Archaeologists in Israel Discover ‘Mesmerizing Proof’ of Event Described in Bible

JERUSALEM – The recent discovery of ancient artifacts and dwelling places in Jerusalem corroborates an important event described in the Bible and confirms the wealth of the nation of Israel in ancient times.

In a statement titled “Evidence of Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Found at the City of David,” the Israel Antiquities Authority announced that several important artifacts from the ancient city of Jerusalem have recently been unearthed.

“Evidence of the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians is currently being unearthed in the City of David in excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority,” it explained.

By conducting excavations on the eastern slope of the City of David, archaeologists discovered the remains of 2,500-year-old dwelling places covered by a rockslide.

“Nestled within the rockslide many findings have surfaced: charred wood, grape seeds, pottery, fish scales and bones, and unique, rare artifacts,” the Israel Antiquities Authority announced. “These findings depict the affluence and character of Jerusalem, capital of the Judean Kingdom, and are mesmerizing proof of the city’s demise at the hands of the Babylonians.”

This discovery of charred wood confirms the biblical account of the fiery destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians, which took place in 587 B.C. and is recorded in the Bible in 2 Kings 25 and Jeremiah 52.

“Nebuzar-adan, captain of the guard, which served the king of Babylon, [came] into Jerusalem, And burned the house of the LORD, and the king’s house; and all the houses of Jerusalem, and all the houses of the great men, burned he with fire,” Jeremiah 12 says.

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Archaeologists also uncovered dozens of jugs in the excavation, some of which feature seals stamped onto them. Experts say these seals are significant for dating purposes.

“These seals are characteristic of the end of the First Temple Period and were used for the administrative system that developed towards the end of the Judean dynasty,” explained Ortal Chalaf and Dr. Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority excavation directors. “Classifying objects facilitated controlling, overseeing, collecting, marketing and storing crop yields.”

Another noteworthy finding was a carefully-carved ivory figurine, which is evidence of Jerusalem’s wealth and advanced culture at the time.

“The wealth of the Judean kingdom’s capital is also manifest in the ornamental artifacts surfacing in situ,” explained the archaeologists. “One distinct and rare finding is a small ivory statue of a woman. The figure is naked, and her haircut or wig is Egyptian in style. The quality of its carving is high, and it attests to the high caliber of the artifacts’ artistic level and the skill par excellence of the artists during this era.”

According to the excavation directors, these recent discoveries prove that Jerusalem was a large city prior to its destruction.

“The excavation’s findings unequivocally show that Jerusalem had spread outside of the city walls before its destruction, Chalaf and Uziel said. “A row of structures currently under excavation appears beyond the city wall that constituted the eastern border of the city during this period. Throughout the Iron Age, Jerusalem underwent constant growth, expressed both in the construction of the city wall and the fact that the city later spread beyond it.”

“Excavations carried out in the past in the area of the Jewish Quarter have shown how the growth of the community at the end of the 8th Century BCE caused the annexation of the western area of Jerusalem,” they added. “In the current excavation, we may suggest that following the westward expansion of the city, structures were built outside of the wall’s border on the east as well.”

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  • Bishop P.D Mühlethaler

    The Bible authency is being proven.

  • atsf1920

    It used to be common for historians to claim that the Bible’s telling of history was religious fabrication, a series of fables and wild tales. But history has an annoying habit of validating Scripture. Today, even historians who reject what the Bible says about God tend more and more to believe what the Bible says about history. The Bible is increasingly regarded as one of the more accurate and complete records of the ancient world.

  • Another noteworthy finding was a carefully-carved ivory figurine, which is evidence of Jerusalem’s wealth and advanced culture at the time.

    Hmm, a graven image. Interesting. Seems the real thing discovered is that someone committed a cardinal sin.

    But no one who has a fair grasp of secular and Jewish history disputes that Israel had wealthy folks (as virtually every city-state or kingdom had), or that Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians.

    The Bible, indeed, does reference some places and a few major events. But these finding neither lend any truth to Christianity, nor any evidence to the Genesis myths of creation, a global flood, or the myth of the magic language mess-up at a tower in Babel. As well, it adds no evidence to Joshua’s invasion and genocide of Canaan.

    So, I fail to see the logic in assuming that a known event in history that is mentioned in the OT proves anything of theological substance.

