Woman Turns From Abortion, Trusts Christ and Marries the Father of Her Child—All in One Week

Photo Credit: Vicky Kaseorg

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina woman changed her mind about obtaining an abortion last week and instead turned to Christ, quickly becoming convicted in her new life that she and her longtime boyfriend should finally marry and honor God.

Vicky Kaseorg of Cities4Life shared the story on her blog on Friday, referring to the woman simply as “J.”

She explained that J, who has four children with her boyfriend of 11 years, concluded in the midst of difficult circumstances that aborting her latest pregnancy was the answer. She went to a Charlotte-area abortion facility on Monday with plans to end the life of her unborn child.

However, upon arrival, J was greeted by volunteers with Cities4Life, who offered free assistance and shared the gospel with her.

J changed her mind—in more ways than one.

“She chose life for her baby, then chose to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life,” Kaseorg wrote. “[She] was convicted of the need to obey God in all things [and consequently] told her boyfriend, who said, ‘Then let’s get married now.'”

However, J’s boyfriend had a busy work schedule and would be working 12-hour shifts for the next several days. Kaseorg would also be leaving for a week on Saturday. Therefore, it seemed like the wedding would have to wait.

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Much to her surprise, Kaseorg received a call on Thursday that J’s boyfriend suddenly had the day off due to Internet issues, and they wanted to marry right away. After the two received counseling from the Cities4Life director, Kaseorg took them both to the courthouse to obtain a marriage license, and then went shopping with J to buy a wedding dress.

“[W]e went to a consignment shop and instantly found a perfect dress and shoes!” Kaseorg marveled. “She tried it on [and it] fit as though it was made for her.”

“I had already snagged a beautiful ring from home that I never wear and had found years ago. I kept it, thinking one day God would reveal who I could bless with that lovely ring,” she shared. “I hoped it would fit J. It did! Perfectly—as though it were made for her.”

Kaseorg was told that the couple would have to wait until 6 p.m. for a justice of the peace, but even that matter worked out as a pastor who officiates marriages “just happened” to be in town that day and was available.

“I told him J’s story, and he said he was honored to be a part of this. He lives an hour or so away, but just happened to be in town which never happens. He could do the wedding at 3 p.m.,” she recalled.

J and her boyfriend were then wed that afternoon, and were gifted with a hotel stay by a Cities4Life donor who wanted to bless them in that way. The hotel also provided a free dinner to celebrate the marriage.

“They were so grateful and so happy,” Kaseorg said. “That beaming woman was a completely different lady than the one I met Monday, depressed, despairing and hopeless at the abortion center.”

She encouraged Christians to allow themselves to be used of the Lord, for one never knows what He might have in store for them on that day. Cities4Life will continue to help the couple as they have additional needs at this time.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Thank God! The only right thing to happen. Man and woman should get married if they were intimate, whether the woman becomes pregnant or not, as the Holy Bible commands so. Man should take responsibility. After marriage, man must live to protect and provide his family. A real man is he who sustains his family. Heroes don’t have to rescue the entire Planet Earth or become famous or rich; the Earth is melting away anyway. II Peter 3. Protect the family and serve God together to the end.

  • Nedd Kareiva

    Excellent testimonial. I would not necessarily encourage marriage simply cuz two individuals had a child out of wedlock but four with a fifth on the way, I think it’s the only thing to do, let alone the right one. And it’s great they did. God will honor them. May He indeed do so.

    Lefties, where are you? How come you’re not posting that this woman should have aborted. Your silence is deafening. And thankfully it is.

    • Sharon_at_home

      Ok I’ll bite. Why would anyone want a woman to have an abortion when she made the decision on her own to keep it. and to marry the father. I know of no one on the board that would want abortion, I believe it is much more about the right to choose after all it’s “her own body”. no one supports abortion but they do support the mother’s right to decide for herself.

      • Tyler Watson

        The fetus is an entirely separate being. The fetus isn’t an organ. With the, “my body logic”, I should be allowed to kill you (or anyone) while hold hands with the person. Sounds ridiculous right? So is the “my body” excuse. It fires me up that pro-abortion people encourage MURDER!

        Life begins at conception. And if a mother decides to take the baby’s life, it’s murder. Choosing to abort is making an unilateral decision to take a life. Which is the very definition of murder. Look at a photo! The only part(s) of the mother that could actually be considered parts of her body are the cord and the placenta. If they wanna argue, “My body, my choice.” Then wouldn’t that mean the man should decide? The fetus was initially a sperm cell that was produced in a man’s testicles afterall, rightfully calling it “part of the body” right? But they’ll learn on judgement.

