there were a lot of times it was done out of hate of the person, not because they were a witch.
            I won’t say there isn’t a possibility that the girls lied, but I think there is a stronger possibility that the teacher was the liar. I read more than a few articles about this and so many times what she said was conflicting with something she said in another article. I know news can be fiddled with and all that, but it did make me question her honesty.

          • Cathy Adams

            You must not be around many young people if they all tell the truth all the time. I believe in the best in adults and students. But there are some people who are dishonest regardless of whether they are an adult or child. I don’t know many people who I think would lie, but these people do exist.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Oh I agree totally! Some people are terrible liars. And I too believe in the best of people until they show me they aren’t.
            The discussions I have had with teenagers have given me the idea that they don’t like being lied to either so it’s like they won’t lie because of people lying to them. I guess it really has to be what they experienced and what their parents are like. I have found a lot of parents instill good virtues in their children, but then don’t follow them themselves. They often think the children won’t hear them lying to someone or talking bad about others and boy do people think kids are deaf to what you say on the phone!
            It’s kind of like rape I guess. You should listen like it is you going through what they are describing and assess it through the feelings they make you go through. If there is a doubt about the validity of what is said, ask questions about those things. If a person is truly upset about something that happened you can usually tell by body language, tone of voice, and how they tell their story.
            It honestly sounds more like they wanted to ignore the whole thing because they wanted to maintain the reputation of the school district and that school. If it came out that the teacher was in the wrong, they would be held responsible for hiring her. They might have had to pay the students involved compensation even. That is daunting to someone trying to keep everything calm and in their control. For me, they ignored the way the teacher treated them, told her off about her LGBT display and gave her thumbs up beyond that. Oh and made the students be the ones being at fault. It seem so backwards to me.
            I do appreciate your reply though. there is always the possibility that someone has missed something in their post and I appreciate being told if someone thinks there is. God bless!

          • Bob Johnson

            You are probably more well informed on this situation than myself. The only online articles I could find are from Christian sites and anti-LGBT sites.

            This article starts off with, “The evidence obtained in the investigations does not support the allegations…” I have a prejudice to trust the school district review board over both the teacher and the students. I also know several college professors that have been accused of all assorts of misconduct both for failing to give good grades and for teaching subject matter that the student felt they knew better (Dunning-Kruger effect).

          • Sharon_at_home

            I know experience is sometimes a hard thing to go through, but it always gives you insight to the thing that you experience.
            I’ve seen a lot of under-handed ways the Schools deal with things that will harm the school’s reputation.
            I really can’t get over them making the teacher the victim. And making the students take a class to help them be more tolerant as ‘punishment’.
            Sorry I would have told them to go about their complaint differently because I have worked with teachers and students and I know what would be a better approach. I once was told about a teacher who was abusive in a variety of ways, but in this case this teacher walked from the back to the front of class whacking the students back of their heads as he made his way up the aisle. Amazing isn’t it?
            So I told them that what they needed was the students that are the best and brightest (the ones the teachers liked and knew well enough to know they wouldn’t lie.) to go to the principle and tell her about the abuse. Because of who they are, they will be believed, and something would be done about it. and they did. and the teacher was disciplined and left at the end of that school year. It helps to know how to approach the powers to be so the complaint will be listened to, and addressed properly.
            God bless you!

    • Jason Todd

      She should have been fired. Period.

  • InTheChurch

    Why aren’t parents sitting in and observing?

    • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Why aren’t they pulling their kids out of class?

      • InTheChurch

        that to

      • Ambulance Chaser

        Why would they?

        • Sharon_at_home

          Because they are afraid of homosexuals.
          I read a long long time ago that it was thought that some men hated homosexuals because they feel an attraction to another man and are too “manly” to accept that feeling as what it is. So they push away from it with hate. I kind of think it makes sense for the ones that are loud and aggressive about their hate? Whether they are religious or not could put them in a position that makes them fear the attraction instead of just being uncomfortable. Fear has often led to hate I think. Even in one you are supposed to treat with love. What do you think about this?

          • Ambulance Chaser

            I suppose it’s possible but I wouldn’t presume to know what’s in another man’s mind. I’m sorry we live in a culture that demeans gay men to the point that they have to overcompensate for their homosexuality.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well said. I agree it is so hard when people are against you because of how you want to live. It’s wrong, but they are Christians doing the Lord’s work and this is how they feel they can get homosexuals to listen to the Gospel and about Jesus’ offer of Salvation.
            I just have a very different view of how God would want us to behave with regards to telling people of their sins.
            I do feel the homosexuals are being treated badly and without compassion a lot of the time. Jesus told us to love each other. I can’t see His light in the way they do it, personally.
            It’s all about Jesus and the purpose He had when He came to earth. It wasn’t just to lead people to Salvation, but also to tell us how to behave. His last commandment was to love your neighbour as thyself which is about everyone not just who lives next door or within a village/town etc. Try reminding them of it and see what their reaction is.
            I like your posts Ambulance driver. You seem like someone who just wants to point out errors so maybe, just maybe, will change how they look at people who are different. I commend you for your help with facts vs. fiction. It’s good to know some people are still out there that are loyal to their friends and their beliefs. For me as a Christian, I wish I could tell you about Jesus’ Salvation because you sound like you are a definite candidate for the hope of Salvation. But I expect for you, it’s already been told to you. If I’m wrong and you are interested, please let me know, and if you have questions about scripture I will do my best to answer them in a way you will understand. God bless!

