Georgia Woman Who Identified as Man Dies Following Surgery to Remove Uterus

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A Georgia woman who made headlines last year in her quest to have her middle name changed from female to male has died of sepsis after having a hysterectomy reportedly as part of a sex change operation.

Rebeccah Feldhaus, 25, who goes by the name “Rowan,” had the surgery to remove her uterus earlier this month, but was readmitted to the hospital with complications a short time later.

“[There were] complications post surgery … and it started snowballing from there,” Austin Atkins, a friend of Feldhaus, told WRDW/WAGT-TV. “Rowan knew the risks going into all of this and [she] was willing to accept the risks to do what [she] knew [she] wanted to do.”

Feldhaus went into septic shock and then lost oxygen to her brain. She was an Augusta University student, Army reservist and board member of the homosexual and transgender advocacy group Georgia Equality.

A report from the Augusta Chronicle states that Feldhaus also had the surgery to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that occurs in women due to elevated levels of male hormones. PCOS is often marked by infertility and excess facial and bodily hair.

As previously reported, Feldhaus first made headlines in March 2016 when Superior Court Judge J. David Roper denied her request to change her middle name from Elizabeth to Elijah.

“I don’t know anybody named Elijah who’s female,” Roper said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’m not going to do that. I’ve never heard of that. And I know who Elijah was—one of the greatest men that ever lived.”

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He also told Feldhaus that he felt the first name Rowan was gender-neutral enough, and that changing Feldhaus’ middle name might confuse those emergency personnel and others who need to know the woman’s actual gender.

Feldhaus supplied the court with confirmation from her therapist that she had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and that the name change was needed as a part of her treatment. She also advised that she was receiving testosterone shots as hormone therapy.

Roper advised that if Feldhaus chose a more gender-neutral name, it might be considered, but he “do[es] not approve of changing names from male to female—male names to obvious female names, and vice versa.” Feldhaus refused.

“I felt insulted and objectified to be told by the court that I would not be able to have the name that my family, my friends, and my co-workers all call me, based on sexist opinions about ‘appropriate’ names,” Feldhaus said in a statement released by Lambda Legal.

Feldhaus appealed the ruling to the Georgia Court of Appeals, which unanimously overturned Roper’s ruling in January.

A Harry Potter-themed “wand” ceremony is scheduled for Feldhaus on Monday at Augusta University’s Summerville campus. The event will be marked by the holding of “magical” wands and the donning of Harry Potter apparel.

Feldhaus had registered to be an organ donor prior to her death.

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  • It’s just sad all the way around. Praying for the family.

  • Amos Moses

    And now she KNOWS the truth and the error of her ways ………… 6,500 different genes determine which sex we are ……….. cutting up your body does not change that ….. may God/Christ have Mercy on her ……

    • You mean ‘he’ knows

      • Amos Moses

        no … a man does not have a uterus to remove ….. unless you meant “He” ………

        • Sorry. My bad. Don’t even know what the heck I was thinking. I was thinking you got it backwards but I got it backwards. Sorry about that.

          • Amos Moses

            kewl ………

          • I should have known my brother, Amos Moses, didn’t get it twisted. lol

          • Amos Moses

            hey … i miss lots of stuff …. but thnx ………. 😉

    • Seaside Delilah

      6500 genes? I need to study things like this because my family currently has a 17-year-old foster boy who is convinced he wants a sex change operation. Without coming right out and telling him how wrong that would be, I told him that it’s very likely that the problems he has are not about his gender at all but about the things that happened to him in his young life that led to him being put in foster care. Of course he’s absolutely convinced that he’s right. He tried to commit suicide over the weekend so I think it will be a long time before any doctor determines that he is mentally healthy enough to undergo such a drastic change. In the meantime, we are praying for the Holy Spirit to take hold in his heart.

      • Amos Moses

        The REAL difference between men and women: Researchers find 6,500 genes differ between the sexes
        4 May 2017 … Researchers at the Weizmann institute found 6500 genes that are … found that around 6,500 of these genes were expressed more in one sex, …

        • Seaside Delilah

          Thank you for the info. I’m going to further investigate.

      • I’m going to be praying for you that the Lord gives you the wisdom & words to share with this young man. That the veil be lifted from his eyes as you speak to him.

      • williaml

        He must understand that his problem is spiritual and not mental.

      • ppp777

        I wish you well .

    • Herbert Burton

      To late for God to have Mercy on her for as a tree falls so shall it lay.Very sad situation.Without Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior before we leave this life we are lost forever.

      • Amos Moses

        agreed …….

  • Hal Slusher

    Once again self-inficted death. Reality is a bitch

  • ppp777

    Welcome to hell woman .

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Immorality is suicidal. The West must not impose the transgender mental illness upon the poor nations. People have rights to life and to morality. The transgender practice is not only sinful but dowright anti-scientific.