    • Chet

      My friend, we meet again, same subject, different line… You still spend much more time attempting to discount God’s Word than simply accepting it as all truth as believers do. The Holy Bible has withstood the test of time for thousands of years against the absolute best of deniers and atheists and will long outlive our respective memories… You are a very smart man as your prior posts have indicated but you are also quite a gambler. And the gamble you willingly take will ultimately net you a much greater loss than you could ever imagine, and needlessly so… Death ultimately comes to all flesh and as one snaps-out into eternity, it’ll be too late to say yes to Christ, the only Lord and Saviour of our eternal souls. We are all sinners in the hands of an angry God and the Christ of Calvary is the only answer… God bless…

      • I understand why it is so difficult for fundamentalists to wrap their heads around the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who do not believe in Christianity. In fact there are many millions who believe in NO gods at all.

        As of 2015 there were ~2.3 billion Christians in the world. Same year found over 5.5 billion non-Christians. So, in the overall realm of religious belief, Christianity is in the minority.

        As well, Islam is growing faster than Christianity and is projected to become the most populous religion in the world by 2030 (a mere 12 years away).

        None of these figures, however, are evidence for the truth of any of these beliefs.

        I may have said this before to you, but it bares repeating: The reason the vast majority of people believe their religious “truths,” is because it was what they were taught to believe from childhood and NONE have any evidence of the truth of those beliefs.

        Had you and I had been born in a Muslim society to a Muslim family, we would have been taught to believe Islam, and we would have believed those “truths” just as fervently as you believe Christianity today.

        If you ever come to realize why you reject other religions, only then will you realize why believers in those religions reject yours. Hint: see last paragraph.

        So, why do you think you believe Christianity?

        • Chet

          Para one: Not hard at all for me to acknowledge that Christians are in the very minority of mankind regarding spiritual matters. I used to be among that same crowd, so, it’s easy for me to comprehend, not so much accept, however, after having been brought into the light of truth. Upon receiving Christ as my own personal Lord and Saviour via repentance and faith, both of which God gave me, my understanding became wide open to seeing life and death and situations on the order, albeit lesser in degree (obviously) than what I once did.

          Not surprisingly, Islam is surpassing Christianity in numbers. With true Christianity, some see repentance and childlike faith in Christ and His supreme sacrifice on Calvary’s cross, His burial and resurrection in one’s stead as a lost sinner, as, well, simply too easy. Man’s nature is predestined to believe he must somehow do something to appease the object of his faith and thus gain desired favor and all associated benefits, i.e., 72 vestal virgins etc.
          With “religion” man reaches upward via divers good works, some of which really are good and meaningful to mankind. Yet, others, such as Islam, since you pointed it out, is where its religious adherents seek to gain favor via other means, some unconscionable…

          Yes, admittedly, I had a God fearing grandmother who taught me about the Lord Jesus as a small fry. In addition to teaching me biblical principles, she also also lived a godly life in accordance with said teaching. As I matured, I was too busy to fool with “religion” as I saw it all and went about like most young men doing my own thing, and SIN no longer was a concern as drunkenness and fornication and adultery (among others) presided and the order of the day was self satisfaction at any cost. For the sake of time, and a badly operating computer, I then couldn’t have cared less about the things of God, Heaven, Hell or damnation or whatever. Then, at just the right time and under the right circumstances, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my lost condition and my understanding of what awaited me should I have then snapped-out into eternity became altogether real. I then fell to my knees and in repentance and faith received Christ as my own personal Lord and Savior, became then indwelt with the blessed Holy Spirit and things changed drastically for the better all the way around. Now, do I consider myself to have arrived, spiritually speaking, absolutely not, and I have miles of room for improvement. However, I thank God I am no longer the man I once was. With my own eternity now settled and the precious shed blood of Christ continuously washing me whiter than snow via Calvary, I am a new creature in Christ and I seek to share God’s love with the lost and unconcerned at every opportunity to do so. And I thank you, Sir, for this second chance to do so…