          • Ambulance Chaser

            Thanks. I like you too. You’ve always been quite reasonable.

            Yes, I’ve heard the gospel. I married into a Christian family. Trust me, I hear the gospel a lot. I’ll let you if I have questions though.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Thanks Ambulance Chaser! I’d be glad to help clarify anything! I’m intrigued that you are in a Christian Family (aren’t Christian?) and stand up for something your family would find appalling. Is that why you stick to facts most of the time?
            God bless you!

          • Ambulance Chaser

            It’s not my family of birth. We’re all atheists. My wife’s family consists of mostly moderate liberal or very liberal Christians.

          • Sharon_at_home

            haha Ahh Ambulance Chaser, you make me smile at how proud you sound that you’re ‘all atheists’. Do you mean moderate liberal or very liberal Christians because of their different way of talking about religion, or about how they look at the things in the World?
            Just curious! lol Ok, I’m always curious! LOL so if there is anything you don’t want to tell me about this please don’t. Curiosity is a very easy thing to get along with, don’t you think? Have a blessed Day AC!

          • Ambulance Chaser

            Liberal as in “Christian on Sundays and ignoring the Bible entirely when it’s inconvenient.”

          • Sharon_at_home

            I’ve known a lot of those ‘Christians’. Well, at least they aren’t about trashing people for sinning.
            Have a blessed day, AC!

          • Michael C

            Another theory is that homophobia is rooted in the opinion that women are inferior to men.

            If a man thinks that women are inferior, they are disgusted when they feel that another man is “debasing” himself by taking the “role of a woman” or allowing himself to be “treated like a woman.”

            I’ve even heard women make arguments like this, internalizing their own feelings of inferiority.

      • Parodyx

        Based on what?

      • yabruf

        Yep been there done that. I pulled my kids out when the sodomy pushing common core curriculum was instituted in our school district. They finished the remainder of the school year and started homeschool the next year.

        If I found out a sodomite was teaching them I would have removed them that day!

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    USA needs Christian schools to obtain sane morality for its people. At least make Christian education free for all.

    • Colin Rafferty

      Should we also make Muslim and Jewish schools free for all? Or do only Christians get to be treated fairly?

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Christianity alone provides human rights and freedom to all, but yes, make all religious schools free. Anything is better than the godless immoral Sodomic Western secularism’s monopoly. The West drugs its people with free stuff, but people need morality to live as humans, not just free stuff.

        • Colin Rafferty

          So when I have the government pay for the Satanic Temple preschool, you’re fine with that. Great!

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            No, not Satanism. It is evil and a mockery of Catholicism. Eastern Europe banned the West’s mock religions. You guys are 100 years behind them. You secular Americans are screwed because you do not know even what is right and wrong.

          • Colin Rafferty

            Actually, we’re 240 years ahead. We allow freedom for all religions, not just the ones you personally like.

            That’s actually the difference between secular Americans like me and some religious people like you. We believe in reality and treat all religions equally.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Satanism is evil. Christianity is good and vital. That’s the difference. Something evil should never be recognized as a religion. You guys are too well-fed and too bored and looking for a way to make Christians suffer in your land. Unimaginably bad descendants of the Christian West.

          • yabruf

            That is called works based salvation and will take you straight to hell.
            We are saved by Grace through faith and nothing more.

            Acts 16:30 and 31
            30 And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

            31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Yes, salvation is by God’s grace and through the faith in Jesus Christ alone. Ephesians chapter 2 as well. These people know about Jesus. They would not just give up the sinful inclinations. I do not want to see their blasphemies.

          • yabruf

            Ok as long as we agree that repenting of your sins does not save you.
            These unbelievers, especially the sodomites cannot repent of their sins, because most of them are reprobate anyway.
            Hell is their final destination and they don’t care, they only desire to follow the lust in their hearts.

            Leviticus 20:13 is God’s answer to the sodomite on all topics. If we would follow God’s moral law and administer the death penalty to every sodomite we found, then we wouldn’t be talking about this nonsense in the schools or marriage or adoption or bakers being sued.

          • Sharon_at_home

            So how do you decide if someone is likely to convert before you even talk about the Gospel? We’re supposed to help the sinners overcome sin and turn to Jesus even after we think it’s futile, right?