    • Seaside Delilah

      Hello Grace-I don’t post many comments but I always look forward to reading yours.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Thank you so much. I actually wanted to draw political cartoons but don’t have time since I decorate the church walls and windows. Too much sorrowful tragedies for political cartoons to be drawn.

        • I would love to see some of your drawings sister if you ever get the time one day. Luv you

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Thank you very much for your kindness. The icon of my name – Ruth and Boaz – is drawn by me. ^ ^

          • Oh WOW!!! Great job!

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Thanks ;-P

        • ppp777

          Can’t argue with you there .

  • james blue

    May he rest in peace. My sympathies go to his loved ones.

    In life Rowan Elijah Feldhaus had his freedom and liberty violated by the religious and personal beliefs of a judge.

    • Not at all, James.

      Because of a mental illness being presented upon the world as normal, she is now dead — due to a botched surgery.

      ^ That’s the true violation.

      • james blue

        Didn’t say the judge caused his death, I said the judge violated his freedom and liberty.

        • ppp777

          She not he , get the basics right .

    • Nathan Manning

      I understand people just being nice to each other. We all like each other. But if there really is a God who is actually the Creator and in charge of everything, what right do we really think we have to do our own thing?? If God say’s what is to be done or there will be certain consequences, why even mess with it? It’s more than religion, we don’t want God to destroy us because of evil people. And I know you know deep down.

      • james blue

        Did you create an account just to reply to me?

        Religious liberty doesn’t mean forcing others to follow our faith.

        • Nathan Manning

          No. I just replied. I didn’t create an account that I’m aware of. I agree, you can’t force people, but if there is a true right and wrong, then nothing we say or do is going to change it. It’s in vain, so why not just do what’s right?

          • Jason Todd

            Because there are people who actually, truly believe that you, and you alone, should be able to decide what’s right and wrong.

          • Ed Roberts

            really…?? Then Why not also rise against unfair nature via sepsis took the life…???

            so “you” (or I) can decide right or wrong to kill myself, change myself or someone else, & further –> take their $$, or invade their home…. cause we are tooooooo hungry or poor… or upset that we think we are a girl or boy despite natures clear distinction???

            We can only decide to choose between, sometimes confused of the 2 — but we can not decide what is right or wrong…

          • ppp777

            Oh boy .

    • Amos Moses

      Confusion reigns …….. liberalism is a mental disorder ……..

      • james blue

        Good morning idiot

        • Amos Moses

          :_- (

    • Gwamma


    • ppp777

      She not he , it is that attitude that has landed her where she is now .

  • This is very, very sad to hear happen.

    And to add even more insult to this, this college campus is giving her a witchcraft-themed sendoff.

    …the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23), and sin is of no profit to a person (Job 37:2).

    • Cody Johnson

      The students are holding a Harry Potter themed celebration of his life because he was such a fan of the movies. It’s not a bad thing

  • yabruf

    A Harry Potter themed funeral? These people can’t get anymore pathetic.

    This is depressing, you ruin your life here on earth, in the short time that you have just to burn in Hell for eternity. Very sad.

  • Amos Moses

    Impromptu surgeon without medical training used Army surgical kit

    i am not going insane …. i am going sane in an insane world ………..

  • Gwamma

    The therapist should be hung by the toenails. To encourage mental illness is abuse, neglect and co dependency. Yes indeed, the inmates are running the asylum

  • mbabbitt

    Butchered by medical malpractice fed by psychiatric malpractice that cannot accept reality of biology. Delusions kill.

  • 1911a145acp

    So sad. So sad that he did not get the mental health care he needed. Doubly tragic that the medical community would allow this procedure KNOWING the unnecessary danger they put the patient in. Do thy patient no harm……

  • Sad but it was a completely unnecessary surgery that never should have been done. The way to help this woman was to deal with her irrationality, not mutilate her body.

    • Amen Larry

    • Ambulance Chaser

      And how would you do that?

      • Same way you would a mentally ill person who thought they were Napoleon, starting with not affirming their delusion.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          I didn’t ask what you wouldn’t do, I asked what you WOULD do.

          • Telling them the truth IS doing something. But to repeat what I said before get them psychiatric help, they’re delusional.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            Right, but what kind of psychiatric help? This is your theory, defend it.

          • Oh good grief. Stop being pedantic.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            I’m not being pedantic, I’m pointing out that you hold a position that you haven’t thought through. You believe that we should come up with some way to “cure” gender dysphoria through therapy, but you want someone else to do the hard work in figuring out how (or even if) this can be done.

            Well, the hard work already has been done, and the conclusions are that A) Gender dysphoria is biologically hard wired, B) cannot be undone, and C) that the best way to treat it is to transition the person’s gender to the one they present as. This is the position of ALL the major medical and psychological organizations in America, including the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Associaiton, the American Association of Pediatircs, and the American Psychological Association.