        • Chet

          Sorry, I failed to address your last point. There are no multiple gods. And there is but One who created the Heavens and the Earth and all things contained therein. And only One who could be born of a virgin, live a sinless life and willingly lay down His life for me on Calvary, and yet, who lives evermore to make intercession for His own. That person is none other than Christ Jesus. He is God with us, 100% God and yet 100% man, all deity… No other object of man’s faith can make such claims as He and prove them all… One visible way of verifying such is in observing changed lives of Christians, not that they have become somehow sinless cause such will never happen in his life with man’s two natures, one sinful and one godly subsequent to one’s salvation’s experience. In my last state as a lost sinner and very beginning state as a new creature in Christ, I used to think I was a sinner due to all the wicked things I had done and even knew better at one time. Then, I learned I wasn’t a sinner due to such acts, although they were indeed sin, but I did such things because I was a sinner and merely evidenced such in acting out my own inborn sin nature…

          • Pardon me, but neither the existence of one god nor the non existence of many gods can be proved.

            If I believed without question that there were unicorns in the woods behind my house, I would see “evidence” for (not “of”) their existence each time I stroll in the woods, and no one could convince me otherwise because I would reject any other explanation.

            So, your assertion is a logical fallacy (that only one god exists and there are no multiple gods) in two ways:

            First It is clear that, logically and objectively, you cannot know know either proposition to be objectively true. Thus, it is a baseless assertion (Formally, the Fallacy of the Bare Assertion).

            So, logically, I prove neither that your god does not exist, nor that multiple gods do not exist anymore than you can “prove” the reverse.

            As for Jesus, there is evidence right there in your bible that the story of the resurrection as told in the Gospels, is inconsistent. All four cannot be true. This is what happens when someone writes an “account” of something, based on hearsay.

            But this, of course, isn’t the only inconsistencies in the Bible, especially between the OT and the NT. But those are arguments for another time.

            And, BTW, one cannot force an agreement among the resurrection stories in the Gospel stories because one would necessarily have to reject at least part of one or more parts, rendering the compatibilization contradictory to at least one of the stories.

            But please understand that your multiple assertions beyond the first paragraph has no bearing on my original argument and so far, no one has actually challenged my arguments. As well, since I no longer am a believer in Christianity, I do not accept its assertions. The only way to sway me is through a debate on the authority (authorship, independent, scientific corroboration of OT stories, and evidence of the falsity of the holy books of other religions).

          • Chet

            As I comprehend your Christian comment, I assume you were once saved, a real Christian, and not one in name only. So, what happened to dissuade you from your own Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Calvary?

            I see you as a rather intelligent gentlemen (save your discounting of the Almighty). Thus, I maintain that only the Holy Spirit will be able to get you back on track, not some well meaning individual earnestly trying to convince you back into the fold. You have a firm position which you’re apparently trusting to satisfy all your earthly needs and turn out the lights as you snap-out into eternity… My faith is in Christ and His Word, period, but, for me, personally, I can also speak from experience in that the most merciful Lord not only saved me but He transformed me from the rotten slug I once was to the Christian I am nowadays. Now, I’m a saved sinner instead of a lost one…

            Lastly, no other object of any man’s faith has ever done the things for man that Christ did/does, in that He voluntarily laid down His life for the fallen due to His unwarranted love towards all us sinners… And no works required to become a Christian as He did all that was necessary, it’s faith only, then comes good works. With “religion” all its adherents strive to reach upward to the object of their faith, some with real good works, sincerely, others with malicious destructive heinous deeds… All done to impress their god and gain his acceptance… Our Lord Jesus reaches down to us rather than us reaching upwards in vain…

          • I appreciate, Chet, your compliment even with the qualification. 😀

            But surely you can recognize that your belief is 100% subjective? People of other religions, for example, can claim the very same thing, because they believe it. Their faith is just as valid as yours and they belive it just as strongly as you. This is what destroys Pascal’s Wager. It is irrefutable logic.

            The details of my journey from Christianity to de facto atheism can be found, if you are interested, by googling “The Irony Within” and “Preface to The Empathy Imperative: A Philosophical Novel”.

            . . . no other object of any man’s faith has ever done the things for man that Christ did/does, in that He voluntarily laid down His life for the fallen due to His unwarranted love towards all us sinners…

            I understand how you can say that, but it is still a subjective view. I see no merit in the stories at all. As I mentioned before, there are conceptual and factual inconsistencies in those stories.

            As well, I find that, under a truly loving god, a blood sacrifice should have been completely unnecessary. In my opinion, no god of love would have created evil or sin in the first place. This, of course, opens up another avenue of debate for another time.