            We are never to be “weary.” That means keeping his commandments and turning people away from sin (of all sin, not just one) and towards Jesus’ love and Salvation.

            So IMHO we are still to try because we can not tell if a person is going to convert, because God enables them at the right time according to God’s timing. Maybe what you say will have that effect on one person (at a time) and it is good with God. Because He wants everyone to come to Salvation.

            Discussing the sin and how to overcome it – in a serious way but not with derision is a most effective way to talk about Jesus’ Love and Salvation. Do we just offer Jesus? No, because they often don’t want to give up their sin- after talking of the goodness of Jesus, it would truly be helping them if we could offer some ideas on how to live without the sin. If they are hard of hearing (the Word) sometimes this kind of thing will sway them towards and not away from Jesus.

            Look at AA’s. They tell them to phone when they are having a problem resisting alcohol. Should helping people to start their journey without sin, show without any less caring?
            Maybe that is the key to helping the people who say they want to change. If we talk to them a couple of times to remind them of God’s love, maybe they really will turn to Jesus.

            Of course it would have to be a special kind of people to take this kind of thing on, don’t you think? Some that God would choose and put in place at the right time. I believe that He can do anything!

            Kindness is always the way to show that we love everyone. I don’t think punishing them with pointed fingers and “You’re Going to Hell” * is really what He meant when He said to talk to them about their sins. I think Jesus always talked with kindness, and about kindness.

            If we hate them,or we hate their sin, it doesn’t matter what our personal feelings are but it comes down to the command to love each others. And that means treating them well. It doesn’t say we get to convict and punish down here.
            That is God’s responsibility.
            If we are to be kind, as Jesus was; why would anyone demean someone for their sins?

            *(Can you hear the storm noises in the background?) (or is “Can you hear me?” more accurate than the thunder and lightening?)

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Sharon, the Western Sodomites are targeting global children by prohibiting anything that is pure. Stop being naive and get out of your flower field and do something truly helpful if you are Christian How much more of Western perversion on earth is enough for you to see and wake up?

          • yabruf

            She thinks that by ignoring God’s moral law and embracing their perversion that she is helping them.

            For some reason she thinks she can do it better way then what God has suggested, or I mean asked, oh wait that’s right he COMMANDED it!

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            She may be from the universal “church.”

          • Bob Johnson

            Today’s Western culture pushes many more cakes, pastries, and high sugar soft drinks – creating an epidemic in America. Greed is the driving force in our economy, every month’s “retail numbers” are eagerly awaited on Wall Street. Black Friday, the start of Christmas shopping, determines many retail stores’ success or failure.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            But no one forces anyone to celebrate obesity or greed, but USA forces Christians to endorse and help celebrate the homosexuality; therefore homosexuality is the worst sin for now.

          • Sharon_at_home

            LOLOLOL!! “get out of your flower field” I live in an apartment – no gardens I’m afraid.
            I am anything but naive regardless of what you think.
            I’m confused, what am I doing here that ISN’T helpful? and are you spying on a different person because I help people anytime I see the need. I prefer to help the “little people” rather than go somewhere that is a place “to help” others. But I do help people and it appears by people’s reactions to me that I do shine my light the way Jesus wanted us to.
            By the way, Sodomy is not just a Western thing! so calling it specifically Western Sodomites is in no way valid. Americans are not the only place LGBT’s are wanting to be allowed to live as they are. There are protests about their equality all over the world. It’s not just a Western thing.
            I’ve lived 60 years Grace. I suspect that I am probably your grandmother’s age. So think about this. Why would I not be aware of what you call “Western Sodomites” when I grew up with most things of today in my life? Things like LGBT came out of the “closet” while I was still aging. Feeling Christians were not like I thought they were – as good and kind people – was a negative thing that was one of the things I’ve watched happen during my lifetime.
            Don’t make assumptions about me that you haven’t verified as true. If it is your OPINION say that it is, don’t expect me to hear you say that I am being naive and ignore it. At my age, I have not the inhibitions about telling people what I view differently and discussing it comparing the two views. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with my posts. I try to explain things, so people will have better understanding about something I do understand. I never rant (ok rarely) and I am usually very polite in my posts. Just by shining my light I could influence someone to look at Christians and the bible in a different way.
            Every one has been given a job by God and he’s given me the gift of seeing both sides to a situation. So because you don’t see the way I do things, as doing the same as you, you think I should give up helping people?
            You know what? Christians ARE supposed to be Good Kind Compassionate people who treat people well no matter who they are.
            Do you give money to poor people on the street? I do, even when I can’t afford to. If I know someone needs help having good food, I help. If I see someone that I might influence to change the direction of their life, I help. If I see someone drop their belongings all over the ground, would you stop and help them? How about if you were in a hurry to get somewhere? I would. I’d ask if I could help them carry them too. If I see someone whose bag has ripped apart, I try to find another one for them to us, and will give up one that I am using to help them. See you don’t know me at all. But you keep making comments about me from what you ‘think’ I am like and you are wrong!
            Even here by helping with others understanding I’m helping.
            So tell me again that I should be helping people?
            What does your behaviour have anything to do with mine? Our lives are totally different.

