Public Libraries Hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Children

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — “Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?” That’s the question a man dressed as a woman recently asked children attending “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) at a public library in New York.

Since last fall, the Brooklyn Public Library in Park Slope has been offering the storytime for children, bringing in various drag queens to read children’s books about homosexuality, gender identity and “non-conformity,” and “general youth discomfort.”

It’s one of several cities across the country—including San Francisco and Los Angeles—who have signed on to the program, created by Michelle Tea of Radar Productions.

“DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” the website for the effort reads.

Last Saturday, a man who dresses as a woman and identifies as “Lil Hot Mess” appeared at the Brooklyn Public Library in a silver sequin dress smathered with rainbow stickers. He read the book “Worm Loves Worm”—a story about “marriage equality”—to the group of children and their parents.

Following the reading, he led the children in a song and dance, singing, “The hips on the drag queen go swish, swish, swish” and “The heels on the drag queen go higher, higher.”

Kate Savage, a representative at the library, praised the event as being “fantastic.”

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“[I]t addresses all of these issues of gender fluidity and self-acceptance and all these topics that are real,” she told the Associated Press.

However, the idea has also been met with concern and dismay.

“It’s not getting pushed on children, they said. Now they’ve got drag queens asking them directly, ‘Who wants to be a drag queen when you grow up?’ Indoctrination is never cool,” one commenter wrote.

“Why on earth would you expose impressionable minds to someone who is obviously mentally confused?” another asked. “We should be reinforcing gender identity and not adding to the chaos of this very mixed-up world. You are either born male or female; there is no gray area.”

“You have got to be kidding me. You can’t talk about Jesus, but you can teach from the Koran and now this garbage, which a majority of American families are against!” a third wrote.

In addition to the Park Slope location, the event has been held at the Aguilar Branch Library, the New York Public Library, the Tompkins Square Library, and the Hudson Park Library in the city, as well as the Humboldt County Library in Eureka, California.

In San Francisco, the program is part of a wider effort called “Queering the Castro,” according to the San Francisco Gate.

“The Castro is predominantly a white gay men’s space now,” Radar Executive Director Delgado Lopera told the outlet. “This project is about taking back the radically queer roots of the neighborhood. With art and literature, we’re doing a series of interventions and bringing in other queer folks into that space.”

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  • Amos Moses

    /SMH …. indoctrination ….. child abuse ….. pedophilia …… /SMH ………….

    • Jerry Boyer

      Wait…you just explained church. Literally….you just explained C.H.U.R.C.H.

      • Sharon_at_home

        Not all churches thank you. Pentecostals may have the odd one who isn’t rational in that way, but the whole religion is about the Love of Jesus and being good to each other so, yeah, our church treats everyone well.
        So don’t say it like it is all churches that fit that description, please!
        Thanks you! Have a good day.

        • Char Fox


          Pentecostal here. 😉 Actually I think I’m a cross between Baptist and Pentecostal. I’m bapticostal.

          • Sharon_at_home

            LOL I love it!! Bapticostal is a fantastic word!
            Yes Baptist and Pentecostal are very much the same, but still have various differences. The biggest view that is the same is that the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Do they also believe that only the Word of God is truth? My Pastor has said that if it isn’t in the scriptures it isn’t God’s Truth.
            I’m glad to meet you! I look forward to discussions with you.
            God bless you and keep you!

          • Char Fox

            I can’t take credit, my Pastor has used the term. He also talks about loud worship as in the Hebrew “SHABACH”, which means, “to shout, to address in a loud tone, to command, to triumph.”

        • Jerry Boyer

          You are blinded by your faith. Perhaps not every single church individually, but as a whole I am spot on target.

          The indoctrination is abuse. Period. Teaching a child that a jealous, vengeful God has condemned them before they were even born, to eternal death in the fires of hell is psychological abuse. Add to that the ludicrous idea that they are flawed and therefore must turn to that very same God for salvation, and that’s pretty much a textbook definition of psychological abuse. Just because you do it in the name of religion doesn’t take away from what it is.

          I lived with, and witnessed first hand quite a bit of physical abuse. From spanking to extremist zealots that carry that way too far. So there’s physical abuse too.

          If you don’t know that pedophilia is a widespread occurrence in religious settings, then you are living a way too sheltered life. Daily, there are headlines from around the nation where clergy are convicted of sexually abusing children. And that’s just the clergy. Youth pastors, deacons, and just members of the congregation are doing this as well. Sexual abuse of children happens in all parts of society, even churches. Even loving churches that treat everyone well.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I’m very sorry you have had a hard life, but that is no reason to blast me about my faith.
            “The indoctrination is abuse. Period. Teaching a child that a jealous,
            vengeful God has condemned them before they were even born, to eternal
            death in the fires of hell is psychological abuse. Add to that the
            ludicrous idea that they are flawed and therefore must turn to that very
            same God for salvation, and that’s pretty much a textbook definition of
            psychological abuse. Just because you do it in the name of religion
            doesn’t take away from what it is.”
            Did you ever think maybe other churches do not teach things like that? Like I said our church is focused on the positive not the negative. We do not frighten our children or tell them – or anyone else for that matter – that they are going to hell. The classes they have are made for the ages of the children as to what is appropriate for them, just like schools do.
            My church is very different that the other churches. We don’t teach our children anything like what you said. Our church is about the love of Jesus not the negative things, but the positive things. There is never a time that the children are left with anyone except people of our church we know. Too many people are around even if someone did want to try anything.
            Our church does not punish the children, they leave it up to the parents who are also members of our church, but there is rarely a need. We use time out for any child who is having a bad day if they are disrupting the class.
            My husband was also abused – by priests – not sexually, but physically. I am not sheltered, but I don’t believe it is as common as you say it is. There is too vast numbers of churches and I doubt the majority have abuse within them. By the way, have you gone to court with the other abused children of that faith. There are a number of class action suits that you could join if that is what will make you feel like you have a little justice for what happened.
            If you are talking about the abuse in the Catholic Church, don’t blame other churches for what they have done. I have been reading the news daily for years and although I’ve seen some articles of other religions having abuse, there is no where near the number of articles I’ve read about the Catholics.
            It can’t happen in our church, and I’ll tell you why. There is never a reason why a child would be alone with one person in our church, unless it is a parent of that child. There is no opportunity for that.
            As for teaching the bible to children, I’m sorry, but that is not your business unless it is your child because the children in our church love the time they spend in the church and are not forced to learn scriptures or anything else that can be left until they are older and can manage things like that better. There is not one child in our church that resists what they are taught. NOT ONE. Teenagers that have been brought up in the church are still coming after they are old enough to decide for themselves. Do you think they’d stay if there was any kind of abuse?
            I’m really sorry about the abuse you had, and the abuse the children of abuse everywhere, but you can’t say all churches are the same because the fact of the matter is that they are not. If you want to complain about the treatment you received, fine, but don’t act like you personally know what EVERY church is like, because you are not able to.
            And by the way, don’t tell me I’m blinded by my faith. You don’t even know me, you have no idea what I am like, what I do, or how I feel, so don’t make assumptions about me or anyone else just because we are faithful and you are not.
            You have the right to feel and believe the way you do, and we have the right to believe in God, whether you like it or not. Try treating people with more respect and you will find there is a big difference how others will discuss things with you. If you are rude, others will treat you rudely back here. If you are respectful, they will at least try to discuss it with you just as respectfully.
            It sounds like you need a therapist to get over the abuse you have had to endure. Get help and deal with your past so you can move on and live a life that is better.
            Good luck!

          • Char Fox

            God doesn’t want anyone in hell, He wants us to be in communion with Him. Our sin broke that and God’s very nature won’t have Him look upon sin. He loves us so much that He had his son be a sacrifice.

            And He doesn’t condemn children as they’re too young to understand.

            People still sin but we have Christ as as advocate. We need to be led by the Spirit but sometimes the flesh interfers.

            I’m sorry for the abuse you endured, but if you were taught enough, you should know these things happen, there will be trials. It’s up to us to decide what we do with them.

      • wandakate

        And which church is that? Indoctrination, child abuse, pedophilia, sounds like the HRCC to me.

        • Jerry Boyer

          You display your hatred and ignorance with a dash of classlessness. Daily, you can find stories from around the nation where children were sexually abused by their pastors, youth pastors, deacons, and “God fearing” members of the congregation. So pick a church, probably ANY church.

          And I guess I have to assume you were trying to be humorous by bringing Hillary into the conversation? Or I’m left thinking that you are stupid enough to have fallen for the bullshit stories of sexual abuse happening in the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn’t even have a basement. Surely you wouldn’t have believed that bit of fake “news” that was designed to fool simpletons. Would you? Are you that simple?

      • Char Fox

        2 Timothy 3

        3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

        5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

        Many Christians fall under verse 5. The church is the body of Christ, not a building full of Godless people.

      • ChristianNightmare

        LOL so true 😀

  • Vince

    The warped and vulgar take pleasure in corrupting the innocent.

    • wandakate

      The blind lead the blind, and both fall into the ditch…Corrupt, vile, lost people don’t know how to behave any other way.

  • cadcoke5

    Jesus had something to say about misleading the little ones. It does not look good for the one doing the misleading. See Matt 18:6.

    • wandakate

      The Bible also tells us that these sexually immoral souls (people) will NOT enter into the Kingdom of GOD. GOD said it was sin. Our world is very deceived. Our laws may approve and even accept this type of abnormal behavior, but JESUS does NOT accept it. They must confess and repent of their sins and then they must forsake them if they claim to ever be Christians or to go into heaven when their times comes. JESUS said, “I am the way the truth and the life, and no man will come to the FATHER but by me.” Trying to do it our way and bypass JESUS won’t ever work.

      • Russ Smith

        The Lie-ble also says to murder children who misbehave, so, kinda moot.
        (Also, your god isn’t real, Jeebus never existed, there’s no such thing as a “soul”, heaven is an abstract concept, not a place, and “sin” isn’t a thing.)

        • Sharon_at_home

          That’s Your opinion, just as it is ours that there is a God.
          We are both allowed to have different opinions! Isn’t that Great!

          I’ve never heard Jesus talk about murdering children at all, and actually He said if anyone hurt a child He will not have mercy with that person (unless he repents) He was about our loving each other not about punishment of our sins, although he still stressed the need for repentance.
          So you don’t believe in right and wrong? Sin is about religion, but it is also used :”to offend against a principle, standard, etc.” and that is not in reference to a religion, made obvious by the fact that all the ones that were religious were stated as such but this did not.
          Therefore you are mistaken, because when someone goes against the principles of society they are sinning. Think about the phrase “Oh isn’t that a sin” when people do something wrong that affects a lot of people, like litter on the beaches.
          I appreciate that you don’t believe in God etc. but this is a Christian comment board and I don’t know why you are here.
          If you don’t believe in Jesus – why do you call him by the wrong name. How does that make any sense at all? I don’t believe in Russ, so I think I’ll call him Rust? like just a bit childish don’t you think?
          Please show more respect for the other people including your fellow atheists.

          • wandakate

            Atheist are lost. Satan has blinded them to the truth of GOD’s word. They believe in man’s laws and in self, nature etc. It harder to not believe than it is to actually believe. Remember not everybody is going to make it into the coming Kingdom of GOD on earth. The scriptures tell us that many will fall by the wayside. When JESUS returns they will mock Him and curse Him and be very mad at His return. We know this is coming so we can expect it.
            The way that people are today is described in the Bible. How they will be lovers of self, proud, full of pride, unthankful, ungrateful, disobedient to parents, boastful and always bragging on themselves etc.
            Aren’t we seeing that today? I certainly do see how the bible is being fulfilled daily.
            The only thing we can do for people like this is asked GOD to help them and for them to open up their hearts and minds to Him.
            He’s on this site b/c He enjoys bashing Christians and JESUS. He likes to scoff and mock and put down anything GODLY…His day will come. The LORD said, “Vengeance is mine, I shall repay”. What goes around will come around. They seal their own fate. They make their own ungodly decisions…

          • Sharon_at_home

            Not all atheists are “lost” and there is always a chance that somebody / something will cause them to change their minds. We are still supposed to try no matter what we believe about the persons past chances at Salvation. One person telling about Salvation can use a different way to say the same thing, and help them to turn to Jesus because of the way they were told the last time.
            Atheists can be exactly like us but not believe in God. You may know one that has never spoken about it, but because they show the manners and belief in the same morals, and are polite and respectful too. You may never realize that they are not Christian.
            Not everyone who is an unbeliever is evil and disgusting wandakate, I didn’t believe until I was over 50 but I have never ever been evil and disgusting in the way I behaved before I knew about Jesus’ Love and Salvation. I’ve always been pretty well the same as I am now that I am following Jesus. I think I have changed more on the inside than in my behaviour.
            I wasn’t an atheist because I did believe in God, I just knew nothing else about the bible.

          • wandakate

            You are absolutely right, I do agree now that I’ve give that more thought, so sorry! The ones I have met seem to be like that, but I am sure there are many who are not, and hopefully someone will reach them with a measure of truth.

          • wandakate

            By the way did you get the comment/post where I had told you that I am NOT Catholic? I wrote a long comments about that and some things that they believe that aren’t right, however the server wouldn’t let it send for some reason.

          • Sharon_at_home

            No i did not. I will look for it but I am pretty sure I went through all the recent replies today.
            I have had the same problem with some of my replies too. Something about not posting something new to comments that have been I don’t remember the wording, but basically it made it sound like the comment I made was from an article that had been closed for comments.
            I found that if I went into see the comments on the board rather than in the replies that I could post to them. I copied and pasted my reply from my reply page into the comment board itself.
            And thank you for being honest about the mistake you made in the comment below this one. Some won’t admit to mistakes, and it is good to know you have the courage to. Kudos to you!
            Can you post the comment again? I didn’t see it and it sounds like I can’t go looking for it since it was not able to be posted. I’d love to see it, and to know what religion you are if you are not Catholic… Anglican maybe?
            God bless and thank you again for your input. I look forward to your other post!

        • wandakate

          Somewhere along life’s journey you got lost. You started out on that wide road and you’ll still there. You are blinded by satan and his evil. You haven’t seen the light of the gospel yet.
          It’s not lie-ble it BIBLE, and it’s not Jeebus but JESUS (the English word), but His read name was YESHUA. We are a soul. A soul is considered a human, a person, a being. We have a spirit within us, and when we die that spirit leaves our body and goes back to GOD.
          The only reason that you’re breathing is b/c of GOD who allows you to have life. You are only one breath, one heartbeat away from your eternity…Please for your own sake reconsider how you are speaking and thinking.

        • Char Fox

          “The Lie-ble also says to murder children who misbehave, so, kinda moot.”

          Never does. Says to spare the rod is to spoil the child.

          “(Also, your god isn’t real, Jeebus never existed,”

          There’s scientific evidence that someone like Jesus likely walked the earth, and several eye witness accounts in the Bible, that some who examine the veracity of varying stories, say that having differences in several accounts actually show it’s true since they wouldn’t be exact unless rehearsed.

          “there’s no such thing as a “soul”, heaven is an abstract concept,”

          Many who have died and been brought back would disagree.

          “sin” isn’t a thing.)”

          So then you’re saying murder is ok?

          • Laurel Crooks

            The bible was written hundreds of years after the supposed events. So, eyewitness accounts? Don’t think so.

          • Char Fox

            Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all witnessed Christ’s death and resurrection and told of these events. Those manuscripts became a part of the Bible as we know it.

    • wandakate

      That misleading would apply to writers of children’s books. They lead them astray and cause them harm in the long run.
      Many parents were excited when that series of Harry Potter books were out years ago when my grandson was 8-9-and 10 yrs. old. Lots of parents and grandparents bought them for the children b/c at least they were interested and at least they would read.
      That was a big mistake. Parents are responsible and should be more cautious about the material that their children are subjected to. A mind is a precious thing to waste.
      They just wanted them to put their noses into a book and read, but were for the most part unaware of the content of that series of books which were all about wizards, magic, spells, incantations, voodoo, and even lying and cheating. Oh my, not a good thing for children to be dabbing in, and even the Bible has warnings in it about magic arts…Caution was in order, red flags were up and everywhere, but parents didn’t seem to notice them!!!

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention…

  • rsheat

    The people who let this go on should be flogged. Sickening, nothing but child abuse.

    • Laurel Crooks

      How is it child abuse? Some kids need to know there’s others out there like them.

      • rsheat

        You need to be flogged. Sickening.

        • Laurel Crooks

          I might enjoy that.

          • rsheat

            I am sure. You are part of the rot going on.

    • ChristianNightmare

      See, Christianity is a religion of violence. Also advocating violence is banned in this comments section. Flagged.

      • Char Fox

        Saying Christianity is a violent religion is the same as saying the Democratic party is a violent organization. Many are rioting over Trump, but many of them disapprove of such behavior. Many Christians disapprove of violent behavior.

      • rsheat

        Flag all you want. There is nothing worse than a offended pervert.

  • Char Fox

    Why do the parents take their impressionable children to this? This country needs serious prayer.

    • wandakate

      Apparently b/c the parents are very messed up themselves. They’re lost and don’t know what they’re doing. Satan has blinded them to the truth of anything good, and wholesome.

    • Chet

      And national repentance IAW II Chronicles 7:14, Holy Bible… No help otherwise.

  • sammy13

    “unabashedly queer”

    How appropriate. And disgusting. No respect when in the womb and none when out of the womb. Libraries are for learning not corrupting.

    • summergirl27

      The government runs the libraries…..They are censoring good book, and promoting pornography!

      • wandakate

        I remember when the libraries had ALL of the Harry Potter series. Parents just wanted their children to read and didn’t seem to care what they were reading as long as they were reading. They didn’t realize what they were putting into those innocent minds that would corrupt them later on.
        Thoughts of lying, magic, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft, incantations etc. The Bible tells us that people who practice fortune telling and magic arts won’t enter into the kingdom of GOD. It also told us not to put tattoos on our bodies.

        • yabruf

          People like to conveniently ignore that for the sake of entertainment.

          • wandakate

            Probably true, and the world is getting crazier and crazier as time moves on. Most people have absolutely no common sense whatsoever. What people put into their minds is very important. Parents should be responsible for their little ones and not let them read or see things that have the potential to damage them in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

          • Sharon_at_home

            How on earth can you generalize like that? “Most people have absolutely no common sense whatsoever” Do you travel internationally? Or do you travel a lot within the States? There are FAR too many people on the earth that you have never heard anything about to be able to generalize like that.
            Harry Potter and books like that are Fiction, nobody believes they are real, and it’s kids imagination (a really good thing!) that allows them to pretend that it is real. No different than a young girl pretending to be Cinderella.
            I feel sorry for your kids if they are never allowed to read a book that is fiction and use their imagination to pretend they are in the books themselves.