            To be clear, my social philosophy is based on ethics. My philosophy of reality is based both in the study of philosophy, itself, and on the logic of science.

            Ethics tells me that exclusive religious doctrine is the greatest hindrance to world peace and brotherhood. And since those beliefs are emotional and subjective, there will be opposing religions for at least another millennia.

            Forgive me if I’ve said this before, but ethics tells me, as well, that if we were to discard all exclusive religious doctrines, save only one single tenet, the Golden Rule, we would truly be on the path to peace and brotherhood. But the walls of dogma that organized religion (particularly the Abrahamic religions) has constructed have crushed that single, greatest tenet beneath and thereby blocked the only path.

            Ethics has led me to understand that I could have been born in poverty, I could have been born to a suppressed minority, I could have been born to a radical Muslim family. Therefore, the only way to help society even by only a molecule is to argue this philosophy and try to see everyone as equally free to believe what she/he wants and for all to have equal access to the conventions of society, doing to others as we would have time do unto us.

            Science tells me that objective reason and independent verification is the most reliable way to obtain the closest approximation to the true origin of natural phenomena and that, unintentionally, it has refuted much of what is in the Bible (especially the OT) and most other religions as well.

            So, I suppose we will have to agree to disagree on these matters.

          • Chet

            Good exchange of views. Guess we’ll now separate and agree to disagree agreeably. I must admit, however, I was interested in what you might have cared to share about how/why, you, personally, walked away from your faith in the Christ of Calvary.

            You must also disbelieve the Devil’s existence. I’m certain of it as I’ve become pretty familiar with a number of his tricks and deception throughout my years of Christian experience. By God’s great grace and mercy, I have no intention of allowing this master deceiver and accuser of the brethren or any of his myriad minions to distance me from my Lord… Heaven is just around the corner and I will enter therein soon (hopefully not too awfully soon) all thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness, nothing whatsoever of my own doings…

            You will likely not accept such today, but, God bless you, in that as long as you have breath, the Holy Spirit can indeed draw you back. I pray, Sir, he will and that no man’s wrongdoing to you or some man’s writings will overpower you to the point of eternal condemnation, needlessly…

          • Since you asked about my evolution from faith to reason (as I call it), I give it in some detail at maxfurr dot com. You should google “The Irony Within . . .” and “Preface to The Empathy Imperative: A Philosophical Novel”

            You must also disbelieve the Devil’s existence. I’m certain of it as I’ve become pretty familiar with a number of his tricks and deception throughout my years of Christian experience.

            Quite right. I do not believe in mythical gods of the sky or of the mythical underworld. As for your argument that suggests Satan’s existence is somehow proved by my denying “him,” I’m sorry, but this is a glaring argumentative fallacy.

            Where you wrote, “Devil’s,” you can replace it with any of the mythological underworld gods from ancient religions (or even one you make up) and they would lend the argument equal weight in validity–which is zero.

            The argument, “the devil made me do it” has never held up in court.” The reason should be quite obvious. It is subjective and cannot be proved or disproved.

            Thank you for the interesting exchange and especially for the civility. I hope you and yours have a happy life, my friend.

        • Stop Lobbying

          I was born again later in life. Had no Christian upbringing. There is no mistaking when God calls. You are part of a fallen world that God regretted. Jesus has offered you a gift of redemption. Don’t let your ego and academia ruin the most beautiful gift ever. It takes an incredible amount of faith to ignore God and be an atheist.

          • Interesting. If you believe your god has a plan and all is going according to that plan, then how is it that in his omniscience and omnipotence did he create a plan in which he would regret anything. Are you saying that your god actually foresaw his regretting? Why would he make a plan he knew he would regret?

            And, consider this: The U.S., by adopting many of the WWII torture techniques of the Japanese (acts for which we prosecuted them) and employing them during the Iraq War (thanks to Dick Cheney), subjected many people (and many of them innocent), to far longer and more painful torture than the story of the crucifixion asserts that Jesus endured?

            As well, if Jesus was a god, why is it that there was much that he did not know, and why are the stories of the resurrection inconsistent in the Gospels?

          • And, btw, If you believe that your god made humans strictly male and female, then how is it that intersexuals are born? They are born, of course. Would you have them never marry? Are they an abomination against your god?