          • yabruf

            Decide, what is there to decide? You preach the gospel to every creature Mark 16:15. It doesn’t matter if they are likely to convert or not, you just preach the word and the Holy spirit does the rest.

            “help the sinners overcome sin and turn to Jesus even after we think it’s futile, right?”-Wrong, not Biblical.

            “Help the sinners overcome sin”-What in the world are you talking about? OK you have that backwards. The unbeliever cant “overcome” anything without first being saved. And it isn’t my job to to help anybody to deal with their sin because they simply cant without first being redeemed by his blood. There is no redemption without salvation! Have you heard of the expression ‘cart before the horse’?…lol

            “We are never to be “weary.” That means keeping his commandments-Correct.

            “and turning people away from sin”-Wrong, not Biblical. God turns people away from sin, not us. ”

            “So IMHO we are still to try because we can not tell if a person is going to convert”-I have no problem with that. You can preach to the sodomites all you want, just not around innocent children and not while they pervert the city, society and world we live in. God’s moral law doesn’t get ignored or changed just because you or anyone else feels bad for them.

            “Because He wants everyone to come to Salvation.”-Correct. 1 Timothy 2:4 tells us that. But it doesn’t say while compromising his word.

            “Do we just offer Jesus?”-Correct. You can disciple and aid someone as the Holy spirit leads you but that is on a personal level. Your talking family and friends not a sodomite teacher on the other side of the nation. I am not in the business of making a case for Christ outside of preaching the gospel. If a sinner doesn’t hear the Holy spirit through the preaching of the word, I have no hope nor desire to do it on my own. I will plant the seed, not waste anymore of my time and move on to the next lost person.

            “Should helping people to start their journey without sin”- That’s what the local church is for.

            “I don’t think punishing them with pointed fingers and “You’re Going to Hell” * is really what He meant”-Really? So the twenty times Jesus warned of hell and its fires just get ignored by you?

            “If we hate them,or we hate their sin….”- Psalm 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil. Yeah I will keep on hating sin and follow God’s commandment. You can stick with your emotions and see how far that gets you.

            “but it comes down to the command to love each others”– I am only commanded to love my brother in Christ Leviticus 19:17-18. Nowhere does it say to love the sinner especially those that hate God, which the sodomites do. In fact I will follow David’s example in the Psalms and hate those that hate God: Psalm 139:21

            “It doesn’t say we get to convict and punish down here.”- Uh ever heard of the ten commandments? Ever read the book of Leviticus? Apparently not. The Bible is filled with commandments and specifically how we are to live our lives here on earth.

            You have a lot of misconceptions and poor doctrine when it comes to God’s holy word. Jesus isn’t the long haired hippie in the pagan paintings of the catholic church. God has laid out clear moral law in his word that is not to be compromised.

            Your idea of an anything goes society in an effort to reach the lost is called anarchy. God didn’t give us his moral law so we can see how we feel about it and decide whether or not to follow it!

            The death penalty for the sodomite protects children first and foremost. God new that from the beginning that’s why he is very explicit on what is to be done with them. Keep them out of society and their perverted ways away from decent moral God fearing people. If you want them as your neighbor, in your home, workplace and church preying on your children and marching naked down the streets of your city, go live on an island with them while preaching the gospel. I will do it Gods way since I have a feeling he is infinitely more knowledgeable about sexual deviancy then yourself.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well aren’t you the perfect Christian, who thinks their way of interpretation must be the only way. I bet you are Catholic (no offense to others of the faith)
            What about Mark 5:46? It tells us very clearly to love everyone in no uncertain terms.
            “43Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44But
            I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good
            to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and
            persecute you; 45That
            ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh
            his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the
            just and on the unjust. 46For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? 47And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? 48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

            I’m really glad you have a strong faith in Jesus. I do as well.

            You obviously think that homosexuals don’t deserve to hear the gospel at all. That’s wrong. Jesus wants all of us to come to Salvation. He doesn’t say Don’t bother with the sinners.. He said to help everyone come to Salvation. He said He hates the sin, but Jesus never said he hates the people who sin. If he did you can show me where. oh I read the KJV so it will have to be from that to mean anything to me. If it is not in the bible, it’s not the truth.

            I find you to be a very hateful person actually. I don’t see any love in any of the posts I’ve read. If you believe in the bible scriptures you would know about God’s Love for us, and His desire for everyone to love each other. Especially our brothers and sister in faith but not just them. I believe you pick and choose scripture to make your points rather than giving anyone the chance to discuss anything.

