Arizona DOT to Void Issued License After Mocking ‘Pastafarian’ Wears Colander on Head for Photo

PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Arizona Department of Transportation, which oversees the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), states that it will void a driver’s license that was mistakenly issued to a man who posed for his photo wearing a colander on his head.

Sean Corbett has been attempting for two years to be permitted to wear the pasta strainer for his ID, asserting that he identifies as a member of the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” a movement that was created to mock Christianity.

“Pastafarianism” was first invented in 2005 when founder Bobby Henderson sent an open letter to the Kansas Board of Education to express his opposition to its decision to allow the teaching of Intelligent Design as an alternative to evolution. His letter included text chiding Christianity, and used the concept of a “spaghetti monster.”

The group now also has a website, which contains blasphemous content, including a poster that reads “He boiled for your sins,” and another that shows a man carrying a cross that reads “Pastafarianism.” It also asserts that “FSM Heaven has a beer volcano and stripper factory,” and urges members to combat Christian evangelists with signs bearing the message.

“The Pastafarians believe the Earth was created by an unseen flying ball of spaghetti, and the world was created in four days,” Corbett told Fox 10 Phoenix. “The whole premise behind Pastafarianism is you’re just supposed to enjoy life and do whatever you really need to do while being slightly intoxicated.”

The 36-year-old states that he has visited numerous DMV offices in his attempt to be permitted to wear the colander, which he asserts is his religious headwear.

“Initially it may have started off as, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I could get a spaghetti strainer in my picture? That would be boss.’ But if you look at what’s going on in the world today, people being persecuted for religious beliefs, maybe it’s time to take a step back and say, ‘You know what? You shouldn’t be persecuted for your religion,'” Corbett told The Arizona Republic.

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“I tried a couple different locations and was met with a lot of pushback and resistance,” he said. “I was scorned at every location I went to, and they put out a memo about me, so by the time I got to [the] fourth and fifth MVD, they stopped me at the door.”

But somehow, Corbett was able to take the photograph recently at the Chandler office and was even mailed his new license complete with his colander photo.

The Arizona Department of Transportation, however, says that it will void the license as it should not have been allowed.

“MVD license and ID photos are meant to show a person’s typical daily appearance and allow for religious expression or medical needs. Photos are filtered through facial recognition technology and if an error occurs, the photo can be recalled,” it said in a statement.

Corbett says that he is going to fight the decision and asserts that he is being discriminated against because the government won’t recognize his “religion.”

“The whole process is intimidating, especially when people are yelling at you and scorning you for making a mockery out of their system,” he stated.

“I believe I do have legal ground to stand on for a discrimination case if it does need to go that far,” Corbett told Inside Edition. “I don’t want people to go through the same experience I went through.”

Several in various states, and even other countries, have attempted to wear colanders on their heads for their driver’s license photos, with some succeeding in their effort and others being told that their endeavor is an abuse of the system.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    White people should never mock Christianity. All their goodness and intelligence is from Christianity. White people who mock Christianity are also mocking their own parents. Parent-bashers do not get respect no matter how rich and powerful they are. White people should stay Christian to be moral on earth.

    • Golf Pro


      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Stop using other people’s photo for yourself. I think rich secular nations are facing childlessness because of excessive immorality. Childlessness is a form of God’s punishment upon the wicked nations. Read Isaiah chapter 40.

      • rick tanner

        This guy is just a troll. He brings no real content to the discussion…

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Western people who disrespect Christianity disrespect everything in the entire universe including their own life. Sad. Like all others, Westerners need Christianity for life and meaning.

  • Ben Welliver

    His license says he’s an organ donor. Since he’s 5’7 and 250 lbs, good luck getting to the organs.

  • james blue

    “MVD license and ID photos are meant to show a person’s typical daily appearance and allow for religious expression”

    I think the guy has a case. Government cannot selectively discriminate even if you think it’s a fake religion. The strainer does not hide any physical features.

    • Golf Pro

      That is correct. Government cannot decide what is a religion. And as such, cannot decide what is a religious head covering. And there is no test for sincerely held religious belief. Heck, the guy who is the subject of the article could wear the strainer to work and if told not to, could sue his employer. The end.

  • Lexical Cannibal

    What an outrage! Imagine if a Christian tried to wear a cross in–oh, they can? Well imagine if they tried to cover their heads for religious reasons like this–they can do that, too? Well whatever, Pastafarianism is a stupid made up religi–The United States of America and all of its constituent parts are legally prohibited from trying to make the determination of whether a religion is “real” or not?

    Whelp guys, I’m stuck.

  • bowie1

    In Canada you cannot wear any head covering or hat for a drivers license. We also have to take a photo without glasses which I am required to wear as a condition for driving.

    • james blue

      So Sikhs have to remove their turbans?

      Religion is not noted on licenses here.

      • bowie1

        Don’t know about the drivers licenses but they can keep them on with the police or in court cases.

    • Michael C

      I think you’re mistaken.

      Headscarves can be worn for religious reasons in photo id’s as well as passport photos in Canada.

      • bowie1

        I stand partly corrected. They can IF they are worn DAILY for religious or medical reasons and does this fellow wear that every day to work, play, etc. but the face must not be covered which would be a problem for Muslim women covering most of their face. They may ask for the removal of these items in some cases, though, if it obscures the face. I’d give you links but they are not accepted on this site.

  • Trilemma

    I thought pastafarians liked to dress as pirates. Where’s the eye patch?

    • Lexical Cannibal

      I actually had to look that up, because I thought you might have been thinking of Sweden’s semi-satirical Pirate Party.

      Nope, as it turns out, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster considers pirates divine beings and their reputation as murderers and thieves to be made up by medieval Christians and Hare Krishnans. TIL.

  • balloonknot9

    Looks like he actually needs to lay off the pasta.

    • Golf Pro

      So insults substitute for an intelligent comment. Gocha!

  • Golf Pro

    Just wanted all to know who read this post that every time I visit a hotel, no matter if business or pleasure, I dispose of the bible and if there, the book of mormon. Nobody should read this rubbish. A modern day book of philosophy and ethics is what should be read. And if you belong to a church, quit, and the time you would spend there, go out and help your community instead of singing and stroking your vanity. There is no magic sky daddy. If you do go to church because of pressure from family, take the money from the passed around collection plate and give it to a homeless person or someone who needs it, bypassing the middle persons. Clean you conscious and do not waste another minute! Religion is a big business that will steal your money and your most valuable of all resource, your time. Think about it.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      I’m an atheist but destroying the private property of another is too far. I think the Bibles in hotel rooms are a waste of time and money but I just ignore them. I disapprove of this.

    • Denny

      Photo of a molester.

      How cute.

    • ZappaSaid88

      I put a piece of stationery in the cover that says: “Spoiler Alert: The devil did it and Jesus comes back to life in the end.”

    • rick tanner

      You should be reported as a thief. You are stealing private property. Just ask at the front desk if they have Bibles in their rooms, and if so, then go to another hotel. The Bibles are the property of the hotel: not you. Spiritually, you are as guilty as the Pharisees who attempted to “get rid” of Jesus Christ, as if they could. He continues on and they had died and have been judged. Time to repent while you still are on this side of death.

  • sagat

    They can keep mocking God but they should remember that hell is no laughing matter – gnashing and weeping of teeth

  • PilgrimGirl

    They know not what they do…and look ridiculous doing it.