          • wandakate

            Do you have any idea what Bill Gates said? We “must” depopulate the earth (why would he want to do that)? Henry Kissinger (former secretary of state), said that there are many who are just dumb useless eaters.
            I only said that “most” have no common sense. I did not say ALL, just “most”. They are intelligent, they have college degrees etc. but that’s different from common sense Sharon.
            Without being rude or disrespectful it seems that you are very nic-picky. You are always specifying this or that… speak/write in general terms, not always specific.
            I have traveled in the United States to 30 or more states during my lifetime, from California to Florida, to upstate New York to Texas, Missouri and in between as well as to Canada, Mexico and 3 islands in Hawaii. I had a son in law that was a Captain in the Army, and the young man had no common sense…even though he had been to Ranger’s school and was an officer (college degree).
            As for Harry Potter, do you know anything about those books? Have you ever read even one of them.
            My oldest grandson had the entire series by J.K. Rowling. Are you aware she was a high ranking witch at one time? Anyway, his other grandmother bought them for him and read them to him at bedtime when he stayed over with her.
            They contain ways to lie, as well as magic, voodoo, spells, incantations, witchcraft and all about evil spirits among other things totally NOT suitable for young children to hear, read or know anything about. You thought it was a good idea for them to know that those stories aren’t real and nice if they pretend. I am a retired elementary teacher and I realize that children do NOT know the difference between real and not real at any given point. The Bible even speaks of the age of accountability, which is generally speaking (not specifically) around the age of 12.
            Many children want to live out what they see and read and many of them do, or later in life they wound up in trouble b/c of the wrong reading material at young ages.

            Apparently you and I aren’t on the same page here! I would NEVER have bought them for him, much less allowed him to read about all of those things that the Bible warns about and even forbids, magic arts, tattoos, evil spirits, black magic, spells etc. It’s written in scripture where people who perform magic arts will NOT enter the kingdom of GOD…Were you not aware of all of that or what?
            So, I totally disagree that those books and others like them were ever good for any child’s imagination!!! I actually don’t think that JESUS would approve either, or would ever read anything like that, b/c He knew the dangers…Wisdom comes from above.

          • Sharon_at_home

            My sons read them and got over it and went on with their lives. No changes, no problems knowing they were fiction and not real. Just like when they liked Star Trek and pretended to be officers in that show, they got over it and went on with their lives with the values that I taught them. So why would all the other children not be able to do that?

            The story of your life sounded like you were trying to make it like you are better than I because of your travels.

            Well, you know what? I’ve traveled all over the USA too, but obviously I didn’t look around with the same eyes you had.

            You are pointing out things in the world, and I stay out of it and only keep my mind on Jesus. I’m not of this world, and I am able to ignore what the media says that doesn’t make a difference to my life. For one thing, I’m Canadian. for another I trust God to take care of me, and protect me from the evils that could come of being in that world.

            I also leave judgement and punishment to God. Those things are not something he told us to do because he is the only one who can see a person’s heart. I judge only to discern whether a person is likely to listen to my about the gospel. I do not consider anyone to be bad because Jesus wants repentance from everyone and considering we all sin, why should I treat anyone without the respect that should be given to people? Should Christians treat me badly because I am a sinner? Or should I treat you badly because you are a sinner. Jesus never wanted us to hate anyone. It’s kind of like the saying “hate the sin, love the sinner” except too often Christians don’t put the love in their voice when they are telling the person about their sin. It makes it sound like it’s the person they hate, not the sin. I have seen it on here over and over again.

            I am not a Christian like the ones you see in the media in any way, but people seem to treat me like I am like them. Why should I accept that, when they are wrong about how to treat the sinners, and that is why people either hate Christians, or fear them for how they are treated by them.

            TBH I am glad I am not like those Christians because I don’t like how they act towards others.

            As far as kids go, I totally disagree with you about children and reality vs pretend. I worked with kids from Junior kindergarten to grade 4 and I did not see any evidence of what you said. None. They can grasp a lot more than most adults give them credit for. Another thing I know about the children is that their IQs all even out around grade 3-4.that is when psychologists test the brighter students to see if they are gifted. All 3 of my children were gifted so I know a lot about things in relations to all children too.

            Even kids in kindergarten are able to point out something that is real and something that is pretend. I don’t know why the children you taught were so different than the ones in the schools I worked in.
            You believe the way you want to believe and I will the way I want to. as long as we are both going about our duty to God, it’s not up to us to do anything but that IMO.

            Wandakate, I enjoyed our discussions but I do find it troubling to find that you can’t open your mind to what I say because for you, everything is about the sin, and to me everything is about Jesus’ love.

            God bless and have a good night.

  • June Bennett


    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Yes, Jesus cursed child-abusers. The parents are guiltier.

      • Sharon_at_home

        The parents are right there with their children so they can teach them what they believe after the story hour. I always made sure they really understood things that were ‘adult’ things that they had heard about and questioned. If a parent is involved in the child’s life and show love and care for their children, they are good parents no matter what you believe because you don’t know them in any way shape or form.
        Stop being so judgmental and look at your own sins and not other people’s supposed sin.

        • Grace Kim Kwon

          You’ve been being judgmental of me. These parents are horrible. Children should learn God’s truth and morality, not destructive immorality like this. Maybe they are not real parents but patched ones.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I’ve been telling you what you are doing that is wrong, that’s judging your actions and words not you as a person.
            I’ve also been trying to teach you a better way to express yourself without making it sound like everyone is like you say.
            What if they took their children there to see it, and took them home to explain that it is a sin to them. Would that make it any better, since the parents are right there with them?
            Umm can you please explain the last line of your comment?
            “Maybe they are not real parents but patched ones.” I don’t understand what ‘patch’ parents means.
            If you don’t mind of course.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You are wrong. It’s ethically wrong and altogether wrong in every way to expose a child to homosexuality or any sexual depravity. Those parents in video are either stupid or evil or both. Or they are bribed. People do anything for money and gains nowadays. “Patched parent/s” means any guardian/s that is not biological-father-and-mother unit. Single biological parent raising his or her own children (without dating another or re-marriage etc.) does not apply.

          • Sharon_at_home

            How can you keep a thing like homosexuality away from a child when they will see them for themselves? We should teach them about it before they are exposed to it or they actually might listen to them!
            Thanks for the explanation about your last line of the comment. I appreciate your telling me about it. I think what you mean by it is what we call adoption or fostering. It’s done with children that have no family of their own, so they can have the love and caring of a set of ‘parents’ as they should.
            Thanks again!

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Innocence is children’s rights and morality must be taught to children by the decent adults. We know what the children raised in Sodom tend to do and what happened to the Nazi Youth. We must do our best to evangelize mankind and teach them God’s way even to protect children.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I agree with protecting children Grace, but I think that they must face the fact that they exist before they go into the world on their own. Teach them about sin, teach them about Jesus’ Love and Salvation by repentance. But don’t hide something that is going to exist whether we of faith like it or not.
            I do agree that people are taking children’s innocence away by making them behave older than they are and not giving children a chance to enjoy childhood by pushing so many things that I don’t think they need at such an early age.
            But I also think that once they are in school they have to be aware of the sins of the world or they will fall from their faith. Teaching them that they should be aware of sin so they are able to not follow the sin is important to the children to be able to cope in the world that is so hard to live in for us as adults because of the sin. Should we hide the awful things going on in the world so they can be innocent beyond their own little world? Or should we teach them so they are prepared to meet the people who sin without fear of them slipping in their faith.
            The way the world is, is not going to change. God said it in His Word. So teaching the children about the sin in the world is not a bad thing. If they are in their world, they have to be able to keep their faith with all the forces that come at us to try to end our faith.
            I wish with all my heart that the world wasn’t such an awful place Grace, as I know you do too. But pretending it isn’t like it is, is not going to help the children understand what sin is in the world, and keep their faith intact. Sometimes it’s hard for adults to keep their faith in this world. How can you expect children to keep the faith they are taught when they are unprepared about what they will encounter?
            I hope this explains it clearly enough but I really don’t expect you to agree.

          • Bob Johnson

            And while you read Grace’s comment, below, you may come to realize why for me keeping Torquemada’s Law and Steven Weinberg’s quote in my thoughts.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I do understand why you keep those things in your thoughts. (I had to
            look up the Torquemada’s Law. Not much showing on Google, but there was
            one with the idea spelt out clearly).
            I don’t like to think I ever try to insist on my way or the highway. I try to get them to see what Jesus said in the bible as important.
            If I have been over-bearing rather than trying to help them change to what the bible says, I apologize to whomever I was like that to.
            I have no problem with someone who does not believe like I do, but I do try to help them understand why I believe the way I do. It’s all I can do really. I can’t force anyone to agree with my point but I can try.
            Grace is very strong in her faith and in what she believes to be the truth, as well as rather closed minded to what others say if it’s not in line with her beliefs. I can only try to help her open her mind to other ways of seeing the same things.
            I try to understand why they seem to think their belief is right. But it all comes back to my belief that Jesus wanted us to love each other. That is the element IMO that is missing from what they understand about the Gospel. They focus more on the sin, than on the people and that does not truly show love. They can say it is about the love that they tell them about their sins, but I can’t see that love in what they say. If I can’t see the love, how would anyone else?
            Thanks for the new info (about the Law) I didn’t know that behaviour had been given a name LOL!
            Take care Bob, and Keep smiling!

  • Becky

    Homosexuality is a religion to these people and they’re spreading it like a disease, yet there’s no threat letter to the school from the heathens FFRF…hmm.

    • Michael Keeys

      But it’s ok for you to spread your hate?

      • yabruf

        The hating of pedophiles and the corruption of small children? You bet!
        Spread that hate far and wide!

        • Ambulance Chaser

          Okay but no one is doing that.

          • Char Fox

            Actually they are, as far as corrupting small children. They are even slowly introducing this to schools, basically forcing children to question their sexual identity where they may not have otherwise.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            That’s not how being gay works. There is nothing you can do to cause or prevent anyone from being gay. Gay people come from the most rabidly anti-gay parents that have ever lived. Gay parents have straight children. There is nothing that introducing children to gay people can do to help or hinder those children from being gay.

          • Char Fox

            You can make yourself believe that but it’s not true.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            I look forward to reading your scientific evidence. Because I have plenty saying otherwise.

          • Char Fox

            Mine is eyewitness evidence. You can cause children to question their identity by exposure to a choice of an alternative lifestyle, something they may never have questioned if not for it being brought to their attention.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            “Mine is eyewitness evidence.”

            What does that mean? How do you quantify it? What was your control group? What was your testing methodology?

          • Char Fox

            Seeing children who didn’t question their identity begin to question it after bein regularly exposed to homosexuality. You don’t need to have a control group. You said gays don’t do this. Apparently some do.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            OK, so you have no evidence. Got it.

          • Char Fox

            Saying something doesn’t make it true. You might wanna get new glasses

          • mikegillespie

            No such thing as “gay parents.” Two men can’t make a baby. You are ignorant and backward.

          • Char Fox

            They can adopt.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            No but one gay man can with a woman, and even if the man and woman are both gay, the child can be straight.

        • Michael Keeys

          You do know that gay people are not pedophiles right? Most pedofiles are straight white men. Are you one of them?

    • wandakate

      Who in the world do those people think they are out there? They (a group of humans) form a foundation or a club or whatever it is, and then they decide that their job will be to tell everybody else how to do things. They make laws and rules and send notices to schools, churches, and people in general demanding this or that but who the heck are they? Who do they think they are, and why do they get away with doing this? This if CRAZY! We live in an insane world, how terrible. This is a “free” country isn’t it, and they are “NOT” GOD. Maybe the POTUS should look into these so called “Law makers”!!!

      • Sharon_at_home

        Irony “They (a group of humans) form a foundation or a club or whatever it is,
        and then they decide that their job will be to tell everybody else how
        to do things”
        You just described the Catholic Church to a T.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    I saw the video. Just white children around her in America’s metropolitan city. It looked like the brand-new 50’s. They failed to including the colored kids there. Scientists should study the reason why.

    • Sharon_at_home

      Nice one Grace!! High Five!!

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        You misunderstood what I wrote. I changed my initial comment, so change yours if you want. The life on earth is so harsh and serious the peoples of the colors are not coming to the white perv mens’ shows like the Western whites do. Today’s Westerners have some serious defects as species, and the scientists must find out the causes, although the Holy Bible is quite clear about those. I hope it’s not the polluted water. Seeing and showing naked bodies and getting tattoos and scorning purity and being full all the time is bad to character.

        • Sharon_at_home

          You want to know why they are doing so much evil? Because it is coming to the end days Grace. Look at the signs that are in the bible, and what has been happening in our world in the last number of years. We can’t give up trying to help people come to Salvation, but we have to watch for the signs given in the bible to know how close it is. We have to keep ourselves prepared with our prayers and behaviour and prayers for forgiveness.
          It’s not just America that is folding under the evilness; it’s all over the world. England is no different. Neither is a lot of Europe. China is kicking God out altogether from what I’ve read. There will be a lot of violence and wars that we have not seen yet and the Anti-Christ has not declared himself to the world as Christ yet. There are many signs still to come… and we must not give up our duties of directing people to Jesus and Salvation.
          Western nations are definitely not the only offenders for the things you mentioned. Rebellion against God is high all over the world right now.
          Be faithful and trust Jesus through these times and you will have peace that He has control and that He protects the ones He loves. Any thing you see that is different will be there for a reason we may not understand because of it. God always has a reason for everything He does. We often cannot see the reason ourselves but we’ll understand a lot of things when we are in Heaven and by then it won’t matter what happened here on earth anyway. Oh the joy of knowing that we will no longer cry and hurt each other. That we will be with Our Lord and be happier than we have ever been in our lives on Earth. Isn’t it a great thing to look forward to in our lives?
          Live like Christ in your life Grace and be Holy (as the Lord said to be Holy as He is holy) and show people about the Lord. Don’t hate people, or get too frustrated with the world today. Jesus conquered the World for us.
          God bless Grace. I’m so glad you’ve changed the tone of your posts. You’ve been doing so well and making your comments clear and not broadly brushing everyone with one brush! It really makes me happy to see it in your posts. God bless you Grace and keep being strong in your faith. Take care!

          • Russ Smith

            “End times”? You mean the exact same shit that’s been going on since the beginning of human civilization? Only now we’re all more aware of it, because of the Internet and social media? Ya, must be the magic sky wizard. Brilliant deduction.

            Westerners need bible education? Haha, no. We put an end to slavery and genocide a long time ago, honey.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            But you guys are Sodomites today. Racists are morally better than baby-genociding childless pervs. You guys are worse this century.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Gee Grace I’m sure I’d know if every single man in the USA were all sodomites. It would be top headlines everywhere wouldn’t it?
            If we are “all sodomites” – at least all the men are – then your nation must be all, I pick – lesbians! so that means you and your friends are too? (It can’t be sodomites since the USA has an apparent monopoly on it.)

            Do you see how that works, Grace. I said you and everyone in your nation are lesbians (the women only of course!). Now is that true? If it isn’t then stop saying that “ALL the West” when you are making a comment because I just showed you what that does when you are involved. So unless you want people to start telling you about what sins your nation has, I suggest you stop using a brush that includes everyone because the nation is not made of anything the same – everyone is allowed their own voice and the people that disagree are not violent about it usually. Thank God

            Telling people on a Christian board that the way You think is fine, if you will actually be more accurate with what you say.

            YOU are a sinner Grace and you are no better than anyone else. Jesus did not say that we are better than others, he said that all sins are equal and no sin is greater than another. By treating people so badly and without compassion and love, you are sinning.

            Read the gospel Grace.

            You still don’t understand Jesus and what he said he wanted for us, his disciples, in our life while we are here. The biggest thing he talked about was Love. He said when he spoke of repentance that that is the only way to receive salvation. Otherwise he told us how to live and how to behave towards others, and what things are sins according to God. He told them, he did not punish them then, as any that don’t believe will be judged on Judgement Day. He encouraged the multitudes with kind words and by showing compassion and love to them.
            PLEASE read it!

            Oh, and I was really interested in how you know “you guys, are sodomites today”. Did Russ tell you he was a Sodomite? Wow, I didn’t see that post! But he must have or you wouldn’t have said something so specific could you?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Sodomites = supporters of Sodomy. Every culture has deadly defects. The Church must teach God’s truth for salvation and for the protection of innocent life.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Everyone here is not a supporter of Sodomy Grace. They are in support of giving all humans the same basic rights that we have and they don’t. It has nothing to do with supporting the act of sin, it has to do with equal treatment so they can do things like shop for food, get services, and be able to live like we do without thinking about it. We don’t have to worry if the store is going to serve us, but they do.
            As I’ve said before, they are sinners but they don’t deserve to be left out of society any more than the black people did. They are often treated with the same behaviour that people treated the blacks with – heck some people still treat the blacks badly still.

            If you did not approve of the way the black people were treated, then you shouldn’t approve of this either. All of them have to be given a chance for Salvation, because that is what Jesus called us to do with everyone.

            I don’t know why exactly I explained this again, but there you have it…

          • Sharon_at_home

            Oh so you believe, and as I said above, you are allowed your belief and we are allowed ours. There is no need to be rude to either of us for that reason.
            Are you not able to post without an arrogant tone? Without saying something rudely?
            Ahh!! Your are a TROLL!!!!

          • Char Fox


            2 Timothy 3
            2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—

            I don’t recall children more disobedient than in recent history. People used to sit on their porches and talk with their neighbours, now they go online and curse each other. People used to be more grateful for what they had.

            Hosea 4:3
            ‘Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.’

            Animal deaths are on the rise. Some almost to extinction.

            Matthew 24:7
            ‘and earthquakes in divers places.’

            Earthquakes and tsunamis and other disasters are more prevalent.

            Matthew 24:9-10
            ‘Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.’

            Christians are being persecuted, beheaded, put in prison, etc.

            Matthew 24:14
            ‘And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.’

            There’s very few who haven’t heard of Christ.

            There’s plenty more.

            Go back to the 50s. Children weren’t so disobedient, people weren’t “coming out of the closet”, more Americans attended church, people helped their neighbours (now we ignore each other, holding a door is a thing of the past), etc. All of this is in a book of over 2,000 year old manuscripts…oldest book around, chronicled by multiple individuals.

            The internet has nothing to do with it. People alive are witness to the changes from the 1920s on. Most people know what the 50s were like so I used it as an example.

          • Bob Johnson

            The problem with having hope that the End Times is close at hand is that there is no need to focus on making this a sustainable planet for the plants, animals, and future generations of humans. It is Pascal’s wager – what if you are wrong? Many Christians refuse to accept climate change and the problems it is already causing. In fact, many issues with long term detrimental effects can simply be neglected.

            While many have rightly said 2,000 years and still waiting, for the well being of everyone on this planet, I think the proper view should be “probably not for another 2,000 year.”

          • Char Fox

            The proper view should be pray for Nineveh that they may turn from their wicked ways and be saved. A lot of Christians are in a hurry for heaven more so than saving the lost.

            I do believe we’re in the end times as people become more and more as Jesus said they would. But He wants everyone to be saved so He’s in no hurry, being patient for more to accept Him. Since we have to live in this world, it’s to our benefit to take care of it.

            Though…I don’t believe in the climate change arguments. ?

          • Sharon_at_home

            I disagree with your suggestion that we feel there is no need to keep our focus on the good things in the world and the things that need changing. I’ve been finding that the Christians that have that attitude are not following the gospel the way Jesus wants us to. We aren’t supposed to just give everything up, sit back and wait. We are supposed to keep living the good life and keep trying to be a part of helping the problems of the world, and try to bring more to Jesus’ Salvation.
            Another thing is that you can’t say that Christians are the only ones that ignore things like climate change etc. because many non Christians are the same way. There is too many involved in that to say one group is worse than another who disagree with it.
            I replied to your other comment about the end of the world, so I’ll wait for your reply to it, if that’s alright.
            Thanks for your input. I have learned a lot on this board because of people like you helping me to understand the different views. I will never lose my faith in God, but I’m willing to learn about other’s views.
            Have a good day!