            This is a Christian comment board where we like to discuss things about faith, so if you don’t want to have an adult discussion with the people here, then you should find another board to comment on. We have heard everything you say from others before you. And they wouldn’t discuss anything either. Seems to be a pattern.

            God bless but I will be trying not to reply to your posts as I don’t need to argue with someone who thinks they know everything, but doesn’t understand the Gospel.
            God bless and good-bye.

            You don’t believe that we are supposed to tell people about Salvation and about Jesus’ love? I didn’t mean you were to keep trying to help a sinner who has refused God. I meant that other people should still try because he might come to Jesus before the end days.

            People are much more than just their sin, no matter how much you try to convince them that the sin is what makes them an awful person.

            You should never generalize about sinners because there is a multitude of different views and beliefs in every crowd.

            I think you aren’t counting on God’s gift of Free will when you say God will make them believe. God knows there will be people who will choose to go and wants US to introduce them to the Gospel. We are the ones that are to tell them of Salvation. Not everyone gets the Holy Spirit right away you know. You have to believe to get it.
            God does not want unwilling people, but he still wants every Saint to keep trying.

          • Bob Johnson

            I also find many people posting on sin to be exclusively worried about gays. Why are they not standing in front of Walmart preaching against greed, or in the pastry aisle of the grocery store railing against gluttony?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Every sin is hell-bound but today’s Western culture forces only Sodomy and not other sins. Homosexuality/transgenderism is the worst sin today because it is state-sanctioned. Godless West’s new Caesar is Sodomy this century. You guys need Christianity to be saved and be human again.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I agree but I’ve never thought about it like that.. but I find it an interesting way of looking at the Christians who protest about sinners.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Today’s Western culture is sick because it forces Sodomy; it forces no other sin. It may be pedophilia tomorrow; that’s why the rich bored Western culture’s perv madness must get stopped now.

          • Sharon_at_home

            When you say it forces Sodomy you sound like you mean the citizens of the Western Culture (does that include Canada BTW?) are all being forced to have anal sex. and, it forces no other sin… what about abortion? And adultery is legal so that’s like saying go ahead right. Oh and divorce. These are other sins according to the Christian faith. Because they are legal they are “forcing us” to accept it. Isn’t that right, Grace?
            No one is forced to participate or support LGBT’s at all. Not even accept their rights, except by law if you don’t. They just have to keep their disrespect for them to themselves because there are laws in the USA that say you can’t speak against people like you do.
            Grace, the world will unfold the way God wants it to and That’s it. He knew that the LGBT’s were going to try to get equal rights before they did it. He also knew that the Blacks were going to finally going to get out of slavery because of people who helped them overcome the laws.
            God directs every single thing that happens, and He knows what is going to happen before it happens. How could God not know. He tells us that it’s part of the lead up to the end days.
            We can spend the time doing nothing before the end, or we can spend our time trying to bring people to salvation like God wants us to.
            Or you could of course spend your time telling people how they are going to hell, and how awful their whole country is.
            Personally I’m not going to complain about one thing between now and when Jesus returns and I am going to continue to follow what Jesus said he wanted us to live like; let my light shine; and stand my ground and never give up so I can hear “Well Done, Faithful Servant”

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            I know. Jesus preached repentance, saying the Kingdom of God is near. He was silent before King Herod. Today’s secular Westerners and their young mimickers are like King Herod, totally living for immorality and for nothing else. I do not want to hear them blaspheming by saying something further to them, and that’s why I give them John 3. I speak further only if they show some decency towards Christianity. We are dealing with rotten kids from a rich family in the West, not raw poor ignorant pagans.

            Yabruf, you need to remember Jesus gave sexual offenders unspecified time for repentance and did not excute them. John 8. The NT era is different in that aspect. Pedophiles should face life sentence or something severe, but the pervs within adult-consent should be given education and time for repentance. Ex-christian West is suicidal in many ways and there is so much we can do. Yes, the society punishing people for not-supporting Sodomy is just unthinkable. Well-fed people get mental illnesses; it’s typical.
            May God bestow justice upon rich secular nations to avenge children.

          • yabruf

            With regards to sexual offenders, John 8:1-11 is Jesus giving an example of how to judge. The Pharisees were hypocrites so they could not judge her. Jesus forgave her and also commanded her to stop in that sin.

            What he didn’t do was gives us a pass to commit adultery without consequences. He didn’t change the penalty for adultery either. He also made a great example on showing us how to judge people.

            Now the word does not contradict itself, and Jesus is the word made flesh. The word clearly tells us in Leviticus 20:10 that the sin of adultery carries the punishment of the death penalty. Which means the same today as it did 2000 years ago, nothing has changed and God did not rescind that penalty. What you need to be careful of is not to let pop culture distort the clear teaching of God’s word.

            The only reason adultery does not get you killed today is because we don’t have a righteous government to administer it.

