US Defense Secretary Delays Implementation of Policy Allowing Transgenders to Enlist in Military

WASHINGTON — U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis has pushed back the date on when transgenders will be formally permitted to enlist in the military, stating that the matter needs further consideration.

As previously reported, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter lifted the ban on open transgenders last year and set July 1 as the deadline for the Armed Forces to implement the new military policy. In the meantime, troops have been undergoing policy briefings to advise soldiers of the various aspects surrounding the change, including that they might begin seeing men who identify as women, and visa versa, in their showers and bunks.

“Individuals undergoing cross-sex hormone therapy may experience changes to their body shape and physical strength, which may have a notable effect on their ability to maintain standards,” an implementation handbook released in September stated. “If that is the case, consult with the individual and the [military medical provider] as you would for any other service member with a medical condition affecting their ability to meet physical fitness standards.”

However, chiefs in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps recently sent a letter to the Pentagon requesting that the implementation deadline be delayed, noting that they needed additional time. Mattis agreed, stating that it must be determined whether or not the new policy will negatively affect military readiness.

“After consulting with the service chiefs and secretaries, I have determined that it is necessary to defer the start of accessions for six months,” Mattis said in a memo on Friday. “We will use this additional time to evaluate more carefully the impact of such accessions on readiness and lethality.”

He moved a decision on the matter to December 1, but also advised that the delay “does not presuppose the outcome of the review.”

Word of the six-month halt drew mixed response, with transgender advocacy groups expressing disappointment.

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“This six-month delay is disappointing because it unnecessarily delays the ability of transgender people to be open about their identity when entering the military,” Ashley Broadway-Mack, the president of the American Military Partner Association, said in a statement. “It has been unequivocally proven that allowing qualified transgender people to serve openly strengthens our military and creates a more inclusive and diverse force.”

However, Christian and family groups opined that Mattis should do away with the policy altogether.

“Spending billions of dollars on transgender surgeries and treatment plans, when the military has other priorities that would actually ensure its effectiveness in war, is irresponsible,” said Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, who now works with Family Research Council.

“However, the cost to readiness, recruitment, retention, morale and cohesion will be even greater,” he continued. “Secretary Mattis and Congress need to ensure the priorities of the U.S. armed forces remain those that the secretary has outlined: mission readiness, command proficiency, and combat effectiveness. These should be the new priorities, not the last administration’s social engineering projects that ignore military readiness.”

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 48 percent of Americans agree with the delay in the implementation of the policy.

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  • Charles Hadden

    A lot of soldiers have had their “body shape and strength” altered. It’s called Purple Heart Syndrome. Save the medical money for them.

    • Michael D Coxie

      there is a simple way to fix this let them join. IF they get the slightest bit out of hand for what ever reason, find the smallest of offenses and court martial them. let the punishment be jail time and a dishonorable discharge w/ no appeal available. problem solved. you do enough of them that way and word gets out they won’t want to join.

      • Johnson

        Except that many have served honorably & are example Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen. You apparently missed the story of Kristin Beck who was a Navy SEAL with many decorations. The IG would also eat up any notion of discipline being selectively employed. Many an offier has been forced to retire for that offense.

        • Michael D Coxie

          and all of this should be taken from him and striken and in its place instead a less then honorable or dishonorable discharge.

      • FoJC

        Unfair treatment will only strengthen their cause and complaint.

        • Michael D Coxie

          no matter what their complaint there’s no validity to it and there never will be.

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    Shocking New Study Suggests Disagreeing With Gay, Trans People Not Same As Hating Them
    July 10, 2017

    U.S.—A shocking new study published Monday by The Barna Group seemed to suggest that disagreeing with gay or transgender people on lifestyle and/or social issues is not the same thing as hating them, causing an uproar on the internet and college campuses across the nation.

    The study followed thousands of self-identified Christians who support traditional marriage and gender definitions, and found that while they disagree with the current cultural narrative on gender and sex, the majority of them do not harbor hatred for gay and transgender people, with most treating them just like they treat most other people in their daily lives.

    “Our startling research strongly suggests that just because a person disagrees with people who are homosexual or transsexual, and even questions the principles, assumptions, and logic behind their worldviews, for religious or other reasons, this does not necessarily mean that they despise them to the inner core of their being,” a Barna representative told reporters. “While there are exceptions, our study indicates that it is not always appropriate to automatically correlate conservative social stances on sex and gender to bigoted homophobia and transphobia.”

    At publishing time, a federal judge in California had issued multiple warrants for Barna Group executives.

  • cadcoke5

    The biggest issue is that the soldiers will be forced to undress and shower with the opposite sex.

    Additionally, I wonder if there also be military thought police, that will punish those who don’t agree that one can change gender with surgery and hormones, and use gender related terms the way they have always been used throughout history?

    The transgendered people, and those who support them, may be OK with spitting in the face of their creator because of his design for gender. But, those who submit to God, can’t do so.

    • Croquet_Player

      “The biggest issue is that the soldiers will be forced to undress and shower with the opposite sex.”

      Seriously, is this really the “the biggest issue” confronting the Unites States Military? Yeah, it’s always “the biggest issue” when soldiers in uniform have to shower next to a a Jew, a black person, or a person of a different gender. Somehow, the military has always managed to get over it, and I note, they do so much faster that the general populace. I think their “biggest issue” is the enemy. And how incredibly amazing military personnel are about dealing with it, and just getting on with the job.

      • cadcoke5

        For Christians, the important difference between racism and the forced submission to undressing with the opposite sex is that racism is immoral, while things like forcing ladies to shower with a man present in the locker room is immoral.

        You are seeking to force people to “get over” the immorality of what the LGBT is seeking to force people to do.

        Concerning the enemy. There are practical issues, such as the very high rates of mental illness, the ongoing medical needs, and reduced physical performance of women. The moral issues being attacked are surely going to drive away good men with morals. The results will surely be less ability to fight an enemy.

  • FoJC

    When the people with the guns have their priorities messed up, it’s a danger to all citizens.

    Follow Jesus, find Wisdom.

  • Robert

    We have a Choice we can either thank the queers for not serving in the military or the Christians .