          • Sharon_at_home

            Hi Bob. When you say “what if you are wrong?” I always think “what if I’m right? I will go to heaven and you will go to hell. If I’m wrong, I’ll know I was still a good person and loving Jesus won’t be considered bad I doubt no matter who are God is, other than Islams Allah. I’ve never heard of another religion that believes in Jesus but puts someone (Muhammad and Allah) higher than Jesus. Most Religions either believe or not believe without an in between like in Islam, don’t they?
            Have a good day Bob. Keep smiling!

          • Bob Johnson

            Part 1. There are only three religions which have anything to say about Jesus. Christianity which places Him as God, Islam which see Jesus as one of the prophets along with the prophet Muhammad, and Judaism which sees Jesus as an apocalyptic preacher.

            Part 2. Question everything – even my own beliefs. I ask myself, “What if I am wrong?” What if Sharon or Doug is right? In the end I can only do what I feel or think to be right. And I can console myself that even Odin and the warriors of Valhalla went to fight evil KNOWING they would die.

            And I must alway consider the words of Steven Weinberg, “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well, I don’t know why he’d make it sound like all Christians do evil like’s it’s common among us. I know no one that is like that at all. Never have. I don’t think I’m evil because of my belief in Jesus, mostly because I am about love, not hate, and it takes hate to do evil IMO.
            I’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations so I have gone over what I believe and what I don’t. They actually made my faith stronger.
            TBH I don’t care whether people agree with me, whether they believe in something else, or nothing at all. It makes no difference to how I feel about Jesus, because what I feel is not from reading the bible, or listening to others, it’s something I feel is deep inside of me,
            That is what I feel but it’s more than just a surface thing, it’s deep inside of me. It’s not something I put in there as far as I know. Certainly not on purpose. It was just there when I first started to learn about Him. Nothing I can explain well enough I don’t think. I try to find the words and none seem to fit.
            If I ever find the right words, I will try to remember to let you know Bob. Maybe it will help you understand why others do too.
            Thanks for your reply Bob. Have a great day! Or night! lol! Keep smiling!

          • Bob Johnson

            You read way too much into the quote. Most good people are good. Regardless of whether they are religious or not. And they do good their entire lives. But to do really terrible things takes a conviction of the magnitude of the Irish Sinn Fein or ISIS.

            Indeed I am reminded of Torquemada’s Law. “Then you know you’re right, you have a moral duty to impose your will upon anyone who disagrees with you.”

            It is the fear that it is the people who will die and kill for their beliefs that frights Weinberg. And I think of this quote in a lesser but still important manner, is my action justifiable – not to God (for I only have faith and no proof), not to country (for they come and go), but to society to my fellow travelers- humanity.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Sorry, I do that sometimes though I try not to.
            I do feel that most people are good, but that they are quiet so the bad influences in the world are seen more by more people.

            I understand the fear very well. Unfortunately, there are some religions that believe that killing and dying for their religion is what their God wants for them. But most Christians I think don’t believe in killing for their beliefs, just arguing about them. Thank the Lord!
            The way the world is turning I don’t think I would be surprised at anything anymore.

          • Bob Johnson

            I do not think that it is only “some religions that believe that killing and dying…”

            I think it is a party of human nature and that it is a small but at times significant part of every religion, including Christianity. Yes, most people are good. Most Christians are good. I’ve traveled in Turkey, Jordon, Morocco, Egypt and meet many good Muslims.

            Currently, I am personally worried about my good friend and guide, Emil. He is a Coptic Christian living in Cairo. He took my wife and me to a wonderful Coptic mass.

            The Old Testament is filled with God’s demands for vengeance. I will not dwell on Christianity’s past, but will instead list a few of the current groups.

            Army of God
            Eastern Lightning
            Lord’s Resistance Army
            National Liberation Front of Tripura
            Phineas Priesthood
            Concerned Christians

            And frankly, since you often speak of following scripture and the importance of the Gospels, so what is your reaction when reading Luke 22:36?
            “…He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.

            Or Matthew 10:34?
            “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I come not to send peace but a sword.”

            I’ll go with Pogo
            “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

        • Char Fox

          As for defects, our foods are chemically polluted. You can buy a water and salad cheaper than a burger and fries in France, but it’s the opposite in the US. Then they load them with preservatives, dyes, etc.

          Television corrupts Americans. Scripture says in the last days men will be lovers of pleasure without self control. TV is part cause in that, but a lot of it is that society has developed a me me mentality…lovers of self. We have distorted self image with Hollywood, and entitlement with easy access to free living.

          Jesus warned us. And yet people still don’t believe in Him who predicted this over 2,000 years ago.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Yes, Christians can all work together to preserve the truth’s rights to exist and religious freedom on earth. I really think Western whites must stop listing sexual sins with races regarding equality. It’s a deadly cultural defect of the West. That practically abolishe morality because secular Western whites have too many mental slaves on earth. I’m sorry I don’t use political correct language, but I really don’t want to be discriminated for opposing Sodomy in the West. The colored peoples suffered racism enough.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Stop being racist! you are SO racist to say it like that. My God! Do you really think that ONLY white people are in the USA and that they are the terrible people not anyone else in any other country? Give it a break!
            Don’t you ever paint me with a brush that is supposed to be about White people. Don’t even say that all white people are why our world is the way it is. It’s a lie. A flat out dishonest lie.
            Don’t insult me again because I have the same pride about myself as others do including people that aren’t white. I also love everyone and do no intentional harm, like trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Stop blaspheming. Look at the data and news. Something is wrong with Western nations this century. Others are mimickers, either bribed or threatened by the Western whites. Feel bad about what your homeland is doing right now, not about your normal hard-working forefathers. If you use the OMG words again, you will be blocked.

          • Sharon_at_home

            How am I blaspheming? Saying God’s name is not blasphemy. Especially since it is true, He is My God.
            Dictionary com says this as the theology definition:
            “the crime of assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God.”
            How am I doing that just by saying His name Grace? I said nothing negative about God. Actually in this post, I stood up and said that He is My God.
            I already explained that you misunderstood me when I said O M G. Because I say OH My Goodness! It’s an expression my grandmother used.

            Looking it by definition it is not blasphemy to even say Oh My God, because it is not “assuming to oneself the rights or qualities of God” So stop telling me I am blaspheming because I am not.

            If you want to block me you are quite welcome to. You are racist and are disobedient to God and TBH since I’ve tried so hard to help you see your errors, by long explanations, by scriptures, even by trying to give you examples to help you understand and you have ignored every thing. The only thing you asked for is the scripture that says Jesus is the only mediator between man and God. I gave it to you with no problem.

            I don’t say I want anything for helping you, but if I can go to the extent that I have to try to help you, and you not only don’t appreciate it, but you don’t listen or even try to understand what I’ve told you.

            I wish you the Peace and Joy that comes from loving God, and I pray you will learn about Jesus’s Love and His plan of Salvation. Have a peaceful life, and don’t stress about the world, everything is going as it should. As God told us it would be. I’m not saying to accept it, but don’t get stressed about it. It’s going to get worse than this before it’s over. Stressing about it will do you no benefit.

          • wandakate

            Scripture warned us people would be disobedient, they would be unappreciative, they won’t be thankful, they won’t care. What else do you expect. You just said that it’s going to get worse than this and you are so right, it’s bad now, and I really dread what the future holds for the generations coming up after you and me.
            I have 2 grown daughters in the 40’s and 5 grandchildren from 13 to 22 and their lives will be miserable compared to mine and yours.

          • Char Fox

            Actually blasphemy is attributing evil to the Holy Spirit. As the Pharisees accused Christ of performing miracles by Beelzebul.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I went by the dictionary definition. IMO, it’s speaking badly about anything to do with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all things of God. But saying Oh My God, or My God, isn’t saying anything bad about God in any way.
            Thanks for the input Char Fox, I always appreciate extra information.
            God Bless!

          • Char Fox

            I dont know if it is, but I try to avoid it myself cause it might fall under taking the Lord’s name in vain.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, ever. But Oh My God is not saying anything bad about Him but rather is claiming Him as Mine.
            IMO Other people use OMG to mean Oh My God! Which is usually about thinking that something is a surprise, or that they want God to see whatever they are saying it about.

            I have actually changed to Oh My Goodness, because other people don’t like me saying OMG with God in it.

            So if you notice an OMG in my posts, you can rest assured that it means o my goodness.

            Blasphemy is about making remarks about God that are not said in a very nice way. That’s about as simple as I can make it.

            God bless!

          • Char Fox

            I don’t use OMG either. I’m old school. IE: I was taught to never lay anything on top of a Bible. I still cringe at it even though I know there’s really nothing wrong with it. LOL

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well Char, that is your right to do or not do. I don’t mean OMG as the last word being God, and I don’t think my using it to mean Oh My Goodness is no any different than any of the other anagrams that people use in this day of computers. God knows what I mean by it, and no one else matters to me.
            I was never taught that about bibles (heck one of my great-grandmothers’ used to use the huge bibles that they had to help small children reach her table.) but I have never thought about treating the bible in any way but that it is a Holy Book and deserves respect. I have most of the bibles from my ancestors and they are in good condition although some are well used more than others. Only the huge ones have some damage from the use my great grandmother used them for. Even those are not damaged on the inside, and only the outside showed any damage.
            I can’t imagine putting something on top of the bible. I kind of freak if I see my own bible with something on top of it. It is in my bible cover unless I use it so it can’t be damaged easily. It’s my connection with God’s Word, so I could never treat it with disrespect either.
            I have learned an amazing amount – Praise the Lord – in the short time I’ve been in a church, but I’m sure I have missed some of the things that the children are taught just because I was an adult when I joined.
            May God bless you and keep you, with Joy and Peace in your life.

          • wandakate

            OH MY…PRIDE is a big sin. GOD HATES PRIDE> You said that you have the same pride about yourself as others do including people that aren’t white. OH mercy. I would take that back if I were you.
            The POTUS is “full” of arrogance and PRIDE, and it may just be his downfall.

            And as for color, there are more black people incarcerated in today’s jails, rehab houses, half-way houses and prisons than there are any whites or any other race for that matter.
            Most of how they grew up started with how they were raised…and for most of them they grew up without JESUS, without LOVE, or without a dad or even a mom or even in foster homes. Bad surroundings will give us bad results for the most part.

            JESUS actually loves ALL of us. I remember when I was a child singing that song about colors.
            JESUS loves the little children…
            ALL the children of the world
            Red and yellow, black and white,
            They are precious in His sight…
            JESUS loves the little children of the world!!!

            Can we repeat that? Can we learn that? Can we believe it?
            He LOVES “ALL” the children, not just certain colors…

          • ChristianNightmare

            “And as for color, there are more black people incarcerated in today’s
            jails, rehab houses, half-way houses and prisons than there are any
            whites or any other race for that matter.”

            There are also far more Christians incarcerated than any other religion/lack of religion. 😀

          • Sharon_at_home

            But don’t forget that a lot of black people are Christians too. 😀

          • Sharon_at_home

            Yes He does love all the children and all the people, children or not.
            Maybe I used the wrong word in the wrong way.
            I am standing up for my heritage with strength and conviction.
            Is that better madam?
            You are once again wrong. My church is a black church in that everyone except my husband and I are Jamaicans. These people have been brought up in the church, everyone of them. I even know a Jamaican (not in my church) that was brought up with the same religious views but without the church. Same beliefs though.
            FYI Most Jamaican children that the parents are not able to raise for various reasons are brought up by their grandparents. They are amazing people that help the children grow up as good people, good manners, and in the church. (Jamaica has hundreds of Churches.)
            I don’t know where you got your information but it is very wrong.

            “And as for color, there are more black people incarcerated in today’s jails” Do you not realize that because people do not like blacks that they create evidence to convict them? Do you realize how many of those prisoners would never do the crime they are in jail for? It’s been in the media for ages.
            You say so many racist things that I find disgusting and evil. You are very arrogant to think you are any better than another race. Seems to me feeling that way is a form of pride – a sin.

          • wandakate

            When I wrote that about blacks I was not giving my opinion or suggesting that all blacks are bad, or in trouble or in jail etc. I was only stating facts from the prison system in general. I actually have had black friends, some very dear Christian ones out in Missouri that I loved dearly. They moved to California to be close to her other friend and I missed them terribly.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I am sorry if I did not read it in the right way. It sounded like you were pointing it out as a racial comment.
            Well, at least I (hopefully) taught you a bit about blacks and their religious upbringing.
            Again, I am sorry for misunderstanding.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            I’m starting to think you might be too good a person to hang out here 🙂 You understand the balance and nuance of the world the way many people here don’t.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Ambulance Chaser you made me blush. lol
            That is such a nice thing to say to me. I’m happy that you feel like that about me.
            You know why I stay here? Because I want people to know that being Christian doesn’t mean what the public sees these days.
            But now, I stay to defend the people that others are hateful towards, as well as be a good Christian. By helping me understand you (all) and discussing it with all of you, has opened my eyes to the situation, and I am still being a Christian by how I behave, whether others think so or not, I am confident that the Lord is smiling down at me when I reflect Jesus in myself.
            I can’t help myself about helping people, I’m told I’ve done it all my life, even in grammar school. I like making people smile and be happier, even if it is only for a short time.
            Seriously A.C. I am truly touched by what you said, thank you.
            Blessings and have a good day/night.

  • “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5)

    Both cross dressing and transgenderism are part of the homosexual culture, which is a capital crime according to the Only One with the authority to determine what constitutes a capital criminal. See Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

    Consequently, anyone (including these parents) who would facilitate the same in their children are complicit in a capital crime.

    Christians and Patriots, this is what you get when we reject Yahweh’s triune moral law (His Ten Commandments and their respective statutes and judgments) as the standard for government and society.

    For more on how Yahweh’s immutable moral law applies and should be implemented today, see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page and scroll down to title.

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

    • tatoo

      You violate the same commandments when you eat pork, shellfish, wear mixed threads in your clothing, mix milk and meat, sleep on top of a mountain, and a million others ( okay, only 613 commandments).

      • Sharon_at_home

        Jesus said they were all covered by the 2 commandments in the Gospel. So we were no longer obliged to follow them. I do want to add that I have heard that the Hebrews still have to follow anything that isn’t about sacrifice because of Jesus’ death on the cross. I do not however know the source and would appreciate any one helping me with this one.
        I know that Jews do separate the milk and meat (from babysitting years ago) so I would be guessing they are still following their laws. It’s not 613 after Jesus died for our sins because they had laws about the sacrifices for each sin and those would no longer be followed.
        So keep in mind that the Gentiles were not expected to live by those laws. It was for God’s chosen people, not Gentiles.

        • wandakate

          There were the 613 back then. At JESUS death my understanding is that all of the
          general/common laws
          were ALL abolished at the cross.
          The ONLY ones that we were to adhere to were
          GOD’s MORAL laws of the 10 commandments.
          They ALL still matter. They are still valid, they are not obsolete, they will stand the test of time.
          GOD said they were to last for 1,000 generations, and it’s not been that long.
          We are not to murder, we are not to covet, we are not to worship other GOD’s. We are not to steal or bear false witness and we are still supposed to honor the Sabbath Day and keep it holy (which is actually Saturday, not Sunday)/
          NONE of those have disappeared.

          People say it’s impossible to live up to the Big 10, but it can be done if we are focused on doing it, knowing that we are pleasing JESUS while doing so.

          Truth is…Most people just want to obey the commandments that will fit snugly into their own lifestyles but don’t care about the rest. They don’t “OBEY” GOD, they want to make their own rules and follow them instead.
          There will be punishment for that, as judgment day is coming, ready or not.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I agree there are too many who have resisted God’s offer of Salvation but Jesus wants us to keep on trying up to the end days. He said that some rebels will come to Salvation closer to the end.
            I liked your post, although I understood that the 2 commandments were to replace all the other laws, because if you look at the first ones, they are all about God and are covered by the 1st commandment, the second part is covered by the 2nd commandment because if you love every one, you will not commit those sins against the commands that are the rest of the commandments. God wants us to love each other, and if we love every one (and treat them as yourself) you don’t hurt someone you love. So the commandments are covered by the 2 commands.
            Here I’ll show you. This is what I found when I wondered about all the commands, The first 4 commandments referred to things about God that would be covered with the first command given in the Gospels.

            1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

            2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

            3. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

            4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy
            stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

            The second part is about things referring to acts of people:

            1. Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

            2. Thou shalt not kill.

            3. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

            4. Thou shalt not steal.

            5. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

            6. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

            Each of those can be covered by the 2nd commandment in the Gospel.

            So together they cover the 10 commandments

            Matthew 22:
            37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
            38 This is the first and great commandment.
            39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
            40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the

            Basically it is covered because if people love each other they would not even think about committing the last of the 10 commandments. That’s why it’s complete because each of the commandments are in one of the commands. Loving God in the way it is said as the first commandment and covers those commandments because if you truly love the Lord, again, you won’t want to do anything to hurt God by our behaviour.

            So what do you think? Did I make it obvious enough for you can see my view about the commandments. I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

            God bless!

          • wandakate

            Oh boy…(taking a deep breath)…Well in my book this is how I explained it. I don’t see how people are obeying even those two that you say are important.
            Yes, He did say, to hang all the law and the prophets on those two, however He did “not” tell us to do away with the others.
            In other words, it’s like a wall where a mother has decided to hang pictures of the people in the family. There are 12 people total. There are pictures of mom and dad and all of their children and then one day she hangs a picture of great grandma and great grandpa up there and tells the family that because these two people were so precious and special in our family I am putting their picture on the top b/c after all they are the main people in the family, like where our roots came from. ALL of the other pictures basically hung there under them.

            Now JESUS words were kinda of like that. She put up the two main pictures of the ancestors however she did NOT take down ALL of the other 10, she only added the two new ones to the group.

            In the same way, JESUS “never” took away not even one commandment. He just told us that the two new ones were the main ones but by no means did He abolished the other 10. Therefore the BIG 10 have not become obsolete, they are not invalid. They are still just as important as they ever were.
            If it is as you say then why don’t people “obey” the 4th one? I am NOT an Adventist, just asking about the 4th command. After all it is, I have noticed the longest one that was written as well as the “only” one that starts with the word Remember! Then I wondered why would He tell us to remember something that He wanted us to forget?????
            Food for thought.