            No where in the Bible does it say to council the pedophile, witness to the sodomite or pander to the perverts. Notice that God did not send the angels into Sodom to witness to the sodomites. They new the truth, rejected it, and received their punishment. End of story.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            John 8 set an example that execution of sexual offenders, like drug abusers, can be postponed indefinitely. It’s truly difficult to know who are the real criminal and the victim and if both are co-guilty. What if the woman lure the man and claim a rape? How can one know? The Old Testament is God’s sure standard – every sin leads to death, to eternal damnation even if committed in heart. Matthew 5.

            The New Testament era is time for God’s salvation and global evangelism (II Corinthians 6); that’s why certain crimes get more time for repentance than others. Human courts fail, but God does perfect justice. If the homosexuals did not touch the children or the weaker members by force – often they themselves were rape victims as children – they should be continued to get educated not to commit sins.

          • yabruf

            Not true. John 8 is an example of how not to judge hypocritically. It has absolutely nothing to do with the abolishing or ignoring of God’s perfect law.

            But lets say for sake of argument that you are right and we will just ignore the whole book of Leviticus and destroy every mention of the consequences of sexual depravity mentioned in the Bible. That all adulterers, pedophiles, sodomites, rapist and practitioners of bestiality get a pass to work out their depraved nature with the hope that one day they will come to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

            Mind you that the whole time they will be destroying society, abusing children, changing laws, perverting all forms of media, destroying Christians lives through wicked lawsuits, and infiltrating churches. Kinda like what is happening in America right now.

            Lets says that God’s law is as you say “postponed indefinitely” and we go on to live in complete and total sexual depravity. That to me sounds a lot like Sodom and Gomorrah……lol

            And if the New Testament is a new “era” as you claim, how do I know what laws to ignore and what laws to follow?? For example Leviticus 19:18 says thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. But one chapter later Leviticus 20:13 commands that the sodomite be put to death.

            So in this new “era” of yours which of the two commands I have listed above do I omit and which do I follow? Also who decides which one I should follow, popular culture? A corrupt government? Your emotions?

            I don’t think so! You see 2nd Timothy 3:16 says: All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

            My favorite word in that passage is “ALL”. It leaves no room for peoples opinion, emotions and definitely not our wicked popular culture.

            You may not have children but I do. If a sodomite were to rape and or kill a child what option do you think the parents of that child would prefer? Follow Gods perfect law and put the sodomite to death.

            Or take your suggestion and “continue to educated them not to commit sins.”????

            I propose that we “lean not unto thine own understanding” Proverbs 3:5, and follow Gods law. This ensures that the filthy sodomite never gets a chance to destroy society and continue to harm children.

            His holy word is straight forward and easy to understand. Its only when man starts to put a spin on it or add exceptions or ignore whole books of the Bible that it doesn’t make anymore sense.

          • Sharon_at_home

            “The word clearly tells us in Leviticus 20:10 that the sin of adultery
            carries the punishment of the death penalty. Which means the same today as it did 2000 years ago, nothing has changed and God did not rescind that penalty.”
            Unless you are not Hebrew* in which case Jesus told the Gentiles only
            2 commandments.
            Mark 12: 29-31
            “29 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
            30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
            31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these”.

            I was under the impression that the old laws were covered by Jesus’ blood, but I was also told once that the Hebrews were expected continue to follow the laws that didn’t include animal sacrifice. Either way, there are now 2 commandments. If you think the Lord did not take any penalties away, I don’t agree. It was taken away when Jesus died on the cross because if you follow the second commandment, you won’t commit adultery.
            Any comments or direction to scripture from the New Testament? I follow Jesus so I’m quite familiar with His Gospel. And I’m welcome to discuss Jesus anytime. God bless!

          • Sharon_at_home

            You are incredibly arrogant. And rude too. It isn’t necessary to be rude when you post no matter how you feel.
            Even God said that every sinner has a chance to turn to Jesus and receive Salvation before the end.
            “most of them are reprobate anyway” Did God tell you that Himself?
            He’s the only one that can see their hearts. So now you are making a decree about something that you have no right to. God won’t like that….
            You seem to forget that God is in control.
            If you keep acting like you think you know what God thinks and that you “know” what sinners can not be brought to Salvation, you will be joining the sinners in Hell.
            God is the ONLY one who decides who receives Salvation and who doesn’t. Not you, Not me, Not Grace. God.
            Isaiah 55:9
            “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
            If you’ll put away your arrogance, and are willing to have a discussion rather than throwing stones at each other. We like people who will discuss the article and things around them. But casting blame and stoning is not really a way to help a discussion go smoothly.

            A reasonable discussion can teach both sides a lot, and it’s not aiding and abetting a sinner so it’s obviously not a sin, because you aren’t spending time with them except to discuss various biblical topics.