    • Terry

      I am sorry for you for you actually fulfill the scripture yourself in the words you have typed here. The things that God has done, according to the scripture, are foolishness to you so therefore you remain in unbelief. This is in accordance to First Corinthians 2:14. You will never believe as long as you remain “blinded” by Satan (Second Corinthians 4:4 and Ephesians 4:18).

      • So, you point to the Bible to prove the words of the Bible? How, exactly, did you come to believe the stories in the Bible? Did you parents teach you and/or take you to Sunday school as a child?

        • Terry

          First, I point to the Bible to prove your words. You are proof that the Bible is true. Yes, like so many others, I was raised in church but unlike so many others, I came to believe. The Bible has been proven truthful and trustworthy time and time again. To believe in a God who created everything by the power of His word is as hard to believe as though it all came into existence by chance of a big bang however long ago. I have chosen the words that have proven to be true. No one has ever questioned the miraculous work of Jesus Christ, they only deny His resurrection but cannot prove it did not happen.

          • If I believed without question that there were unicorns in the woods behind my house, I would see “evidence” for their presence each time I stroll in the woods, and no one could convince me otherwise.

            That is your position on the Bible. Emotion overrides all reason.

            No one has ever questioned the miraculous work of Jesus Christ, they only deny His resurrection but cannot prove it did not happen.

            Two logical fallacies in that one sentence:

            1. First It is clear that no one can know the arguments or questions of every person–you don’t know every person. In short, you can’t know the arguments of everyone. Thus, it is a baseless assertion.

            2. That no one has proven “X” does not exist, therefore “X” exists is the very model of the argument from ignorance. You are asserting that your proposition is true because it has not yet been proven false. The reverse is equally a fallacy: Your proposition is false because it hasn’t been proven true.

            So, logically, I cannot “prove” that your god does not exist anymore than you can “prove” that your god does exist.

            Basically, it is a false dichotomy. There is evidence that the story of the resurrection of Jesus is not factual. This evidence is in the Gospels, themselves. They are inconsistent about who saw what and what happened thereafter. This is what happens when someone writes an “account” of something, based on hearsay.

            I understand that most believers have never had a course in informal logic (critical thinking). That is not a put-down, it is simply a fact. This is why I advocate such a required course, as well as a course in the history of world religions (non comparative), in the first year of high school.

            It was partly because of this class that it became clear to me that most folks are easily swayed by the fallacious arguments of advertisers, for example (more Ford trucks were sold last year than any other, proving they are the best trucks). It is more likely that more were sold because of a superior marketing campaign.

            As well, it was partly because of this critical knowledge that set me on my journey from de facto fundamentalism to de facto atheism.

          • Terry

            I see your line of thinking. The only way you would believe that unicorns existed would be if you “saw” them yourself, you would not take anyone else’s word that they “saw” them. That was Thomas’ argument. History that predates anyone alive, is a record written by someone that was there and we are left with the responsibility to believe it or reject it. Our belief systems are based on faith whether it is found in the Bible or from man. You have made your choice and missed heaven by 18 inches.

          • The only way you would believe that unicorns existed would be if you “saw” them yourself, you would not take anyone else’s word that they “saw” them.

            Actually, I said quite the opposite. I said that if I believed, “without question” there were Unicorns in my woods I would “see” evidence of their existence (there). The mind often sees what it wants to see regardless of what is actually there.

            In other words, I would see what I would interpret as evidence. Thus, you see my words as “evidence” of the truth of the Bible, because you belive the Bible to be true. It virtually is the same thing.

            History that predates anyone alive, is a record written by someone that was there and we are left with the responsibility to believe it or reject it.

            Please analyze what you said. It makes no logical sense. I see where you are going with it, suggesting that since at the Genesis creation story was set up before anyone existed, then it had to be seen by your god, since he did it (I think).

            But there are thousands of creation stories in the world in as many religions, major and minor. That they were written down is no evidence that any are true.

            Our belief systems are based on faith whether it is found in the Bible or from man.

            Well, man wrote the books of the Bible. There is no evidence otherwise. So again, the statement is nonsensical.

            You have made your choice and missed heaven by 18 inches.

            Are you giving me the consequential side of rejecting Pascal’s Wager? You see, Pascal’s Wager would apply just as well to all other religions (believe it or risk eternal damnation). So it’s better to believe them all, contradictions notwithstanding.