            If one commandment is broken (as in the 4th command) then all of them are broken. Are most people obeying that 4th one? JESUS didn’t change the 7th day either did He?
            JESUS told us, if you broke one you broke them all.
            Therefore confession, as well as repentance would be needed as well as forsaking our wrongs, and focusing on doing things right GOD’s way. Are we really obeying? Or are we just doing it our way (man’s way)?
            Make any sense?
            Blessings to you also…

          • Sharon_at_home

            Yes I agree with a lot of what you say, and I understand your example.
            For one thing, I do follow the commandments that Jesus gave us and I know many people that do, so it is not like people are not obeying the commands, but rather that the ones that don’t get more attention than the ones that do what is expected of them in their belief. Why would anyone complain about being treated well? Our love for God is a personal thing that is not something you can determine about another person, unless they totally ignore all Jesus said and continuously sin regardless. If they do not say they love God like the first commandment says, and do not act in an obvious way to show they don’t, no one can determine the extent of their love for God. People also make mistakes, which is why the lord allows us to repent, and is not a sign that they don’t love God the way He wants us to.
            I don’t say He told us to forget the 10 commandments, but the 2 new ones do cover the older ones. I’m pretty sure I explained why I believe that. I do believe that the second commandment is not specific in what sins are outside of the command to love others as yourself, and that the last ones are morals that still have to be observed within the last commandment, to make them known but they are all sins that if we love each other as ourselves we will not do those things because of the love. If they don’t love each other then they will sin whether it’s in those ways or another. That’s why God wants us to love each other: so we will stop hurting each other. Also, some of the commandments are now laws and are held as more than just a sin (they still are sins), but the legality makes it punishable here rather than on Judgement Day.

            Because I love people as I do myself, I never intentionally hurt someone and actually avoid that at all costs. 1 Peter 4:8 states that ” Love Covers a Multitude of sins” as well. I agree with you about it in a way, but the way I live makes it different for me. Thank you for your input, I always am up to discuss things. I appreciate that you explained how you look at it, and hope you can understand the way I explained the way I look at it as someone who does obey the 2 commandments without addressing the 10?

            God is Love and that is what He wants for all of us. God bless you Wandakate. I look forward to your reply.

          • wandakate

            Thanks again for your reply, discussions are important b/c they give us a chance to think about something other than what we already believe, meaning that we might be deceived (as JESUS warned) and just not realize it.

            In reading your reply I did notice that there were a few questions for you at the end that you didn’t answer. I went back and found a few question marks.
            LOVE does cover a multitude of sins, but I don’t find most people loving GOD’s ways. Yes, as you said, there are some that do strive to live by the commandments (all 10 of them), but for the majority are still following the traditions of man. Pagan/heathen customs wiggled their way into the mainstream churches years ago. The Catholic church incorporated many of them thanks to the Emperor Constantine. From there it spread out into what they call all of the “sister” churches, which are most of our mainstream churches, Baptist, Methodist, etc.
            Here are some questions for you to answer on top of the other ones in the last comment. We are putting some work into this aren’t we? For the glory of the LORD, amen.

            When GOD said the 7th day (what did He mean)? I looked up these things and you would be surprised as to what I found in history including the study of Constantine and others who changed times and laws.
            Have you seen the newest calendars? I’ve seen 2 of them in Doctor’s offices…the week actually starts with Monday and ends with Sunday. Did GOD rest of Sunday? Where would the truth be?

            I believe that “most” not all people only follow the commandments that are convenient for them. You know, those that fit snugly into their lives and don’t cause them any inconveniences.. Even though I don’t adhere to any particular organization I do still think that Sat. was His day of rest. Every calendar that I have had ended in Sat. The new ones that are changed are the making of “man” and not “GOD”. But the Bible did tell us that man would change the times and the laws, and it’s happening.
            We have trampled on GOD’s commandments and GOD did say, “vengeance is mine, I will repay.”
            I honestly do believe we are SAVED by GRACE, but will be judged by our WORKS. Our works translates into our obedience, our allegiance, our willingness, our deeds, our acts of kindness, our actions. Remember: Actions are louder than words.
            Isn’t GOD calling for us to obey?
            Didn’t JESUS tell us, “If you love me, keep my commandments?
            For sake of our discussion, please tell me what commandments was He referring to?
            In Revelation 22 I think it is, JESUS said, “I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to each according to his “works” shall be.” Each saved person, each unsaved person, ALL is inclusive.
            Apparently our “works” did matter to JESUS.
            Most tell me we are NOT under the law, but under grace.
            But in the book of James he tells us that our FAITH without our WORKS is dead. Our FAITH alone will NOT save us. It’s a “combo” deal…Faith AND Works!
            I am NOT saying we work in order to be saved, NO, I am saying that once a person is really saved, he/she will desire to please JESUS, and will prove their love by their obedience. At least that makes sense to me.
            Doing whatever we can for somebody else (stranger or not) without expecting any pay for it will please the LORD…
            I do believe in confession, and repentance however I also believe that “sin” is still “sin”, and JESUS said, “The soul (person) that sinneth, it shall die.” That soul (person) will die a spiritual death.
            What about “baptism”? JESUS went down into the water and back up, He was “NOT” sprinkled. Baptism by immersion, not by sprinkling as some churches do.
            Okay, enough here as I find myself writing another long story ha ha…Will look for your response, and thanks!

          • wandakate

            Hey, I noticed that you haven’t answered my questions yet. Can you not answer them or do you just not want to ?

          • Sharon_at_home

            Actually I asked if you still wanted them on another post. You are talking about the first list of questions, not the second, right?

            Thanks again for your reply, discussions are important b/c they give us a chance to think about something other than what we already believe, meaning that we might be deceived (as JESUS warned) and just not realize it.
            1. I agree totally. Most people here have good discussions with only a few not really focusing on the discussion part, but rather they like to make people angry.

            In reading your reply I did notice that there were a few questions for you at the end that you didn’t answer. I went back and found a few question marks.

            LOVE does cover a multitude of sins, but I don’t find most people loving GOD’s ways.

            2. I think it must depend on where you live and if you are a part of a church community.

            I am not with one of the mainstream religions, although they are spread through some areas. Ours is a small church with less than 100 people and we all know each other and we’re all Christian so if someone new comes they are greeted and meet our Pastor at the end. If they are not uncomfortable and want more information there are people that will sit for as long as necessary to talk to them until they feel there is no more.

            We also call every first time visitor a while afterward, and ask them if they enjoyed their visit, any questions, and do they think they will come again. If they say no, we ask if they are willing to say why (so we can correct any situation that would cause someone else to feel the same.

            We have trampled on GOD’s commandments and GOD did say, “vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

            3. Wendykate, we are each responsible for our own salvation. You are the one that has to read the bible and learn about Jesus in the gospel. I’m not sure how much you are involved with a church or how much you know, and I don’t want to tell you something you already know.

            I honestly do believe we are SAVED by GRACE, but will be judged by our WORKS. Our works translates into our obedience, our allegiance, our willingness, our deeds, our acts of kindness, our actions. Remember: Actions are louder than words.

            4. Our salvation is given by the Grace of God. When God judges us on our works, it is when you are in heaven and you will be given various crowns when they go over your works. Another word for works is fruits.

            Isn’t GOD calling for us to obey?

            5. God is always calling for us to obey. He wants his creation to be happy – that’s why he wants us to love each other. If there is love, there is no pain because no one wants to hurt someone they love.

            Didn’t JESUS tell us, “If you love me, keep my commandments?

            For sake of our discussion, please tell me what commandments was He referring to?

            6. I believe it would be referencing the 2 commandments Jesus made while He was on earth. Otherwise it would be “if you love me, keep my father’s commandments” wouldn’t it?
            John 14:12-17
            12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

            13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

            14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.
            15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. 16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

            17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

            18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

            In Revelation 22 I think it is, JESUS said, “I am coming quickly, and my
            reward is with me, to give to each according to his “works” shall
            be.” Each saved person, each unsaved person, ALL is inclusive.

            7. I explained this up above. When Jesus is saying this it is in reference to people who have been given salvation, to give us many crowns that we are worthy for.

            Apparently our “works” did matter to JESUS.
            Most tell me we are NOT under the law, but under grace.
            But in the book of James he tells us that our FAITH without our WORKS is dead. Our FAITH alone will NOT save us. It’s a “combo” deal…Faith AND Works!
            I am NOT saying we work in order to be saved, NO, I am saying that once a person is really saved, he/she will desire to please JESUS, and will prove their love by their obedience. At least that makes sense to me.

            8. Some of that sounds like something I frequently post here.

            Doing whatever we can for somebody else (stranger or not) without expecting any pay for it will please the LORD…

            9. Yes these things are called fruits. And it is an important thing to do as a Christian or a non-believer.

            I do believe in confession, and repentance however I also believe that “sin” is still “sin”, and JESUS said, “The soul (person) that sinneth, it shall die.” That soul (person) will die a spiritual death.

            10. It depends on what you mean by confession and repentance – if you mean confessing to a Priest and have him give you a penance (I hope I spelt that correctly) to do like 5 Hail Mary’s?
            Or do you mean following what the gospel and Jesus said about The only one that acts as a mediator between God and man is Christ Jesus. That is what Jesus wanted for us to do. The pope/priests put what they called “Auricular confession (doesn’t that sound fancy?)
            That is the “Rite of Reconciliation of sins to a priest instead of God, instituted by Innocent III AD 1215.

            Obviously Jesus did not want this done, or he would not have said that He is the only mediator. I honestly have no understanding of the Catholic Church except what I’ve learned here, and few and far between comments about them in my life.

            This information was given to me by one of the posters about why the Catholic Church is not following the Lord’s commandments and trying to make themselves into Gods in Lord Jesus’ place. It makes me think of the Pharisees telling people how to live, but not living that way themselves. The problem is the Priests who Catholics what, revere? And the Pope too, are making the religion about themselves, not Jesus or their followers from what I’ve gathered from information provided here.

            I apologize if you are Catholic, for explaining it like this, but I have not come to this conclusion lightly by any means.

            What about “baptism”? JESUS went down into the water and back up, He was “NOT” sprinkled. Baptism by immersion, not by sprinkling as some churches do.

            11. That’s totally correct, and another note about baptism is that it was adults that were baptized and babies were blessed by Jesus, not baptized. It’s because He wants us to fully understand our commitment we are making to Him so we can use our free will to decide. Babies on the other hand are innocent and should be blessed by God so they have that blessing to help them through their younger years.

            I put both your questions and my answers together in the post so you wouldn’t have to put them together yourself.

          • wandakate

            This got confusing apparently. List the questions, sorry I missed them. You missed mine, I missed yours, we must not be paying attention ha ha.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I don’t think I actually put a list of questions, because I was focused on answering yours. 🙂
            I gave you the list of questions and my answers in a reply and it should be in your notifications, if you have not seen it in the comments.
            It’s all up to date on my side now, so let me know how you understand my answers if you want to discuss it more, OK?
            God bless you!

          • Char Fox

            Jesus didn’t change the 7th day, but which day of the week did He apply to it? Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath. The Sabbath was made for man to have rest from work.

          • wandakate

            It was to be restful yes, it was also His holy day. It was a day to assemble together for the edification for all. It was set aside as special. It was different than all of the other days of the week. He sanctified that day and he blessed it. He looked at all His work and was pleased.
            It was GOD’s most “special” day…Of course it was made for us b/c GOD didn’t need to rest, but He loved us and He knew that we would ALL need to rest, to rejuvenate, to relax, to recoup after working all week. He came to fulfill the laws, NOT to do away with them, remember?

          • Retired Medic

            God bless you Sharon. That’s exactly what the Lord Jesus said!

          • Sharon_at_home

            Thank you Retired Medic! I truly appreciate your support.
            God bless!

          • Char Fox

            The arguments between the two camps on what day is the Sabbath fall short. Jesus never specified a day, but a day of rest, just as they were to allow the crops to rest every 7 years. Those years we’re not specified. The Sabbath was made for man, for us to rest. The specific day is as stated in Scripture…every 7 days.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Hi wandakate, I agree with you on most of your own comments (if not all of them) I’ve copied your post so I can wade through it and answer everything I can.
            Sometimes I feel like I am writing a book because of the length of some of my posts.
            God bless wandakate, and I will reply to you when I have the answers I can give you. Have a great day!

          • wandakate

            GOD specified what day, the 7th day. The Jews certainly have kept time. They know “precisely” or “exactly” what day it was. From the beginning many years ago they have known and kept time. The ancient people before them kept the days in order. The day of the SUN was always pagan but it was SUNDAY.
            Even the Bible tells us that one the first day of the week (which was and still is SUNDAY) the women went before sunrise to the tomb and found that JESUS was gone. It was SUNDAY, and SATURDAY etc. back over 2,000 years ago in JESUS day and time.
            So please don’t tell us that JESUS never specified a day. You apparently don’t know much about the Bible or history for that matter.
            Resting crops every 7 years is one thing, but we are talking about 7 days in one week, days and years are certainly different. The crop growing years were not specified b/c they didn’t need to be. That was irrelevant for them b/c they knew that it was every 7 years. Our days of the week are important to us as of now, since we no longer let the crops rest. WHY don’t they do that?
            One…b/c they don’t “obey” the LORD any longer and
            Two…b/c they would lose MONEY (that almighty dollar) if they did that.
            We can’t stand to lose any money on food, so we just plant and grow and plant and grow over and over and over again…

          • Char Fox

            I know enough about the Bible to know a day of the week was not the intent of a Sabbath day of rest. I haven’t insulted you, please show the same respect.

          • Jerry Boyer

            How funny that the “christians” commenting here have NO idea what the Bible actually says.

            Jesus explained that not one letter of the law was to be changed until all of the heaven and earth passed away. (It’s the verse immediately he says he’s not here to replace the law, but to fulfill the prophecy.)

          • Char Fox

            Jesus spoke in parables so the unsaved would not understand. So it’s likely an explanation won’t register but I’ll give it a shot.

            Matthew 5:17-20
            17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

            (He fulfilled the law by taking our sin on Himself)

            18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

            (Two ways to righteousness…1) by the law like Abraham, David, Job, etc. who were imputed as righteous or 2) through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Christ was the final sacrifice, only if you believe in Him and repent. Otherwise, the sacrifices were not abolished.)

            20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

            (God imputed righteousness to those who feared/respected God and followed His precepts in the OT, and made righteous those who accepted Christ in the NT. The Scribes and Pharisees must meet the terms of the OT righteousness unless they accept Christ.)

          • Jerry Boyer

            Actually, from the moment of Christ’s resurrection, there is only one way into heaven. Salvation through Christ. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” So following the law is still required, but has nothing to do with earning your ticket to heaven. If one chooses to believe in the God story as told in the Holy Bible, one should adhere completely to the law during their living days on earth, AND gain their salvation through Christ for their after-living days in heaven. So the OP (Ted) shouldn’t be throwing out cherry picked verses to fit his agenda, and then using those cherries to convict someone of a “capital crime”. Because SURELY he is, or has, or will break one of the Mosaic Laws.

            And Jesus did not speak in parables so that the unsaved would not understand. Firstly, NO one was saved at that time. Secondly, why in the world would Christ not want to be understood by the “unsaved”? That’s literally to whom he preached. His pulpit wasn’t in the temple, it was in the streets. I’m hoping that you mis-typed.

            As to your snide little comment speaking to my understanding, you don’t know me well enough to make that kind of assumption. I spent the first 16 years of my life in a fundamentalist, Bible based, Southern Baptist church. Our entire family life revolved around the Church. A common punishment doled out by my mother was to have me write parts of the Bible. From verses to books depending on her judgment of how serious my transgression was. I’ve both read and written the Bible in it’s entirety more times than most people have read it, in its entirety. My Agnosticism has not caused my understanding to wane one bit. I would have to say it’s done exactly the opposite.

          • Char Fox

            Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their heart ****and turn, so that I should heal them’****

            Jesus stated He spoke in parables and said it was specifically so the hard of heart would not understand.

            My comment may have seemed snide, but being that Jesus did use parables so that only believers would discern their meaning through the Holy Spirit, and that you were openly not a Christian, I figure it would be hard to explain it.

          • Jesus sucked gay penis

            Well only about 5% of Christians have actually read the whole bible, so this is unsurprising. Whatever they think about something they’ll say the bible says it even when the opposite is true.

          • Sharon_at_home

            You can’t say Most people, you should say a lot of people or some because saying it like the large majority don’t obey God, and that is not true. It depends on where you live on what you see. You will probably find more disobedient people in New York, for instance, than you would in a rural city.
            If they follow Christ they follow his commandments, but really, what is hard about it if you are a good person?
            If you are a believer, you love God with all your heart, all your soul, your mind and strength, as the command in the Gospel said, and the first 4 of the 10 commandments were about God as well.
            5. Honor your parents: As far as the other commandments, I guess you will find some kids don’t respect their parents, but that often changes when they are adults and they have the same things to deal with.
            6. Murder: So, I find it pretty easy not to murder. Not a problem to obey for me! and generally not for many.
            7. Adultery: I realize that a lot of people are not keeping their wedding vows and committing Adultery, but I’ve been married for 37 years, and we’ve never had a problem with it.
            8. Stealing: I think I shoplifted when I was a young teen, but I knew nothing about the bible and didn’t really care at that point because well, you know, young and foolish and “the others do it”. Yeah I was that young and stupid once. But I have never stolen anything since those days, unless you count taking too many napkins at McDonalds.
            9. False witness: I can’t imagine telling a lie about someone else. I don’t see the point.
            10. Covet: I’m really happy with what I have though it is not a lot I have enough to live, and I’m not big on the material things unless there is something that can benefit me, like having a cell phone so my husband can contact me while he’s out and visa versa. We’re old, he’s had a couple of heart attacks and I need to know he’s ok when I haven’t heard from him for a while. Clothes, I dress simply, sometimes sew my own, but as I can’t afford much, I go more for the kind of clothes and I can go anywhere in and I have 1 pair of shoes, and a couple of pairs of sandals that my sister got me.
            Material things have never mattered to me somehow. Even when I was a teenager I wasn’t big on getting new clothes. I felt that I should be liked for me, not for what I dress in, no make up either. The boys didn’t seem to care, and I had a lot of male and female friends.
            I think I’m a pretty average person when it comes to finding the 10 commandments easy to obey.
            I didn’t know these were ‘commandments from God’ because I was not brought up religiously, but to me, they were just wrong and shouldn’t be done.
            Loving God, I didn’t even know he was in my life, until I came to my church, and looked back on my life. Now that I know about Jesus, I love God the way the first of the gospel commandments says to. He’s my all in all. My everything. Nope, not a problem for that one either.
            I have always loved everyone, it was either in my nature or God instilled it in me. I care about others, I treat them with respect as best I can. I help others. I do things for others without expecting anything in return and always have. Sometimes it would be nice to be paid, lol, depending on how much you do, but the idea of being paid for something done out of love, is funny to us.
            Blessings, wandakate!
            I have the answers you asked for a couple of days ago. Did you want them still? let me know please!

        • Char Fox

          Sharon, once a Jew accepts Christ, He is made new and no longer required to follow the Mosaic laws. Those Jews who rely on works to save them are those who will still need to observe all the laws.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Yes thank you I knew that the Jews were different from Christians with regard to the laws. I appreciate you pointing it out though.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I thought Jews did not accept that Jesus was the messiah?

          • wandakate

            NO Sharon Jews accept JESUS. Many of them already have. They know that He was the one and only Messiah. There is even an organization called JEWS FOR JESUS (JFJ) and it’s quite large in number, and ALL of them believe in JESUS and are looking for His return.
            They obey the 10 commandments and am not sure what other laws if any they adhere to but they are like Christians after receiving CHRIST as their Savior, amen for that. JESUS wants to reach the Jewish people with His TRUTH. I hope and pray that more will come.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I don’t think so. Maybe some but not all. Not from what I’ve been told.
            They wait for the messiah to come, but they rejected Jesus as the Messiah when he was in the world.
            That’s why I was asking Char Fox as they seemed to know something about the Hebrews and how they live now.
            Thanks wandakate, I appreciate your input. Watch for Char Fox’s reply to know what they say, maybe?
            God Bless!