            If you aren’t interested in discussion I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t think you have the slightest insight to God’s thoughts and insult some people on the board. Jesus told us to “treat people the way you want to be treated” and we prefer to have that when we discuss things here.
            I would never say you can’t say your opinion, but make sure that you have some control and not use insults to the person but only to the sin you are worked up about.

      • bowie1

        All should still pay education taxes but then designate it for the chosen school system. My parents grew up in the Netherlands where there was a choice in what kind of school they could attend be it Christian, Catholic, Jewish or Secular.

        • Colin Rafferty

          I would be all for that if the schools that received public funding also followed the same rules as public schools. But that’s not what they generally want here in the US.

          For example, public schools have to accept kids that might need an IEP, but private schools want to be able to refuse them. Public school teachers need to have appropriate training. Religious schools don’t.

          • Sharon_at_home

            An IEP can go either way for the children. An IEP in Canada for the Public School System can give the gifted their own programs as well as get personal assistance for each child who needs help with the regular programs. Someone sits in the room with them and helps them with what the teacher is talking about. Sometimes an assistant will be “split” over 2 students in the same class.
            The teachers suggest the students that need testing by how they are in classes up to grade 3. That’s when children’s IQ’s level out according to the psychologist who tested my 3 boys.
            The test is able to tell what children need help with a regular program or who needs more than what a regular program can give them. Kids in between can usually thrive in the what the regular programs deals with.

  • Amos Moses

    ‘2 + 2 = 4,’ Insists Closed-Minded Bigot
    MUNCIE, IN—In a mathematics lesson delivered to her kindergarten class Tuesday, local teacher and closed-minded bigot Becky Delatorre reportedly insisted that two plus two equals four, all the time, to the exclusion of all other numbers, no matter how anyone feels about it.

    Asking her class the question, “What does two plus two equal?” the intolerant zealot systematically denied the possibility that the answer could be anything but “four,” going so far as to single out the specific integers three and seven as “wrong” when mentioned by students as possible answers.

    • Trilemma

      Scandalous. Everyone knows 2 + 2 = 11.

  • Michael C

    I’m not Catholic but I didn’t think rosary beads were for wearing like jewelry.

    If it’s the school’s policy to prohibit wearing rosary beads (as it is in schools around the nation), why would anyone complain about one particular teacher who has enforced that policy?

    Is Liberty Counsel arguing that the school’s policy is wrong?

    • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You never saw nuns wearing rosary beads? How about Madonna?

    • Sharon_at_home

      I looked it up because I didn’t think they wore their rosary beads like necklaces too. They actually have a rosary bracelet and now a ring with raised dots to count the prayers.

    • Croquet_Player

      The wearing of rosary beads is a bit complicated, and it boils down to the intent of the wearer. They’re not meant to be treated simply as jewelry, for personal adornment. Some orders wear them attached to belts, as part of their habit (the official garments they wear). Obviously the Holy See would have strong objections to them being co-opted as gang symbols by lay people. It’s also important to note there’s a difference between a crucifix, which has the body on it, and a cross, which doesn’t.

  • SFBruce

    Liberty Counsel has zero credibility to me. They will take any case that pits conservative Christians against LGBT people, regardless of the likelihood of an outcome favorable to their side. They take cases they surely know are they are sure to loose, then use that loss to raise funds. There’s nothing here to suggest the teacher did anything but make her students aware of the fact that gay people exist, and they should receive the same respect as everyone else. All that said, teachers do have a responsibility to respect the values of all their students, even those whose beliefs are repellent. Getting the right balance is a huge challenge for public schools.

    • bowie1

      But it is a MATH class not political science. Only Math should be taught in a math class.

      • SFBruce

        The notion that all students deserve respect is appropriate in every class, including math.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So she’s pretending to be a Christian now?

  • Jason Todd

    Why am I not shocked? You can’t talk about Jesus or wear a cross in a public school classroom but you can teach homosexuality in it.

    And people wonder why homeschooling isn’t a fad.

    • Croquet_Player

      Students and teachers are free to wear crosses (or Stars of David, or any other religious symbol) as personal jewelry in public school classrooms. The school gets to determine how to define “jewelry”. For example, an ordinary necklace is fine, but you can’t turn up with a two foot long wooden cross hanging around your neck and call it jewelry, and that applies to both teachers and students.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      There is no school that forbids wearing of crosses by teachers. “Talking about Jesus” is a broad term; there are some things that are legal for teachers to say and some that aren’t, depending on whether they’re preaching.

      I’m not sure what “teaching homosexuality” is but it sounds like something that covers a broad range of topics also, some which are permissible some not, usually depending on the ages of the students.

  • yabruf

    The teacher is a self proclaimed sodomite end of story. Keep this pedophile away from the kids!

    • Ambulance Chaser

      You have no evidence to support the idea that she’s a pedophile.