        But to put it bluntly, abortion is murder. That’s why Satanists support it so much. A victim’s testimony explains Satanists would have a doctor abort the sexually assaulted child’s baby for sacrifices. Even going as far as eating the aborted baby’s remains. They even went so far as to forcing the victims to eat the fetus. You can see an interview with a victim from the early 80s if you don’t believe me.

        • Sharon_at_home

          Look, if you would read my post again, I did not defend their position on the subject, I defended them from being improperly shown to anyone who reads our posts.
          You thought I was defending their view, but I was defending the person. Who you described very badly and needed to be rectified so the truth is here too.
          so, don’t bother to lecture me. And don’t tell me I don’t know about these guys – I do – and not one is like you say they are.
          God bless!
          And please keep the gross to yourself. No one needs to read that on a Christian site, especially since you posted it for the wrong reason towards the wrong person.

          • Tyler Watson

            I apologize for failing to examine your comment better. I tried my best to not make it about you. It was originally about you, but I looked at your comment again and changed the “yous” to “theys”. My instincts felt I was wasting my time typing, but I was nearly done at the time so I didn’t bother to delete it, wasting all that effort. But it seems like it’s caused me to put in even more effort. I promise you my 1st language is English. I have 2 mentel conditions. Asperger’s and ADD. My Asperger’s is mostly the blame as it affects my vocabulary and how I interpret things in someone’s sentences. It’s also a social disorder. I wasn’t treated until my teens, so it’ll be a while before I grow out of it completely. Ik that’s inexcusable to at least some people, but it’s the truth. It’s a struggle everyday. And I didn’t intend to lecture. I thought I was making a defense, for lack of better word. Apologies once again. May the LORD bless you and your family. Maranatha!

          • Sharon_at_home

            I have no problem because I don’t mind explaining things to people, so anything you need help with, you can find my name and reply no matter what story it is, Ok?

            I have a lot of patience so please, you come to me for anything you need.
            God bless you!

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            For some reason, I know SO many Asperger sufferers who are some of the best pro-lifers around!

          • Tyler Watson

            Tbh, I never knew. But despite being slow at understanding things (like things at school) and social problems (like announcing a flaw someone has instead of keeping it to yourself much like a little kid would do), Asperger’s does have one huge benefit. Above average natural intelligence.

          • Tyler Watson

            Also, I give credit to the LORD. The best wisdom comes from Him. There is no shame in asking for His wisdom (James 1:5).

          • Tyler Watson

            mental* Brain ain’t working right this week lol.

          • Tyler Watson

            Sorry if some parts don’t make much sense. The brain problem is well… a problem.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Then ask a question about what you aren’t getting.

      • Stan_t_Man

        Sharon, we have had numerous posters on this board that advocated for abortion all the time, and they were openly sadden when a women made the choice not to kill her child.

        There are pro-abortion people and they support abortion first and foremost. I hope that does not describe you.

        • Sharon_at_home

          Well Stan. I have not seen anyone post with the statement that they wanted others to abort unless it is their own choice. I don’t know where you have been reading, but the posters here have not ever promoted abortion, just the right to choose.

          • Stan_t_Man

            You are incorrect, Sharon. There are plenty of people that are pro-abortion, and some of them post here.

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            You should see the deathscorts at our abortuary, Sharon.

            When we save a baby from them, they go ballistic!

            They are NOT pro-“choice” unless the choice is abortion.

            They are pro-death.

            The days of “a difficult, regrettable” decision are LONG past us, Sharon.

            “So we ask, yet again: if there’s nothing wrong with abortion, then why is loving it something to be embarrassed about? Is there any other principle or cause from which activists feel a constant need to distance themselves while championing it?” — Calvin Freiburger

            Women actually shout their abortions nowadays – abortion has become a religious cult to many – just take the space out in the link below:

            https://shoutyourabortion .com/

          • Tyler Watson

            Pro murder is what it truly is.

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            Very well put, Tyler!