          • wandakate

            We know that most Jews don’t believe in JESUS (YESHUA) the Messiah. However, as I told you the people in the JFJ organization do believe in Him and are spreading the word that He is the one and only true Messiah.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Ok thanks for the info.

          • Char Fox

            Some Jews have changed their outlook, like Nicodemus. But the Jews as a whole have not.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Thank you, I didn’t know that – I thought they would have to give up their faith in order to believe in Jesus. Is that not true? Do other Hebrews still accept them?

          • wandakate

            There are actually Christians (they claim to be anyway), that are taught to work for their salvation. The Catholics, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons and maybe more give out tracks, knock on doors and send their young people out on missions. The young one that we see riding 2 by 2 on bicycles, wearing black pants and white shirts are from the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints and we call them Mormons. However JESUS said that we will be SAVED by grace, and JUDGED by our “works”…JESUS is the “only” way to obtain any salvation. YES, works are wonderful, but NOT in order to be saved, but b/c we are already saved, then we will strive to please GOD.
            James did tell us that our faith without our works is dead. Our faith alone will NOT save any of us. Its a combination deal…
            Obedience is the final KEY that will open the door to the Kingdom. JESUS wanted us to obey the Commandments.
            He even told us…”IF you love me, keep my commandments.”

          • Char Fox

            Matthew 22:38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

            Jesus summed up the commandments into these.

            Jesus also looks upon the heart and it’s why He said we’re to bear fruit and more fruit. And why we have an advocate. Jesus came because we cannot be righteous on our own, because we fail.

        • Stephen Scullion

          Then why bother reading the Old Testament at all? I’m not being snarky or disrespectful but this complete lack of any coherence in Christian thought is why it cannot be taken seriously-it really does seem like you pick and choose verses from either Testament which serves your purpose at any given time.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I appreciate your pointing out that you were truly interested in your question.
            The OT has many things in it to understand where man was in his development at that point in time. It helped us to understand what the sins are, yes. But anyone who knows right from wrong can figure out what things they do would be called a sin.
            Also, FYI I use scripture with people who give me scriptures. So if you don’t want to talk scriptures that’s ok with me.
            The reason we need to know the OT is because much of what said in the OT is referred to by Jesus (usually). Mostly prophecies but it helps to truly learn what the Old and New Testament both say. It’s all about God for us, and His Word is sacred (I guess you could say), for Christians. There are still lots of knowledge to be found in the OT for instance my Pastor did a bible study to explain the Tabernacle of Moses, and also gave us connections about it, from the New Testament too, not just the Old or New.
            TBH I can’t remember any bible study that my Pastor has taught us without referrals from both Testaments. They rely on each other, I think is the way he put it, They rely on each other to give full meaning to what is being said.
            Does that help you or do you have other Christian questions you’d like to know? Blessings Stephen. Have a great night/day. lol!

          • wandakate

            What does your pastor tell you about all of our “WORLDLY” holidays?
            What does he tell you about the “SOUL” and the “SPIRIT”?
            Did he tell you that Christians should be observing all of GOD’s feast, like Feast of Tabernacles and Feast of Trumpets etc?
            Did he tell you that the Kingdom of GOD will be on earth and NOT up in something called heaven?
            Did he tell you why people attend church on the 1st day of the week, on Sunday?
            Did he tell you what JESUS said about the ones who have already “died”? Did he tell you where they are now? Are they all up in heaven waiting and walking on the streets of gold or what?
            Maybe if you can list and answer these questions there will be a great conversation started and some “truth” may surface.

          • Char Fox

            I’m not Sharon but wanted to give my perspective on these questions.

            >>>>>What does your pastor tell you about all of our “WORLDLY” holidays?

            I don’t listen to my pastor, I listen to the Word.

            Romans 14:5 One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. 6 Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God. 

            If you’re celebrating the holiday as a form of pagan worship, you’re not giving thanks to God.

            >>>>>What does he tell you about the “SOUL” and the “SPIRIT”?

            Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

            1 Corinthians 6:19
            Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?

            We have a heart, soul and mind with the Spirit living in us.

            >>>>>Did he tell you that Christians should be observing all of GOD’s feast, like Feast of Tabernacles and Feast of Trumpets etc?

            Those were Mosaic laws given to the Jews and not the Gentiles.

            God wants our love not sacrifice and feasts. Jesus said as often as we take communion, do so in remembrance of Him. He didn’t lay out other feasts because they were Jewish feasts and not what God was looking for when desiring us to love Him more than anything else.

            >>>>>Did he tell you that the Kingdom of GOD will be on earth and NOT up in something called heaven?

            There is a heaven and there will be a new earth.

            >>>>>Did he tell you why people attend church on the 1st day of the week, on Sunday?

            He doesn’t hang on a named day but that Sunday is just the day most have church. Since most people don’t work on Saturday, that might be the day we’re resting. The point was in rest not a day of the week.

            >>>>>Did he tell you what JESUS said about the ones who have already “died”? Did he tell you where they are now? Are they all up in heaven waiting and walking on the streets of gold or what?

            Jesus told the thief on the cross that today he would be with Him in paradise. So the thief went somewhere…heaven? Scripture speaks of the dead in Christ and those who died before us…pre-ressurection, and Revelation says the dead will rise first. Aside from that, we won’t know fully until we meet Him in the sky (heaven?).

          • Sharon_at_home

            Ok I’ll do my best to answer them but don’t expect it to change my faith in it if you don’t agree.
            1. I never saw those names of those feasts in the bible, but he has always taught us what is required by God so if it was in the bible, he would have referred to it at some point. I have been ill so he might have even talked about it when I was not there.
            2. No he would have told us that we are trying to obey God so we may be in heaven. BTW The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are synonymous (The same thing). There is a lot of controversy apparently about this term and scholars can’t agree on the meaning of it.
            I do know that the scriptures tell us to “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
            and it said: For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
            But the most telling one is “Luke 17: 20-21

            20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
            21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

            So I’d say from those scriptures that the Kingdom of God from what was said in Luke, is something within you, so it won’t be on Earth.

            Since my Pastor goes by what the scriptures say, he would have said it is within us.

            3. I don’t know if he ever talked about the calendar with regards to which day is the Sabbath other than other religions see it differently. To our Calendar is it Sunday and it has just been changed in the calendar recently for some, to show Monday as the first day and Sunday as the 7th.

            So please do tell me the reason why your church thinks is the reason for Sunday to be on the first day of the calendars.

            4. I don’t think you’ll agree with this as I know the Catholic Church has said that we go to purgatory between death and heaven. But that isn’t right. It was made to be a Catholic belief in 593 AD.

            My church goes ONLY by the bible, and this is what my Pastor taught us:

            The Dead in Christ are in the grave until the time that Jesus comes for us on a cloud, and they go up to meet Jesus first, before anyone else.

            People who are sinners will be in heaven when it is their time of Judgement, and are dead in the grave until then, and then they get judged as sinners and are put in Hell for eternity for punishment.

            No they are not in heaven and won’t be until Christ returns.

            I have heard that we as Servants of God, go to heaven right away but I also remember about the Dead being in the grave until Jesus returns. I know what my pastor said, but I do not remember where I heard of the second one.

            Wandakate, I didn’t think you were the type to be rude to me about our different ways of our religion, but you were rude in this post.

            I don’t act rude to you, why would you be rude to me?

            Our religions disagree about a lot of things, it doesn’t mean we have to be rude to each other.

            I do find the ones that attack me are from the Catholic Church though.

            For the most part, I have not heard of a faith that is considered to have the wrong view as much as the Catholic Church by a large number of people of faith.

            I don’t mean that to be rude, it is what I have personally heard by a number of ex Catholics (not just on this board) as well as people from other churches.

            Please keep treat people with respect if you expect to be treated with respect back.

            IMO the various churches in the world are all parts of the Body of Christ. They each have a purpose within God’s plan.

            So one Christian religion isn’t right and another isn’t wrong. But if they don’t follow the Gospel they won’t make it for Salvation. It is the Gospel that tells us how to be saved.

            I have answered your questions to the best of my ability.
            I’d rather not try to discuss things with you if you are going to be rude to me so if you wouldn’t mind when/if you reply about the question I asked you, don’t bother with any more questions that are based in your desire to prove yourself right and myself wrong. It won’t work because we believe in different things in the first place. It has never sounded to me like your Church even talks about the actual Gospel, but instead tells you of the things that they have allowed you to know. Maybe you should read the gospel for yourself and think about that…

          • Char Fox

            Because there are still lessons to be learned and an understanding of God’s righteousness. But from the beginning God had planned for a new covenant that the prophets of the OT refer to. The OT law was written to show us just how sinful we are. Read Romans 7.

      • So Tatoo, you think that if someone disobeys these law (all of which are either bogus or were only part of the added Mosaic Covenant fulfilled by Christ, per Galatians 3, etc.) that’s it’s fine and dandy for some to come and murder you, rape your daughter, or sodomize your son?

        For more regarding what is not and what is still pertinent under the New Covenant–if you even care–see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant.”

        Regardless, thanks for demonstrating the inspiration and veracity of the Bible, especially 1 Corinthians 2:12-14.

        • Jerry Boyer

          Um Ted….Christ himself said that he was not there to replace the law, but to fulfill the prophecy…and then in the very next breath…he said that the old still applied, would always apply, letter for letter, until the end of heaven and earth.

          But beyond all of that. The Bible isn’t true. God isn’t real. Christ didn’t actually exist. And leave it to a “Christian” to go from spouting bible verses, to suggesting it’s fine for someone to murder, rape, and commit sodomy on children. You are a sick, perverted, zealot.

          • Jerry, thanks for demonstrating the inspiration and veracity of the Bible, especially 1 Corinthians 2:12-14.

          • Char Fox

            then in the very next breath…he said that the old still applied, would always apply, letter for letter, until the end of heaven and earth……

            Yes it does. If you’re not under grace, you must obey them all to be counted as righteous.

      • Char Fox

        There are only 10 Commandments. There are 613 Mosaic “laws” pertaining to Israel only. However God considers this to be sin and those who practice it and those who condone it will face God’s judgment.

        To love the Lord your God with all your heart means you wouldn’t want to justify doing what He said was wrong.

        • wandakate

          Does that mean that the 4th commandment is still valid????? Most churches open their doors on Sundays, the 1st day of the week don’t they?
          If only the 10 Commandments still apply and are valid then why have they all broken the 4th one? Just wondering.

          • Char Fox

            Ask yourself, which calendar designated Sunday as the first day? Where did God establish a day name as being the 7th day? Most people begin work on Monday, making Sunday the 7th day. We have nothing that defines the day of the week God began creation. Sunday – Saturday were non-existent words then. God’s whole point of the Sabbath is a day of rest after 6 days of work, just as a year of rest for crops every 7th year. He never gave a specified day this began on. Example: He said to not cultivate the fields in the 7th year. What if a man didn’t own fields until 3 years after God said this? Does he rest the crops in 4 years or 7?

    • Trilemma

      Let me see if I got this right. You believe the US Constitution should have established the US as a theocracy based on Old Testament morality and laws and that the following people are guilty of a capital crime.

      1. A man who dresses as a woman.
      2. A woman who dresses as a man.
      3. A homosexual man.
      4. A homosexual woman.
      5. A transgender man.
      6. A transgender woman.

      You believe that anyone convicted of any of these things by the testimony of two witnesses should be stoned to death in a very public place. And that the dead body should not be buried but simply covered with stones so that the dead body can be eaten by small animals and so that everyone can smell the decomposing body.

      Thank God the founders of this nation had the God given wisdom not to establish such a theocracy.

      • The US Constitution DID establish a theocracy.

        When one understands that idolatry is not so much about statues as it is statutes, it becomes clear that all governments are theocratic, serving either the true God or some false god, demonstrated by what laws they keep and
        consider the supreme law of the land.

        Question: Were the governments in the Old Testament under the god Baal (or any other false god named in the Old Testament) theocracies?
        Answer: Of course, they were.

        Question: Was Baal (or any other god named in the Bible) real or were they merely ancient forms of We the People?
        Answer: Merely ancient forms of We the People


        “…There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy. The American people, by way of their elected officials, are the source of the Constitutional Republic’s laws. Therefore, the Constitutional Republic’s god is WE THE PEOPLE.

        “People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?…”

        For more, see online Chapter 3 “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter. 3.

        • Trilemma

          Wrong. The US Constitution did NOT establish a theocracy. The laws established by the Constitution are not based on religion and therefore there is no theocracy. WE THE PEOPLE is not God because WE THE PEOPLE is not some supernatural deity. There is no religion that claims to worship WE The PEOPLE as God.

          Under the laws of the theocracy you would like America to be governed by, would anyone convicted by the testimony of two witnesses of homosexuality, cross dressing, or transgenderism be publicly stoned to death?

          • Wrong, the US Constitution represents the framers’ legislated morality, which, in turn, represents someone’s religion, be it the religion of secular humanism.

            The Constitution is just one of many contemporary forms of man doing what is right in his own eyes, per Judges 21:25. Judges 21:25 is what today is commonly known as humanism, aka We the Peopleism, which is just a contemporary form of Baalism.

            See blog article “Could YOU be a Disciple of Baal and Not Know It?” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Blog and search on the title.

          • Trilemma

            Wrong again, Ted. Secular humanism is not a religion. In fact, secular humanism rejects all religious dogma as a basis for morality. The Constitution is indeed a form of man doing what is right in his own eyes which is different from doing what is right in the eyes of some deity such as Baal or Yahweh. The Constitution makes no appeal to religious dogma or a deity. It is completely secular and therefore is not a theocracy.

            Why are you trying so hard to paint the Constitution as a theocracy? Is it because you don’t think the theocracy you’re promoting can complete against it as a secular democratic republic?

            Under the laws of the theocracy you would like America to be governed by, would anyone convicted by the testimony of two witnesses of homosexuality, cross dressing, or transgenderism be publicly stoned to death?

          • Jerry Boyer

            Ted is an idiot. He cherry picks scripture to fit his zeal.

          • Croquet Player

            Big n-gger

      • As for the remainder of your post, it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Yahweh’s moral law under the New Covenant.* However, I thank you nonetheless for demonstrated the inspiration and veracity of the Bible, especially 1 Corinthians 2:12-14.

        *See free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page and scroll down to title.

    • wandakate

      Lots of women wear jeans or slacks with zippers. OUCH! I don’t think we’re still under 613+ commands…Not just non-Christians but Christian women as well, pant suits etc.

      • Sharon_at_home

        Christian women should not wear pants in public. In their house they may wear them, but if she has a visitor, she must change into a dress or a skirt.
        According to scriptures women should dress like a woman and not cut their hair short. We should not wear flashy clothes or jewellery especially in the Lord’s house.
        I guess your church does not follow this.

        • Bob Johnson

          And a man should wear a galabeya and not trim his beard.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Only the Hebrews for those things, and actually you are right, it’s in the OT so it doesn’t need to be followed, but I think it’s a reasonable thing to do. But that’s me!
            Take care Bob, I always love to read your comments!

        • Char Fox

          Church of God used to believe this. But my question has always been, who decided pants were only a man’s clothing?

          People miss the point of the Scripture. Remember, Jesus never spoke literally but in parables and metaphors.

          Should we make tassels on the four corners of the cloak? First, these were Mosaic laws only for the Israelites. But the verse referred to is:

          Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

          Knowing how God sees sexual immorality, man & woman as the natural order, homosexuality, etc. this verse is easily understood. This is the transvestites verse people swear Jesus never mentioned. It doesn’t say pants because that’s not the message.

          God created make and female. So homosexuality goes against that creation, sex changers and transvestites are like saying He didn’t know what He was doing and created them wrong. Men should not wear women’s clothing to try and look like a woman and vice versa. Wearing pants isn’t trying to look like a man. The cut is different as well. Cutting the hair goes hand in hand with this. Think about it. Why would God not want a woman to cut their hair and dress like a man? It’s not just some random nonsense laws. They have a purpose.

  • yabruf

    The sodomites in this article don’t surprise me at all. It’s the depravity of the parents that would expose your child to such filth that is shocking.

    But what can you expect from such cesspools like NY, LA, and San Fran…

    • wandakate

      They’re not responsible adults. You might also add Hollywood Ca. and Key West, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas to your NY, LA, and San Francisco list.

    • Char Fox

      Even if we completely dismiss the act of “exposing” our children to this…

      The minority groups have lawsuited this country into removing God from everything. A small town recently removed a public bench that was donated because ONE resident got some organization involved because they were offended at a religious engraving on it. The town removed it because they couldn’t afford to fight a lawsuit….hopefully we’ll get one more Republican judge appointed and stop this nonsense.

      But it’s not enough to remove God, this same minority are pushing their way into schools, where they can cFORCE indoctrinatec (not just expose) our children to question their own sexual identity against the parent’s wishes. And they say we’re intolerant. They are the ones afraid we’ll raise our children on sound Biblical principles.

      • Mike

        So, you’d be good with Islam being in schools? Because the Constitution says nothing about the Christian faith, being the law of land.

        • Char Fox

          Nope. Islam doesn’t belong taught in schools. We don’t teach Christianity, with God being forefront in the history of this country, in schools. History of Islam like any history yes, but if any school here started teaching Islamic religion, parents would pull their kids out immediately. We don’t go in for indoctrination here.

    • Mike

      So, you don’t practice oral sex? How sad.

  • Chet

    Wow, these wannabees sure evolve into some really hard looking make-believe women… Beyond that, this entire matter is repulsive and ought not to be allowed much less promoted to violate and confound the pure minds of little ones…

  • Any adult condoning this or directly participating in this deserves
    to be executed for the harm they are doing to these innocent children
    and society.

    Matthew 18:6New King James Version (NKJV)
    Jesus Warns of Offenses

    6 “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it
    would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and
    he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    • Mike

      Luckily, we live in a constitutional republic, not a repressive theocracy. So, what you propose is illegal.

      • So you are okay with sexualizing children and teaching them perversion?

        • Mike

          Teaching children about men that like to dress like women, and that there are families other than a strict man-woman relationship, seems like a good way to educate children about the world. Much like, teaching children about different religions (or lack thereof), and helping to guide them to making their own decisions, is a good idea.

          • So your answer is yes. You are okay with sexualizing children and teaching them perversion. That makes you a child molesting pervert and a cancer on society.

          • Mike

            You can call me all sorts of names, which I guess is the ‘good’ christian thing to do. Your hate seems petty, to me. I’ve never molested a child, and most child molesters are ‘straight’ men, not transvestites, so you’d be wrong in your assumptions.

          • I am not narrow minded. I believe in the common sense and common decency that God gave us and I believe in Him and His Holy Word. I stand by what I said as being 100% correct.

          • Jesus sucked gay penis

            That is the very definition of narrow minded. So in your mind execution is common decency and teaching children the world is made up of rich tapestry of different people is degenerate. This is why people think fundamentalist Christians have got their morals all ass-backwards.
            I feel bad for you that have so much hate in your heart.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Whoa!! Slow down and stop talking so rudely.