          • Terry

            Your arguments do not hold to “evidence” you purported. According to your argument, you cannot prove there is no God. The evidence lies with the truth that there is a God. To see evidence and interpret as you please is not allowed in truth. All evidence has to point to what is real, not subject to ones on preference or preconceived ideas.

            To say the Bible was written by man is the same as saying man built the house but he did not grow the trees or bring the iron into existence. Man wrote it down but God gave the Word. I know it means nothing to you to call Jesus Christ a liar but I will stand on “All scripture is given by the inspiration of God.”

          • Fascinating. I’ll spell it out in clearer terms why I think the evidence is on the side of there being no god or gods.

            This, of course, is the philosophical side based in science, but you are already marginally aware of the science side and its unintended but solid refutation of much of Genesis.
            An excerpt from my writings:

            In my opinion, it is more reasonable to accept the possibility of the eternal existence of energy, manifesting in one form or another, or even to believe in energy as self-causing, than to suggest that a thinking mind, consisting of nothing, coming from nothing, popped out of nowhere, into nowhere, thought about it, then made it somewhere.

            For there to be a thought, or even a popping into existence, logic would say there must first be motion, and that which is in motion would have to become organized. There must be a causal link from movement to organization before a thought can organize.

            And, for there to be motion, of course, there must be something that moves, which would necessarily be something energetic. There is an energetic precondition, Reverend, for every thought and memory in your head.

            So, to boil all this down to its base element, even though I believe both propositions—existence caused by a god, and existence caused by no god—are irrational, I think the existence of an eternal energy field is less so because we know the energy field exists. We are a part of it. We have the observable evidence of its existence.

            Your objection reminds me of Galileo’s trial, and its resulting verdict. (The source can be found by copying a sentence or two and googling it):

            On February 24 the Qualifiers delivered their unanimous report: the proposition that the Sun is stationary at the centre of the universe is “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture”; the proposition that the Earth’s moves and is not at the centre of the universe “receives the same judgement in philosophy; and … in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith.”[41][42] The original report document was made widely available in 2014.[42][43]

            At a meeting of the cardinals of the Inquisition on the following day, Pope Paul V instructed Bellarmine to deliver this result to Galileo, and to order him to abandon the Copernican opinions; should Galileo resist the decree, stronger action would be taken. On February 26, Galileo was called to Bellarmine’s residence and ordered

            “to abstain completely from teaching or defending this doctrine and opinion or from discussing it… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.”

            — The Inquisition’s injunction against Galileo, 1616.[3]

            Afterward, it is said, Galileo was heard to mutter, “and yet it moves.” Whether or not Galileo actually said that is irrelevant. Indeed, it did still move, as it does today.

          • Terry

            The eternal existence of anything is beyond our comprehension in our state of time and space. Your thinking on energy first over God is like which came first, the chicken or the egg. The Galileo story is known. His position of the earth rotatiing aroung the sun and not the other way around is based on true, observational science, not conjecture as much of the science is today that is on course to disprove God. I believe it is intentional. The position of the church had no Biblical basis when it comes to Creation to hold such a position. The Roman Catholic Church back then was in control of science, politics, medicine, trade, in short almost everything. You already knew this. We are all indebted to true science. But “science” so called that is based on unproven theory is not science at all. I know you begin with a theory but I also know that they will never prove evolution, that there is no God, or how life came to be apart from Jesus Christ.

      • LynnRH

        It’s ok Terry….after all God will have the final say-so! He did say ” at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
        That’s in Phillipians

    • Boommach

      The fool says there is no God. Who is your god, Hobbes?

      • So, that proves . . . what? Have you no argument of substance? And what do you mean, who is my god? An atheist does not believe that any gods exist. My loyalty is to Reason and the greatest rule of all time, the Golden Rule. If the world would reject all religious belief and adopt that one rule and live by it, what god would not approve?

  • mr goody two shoes

    The bible is once again teaching those digging up artifacts how they got there. if it was not for the bible they would Be a’s dumb as the box of rocks just dug up .how it got there and who the people were who left it.

  • Jack-b-Quicker

    To me this is no proof, to me this is providing me a way to see what I knew was there but could not find. Thank you.