          • Tyler Watson

            Thank you. 🙂 But once again, credit goes to God. 🙂

          • Sharon_at_home

            I posted to another poster that I do not defend abortions. But I have had discussions with people here and know there is not one of the guys that I “know” who post that feels that any woman should be forced into an abortion.
            I have had some good discussions with some of the people you are saying would be pro forcing a woman to get an abortion against her own wishes, and they do not believe in that. What they believe is that it should be the woman’s choice. Obviously if a woman is not a believer, she will not be concerned about her soul for doing it. Yes women should be told of Jesus and why abortion is a sin to our God. No question. But supporting the right to choose is not a sin. abortion is the sin. When people are supportive of the right to choose, they are not saying she should get an abortion, they are saying that she should know what is best for her, and that in their view, if they take away the ability to get abortions that it would be worse for the world. More abused children. More child deaths. caused by the mother needing to keep the baby. They don’t want to see the kids going to foster home after foster home. They don’t want to see all the awful things we hear about in this world, and it is their view that giving people the right to choose without making them have no choice, that some of these things that are happening because the children are not loved or cared for properly might be avoided.
            I don’t agree with abortion and never have, but people should be allowed to have their own view and to have the ability to explain it without being hassled about it. We are supposed to be able to discuss things here, not impose our rules. We are all adults, I hope, and should be able to express ourselves without implying that the other belief is just stupid, without being told the reason why it is their belief.
            Yes we need to keep to the Word of God, but he offered us wisdom and knowledge to help us with our lives following him. We are supposed to support our beliefs with scriptures and explanations that non believers can understand.
            One thing we must not do is pile sin on sin about other people when it is not a sin to support the mother to make her own choice. It’s no different than supporting someone who was fired for the wrong reason. Or supporting your child in their endeavors of life.
            Supporting someone is not a sin, even if they are sinning. We are all sinners, every one. We have no reason to attack people who are not doing the actual sin that is in the article. Let them have their opinion. If you don’t agree and can’t get them to listen, wipe your hands off and stop replying. Hide his posts or block him. Christians are not supposed be treating other Christians badly ever. But we are not supposed to be a part of the darkness with our treatment of others.
            I am truly disgusted that people would shout their abortion. When I was a teenager, no one ever even talked about abortion. If someone had to have one, it was all private business and no one was to know. The one person I did find out had an abortion was actually a close friend. She knew I would talk her out of it, so I was not told until after the fact. It was one of the hardest parts of our relationship to get past too.
            I do appreciate the heads-up about more of what is happening in the States with regards to the abortion issue.
            God bless you and yours always

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            Thanks for your reply, Sharon!

            I will just address a few of your points.

            “But supporting the right to choose is not a sin. abortion is the sin.”

            There is no “right” to do a wrong, Sharon. Supporting the “right” to choose abortion is a terrible sin in the same way that supporting the “right” to choose to own and whip black people once was, as well as supporting the “right” to choose to gas Jews. Each one is and was a terrible wicked sin, whether a person did it or supported it.

            “When people are supportive of the right to choose, they are not saying she should get an abortion”

            No, they are saying that the right to life of the other human involved in the abortion is irrelevant.

            Blacks didn’t choose to be slaves, Jews didn’t choose to be gassed, and babies do not choose to be aborted.

            “that she should know what is best for her”

            “that slaveowners should know what is best for them”

            “that Nazis should know what is best for them”

            Do you see, Sharon? All crimes against humanity begin with the consideration of only one party in an atrocity.

            “More abused children.”

            Abortion IS the ultimate child abuse, Sharon. If you can kill the child in the womb, you can surely beat her out of it. It is no coincidence that child abuse rates skyrocketed after Roe and Doe.

            “They don’t want to see the kids going to foster home after foster home.”

            I am very familiar with foster care, and I can assure you that none of those children want to be put to death. So, that is a false dichotomy. The solution to foster care is to decrease child abuse, including abortion, which will happen if our sick culture adopts a culture of life instead.

            “because the children are not loved or cared for properly might be avoided”

            Read what you are writing, Sharon. You are actually saying that we should allow the killing of innocent children in the womb in order to “love” them. That philosophy would apply equally well outside of the womb, right?!?

            “We are supposed to be able to discuss things here, not impose our rules.”

            Would you write such a statement about any OTHER crime against humanity – say child abuse, sex trafficking, pedophilia, rape, any other form of murder?!? There are laws against these things for very good reason.

            “One thing we must not do is pile sin on sin about other people when it is not a sin to support the mother to make her own choice. ”

            See slavery and Holocaust examples once again. Would you support the “choice” of a mother to kill her children AFTER they are born?!? Of course not. Those children in the womb are alive.

            “Supporting someone is not a sin, even if they are sinning.”

            Supporting someone IN their sin is surely a grave sin, Sharon. Our Savior said “go and sin no more,” NOT “sin all you want, and I am fine with that.”

            God bless you too, Sharon!

          • Josefarma

            Sorry for checking your profile Word, but this comment was simply superb, nothing to add.

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            Thanks Josefarma!

            You can check my profile anytime you want to – I am a big time follower of yours, and I check your comments daily when possible.