            I need to explain that this is about tolerance not sex. It’s to teach the children tolerance, and to make them familiar with their different looks so they won’t be uncomfortable with others who look different. When they see someone dressed in a way that is similar they won’t gawk and laugh (necessarily – kids are kids).
            Teaching a child about not letting people touch them “where the bathing suit covers” is something most mothers teach their children now, at least in the US. Once they are in school they are taught how to be wary of strangers and people who ask them for help, or ask you if you want to pet his puppies in his van. They are taught how to deal with those pedophiles and the ones that corrupt children.It’s in the curriculum so they won’t miss the knowledge it gives them.

            I also want to suggest you find out what kind of people the sinners are, how they live, and work and have fun, and enjoy their lives and understand them properly before you put them into Hell yourself.

            How would you like your sex life out in public? Even if you are straight, you wouldn’t want people to be looking into your bedroom activity I expect. So how is it right that you curse people with sins that you know of? Do you find out everyone’s sin and curse people like that? What about your own sins, Jesus told us that He is the only mediator between man and God. Do you go to Him for forgiveness for being hateful to other people? I know the usual comeback is: but I tell them because I love them. *snort* Do you treat your mother, or wife in the same manner that you treat others who sin? Why do you think it is any different from what you are doing to others, when you wouldn’t be able to try to demean them either if you didn’t know their sin.

            If you don’t understand that Jesus wanted us all to love each other, and that people coming to Salvation is the most important thing because as people learn about their salvation they learn about Jesus and His love. When the time comes, they will be believers, and desire to repent of their sins.

            Giving sin priority over treating people well is not what Jesus had in mind. He wants people to choose life over death. He gave us free will so we can make the choice to believe and repent our sins. He wants all of us to treat each other the way we want to be treated. He loves us all, and one sin was not greater than another when Jesus was alive either.

            I am tired of seeing the rude way other Christians seem to behave towards sinners. It Jesus said to love one another. He didn’t say to treat sinners badly or to demean them with nasty words. He didn’t even do that himself except with the scribes and the Pharisees and that was because of their behaviour as supposed “men of god”.

            I’m guessing that you are Catholic, are you? I look forward to your answer. God bless you!

          • You could not be more wrong. Have a nice day.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Actually you will see only what you want to see. It is about tolerance not sex. As a matter of fact Drag Queens are usually comedians. And never speak heavily just on sex, from what I understand.
            You really should try to see what others show you. You’d be a lot less stressed and you might even learn something!
            God bless!

          • And you are obviously part of the problem. There is no defending what these degenerates are doing to and with these CHILDREN.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Maybe not for you there is no defending them, but to people who want to see more people being able to be tolerant in the world, it is a necessary lesson to be taught.
            You should not put me down for my views. Fine, disagree with them but give me respect 1. because I am a sister of faith. 2. because I am a person who wants the world to be a better place and tolerance is not just about tolerating sin, it’s about tolerating anything that is different about other people.
            You think I’m part of the problem, but others think I’m a part of the solution.
            I believe in what I believe in because I follow the Gospel. Jesus wants us to love each other and treat each other the way we want to be treated. He doesn’t want us to hate people. If you and your church don’t follow the gospel then you (and your church) should read it again and realize that the gospel is the final word of God about how we are supposed to be.
            God told us to forgive sinners as He forgave us our sins. Treating them hatefully for being human and making mistakes is not what Jesus said for us to be like. It is a sin to be hateful to another person.
            You know the parents have to agree to the children being there and are there themselves to watch and listen. What gives you the right to say these parents are not bringing up their children properly?
            Sins are not supposed to be our responsibility to punish for. We are supposed to encourage them to give up their sins, not punish them for them. Only God has the right to punish anyone for their sins, and He will punish them when they are in front of them on Judgement Day.
            I’m curious, where in the Gospel does it say we are supposed to punish sinners ourselves? I guess I missed that part by reading about Jesus’
            forgiveness and love.

          • Jesus loves all of us and so do I. Jesus hates sin and so do I. Jesus did not tolerate sin and neither do I.

            If you condone it then you are a part of it and guilty of it.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I just told you I don’t condone it. Did you not read all of my post?
            Do I have to be hateful to show I don’t condone it?
            It was said very clearly that I believe in the sins that are in the bible as sins, but I don’t treat them with the hate some others seem to use.
            You know what. Jesus did not tolerate sin, but he was never hateful with anyone who was in the multitudes. I do not tolerate the sins, I tell them about them and what Jesus said. That is not tolerating a sin. Neither is wanting people to get along and be tolerant with PEOPLE.
            The Drag Queens in particular are not usually anything but heterosexuals that want to look the way they do for their comedy act, and are usually amazing in what they do. They do not wear women’s clothes for anything but those things, and are trying to teach the children tolerance. I do condone tolerance! But not sin. And nothing you read that has been posted by me condones any sin what so ever. It will never say I think sin is OK with me.
            Stop trying to say that I am not following God’s Word because I am in every way. I follow the Gospel and Jesus’ teaching. If you don’t agree with the way I believe that is your problem not mine, because it will come to bite you when it is Judgement Day. Jesus does not tolerate sin, and acting hatefully to others is a sin, because He wants love in the world, not hate. Read the Gospel and hopefully you will actually understand what I am trying to relate to you from the Gospel, instead of telling me (and others on this board) that I am twisting His Word. I am NOT.

          • Bob Johnson

            “If you don’t agree with the way I believe that is your problem not mine, because it will come to bite you when it is Judgement Day.”

            And here is what I see as the certainty of the one and only right way. The certainty implicit in Pascal’s wager. The my way or wait until daddy comes home.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Do you know that he is the only one I’ve lost patience with on this board. I’m tired of trying to help a few of the Posters, but I keep trying even after I have told myself to give up because they aren’t listening to me.
            I have no problem if you don’t believe.
            I was talking to him about our beliefs and he keeps acting like he knows everything and I know nothing. I didn’t like his arrogance TBH. Christians should never act that way, especially to a sister of faith.
            So you go your way and I’ll go mine and we’ll be friendly without agreeing, right?
            Take care Bob!

          • Bob Johnson

            Actually as I’ve said before on other threads, I am an Episcopalian. Many here have replied and I am sure will continue to do so, that I am not a REAL (TM) Christian. Episcopalians broke with the Pope long ago over issues of marriage. Our church has a rainbow flag out front. Personal, I have been much influenced by Theravada Buddhism, yet I enjoy reading the heretic Dalai Lama. Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper also provide interesting food for me to ponder. In terms of religion I have an interest in theodicy which extends to how different religions address the problem. And as for Christianly it would probably be Apologetics.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Thanks for the information about Episcopalians. I have no knowledge what so ever about that religion. I’ve only been learning about the other religions more from the people who are patient enough to discuss them with me.
            You are obviously an avid reader with wide set of interests, which I admire greatly.
            What issue of marriage did they break from the Pope long ago? I wouldn’t be surprised if his announcement to accept homosexuals offended people but that was recent so it can’t be that. How long ago was it? Was it because of the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman?
            You see I’m curious and I’m afraid I ask a lot of questions when I want to learn about something. But I have no problem if you only answer a few because it still helps me understand those things.
            Please feel free to tell me about your views on religion or just about your own religion. I love to discuss things and you are very kind to explaining things to me.
            God bless you and may He give you peace and joy in your life.

          • Bob Johnson

            The Episcopal church otherwise known as the Church of England or the Anglican Communion was founded in 1534 when the Pope refused to grant Henry VIII an annulment to Catherine of Aragon so that he could marry Anne Boleyn.

            As an aside, Henry VIII remained almost entirely Catholic in doctrine. Less than 100 years later, this church under the leadership of James produced the English translation of the Bible that is still the most used and still bears his name. And, in opposition to Amos Mose’s opinions, it is an interpretation based on the well founded Truth of the Devine Right of Kings.

          • Sharon_at_home

            The Episcopal church is the Anglican church? I would not have guessed that in a million years!
            When you said the “Anglican Communion” you did mean the Anglican church didn’t you?
            That is great lesson in History! Thanks Bob!

          • Please do not bother me on this thread again. Repeating ourselves is not accomplishing anything.

          • Sharon_at_home

            You don’t explain yourself well enough for me to understand what you want to express to me. I suspect that I am not clear either to you.
            I’m happy to leave you alone. You are the only one that makes me agitated because of your arrogance and belief that it’s your way or the highway.
            I pray that God will open your eyes so you can see His Will. good bye

          • Char Fox

            Jesus said to love our neighbor but He also said to not cast your pearls before swine. He pulled no punches with the Pharisees. He didn’t want us accepting these types of differences.

            Romans 1:28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things ****but also approve of those who practice them.****

            We’re not to approve of them or tolerate the difference. We can love them as a person but make it clear that what they’re doing is sin. Jesus ate with sinners but not with the Pharisees. They knew the Gospel and turned their back to it and continued doing what they were doing. Once someone knows the Gospel and rejects it, we shouldn’t be hanging out with them or letting them think we approve (or at least don’t disapprove) of their lifestyle.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I don’t know that they do reject it, as I have never spoken to them about it. I don’t even know if they really know all about the gospel either.
            As for hanging around with them, As long as I don’t partake in their sin, and I show love and compassion for people, I don’t think Jesus would mind me doing his work with them either.
            How can you reach out to someone if you don’t hang out with them at least for a time?
            I did not know anything about Jesus and His Salvation until I was over 50. I think that there are a lot of people who only know about his birth from Christmas. I want to make sure people know about Jesus so I am doing it the best way I can.
            I think God approves of what I’m doing, he has made that obvious to me and some other people I know too.
            Not everyone can use the same method and get the same results. We need to use the right method for each individual, otherwise they won’t be able to believe. If I don’t reach them then I know God could use someone else to do it.
            I don’t tolerate the sin, I tolerate the people because we are supposed to love everyone. In this case I can’t do anything because the person is not here to talk to obviously. If you don’t have tolerance for other people’s differences, how do you expect to make it in this world. We still have to be IN the world, even though we are not a part of it.
            If I don’t try to help them to believe in Jesus, how will they change their minds?
            I am looking it from the fact that the world is changing and it is going to include a lot of things we as Christians don’t approve of. The children like the ones in the article, need to learn to be tolerant of everything that is what the world thinks is alright. Or they will not be able to do a lot of things. People have been fired for not being tolerant. People have been beaten for not being tolerant. Do you think the children are better off not understanding the fact that they must show tolerance, even with things they don’t agree with. I don’t.
            They are the ones that will have to live in the world when we are only a memory. They have to be able to cope. Religious beliefs are things that parents and the church help with. They can be tolerant of the things of this world, without losing their faith. I do it all the time.
            God wants us to keep on doing our duty right to the end, and that includes talking to people who have rejected the Gospel before. He pointed out that many non-believers will change before the end days. Our job is to talk to people to make sure they understand the gospel, not just know about it. We can’t give up because the people are sinners, because that is what salvation is trying to do, end the sinning. If we don’t talk to them, how can they change their minds like God told us they would.
            If I believed that God had not brought me here to help people understand Christianity and to help people to learn what Jesus wants for all of us, I would not be elated every time someone allows me to express myself as a Christian. I would not be seeing the blessings God gives me. I would not be so confident about what I am saying if I thought God was against it.
            This is what God brought me here to do, and no one, Christian or otherwise, will stop me from doing my duty to God. If you don’t believe me, or think I’m wrong I’ll still go with God. If you don’t go to others that you can’t tolerate, then God will surely find something for you to do away from them, either that or he will condemn you for not doing what he said he wanted us to do. I guess it will have to made clear to you by God himself.
            Have a good day/night. God bless you. And thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

          • Char Fox

            These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6 Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. 7 As you go, ****proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ **** (preach the Gospel)
            14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, ****leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.**** (Walk away from them if they won’t accept the message.)

            15 Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town.

            Tolerance: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own.

            Are you permissive towards this? That it should be allowed?

            You’re not even supposed to discuss religion in the workplace so that point should never come up.

            Tolerance of a person is to smile, say hi, be nice, helpful, etc.

            Tolerance of their behavior is to say you agree with their sin and condone it. If you believe a transvestite teaching kids is a good idea, you’re tolerating and condoning their sin.

          • Sharon_at_home

            First of all, your scripture about not going to the Gentiles and Samaritans is slightly off. Jesus did tell them that at the beginning, but eventually he told one to preach to the Gentiles and everyone in the areas he said to go into. I am stunned that you don’t realize it.
            Spoken by Paul in Romans 11:13-15
            13 For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office:
            14 If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flesh, and might save some of them.
            15 For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?
            So the Gentiles are also offered Salvation as well as the Hebrews (the chosen people of God).

            You obviously did not read the basis for my talking about tolerance. I never said once that I approve or condone it.

            What I am trying to tell you that the children will suffer if they don’t tolerate people who are like this because the world has accepted it, and the children will have to work with these people and tolerate the differences or they will not make it in this world of sin and retain their beliefs.

            I also said that if you want your child to believe your religious beliefs, that you have to teach your children yourself to tolerate them but do not believe that it is moral. That is your responsibility, not the worlds. In this world, it is getting harder and harder to be believers and if you don’t instill the ways of your religion into your children, they will ‘fall by the wayside” and eventually stop being believers. The world is not going to help you, and they will hinder you. You can’t expect the world to be anything less than it is. It will not be the way WE want it to be, and never will be while this earth is here.

            It is strictly for the future of the children of faith that I look at and see that they will need to have tolerance just to be able to be survive without being excluded from everyone else who does tolerate others differences. If they don’t have tolerance, how will they reach out to others to teach them about Jesus and Salvation?

            Jesus wants us to love each other and show compassion to the people who need to learn about Salvation, just like he showed the multitudes. Do you think if there were the same kind of people then and there are now that Jesus would be any less about love and compassion to those people? Not likely. Jesus was Love. It says so in the scriptures.

            Please read through this post carefully so you don’t misunderstand what I am saying again. I’d appreciate it.

          • Char Fox

            I understood you before. But I don’t agree with it. We’re supposed to be in the world, not a part of it. Which means I won’t allow my child to be a part of learning about alternative lifestyles or the sort. He’ll know people are different, be nice, but don’t live that way or make them close friends. It’s sinful and we don’t live that way or agree with it.

            As for the verse, I marked the sections I was pointing out. The part about the Gentiles was just a portion of the Scripture, one I know was done away with. The highlights are the message they were to give and what to do if they didn’t accept the message. IE: You tell them the Gospel once then move on. You don’t stick around hoping to convert them.

            A local drug dealer accepted Christ then went to preach to all his buddies. Thought he’d be fine. Ooops They can rub off on you often easier than you can on them and you’ll find yourself slowly living just like them.

            My nephew had a gay teacher one year. He was openly gay and made my nephew uncomfortable. My brother asked to move him to another class and the school and the Board refused. My sister-in-law went to work for a Christian school in order to afford the tuition. So now the public school couldn’t teach him at all since they accommodated the openly gay teacher making his impression on young minds, but couldn’t accommodate the Christian raised boy who didn’t appreciate the way the guy was disclosing such information when it wasn’t the subject he was supposed to be teaching.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Well, I can guarantee I won’t become gay for knowing some.
            If I want to be on this board, I have to get along with people. If I look at people as people with sins, I don’t see how that is wrong. I am still talking about God’s Will, regardless of my ‘friendship’ with anyone.
            Yes we are supposed to give up when someone rejects the message of salvation to US. but if you give it to one person that rejects it, and then I give it to the same person, that is not the same thing as sticking around to keep trying the same message with the same person.
            So in your mind, you should just be rude to people who you happen to know their sin, on this board?
            I can’t be rude like that. I have love to give to everyone, not a chosen few. Jesus loved all of us, even the sinners. My behaviour reflects Jesus and I will not go against that just because someone thinks I’m wrong. I know I’m not because I am following God’s Word by being more compassionate and loving than people who are more concerned about punishing them for their sins.
            I’m sorry that you’ve had some bad experiences with anyone, gay or not, but part of the problem is your attitude when you are around them. If you treat them the way you want to be treated, with the respect they are due because they are humans first and sinners second, then they will treat you the same. I do it all the time and I have not had anyone (except Doug on this site) be anything but respectful to me. If anything, it’s the Christians that treat me badly instead of like a sister in faith.
            I can’t be a minister of the devil if I keep to the scriptures and teach about Jesus and his salvation no matter how anyone looks at it. I am very devoted to my God, and no one can change that. I won’t let them.
            The thing is, if your children don’t learn to tolerate the differences like gays and transvestites around them, they will be the ones to suffer, not the gays etc. People will not tolerate intolerance any more. People get fired for just saying something intolerant now. How will your child cope in that world without being able to tolerate people around him.
            Besides, if you don’t show tolerance to people how can you possibly think you can show them the way to salvation? Telling them they are going to hell doesn’t work. If they cared about Hell they would have resisted their feelings in the first place. But if you tell them with love and compassion in your attitude, they will be more likely to listen, and more likely to be able to be led to Jesus.
            For me, tolerating their differences is a way to show the Love that Jesus wants us to show. It is a different approach to yours, but that doesn’t make it wrong when I still tell them about their sins and repentance.
            You don’t agree with the way I do it because of your experiences that have slanted your view in the negative way. I understand that, I do! But we have to put aside our feelings sometimes to reach someone who desperately needs the Lord.
            So go ahead and disagree but don’t think I’m a bad person because I look at what Jesus wanted us and it is love and compassion and caring about them. I’m still doing the Lord’s Work, and I love it, but my church looks at the scriptures and feel Jesus’ love and want to tell the whole world about His love. If others come to see Jesus and the Love He has for all of us, repenting their sins will come naturally out of the love they feel for Jesus. Not because they were threatened with hell, but because we tell them about how to turn to Jesus for help overcoming their sin, because we act like we care and don’t judge.
            I really wish I could get you to understand this. I really do. I think it something that people of faith need to do; show the love, show the way, and tell them of the need for repentance. It’s not our business to know what their sins are, any more than it is anyone elses business to know our sins. All we are supposed to do is tell them and let them make the decision by their free will. We aren’t supposed to punish them, that is up to God on Judgement Day.
            Show the Love, not the hate.
            God bless, and have a great day.

          • Char Fox

            How can you talk about loving others while in the same breath accuse me of being rude to people or having an attitude with them? Where did get this information from? Why do you even think I’ve had bad experiences with them? I’ve said none of this. And it is so so far off base.

            I worked with a lesbian 5 years. When she and her partner adopted a little boy, I was inwardly disgusted by it. But I never once said that to her. She didn’t need to hear that. I can disagree with their lifestyle and still get along. She and I ran a race together, had lunch together, worked together. You don’t have to be rude to people just because you don’t like what they’re doing.

            There’s probably just one group whose lifestyle I disagree with that I do get rude with. Telemarketers.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I don’t know Char, because I know you aren’t like that. I did write some posts one night when I should have stopped and gone to bed as I was exhausted, and I know I was not in the right mood to post but did it anyway. I’m really sorry if I offended you in any way. I’m surprised I was rude to you. I like you! lol!
            I’m starting to get tired of trying so hard to have people see Jesus’ love and having them batter me with scriptures that are not about love, but about God’s hate for sins. I don’t understand where the love Jesus gave us went with them. God put a lot of love in my heart and it’s hard to keep a smile on my face lately because of their attitudes. I came to make a difference but I have gotten no where I think. It’s upsetting to me. I think I have to take a break from it TBH but I don’t want to give up giving people the message that Jesus was about love not hate. Yes he hates sin, but he loves the people and that is what matters to me.
            Please forgive me Char. I think i might have meant to reply to someone else and didn’t realize it was you I posted to.