          • That a person with XX chromosomes and a vagina is a woman and a person with XY chromosomes and a penis is a man is not a theory, it is a fact. I don’t have to outline an entire course of treatment in order to know that and to know that a person who is a woman yet thinks they are a man is delusional in the same way a person who thinks they’re Napoleon is. There is zero objective medical evidence that “gender dysphoria”is biological. The notion that it is biological is the theory here and the burden of proof is on those who claim that it is – a burden that has not been met.

            Besides, I thought gender was a social construct? Either it’s a social construct or it is biologically determined. It can’t be both. And, if it is biological, why does some undetermined and untestable component in the brain trump anatomy and chromosomal structure? Again, the burden of proof is on you.

            And no, all psychiatrists and psychologist do not agree with what you say. Some of the most prominent, in fact, disagree vehemently, among them Dr. Paul McHugh, member of the National Academy of Science and practicing psychiatrist for 50 years who says:

            “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is a civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

          • Bull squat.

          • AC is a troll.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            The definition of a “troll” is not “someone who points out facts that I’d rather not concern myself with.”

          • Not a theory, a fact. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            On what page of the DSM V would I find it?

          • ppp777


          • I see you’re mentally ill too.

          • ppp777

            Hmm, the irony of that statement .

          • No irony, you are indeed mentally ill, as you did not understand my initial comment.

          • ppp777

            I understood it only to well , a reprobate like you would not .

          • No, you are incapable of thinking. Lefttards are mentally deficient.

          • ppp777

            Like I said , what’s that twenty first century term ? — yeah lol and I mean lol

          • Hi ppp777. I think you guys (ppp777 and Midlandr) misunderstood each other. It seems you’re both Christian and may have misunderstood the other’s initial comment to the other.

          • Hi Midlandr. I think you guys (ppp777 and Midlandr) misunderstood each other. It seems you’re both Christian and may have misunderstood the other’s initial comment to the other.

          • I understand him correctly, he has always misunderstood me. Which makes him deficient.

          • I agree, however, ppp777 clearly misunderstood first with his “crap” comment about GD being a mental illness (if he intended agreement, he failed to communicate it in that fashion). I only assumed him to be a lefttard after reviewing his background, as his continued comments indicated to me he could be a troll. Indeed, my first reaction was positive, but his comments reveal a lack of understanding. For my lack of discernment, I do apologize.

          • I understand. And, there’s no need to apologize to me :). I’ve been there before. I only said something because I noticed a misunderstanding between two brethren and wanted to seek peace. I’m sure you guys can work it out. Please excuse my intrusion. You both appear to be people who love God and seek to share Jesus Christ with the lost. Thank you for doing that!

          • Irrelevant question. Go play with the ambulance.

    • ppp777

      A lot of people will have to answer for this .

  • Reed Bob Karen

    So sad — trying to change what God has made you will always have tragic consequences.

  • Cody Johnson

    If it isn’t already heartbreaking enough to lose such a dear personal friend, brother, and son, it’s devastating to read some of the horrible comments that people leave. I beg of you all to remember that this young man is gone—his family and friends are grieving, yet brash apathetic comments are being left on articles relating to him or are being thrown their way in person. Rowan was a very unique young man who made an incredible change in this this oh-so prejudice world, and he gave a voice to those who were too afraid to use their own. Everyone says that being transgender is a mental illness, but I truly do not believe that. Perhaps if more people took the time to overlook their own bias and educate themselves they would treat others better. This is not a mental health disorder. The stress and overwhelming emotions that many people who identify as transgender feel generally stem from the stigmatization and rejection from society, and actually being transgender in and of itself is not a mental health disorder, nor does it arise as the result of one.

    Using your religion to denounce someone’s life or to say that they’re going to Hell isn’t okay. The God I serve does not give me the ability to pass judgement upon others, but instead urges me and my fellow Christians to show love to all, despite what they may believe, who they may be, or what they have done. My God also doesn’t allow me to predestine others, for that is His duty and His alone. Whatever happened to trying to be kind to all? To pass someone off as simply having a mental illness because of their choice in life—their free will—isn’t right. Since when do we have the right to pass judgement? God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do you have to judge your neighbor?

    Rowan was a very beloved young man who made a great impact on so many people’s lives. It’s suiting that the students, his friends, had a Harry Potter themed celebration of his life, as he was such a fan of the movies. Being there and seeing so many of the people who loved him was such a comfort in this trying time. He had a lovely way about him and went out of his way to make sure that the people he knew were happy and enjoying their lives. He was such a genuinely kind person, and it truly hurts more that I can ever explain to know that he’s gone. Rest in peace man—I love you.

  • He was nuts, now she is dead nuts. A shame.

  • williaml

    I hope she is happy where she is now