          • Sharon_at_home

            I am still not supporting abortion. I explained what the guys are supporting, that’s all. I do know they do not want women to get abortions, they just want them to have a choice.
            That is not support of the actual sin, it’s actually support of the women who have to make the choice. It’s not supporting abortion generally, it’s supporting those women who have a reason to have an abortion so they can have it when it is necessary.
            Either way, I do not support abortion, I just try to help people understand things when they post something in error.
            Saying Anyone here would say that they want a woman to have an abortion was in error. No one has ever even inferred that here.
            That’s what my whole post started off as….
            Appreciate your lessons, and your advice. God bless you!

          • Snowflake_Resistance_Fighter

            You’re supporting the “choice” for a woman to mitigate the consequences of her choice to engage in sex by killing the child that is the result of the act.

            In what other circumstances would you support the choice of one person to mitigate the consequences of a decision by killing an innocent person brought into the situation by circumstances he couldn’t control?

          • cd871

            You support a KKK nazi in Trump.

          • Sharon_at_home

            This is replied to your next comment to me

          • Tyler Watson

            Do you support the decisions Satan and his lackies make? So why support the decisions these people make? Because they have a right? Supporting the “right” is approving their practices (read Romans 1:32, only the wicked would approve, yet you profess you’re in the faith…). Satan could easily explain why he makes the decisions he makes and feels justified in making them. Did you know that abortion is very detrimental to the woman’s health? Every abortion a woman has is a big chance of her getting emotional problems, disease, even death. Supporting the “right” is supporting the consequences of their “right”.

            But I feel nothing I say will matter. I’ll pray for you. You won’t see anymore replies from me.

          • Sharon_at_home

            Tyler, I have said in many posts here that I do not support abortion. I also said that I was just stating what the guys told me they were “about” and that was the whole comment. I never ever said I supported anything in my post and actually said bluntly that I do not support abortion.

            Please re read my post with that in mind. I understand you have a problem and ask that you read it again, knowing I do not support abortions.

            Tyler, when I came here, I wanted to know more about why people are not Christians (TBH), so I asked them and Low & Behold, they told me. So by finding out what they believe (not in God necessarily) I can discern better whether they are able to listen to the gospel. I can also decide how to approach someone who is not following Jesus, to help them turn.

            I also find knowing makes a difference to how people treat each other, which is the number one thing I do not like about this board is how people treat each other.

            I like discussion, not stone casting. I want to learn what others believe so I can learn more about Jesus. Different eyes sometimes see things in scriptures that someone else cannot see. It is still the same scriptures, but when we read the bible we can often discover something that is told in scriptures that we had not recognized in previous readings. Some people do not realize the less obvious things told in the scriptures. I have been taught to interpret the meanings of scriptures by learning what the words meant then and applying them to what was said. Every scripture that are properly understood to understand other scripture as well.
            I am not dabbling in the Word, Tyler, I am committed to Jesus with my life. What I believe is not referred to as the Truth with some posters here and I just want those who look at Jesus as a disciplinarian with a harsh attitude toward everyone (?) to look at the scriptures I post for them that describes Jesus as using (Agape) love towards the people, when he says to love each other, and not just our brethren. The concept is that if you love everyone, you will not want to hurt them, which would be an action that involved a sin. As Jesus says, you do not give a scorpion to your son instead of a fish.
            I hope I gave you some insight Tyler.

            God blesses.

          • Tyler Watson

            I’m going back on my word just this once.

            Fair enough. Although my “issue” is obvious once explained, I have grown out of it, mostly. I was much worse in my childhood and early teens. And if I recall, you mentioned you supported their “right” to decide to support it, I don’t recall ever accusing you of supporting it. The point of my comment was to let you know that even supporting the “right” is no different from approving the action being practiced. Yes God blessed these 2 women for lying in sake of protection, yes God doesn’t violate our right to choose. But it’s also true that God hates lying (Proverbs 12:22) and hates the wicked with a passion (Psalm 11:5). But only God can completely love love and and completely hate perfectly without contradiction. But I digress.

            My response was based on what I have read between you and the other guy. And I apologize for any misunderstandings and my unintentional hostility (I’ve been told before the way I word things can come off as rude or mean which I normally don’t recognize unless I am told). And I fully agree with your method to converse with unbelievers. Asking questions is definitely important, even if you know the answer. God is a great example of that as He’s asked questions despite be all knowing. Like when Christ asked, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.”

            Anyways, have a good one Sharon. May the LORD guide your steps. Goodbye.

          • Tyler Watson

            Amen to that brother!