          • Char Fox

            Not a problem. I just think we’re confusing two things. My concern is with having control over teaching our kids what we believe and not being forced to subject them to sinful displays against the parent’s wishes. I’m not against the person and treating them kindly. But I don’t agree with devoting library story time to teach about drag queens.

          • Sharon_at_home

            How can you tell someone has rejected the true gospel without discussing it with them yourself? Some people don’t wait to hear the whole thing because of how they have been made to feel by the tellers. If they don’t know the truth about salvation why can’t some people reject it without needing someone else to show them the way?
            By the way, I do follow God’s Will and only base what I believe on the scriptures.
            Ok listen. If you can’t tolerate their differences (what about immigrants with different beliefs than us, or the disabled who don’t look like everyone else?) you still have to show tolerance to be able to reach out to them, don’t you?
            So you think because I love everyone and will accept people as people and not as their sin, that I am “hanging around” with sinners that have rejected the Word? Ironically, this is the only place that I have friends that are not believers. They do not ask me to participate in their sin. They do not try to make me do the same sins. We talk about what God wants (on my side of course) and how they feel about it and why. Must I be hateful to people that don’t accept the Word? I believe I’m doing the right thing if for no other reason than I don’t know who my words and behaviour might influence. Maybe I won’t be able to change them, but if there is a chance that I can help one person who is not a believer, to become a believer and desire Salvation, it will be a victory for me, and give Glory to my father.
            In my life I do not hang with sinners unless it is to discuss sin with them. I have ‘friends’ who are sinners but I don’t hang with them to sin with them, I ‘hang with them’ more because they are good people who sin, and we have good times together without sinning. As long as I don’t lose my belief in what God’s Will says, I am only being a reasonable person to allow the fact that we are all human beings that sin, and other than our sins, we are often the same good caring people who are much like us, without following the gospel. I don’t always know their sins, but I try to lead them to Salvation without knowing.
            I do not know anyone (so far) that is anything but Gay, and I find them loving, caring people with stronger values about how to treat people properly because they have been treated poorly. I don’t condone their sin, but I can’t say they are bad people because in every other way but their sin, they are good people and I can’t ignore that because they sin. Jesus did not want to to ‘hang’ with them because we have the possibility to stop believing and go with the flow, but if we have strong faith in God that won’t happen. And my faith and trust in my God is impossible to imagine changing regardless of the people I talk to. If a believer has strong faith, no one can change that, because it is within us. If our faith falters it is a dangerous thing to do, but again, it is up to us to work on our faith if it is not a major part of your life.
            Boy I am writing a book just for you! lol!
            God blessings!

          • Char Fox

            Like I said, I have no problem treating them as human as everyone. It’s having them force their way into teaching our kids opposite what the Bible says. To force Christians to participate in their sin…as I mentioned in another post about the baker and pastors participating in gay marriages. And honestly, why are they so set on forcing a pastor to marry them when others would willingly do it? It’s because they want to force out Christianity. They purposely choose those whose religion disagrees with homosexuality.

            You mentioned immigrants. I have no issues with immigrants with caveats like learnjng the language. Knowing English is a requirement for citizenship. We don’t need another tower of Babel situation.

            Disabled people aren’t purposely disabled or trying to force everyone else to use a wheelchair because maybe they have to. Ok I’m being facetious here, but I can’t compare the immigrants or disabled to people trying to force out Christianity by leading our children to think there’s nothing wrong with what they do.

            I really don’t understand where you think not wanting children taught by transvestites or gays has to do with being hateful. I’m not hateful towards them just because I don’t agree with their lifestyle, but I don’t want my kids being taught by them.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Because that is how the posters on this site seem to think is the “right ” way to treat people like this and think that by being hateful to them about their sin is going to bring them to salvation.
            I apologize for making it sound like i included you as I doubt you are like that because you are a bapticostal and they don’t behave that way normally.
            I posted another reply to you about this topic. Please look for it.
            God bless you!

          • Bob Johnson

            Pastors are not covered by the Civil Rights Acts – public accommodation businesses are covered. Can you show me any cases where pastors have been required to preform marriages against their will?

            Tower of Babel? What was when all the people spoke one language and God did not like it. You want to again bring the peoples of the world together in a common language? Oh, and the United States does not have an official language.

          • Char Fox

            According to the article, it’s not just to get them comfortable with the looks. The are reading books about marriage equality (which teaches sin) and quote: Now they’ve got drag queens asking them directly, ‘Who wants to be a drag queen when you grow up?’

          • Sharon_at_home

            And other times it’s who wants to be a librarian/fire person/ police person when they grow up? People ask children all the time like that with the career being different. Being a Drag Queen is a career you realize?
            It is about tolerance too by letting them look that way. If they were dressed normally, how would they begin to show them about tolerance? Showing good behaviour is a far better way to teach children, than talking about it alone.
            Look, I can’t see the world ever changing back to what it used to be before there were people who hid themselves away because they were different.
            Would you want to hide that fact that you are Christian (as in some countries now) and because you were Christian, you weren’t allowed to do the same things other people who aren’t Christian are free to do. Maybe it’s hard to imagine for some people but it isn’t for me. I do know what it’s like to feel different and standing out. But for me it was because I was a good person and people find it strange when someone does things without expecting things in return, or helping strangers to cope with something new for them.
            The world is going to continue to get worse as far as our personal beliefs, so we have to learn to deal with what is happening to be able to live in the world when we are going about our daily life. We can’t be intolerant in this society it does not work.
            Teach your children about sin and your beliefs, but tell them that the way they act is important when they are in society, and not in a Christian environment. That will take tolerance and they have to learn it or they will suffer for it. Especially in Jobs. They fire people for being intolerant now. I’m looking at the fact that when these children are older, the world will be different than we want it to be, and they are the ones that will have to live in it, not us (eventually) so they must be prepared for that before they need to use it.
            Does that help you understand why I am not against this library hour. I’m not against teaching children life skills and tolerance is a big one.
            I am against sin, but other than dressing up like they do as Drag Queens so they can be entertainers (comedians) and you’d never know it was them when they are out of their work clothes. Some of them are married men with children, trying to manage to live on what they make. Drag Queens are not always (I’d like to say never but I can’t be sure of it) homosexuals, the only sin they do is to dress up in women’s clothes for work.
            Marriage equality: Are homosexuals people or are they animals. Are they someone that might be saved or lost causes all of them?
            The answers to those questions are They are people, and each and every person on the earth could be saved. Their attitude may be no now, but no person knows if it will change; could be because of an experience, or because someone happens to discuss it with them when they are open to the discussion and come out of it a believer. We can’t know if we are that person either. Maybe I can’t reach one LGBT and turn them to Jesus, but maybe a -insert length of time here – later, you can change their mind?
            That’s why we have to treat them with love and compassion. If we treat them badly, why would they ever be open to hearing the Word and learning about Salvation. We need to make everyone aware that we want to help them, not demean them, so they might come to Jesus before the end. That’s what Jesus told us to do.
            Did I help you understand it, or do you have more to discuss? I’m here if you want me.
            God bless!

          • Char Fox

            God actually supports things like firemen and police because they help people. But He calls being a transvestite sinning, depravity, evil.

          • Sharon_at_home

            He also knows that we are not able to stop the sins in this world because that is shown by his talk about the end of times. He wants us to keep trying to tell people about His Love, His Salvation plan, and about repentance of sin, which is necessary to have Salvation.
            Ummm Jesus never said that about transvestites because it wasn’t even a word back then. He described what sins were and about the evils of staying in sin, but he couldn’t reference a word that did not exist back then.
            By the way, God would not despise someone who is not a transvestite but is a comedian. That’s what a Drag Queen is, a comedian. They are often married with children and are in a heterosexual relationships. I do not say all of them are not transvestites, but I do know that Drag Queens usually only dress like that because of their careers as comedians. So making people laugh and be happy is not against God’s command because it is an act, not something done in seriousness because of how they feel inside.
            Even the sins that God hated, were sins he wanted people to repent about. He did not tell us not to talk about salvation with anyone, but rather told his apostles not to keep trying if they won’t receive the Gospel. Do you honestly think God would not want us to try because we think this person will not ever be saved? God knows who those people are but we don’t, and we should be telling His Word no matter who believes and who doesn’t because if they do not know His Word, they will never repent. He doesn’t say, that they should wipe their hands of the dust and no one should ever try to help those people again. He wouldn’t say that because he wants all to come to salvation, right? So we do ‘wipe the dust from our hands’ when we ourselves know the person rejects it, but it does not mean another person won’t talk to them at the right time and lead them to salvation, just because they rejected it before.
            “God actually supports things like firemen and police because they help people.” So does that mean he supports firemen and police even though they are gay? Or are you saying that he won’t support the particular people that are gay and only support the ones that are not? I think you are not thinking clearly with reason about the situation. He can’t support people because of the job they do, and not support all of them, regardless of their sins. Besides that I only used them as an example. There are many many professions that have been said the same way to children, not just those two.
            You have to stop thinking that He hates anyone. He does not hate any person, no one. He hates the sins that we all do, not the people, and wants us all to repent.
            How are you doing God’s work by being so demeaning to people who sin. It’s one thing to say that it is a sin to be repented, and to make people feel bad about themselves, rather than feeling bad about doing the sin. As Jesus IS love, I don’t believe that He truly hates anyone especially since we are all sinners, and He believes that all are able to be brought to Salvation. Who are you to reject that?
            Tolerance is what my whole post was about, not hate of sin. Or about how I feel about their sins. Or lack of love. Or being evil. or anything else. It was totally about tolerance of differences and that the children of today need to learn tolerance to survive in this evil world with their beliefs intact. Is that wrong in your eyes? Do you not teach your child that all people sin and that it is the sin that Jesus hates? Do you not make it clear to them that they should not hate the sinner at all – to always be about love, because that’s what Jesus wants us to be like? Do you not teach them the commandment to treat people as you yourself want to be treated, as well as that they should love God.
            How do you expect children of this day and age, to go through life hating people who are different than they are. Because that is what it sounds like you believe. And it’s an impossible task to live in the world being intolerant of others. The world will cast you out for being that way, and you will have no chance to bring anyone to salvation.
            God bless, and I hope this helps you understand what I am trying to explain.

          • Char Fox

            As I said elsewhere, I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t agree. You’re overanalyzing my comments.

            You said Jesus never mentions transvestites, but He did…woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.

            Transvestite didn’t need to be a term. The Bible is very specific about male and female, made in His image, going against the natural order, etc.

            Being a transvestite does NOT mean you’re a comedian. If that we’re true, the bathroom debates would be pointless, since you wouldn’t have men dressing as women just to use the women’s restroom. Some comedians use transvestite as their material but real transvestites are men who dress as women as part of their daily life. Some transvestites are prostitutes.

            The firemen and police comment is pretty clear. Especially knowing that transvestite does NOT equal comedian. Someone may want to be a comedian and use that in their act, but we don’t want them growing up to be transvestites. You asked about a job…comedian is a job like firemen. Transvestite isn’t a job so it’s comparing apples to oranges.

            You keep talking about tolerance and differences, but you’re finding nothing wrong with transvestites teaching our kids. That is condoning their behavior and encouraging others to join in and subject children to an activity Scripture is clear on staying out of. Tolerate them, be nice to them, work with them, but don’t join in their lifestyle or teach about it. Teach that God says it’s sin and we need to pray they’ll see the light.

          • Sharon_at_home

            First of all it would be that being a Drag Queen means being an entertainer. That’s the only reason they wear those clothes. They don’t normally dress like that; only when they are working. They are not transvestites they are heterosexuals. I guess it would be better if no one knows its a male playing a part for you to not label him? Wearing a costume is not a sin. (Now Barney’s costume, that’s a crime, not a sin!! haha)
            I don’t see why a Drag Queen can’t teach them about tolerance. Anyone who is different fits the bill.
            I realize people sin, there is no denying it. I do not condone their sinning in any way. All I am saying is that the world is not going to be a good place to have to work in, without tolerance.
            I guess I’m wasting my time trying to explain this. I can’t seem to make you understand because to you everything is about the sin, not the person. I believe that Jesus wanted us to love the person and hate the sin, but he didn’t want us to turn up our noses at people because of their sin. We all sin! We all need Jesus. I can’t blame them for being sinners because God said we are all sinners.
            I just cannot treat anyone badly and without caring. without compassion. It’s not in me to be able to be like that. I’m about love and those things are not about love.
            I don’t believe that because we can see the sin, that it gives us the right to treat them badly, or to expect them to do something that I think will harm anyone especially not a child. It’s our own responsibility to teach our own values and beliefs. The world is not going to change for us. If you instill the right beliefs and behaviour in your children, it won’t matter who/what is teaching them because it won’t be able to change how they have been taught to believe. Don’t you trust your children to do that? Do you think just by seeing or talking to someone they will lose the basics that you taught them? It should take more than that to make a change.
            sigh. Ok I’ll leave it to you, because I definitely have a different belief in how I see what Jesus wanted us to behave like. I know it’s not wrong because I only use scriptures to believe like I do.
            What I don’t understand is why so many Christians act with hate towards sinners. That’s not the love Jesus wanted us to show others. Even when we hate the sin, we should not act with anything but love. Ever.
            It’s God’s will to love everyone. He wants us to hate the sins, yes, but I don’t believe he wants us to make people feel bad about themselves, but only about their sin with compassion (like Jesus) and love and tell them about Jesus’ salvation. To me treating anyone badly is not following Jesus.
            I refuse to give up trying to help people to know Jesus and his Salvation without the hate. I don’t want to be treated with hate, so I can’t treat anyone else that way.
            I hope we can still discuss things without problems Char. I do enjoy our discussions. God bless.

          • Jesus sucked gay penis

            You’re wasting your breath, he clearly has no concept of tolerance.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Yes I am. He actually told me not to reply to his posts any longer, that is IMO because he can’t argue with me when I use scriptures to back up what I say against his scriptures that are not even about what I am trying to convey. That’s fine. I never liked his arrogance anyway.
            Thanks for your comment. Keep smiling!
            (BTW. I hate your user name. in all honesty I wish you would change it just so I don’t have to see it LOL) I’m old, I don’t find that kind of thing proper, sorry.
            Have a good night and keep smiling!

          • Char Fox

            Uhh they’re not teaching different religions…only those which they approve of. And NO! The parents get to decide how to educate their children, which religious exposure, etc. They are the ones paying for and raising those children, not the minority transvestites and homosexuals.

          • Mike

            It’s called and analogy. And, this is a public library, so the parents are allowing their children to attend this event. Also, what is wrong with minorities? Are you racist?

          • Sharon_at_home

            I am pretty sure the article said that the parents listen too, so they would know what the children are learning and how they were being taught.
            I’ve got mixed feelings about this because I am 60, and I am a mother myself. But I have also learned more about the LGBT. I am trying to put that together without the sins involved, with Drag Queens. I’ve never had to make decisions like this when my kids were young. At this point, I will remain neutral because it won’t affect me in any way, and I’d rather not make a decision.

          • Char Fox

            I just love when they start throwing out the race card. I have other races in my family and friends so what’s that tell you? By my use of “minority transvestites and homosexuals.” It’s very easy to understand that I’m using minority in reference to numbers/group size, ie: minority/majority.

            Did they inform the parent’s beforehand? And they’re not content with libraries, they want our schools too.

          • wandakate

            That’s because at the end of days before JESUS glorious appearing people will be perverted. They will become like the ones in Sodom and Gomorrah. Vile and having lust for one another, just like back then when GOD Himself decided to destroy all of the people in those cities. We’re getting there, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • ChristianNightmare

      Another fine example that shows Christianity is a religion of violence. Violent speech is also banned in this comments section. Flagged.

      • Are you flagging me for what I said or for what Jesus said?

        • ChristianNightmare

          Will you do the executing? If Jesus said to murder will you murder? Sounds awfully Jihadi.

          • Proverbs 6:16-19New King James Version (NKJV)
            16 These six things the Lord hates,
            Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
            17 A proud look,
            A lying tongue,
            Hands that shed innocent blood,
            18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
            Feet that are swift in running to evil,
            19 A false witness who speaks lies,
            And one who sows discord among brethren.

          • ChristianNightmare

            Wow no wonder you’re scared 😀

        • Char Fox

          Jesus left judgment to God not man.

  • RT Kraken

    I wish we had a program like this locally. What a great way to teach children to exercise their imaginations and celebrate who they are in a world full of small minded bigots. But then, that’s the mission of libraries everywhere.

    • Sharon_at_home

      No not all libraries are like that. At least not in Canada. I would imagine that they are all starting to introduce the children to various lifestyles that will be seen everywhere
      I mean no offense to anyone in anything I say. Sometimes I don’t know the right words for things.
      Our library had a wonderful story hour and somewhere along the time of seeing her for years, regularly with my children, I realized she was gay by things she said casually to me. She was such a good teacher for the children to be able to have someone and something like her to care for them while mom/dad looks through the book stalls themselves.
      I never worried about gays because I had an Uncle who was bi and his friends were so much fun, and so polite! They were such good people I couldn’t dwell on the fact that they were gay because the person they are came out so much more strongly, it was like they were just other guys not that they were bad people just because of their sex life. (I wasn’t Christian back then.)
      A joke my Uncle used to use when he met my family’s various friends was like this. He was actually my father’s half brother, which made him my 1/2 Uncle and He used to add and 1/2 Aunt. lol He had a great sense of humor. I always liked him, and never cared about his other side, so to speak. He was my uncle, not a gay to me, because it didn’t matter that he was gay.
      I don’t see how this can harm children if it is done properly and with supervision of some kind, like in a helper.from the library itself. To me it’s about tolerance and every child should learn that – no matter whether their parents are not tolerant the children need to know what tolerance is so they know the right way to live.
      God bless!

  • Jason Gill


    (Did I cover all your guideline no-nos?)

  • Jason Gill

    Should only be one commandment:


    • Trilemma

      You just broke your one commandment. Twice.

      • Jason Gill

        Never said I wasn’t a hypocrite.

  • Sharon_at_home

    All of you Christians here should be ashamed of yourself acting like
    this instead of a more reserved behaviour like Jesus. Christians should
    not bad talk other people, regardless of their sin. You remember don’t
    you? ‘No sin is greater than another.’ and how about “love each other as
    I have loved you” or “treat people the way you want to be treated”

    I found that doing that really works and I am usually treated
    respectfully because I desire respect myself.
    Do you not have
    tolerance yourselves? Do you call these people perverts and homos in
    front of young children. That’s teaching them curse words – by using
    curse words yourself – you teach them the words, and by using them in
    reference to anyone different than you / they are learning intolerance
    by watching you. Also, you are not teaching them the proper skills to
    get through life if you aren’t teaching them tolerance.

    Tolerance is not acceptance of a behaviour you feel is a sin,

    tolerating it when it is in the wrong situation to be openly
    intolerant. Being openly intolerant has lost many men/women their
    professional jobs already because of intolerance for other people
    different than they are. Like for example Immigrants, gays, disabled.
    Even social media is used to find out what people “really” think and
    talk like to know if they are tolerant or not.

