Tesco Slammed for ‘White Skittles’ Homosexual Pride Promotion

LONDON (Christian Institute) Tesco has come under fire for a joint promotion with confectionary brand Skittles to celebrate Pride in London—a homosexual rights festival.

All-white packets of Skittles are being sold in stores across the UK alongside explanatory text which reads: “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given ours up to show support.”

Proceeds from each packet sold will be given to LGBT organizations chosen by Tesco.

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  • kenster777

    Jude 1:7, 17 & 18 along with Matthew 24:37-39 come to mind when you hear of these things and how the elect should make sure there house is in order Verse 43-51.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    ?? How symbolic. West’s powerful white people should not push homosexuality like this. It brings persecutions upon moral people everywhere especially the Christians and ruin children’s normal lives by loss of morality. Society’s homosexual acceptance increases all kinds of destructive behaviors, especially upon defenseless entities, as seen on today. Homosexuals and transgenders need calls for repentance and the faith in Jesus Christ for obtaining life, not support of the abnormally sinful lifestyles from others.

    Why do they do this when the white people need more intact family units and more white descendants for the racial balance on Planet Earth? White women should stop being ambitious to be like men but keep the marriage intact and have more chuildren at homes. Mothers are far more heroic and greater than the astronauts and soldiers or politicians. It’s true the minority could reign over the majority by having more power and money, but less number of children is definitely a sad thing as a race. All rich secular nations’ sad ending.

    Decades ago, white people used to look down on the darker-skinned people and the world was sad – although their Christian workers were supernaturally good and merciful to all, and the racism within the colored was deadlier – but it’s going to be really disasterous if the Western whites require mankind the endorsement of homosexuality and transgenderism. Many peoples of colors will go through a furnace again if the Western whites keep this trend because today there are many Christians in Asia and in Africa and even in the Middle-East, not just in Europe and Russia and N & S America and Oceania.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Great Britain should promote the good and vital and moral religion of Christianity, as her national documents and flags and anthems and architecture and literature and legacies all testify to the entire world. How could the English be sold onto such a depravity this century? Western Europe should never have looked down on Christianity. Believe and trust in Jesus Christ to get saved. Honor your father and your mother. The Holy Bible. John chapter 3. Romans chapter 1. Exodus chapter 20.