    • Sharon_at_home

      I’m afraid she isn’t a ‘sodomite’ because she is a female. They cannot sodomize each other, they are incapable of it.
      This teacher is not promoting pedophilia, she is promoting safety for people who are different. like herself. She also promoted the acceptance of LGBT in a place where it is seriously needed to avoid it being the cause of problems. She wants us to accept that we should be tolerant of others who are different than you. It is totally up to you whether you view it as wrong, but they don’t want you to assert that view on other students within their school area. Which is no difference than treating immigrants with respect.
      She should not have been doing it in her math class, and they told her to remove them.
      She also has to be more careful in what she involves herself with regarding her own involvement with the LGBT movement.
      Although I have doubts about her honesty, I do not believe there is more to the teacher than her LGBT stance, which is who she is.

  • mzungu

    These organizations for the spiritually mentally ill admit their own sins when they admit that there are ‘straight’ people that need to be represented. Yet straight people are not represented they are shouted down and bullied. Why can’t teachers just teach? Is there something complicated about teaching? Oh I see. The public schools are the ‘churches’ for the damned to go and be missional.
    Fortunately I fired one straight arrow into the public school system and she helps balance the impact on our children.

    • Sharon_at_home

      I understand your frustration and I feel it too.
      They should just teach their subject and not promote their personal interests in the classroom.
      I am assuming you are an atheist?
      I agree that straight people can be bullied and shouted down.But I am also aware of people of the LGBT being similar to that towards anyone that says they shouldn’t be who they are. It is most often religious people, but it is also other men who are uncomfortable about the things that are private for the people they hate.
      There are lots of straight teachers but how would you know if they didn’t come out as an LGBT? You probably wouldn’t. Their teaching is unlikely to give you the confidence to say they are gay, because it would be equal to any other teacher.
      It’s not like they spread the way they live by contact you know. You wouldn’t know anyone is gay if they don’t want you to know. Your best friend could be and won’t come out to you just because he would know how you feel about them. But even if he came out to you, he’s still be the same person who is your best friend because the only thing that changed is that now you know how he has sex. As long as he doesn’t start making passes at you, what difference does that make. Sex is private anyway so it would be unlikely you’d have any other time that you are told once you know someone is out.

  • bowie1

    Maybe the teacher should just stick to mathematics and leave her advocacy at home.

  • Linda

    I am a Christian, but I would not allow my children to be taught by a homosexual teacher because as a teacher myself, I know how much influence they have over children. Think about it, a school teacher actually has more waking hours with children than their parents.

    • Bob Johnson

      What about Catholics because they believe in salvation by works and evolution and old earth creation? How about Mormons? How about women teaching your son?

      • Linda

        I believe Catholics, Mormons believe in a man marrying a woman, not another man. I am a woman and a former school teacher and have taught many boys, but I would have never used a bulletin board or anything else to promote my sexual preference like this woman. The bulletin board is for subject matter than is associated with the subject in which you were paid to teach.

        • Sharon_at_home

          Why would you say that about influence when talking about a teacher who happens to be gay?
          Did you grow up when it was still unusual for gays to come “out of the closet”? You were quite likely to be taught by a homosexual who never mentioned his private life. They are so obvious that you would recognize one just by looking at them or their actions. If they don’t have a reason to show their homosexual (another attractive man/woman?) they often won’t. Do you know why? Because people used to beat them to death when they found out. Even today Christians make these people afraid of other Christians when they act badly.
          Without knowing their preferred sexual interest, can you see that they are not different than you or I. The only difference is their sin. That’s it.
          Do you tell people who smoke they are going to hell? smoking is a sin.
          Do you tell people who use the Lord’s Name In Vain that they are going to Hell? It’s a really big sin. So why not? Why don’t Christians protest about smoking being a sin?
          Linda try to get rid of your idea of what a homosexual is and try to realize that homosexuals are people with the same desire to live without complications like having people refuse to serve them for their sin, without thinking about them as people.
          They are people first and sinners second, just as we are. Teach about Jesus’ love and His Salvation, and they will want to give up their sin for their love for Jesus. Otherwise you are not following Jesus by treating people the way you want to be treated. Would you want to be talked about like you were an awful person right in front of you, then be told they won’t serve you because of your sin ignoring that you are a person? That’s how homosexuals are treated! You may not always hear about it, but it happens more often than we can imagine.
          I want them to know Jesus because that is far more important in this day and time, than trashing people for their sins. If they come to Jesus they will convert if the Lord knows that in their heart they believe.
          ******* Can you honestly give me a reasonable answer that says why/how I’m wrong or even a scripture that tells me that Jesus wanted us to be hateful when we talk about someone’s sin? ******
          He told them about their sins in a lead up to telling them about His Salvation, because that was the best way to approach people who weren’t concerned about their sin. He never sounded like He hated them for being sinners. He told us not to treat others badly too.
          Today it’s better to encourage them to listen about Jesus, He knows who will believe and who won’t. They will want to give up their sins because of their love for Jesus, not because they fear hell (necessarily).