          • Snowflake_Resistance_Fighter

            Suppose a mother decides she wants a baby and sets out to get pregnant. Suppose that once the baby arrives, the mother is totally unprepared to handle the responsibility of caring for a crying infant that she didn’t realize would be quite so demanding. Perhaps the father has abandoned her. Perhaps he’s stayed but has lost his job, and the family’s resources are stretched to the breaking point. What if she actively begins to resent the child. Why shouldn’t we support her choice if she decides to suffocate him with a pillow? After all, she’s doing what’s right for her, and sparing the child the pain of being rejected, unwanted and abused. In her mind, death would be preferable for the child than foster care.

            Why does a child in the womb deserve and less societal protection than the baby in the crib?

          • cd871

            You are a hatemonger.

          • Tyler Watson

            You’re stooping to the same level over his username. Clearly he seems to ignore the real warfare (spiritual (Ephesians 6:12)) in favor of wrestling against flesh and blood, but your messages to him show you’re doing the same.

          • cd871

            Anti choicers suck

          • Tyler Watson

            My guess is I’m just gonna waste my time with you. I suppose you’ll figure it out one way or another eventually.

          • cd871

            You’re an idiot. Take your religion and shove it.

          • Stan_t_Man

            How very tolerant and understanding of you!

          • cd871

            Up yours

          • Stan_t_Man

            Oh, yeah????

          • Sharon_at_home

            lol!!! Don’t you just love trolls who are so obvious that they are funny to read, rather than frustrating in any way. lol! Blessings!

          • Tyler Watson

            Yes lol. They show their intellect is weak, for hostility is the calling card of a weak intellect. But people like that are to be prayed for.

          • cd871

            F you

          • Sharon_at_home

            Maybe preferable to foster care, but not to adoption usually. Most babies are wanted immediately for adoptions and it would not have a problem finding a home for a child. Even with disabilities, adoptions can be made.
            Why do you not understand that those situations are done with the free will of the people. They are a choice that the mother made when she did not give the baby for adoption. Nothing else. If the mother had questions about her ability it was either get help or give up the baby. The mothers don’t keep a baby they never wanted in the first place and then kill it because they were right and they should not have kept the baby. They should give it up so it can have a better life; and you can too.
            But aborting a child is a final thing. At least if the mother has it and adopts it out, the baby has a chance to have a good life. It will have the same odds of having a good life as the rest of us do. If it is not allowed to live, it is just dead, and affects the mother of the baby. Tthat really depends on the attitude of the mother too.
            God does not do things without a reason. In my heart of my faith in God, I believe that each aborted baby has a purpose just like the live ones do, and just like every death does in some way. Every action we do is expected by God. We may never see the results, but it will filter down to the reason that baby was aborted. Even if it affects a girl down the street, who is pregnant, to see what it did to the mother who aborted, and choose to keep it or adopt it out, because of that. We don’t know but God does, and he does not allow anything that happens to Not have a purpose. Good things and bad things happen to all of us. Some teach us lessons immediately and some not for a time, or maybe never if we do not see it as a purpose, because it is meant to serve a purpose that isn’t obvious to us, but is to God.
            God knows each baby that has or will be adopted. He knows the heart of the person involved too. We can’t know that even if we talk to them, they could tell us another reason than it was.
            If God is not in their hearts, the pain will be there for a long time, often waiting to come out at the most inconvenient times.
            God creates a path for each person and knows when it will intersect with others to affect one of them or both.
            He’s not going to let a baby be aborted without allowing it to happen without a purpose. He hates the idea of abortion, but he will not anything pass without helping someone learn something from it.
            I can’t take care of the supposes and the perhaps because I cannot be expected to anticipate what will happen, but God can see it and can arrange what needs to happen. If you want to talk supposes and perhaps’ you should talk to God about it. He’s the authority, not me.
            God bless!

          • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

            Thanks, SRF!

    • Tyler Watson

      On the contrary, it’s actually wise to get married ASAP if the girlfriend gets pregnant prior to marriage. Although this is targeted to Christian couples. Well, they became a Christian couple, she was pregnant (despite the other children), so it was meant to happen.

      • Nedd Kareiva

        While I think that should be seriously considered and is at optimum often best for the child, there are cases like abuse where marriage should not. Either way, the persons involved should get counseling from a minister worth his salt.

  • Tyler Watson

    Wow! If that isn’t a miracle from the LORD through the amazing Gospel, Idk what miracles are!

  • WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet

    Three GREAT LIFE-affirming and life-changing decisions – all in one week!

  • Chet

    Praise the Lord for this wonderful story and God bless and strengthen this family in their walk with Him… God’s best blessings also for the Christ honoring witnesses who led her to the Lord and provided much help afterwards.