    It is allowing
    them their differences regardless of how you personally feel. Children
    need to learn this to make their way through this society in any good
    way. It’s in the work world and they have to learn to deal with it way
    before that.

    Give the children of tomorrow a chance to make
    something of themselves by teaching them tolerance of differences in
    other people. If they are not tolerant they will drown in this world no
    matter what we do, because God told us about what it would be like, and
    He only speaks the Truth. If you want them to believe in what your
    religion says, fine, but let him learn tolerance to go along with it so
    he knows how to behave when it is necessary to be tolerant. Like in
    business. Or in a bank. Grocery store. Post Office. Is that enough
    examples for when people need to be tolerant? Your child will be an
    adult some day, and needs to know how to survive in a diverse world.
    Keeping our faith through this is easier if we are tolerant of some
    things. It’s easier to teach children to be tolerant to all, and not
    just to some people, and it’s also a better way especially for a
    Christian who wants to obey God.. Give the children a chance in the
    future when what we feel religiously will no longer matter to society.
    What we feel morally, ethically, politeness – it’s all going to be gone
    except maybe in the work environment. Give yourself time to think about
    how much the world has changed just since you were born, and how much
    more it will be changed by the time our grandchildren or children get to
    that age. If you want them to be able to work in this world, and live
    in Our world, that is why you need to teach them early about both,
    tolerance to others who are different, and about the Lord and his
    commandments. Why disagree with it when it might be the way they learn
    something that will end up being a life-lesson for them. If you want
    them to be faithful, that is your responsibility to lead him there, but
    don’t stunt his ability out in the work place in the future. Personally
    I’ve lived long enough and had the world change so much in that time, I
    wouldn’t even try to imagine what it might be like 20 odd years from
    now. I don’t think I could even hazard a guess knowing how much it has
    already changed just since personal technology was introduced. So think
    about their future because we might not even be around to help them.
    God bless all of you! and I hope I made your reconsider how to help young children learn tolerance of others, and keeping their faith even so. I’m open to discussion!

    • Char Fox

      Teaching kids not to point and laugh is one thing. Teaching them that sin is sin is another. Not wanting them introduced to and indoctrinated into the lifestyle is yet another. I believe in all three.

      • Sharon_at_home

        It isn’t about indoctrination it’s about tolerance. it’s about being able to live in the world without conflict or making one group of people feel bad about themselves.
        Teaching children about right and wrong is important for sure. Sins are the wrong things, right?
        The belief that not introducing them to the lifestyle, (which is actually the lifestyle of comedians as Drag Queens are often that) is not going to make them the same just by being aware of it. No one can live in the world today and not be aware of the LGBT and other differences that are apparent in today’s society, but we aren’t all going to follow what they say. So they should be told not to treat them badly and learn that these are people just like them (and you and I) except they are different in some ways. Just like the disabled, or people with visible scars and lost limbs, or midgets and dwarfs as well as the immigrants that are welcomed to the country. You don’t have to point out each person’s differences if they are taught tolerance. After all you do want them to be tolerant for those other things I mentioned right?
        For the parents, they were right there so they are able to discuss the class with their children.
        I believe that children need to know about sins, but not that sinners are bad people. We all sin, so they should not be taught that we are all bad people. So if you and your church feel that way, it is their responsibility to teach the children what the religion’s view is.
        This class is not about anything but tolerance for other people’s differences which is also something your church should be teaching to the children too. In this world, it is not a benefit to anyone to be intolerant of other people’s differences at all. They need to learn toleration to manage when they have to go into the world to work and survive.
        The ways of the world must be explained to the children, and if you want to teach them more about people’s sins, fine teach them, but don’t teach them to hate the people who sin. Jesus wants us to love everyone, not just His Children.
        The other thing here is that it was offered to people, not included in anything else being taught there. That means the parents had to choose whether to enroll their kids into it. That also means that you and other parents who don’t agree with it, don’t have to put your kids in it in the first place, but people who do want their children to be tolerant can! It’s like a win-win situation because it’s up to each of us what we want our children to learn outside of school.
        Thanks for your thoughts! God bless!

        • Char Fox

          Do you tolerate abortion? Do you believe we shouldn’t speak out against abortion clinics and voice our concerns? Ever stand in an abortion picket line?

          This is no different. I don’t agree with having a transvestite teaching the kids. We can talk to them about this without walking in looking like a hooker and talking about what the hips on the drag queen do. I don’t believe libraries should be bringing this in. I don’t approve and would tell the transvestite up front how I feel about it. I’m not going to be mean, but I WILL state my opinion and flat out tell them it’s wrong. I would not partake of it nor allow my child around it. I’ll teach him about how to be respectful of others who are different, without subjecting him to this travesty. If we sit back and say/do nothing, we can’t be surprised when it takes over our world.

          Already we’re expected to allow men to enter women’s restrooms and it’s increased crime situations.

          In February 2016 at a women’s locker room in Seattle, an unidentified male entered and began to undress. Women went to the staff who asked the man to leave, but the man stated that since Washington law had changed, he had a right to be in the locker room of his choice.

          A Man dressed as woman was found filming multiple women, including a woman and her 5-year-old daughter, in mall restrooms. The suspect in multiple incidents, a 30-year-old man used a bag to conceal a camera to film women as they used the restroom facilities.

          Other cases come from Fort Myers, Florida; England; Palmdale, California; Bakersfield, California; Dalls: and Everett, Washington, where a man admitted he took a shower in the women’s locker room “for purposes of sexual gratification.”

          A man undressed in front of children in a Walmart restroom, another man wore a women’s swim suit and exposed himself to children and another unidentified male was being sought for indecent exposure to children ages 5-10.

          By saying we respect their differences, we’re giving permission to allow laws that will force us to allow men in the restroom with us. Would you want to be in the stall next to a strange man?

          This is why we have to speak out. If we’re complacent, we’ll find ourselves mired down in situations we don’t like and could maybe have stopped.

          • Sharon_at_home

            No no no. I do not say we must agree with or respect the kinds of differences that are sinful. I didn’t say that at all.
            I understand what you are trying to say, and no I personally do not support things like abortion. I only support the LGBT’s right to live equally because they are people just like us, except for their sin. We are people just like them, except we have repented our sins, and try not to anymore. So for me supporting their equal rights as human beings is not saying I support their lifestyle.
            Do you think that their sin makes them not human beings? God loves the creation He made, and is not hateful to people just because they sin. He shows them love to get them to come to Him, not hate.
            I must admit, you have seen much much more about the bathroom/ shower room problems that have been happening because of the way the people want to live. I don’t agree with it at all. I would never let my child be in a position where a person of the opposite sex would see them naked, or even partially naked. I can’t imagine going into a washroom and seeing a man there. It would make me uncomfortable and I would either leave or wait until he left to ‘do my business’ and until children are fully grown at least to the age where we have to let them out on their own, they should be accompanied by their parents if they are concerned about this situation. If they aren’t, and something bad happens to the child, they have no one but themselves to blame. Sorry.
            I think the world is too evil to be able to stop the direction it is going in. We can hate the way it is unfolding, but we are too few to be able to really change it, and this evil world and how it’s going is what Jesus said to watch for to know it is getting close to the end he has told us about .
            We need to keep our faith in God and tell people about Salvation, but even with protesting it is unlikely to change anything because many people hate Christians for their behaviour towards people who sin. Christians have made it appear like all Christians are about pushing hate on people to make them change, and it is not going to work that way.
            Char, I was on the bus one time in my church clothes and 2 girls that looked just like any 2 girlfriends going out together were there. Char they were terrified of me! Just because I am a Christian! It was a horrible feeling for me – I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. (I am not a scary person). How can Christians instill fear in people and think they are being loving? They were not afraid of going to hell, they were afraid of me and what I could do and say to them.
            I want to show people how Jesus is, by behaving like him. With Love, and compassion and a true desire to change people to not want to sin. I think I am doing that for the most part, but I can’t reach everyone that has been hurt by the “good intentions” of other Christians alone.
            I am not trying to make people of other religions change their beliefs, but rather show them in the scriptures what Jesus said in opposition to some of their beliefs. Some people don’t seem to go by the Gospel in their lives.
            God bless you!
            I am enjoying our discussions Char. Thank you for being kind and patient with me considering we disagree on some things. I do appreciate it. Thank you.

          • Char Fox

            With the way it’s going, what will you do when all public restrooms are mandated open to both genders? Don’t think it won’t happen. Ten years ago we’d have never thought any state would try and pass this.

            I think I can clear up the confusion with one question.

            If Jesus had a child, would He send him to Sodom and Gomorrah to learn or to the church?

            Remember that at 12, He was in the synagogue teaching (until His parents got a hold of Him anyway LOL). But He didn’t wander around with the pagans as a young child, He was in His Fathers house.

            Back to firemen and policemen…

            If your child wanted to be a fireman and a local fire fighter offered to show him around the station, but this particular fire fighter was very openly gay and would kiss his partner at the station any chance he could, no matter who saw, would you send your child or would you tag along or perhaps read him books on fire fighting instead?

            This is why I brought up my nephew. The school refused to move him. He was being forced to go against his beliefs because those who yelled the loudest got their accommodations above his. They want to take over. It’s so evident.

            Atheists force people to remove nativity scenes and force small towns with one atheist resident to remove a bench donated by a veteran because it had scripture on it.

            Gay rights and transgenders want to force their way into the bathrooms and public displays to children, even over their religious objections. They run cake bakers out of business for refusing to serve a gay wedding against their beliefs. They’re trying to enforce churches to perform gay marriages. Texas is trying to force pastors to have their sermons approved.

            Muslims force our school children to wear Muslim clothes and listen to Muslim prayers, and fail the child when their parent refuses to let them participate.

            All of this is already happening. Where does tolerance stop? We can tolerate ourselves into extinction.

            This is why I say we can get along with people without tolerating their lifestyles being taught and forced on our children.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Today I sat down and looked at source after source about the way the LGBT etc. have been demanding we accept them as ‘normal’. I now agree with the fact that they are not just teaching tolerance.
            I still believe that children need to learn tolerance of these people because they will have to deal with them in their life and won’t be able to “get away” with being intolerant without consequences.
            I know that the behaviour is against what God wants, but I also understand that they are people first and sinners second. We have to be able to bring them to salvation so we have to show them love and compassion or they will not listen.
            I hate the bathroom bill in the states, and in Canada. I can see putting “gender neutral” bathrooms in and leaving the woman’s and men’s bathrooms available to. I tell you if I ever see a man in a woman’s washroom I will stand there until he leaves. I’d leave but I would want to be confident that the ‘man’ isn’t there to cause problems. No matter what he identifies as, there are too many men that will take advantage of the situations so they can prey on women and young children. I am not saying that they all are like that, but I hear too many things from various people about the problems that have already arisen from it, and find that a lot of them are not really shown in the bigger news stations.
            You know I think the majority of the LGBT are good people and it’s the few that ruin their reputation and create the concern that we, as women, feel.
            I don’t understand high school’s letting boys into girls washrooms and showers. Teenage boys are so pepped up with their hormones that they already do things like put holes in the walls so they can watch the girls undress. They already put pressure on girls to have sex, to show them there bodies. I think it’s more unfair to the boys to give them the temptation of letting their hormones have full rein, because in the long run, they will be getting in trouble for any antics they pull.
            I apologize for thinking this was about tolerance as I realize now that it is about tolerance, but it is also about the government forcing these things on us and all at once at that. People instinctively do not like having something they disagree with being dropped into their laps suddenly and being forced into anything is not good.
            Please accept my apologies without coming down heavily on me please. Anyone who is Christian should forgive me as I have apologized, but I really do not want a lot of “told you so’s”. Thank you.

          • Char Fox

            Just a couple days ago, I read an article where a woman found a man in the stall next to her young daughter, holding his cellphone under the stall taking pictures of her daughter and posting them to a porn site. I think it said he was arrested anyway. I believe it was in Target, where they’ve opened their restrooms to accommodate gender identity.

            The world is getting sicker every day.

  • This is sickening.

    A lot of these wicked cities are going to soon suffer the same fate as Sodom & Gomorrah.

  • Tee Ray

    What an incredibly great thing you’re doing! I think it’s fantastic to teach differences and tolerance when kids are young. It’s only ignorance and bigotry that lead to hatred! Kudos

  • ChristianNightmare

    The drag queens should go to a children’s hospital and read to the kids God gave cancer to.

    Edit: I just found out they actually do. Bravo.

    • God did not give cancer to kids. Us humans have done that.

      • ChristianNightmare

        I thought God created everything?

        • Pain, sorrow, disease and death come from Satan through the sins of man.

          • ChristianNightmare

            So Satan is more powerful than God. Probably we better worship that entity instead then. 😀

          • No satan is not more powerful than God.

          • ChristianNightmare

            Why do Xians keep telling me God created everything then. Ironically they want it both ways. LOL

          • If you were to set a house on fire, can it be said that God did it?

          • Bob Johnson

            The Lord works in mysterious ways.

          • ChristianNightmare

            Mysteriously akin to not working at all. 😀

          • ChristianNightmare

            Well you Xians keep telling me this God omnipresent. So yes.

          • The word is Christians and not Xians. For your answer in the affirmative you receive a logic fail award.

          • ChristianNightmare

            Haha quite the contrary, but thanks for playing. 😀

          • It was obvious from the start you were not here to learn anything.

            Good night.

          • ChristianNightmare

            An omnipresent god would BE the fire. LOL

            I hope you have learned something. 😀

          • From you I have learned nothing.

          • ChristianNightmare

            Guess you’re not here to learn anything.

            I have learned from the comments that a lot of Xians are advocating execution on behalf of their god and are a violent bunch calling for their own “Jihad.”

            Oh wait I already knew that. LOL

          • Sharon_at_home

            Please don’t paint all Christians as if they are all the same. We aren’t. I am not like these Christians at all. Give the ones that are not like them a chance to show you what we are supposed to act like, please!
            Have a great day!

          • Bob Johnson

            He did use the phrase “a lot”

            The sad fact is that stereotypes exist. Looking over many commenters’ theology and remember the folk’s whose responses you have called impolite are the emerging face of Christianity. Add to that, the in-your-face tactics of Westboro Baptist Church (not surprisingly I went to Google to confirm the spelling and after typing “westb” google auto filled the entire church name) well … you get the picture.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Because I do not agree with their method of telling sinners about Salvation?
            I do feel they are impolite Bob, when they call people by not-so-nice names. There is no need to be demeaning to anyone at anytime. Jesus said to love each other, and that is the only reason why I strongly disagree with their behaviour.
            I like to have good discussions not a back and forth of name calling. Is that wrong?
            What do you mean in your face? If I am in their faces, they are in our faces too. Everything that I say (believe) is what the bible says, and I am not like that ‘church’ in any way. I don’t believe in anything I’ve ever seen them do. They twist the scriptures to be able to be self-righteous. I do not ever twist scriptures.
            I go only by the Word of God. Just because I point out that the method they use is not likely to bring people to salvation? Honestly I’m not sure what you are meaning.
            How so is the way they act the “emerging face of Christianity”? They show hate of people and treat them badly because they are sinners, and that is not what Jesus meant when he said we should love each other.
            If the way they express their “love” is the emerging face of Christianity, I want no part of those ways and I will fight to make it known that Jesus was about love, not punishment – punishment is God’s responsibility, never ours. Demeaning someone is punishment when it is directly said to someone who is a sinner. There is never a need to demean anyone ever. Heck I was brought up with the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” generation. I will never demean someone for their sins. I don’t mean to demean them when I say they are not following the gospel, I am trying to get them to understand that Jesus was about Love of the people, not hate for the person who sins. If they don’t want to agree with me and say that they don’t want to discuss it any more I stop.
            Please help me understand why you think that way about what I say? I am upset that anyone could think that of me. I don’t like the fact that you think that way about me at all.
            I appreciate your pointing out that I am not reflecting Jesus by something I do. I need to understand it to be able to change it though. I look forward to your reply.

          • Char Fox

            Omnipresent is present everywhere at the same time. It’s not putting puppet strings on us and making us do things. He tells us not to but we do it anyway.

          • Bob Johnson

            And God hardened Pharaoh’s heart

          • Char Fox

            God already knows our hearts. Pharaoh wasn’t going to let them go. God allowed his heart to harden so He could use it for a purpose. Since He is everywhere, He’s probably in all time periods, knowing beforehand what Pharaoh would do.

            Romans 9:22 What if God, although choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, ****bore with great patience**** the objects of his wrath—prepared for destruction?

            He also knew Judas would betray Him yet chose him as a disciple.

        • Char Fox

          God created:
          1) God created the heavens and the earth.
          God said, “Let there be light,”
          2) God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it.
          3) And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.”
          God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it.
          4) God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.
          5) God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird
          6) God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds.
          God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
          7) God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

          God created everything we have then put us in charge. We polluted it.

      • Jesus sucked gay penis

        You gave kids cancer!? Why?

    • Char Fox

      God doesn’t give kids cancer. Man has put all the additives in food and pollutants in the air and diseases crop up. God didn’t cause it, man did.

      For instance, God said to abstain from pork, and we’re discovering that pork isn’t healthy. According to the World Health Organization, processed pork causes cancer. These waste receptacles (pigs) are polluting the body and being passed down the line. But God said don’t eat it. So who is to blame?

      • Sharon_at_home

        No, He told Peter that everything he created for food is good to eat. Before he went to a Gentiles house and were required to eat with them, so he would not refuse. Acts 10:9-16. I haven’t heard that about Pork and the WHO. It’s funny that it hasn’t been big headlines especially since the Muslims would be thrilled (they don’t eat anything from a pig)
        I’ll have to look into that info about Pork. Thanks for letting me know about it.
        Blessings Char!

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    More parents should be reading the Bible to their children. Like Ezekiel 23:20 “She lusted after lovers with genitals as large as a donkey’s and emissions like those of a horse” instead of being corrupted by evil pornographic secular literature.

  • Linda JJ

    Lord come soon!

  • ras3199

    What kind of parents take a child to see that?

  • The Latin Mass

    Kate Savage, that is a native american surname? It surely is not Jewish, Because the jews are those that promote good stuff like abortion, sodomy, debt, and wars in the Middle East.

    Even VP Joe Biden commended the jews for their tremendous work in sodomy promotion throughout the country.

  • Roger Yates

    So….what’s the difference between this GUY and Chester the Molester?

  • destiny

    No room for sodomites at Christ’s table. Satan welcomes them to burn for eternity. Prance nto hell!

  • Jesi Castle

    Only god is the judge and jury. There is an option to not attend. As far as your beliefs go, I understand your concern. I accept that you have a different set of beliefs than I do. Even though I do not believe in religious indoctrination of young children, I will not come to your church, make bold comments asserting my beliefs and condemning yours, or make wildly inaccurate assumptions about the safety, mentality, or well being of your children. As a parent we make the choices we think are best for our children, and there will always be conflicting views on it. We hear you loud and clear on your feelings towards this, but we don’t hold ourselves to your belief structure (nor do we have to), just like you don’t hold yourself to ours. We are not the same, and that is okay (for me anyway).