Report: Nearly All Women in Iceland Who Receive Down Syndrome Diagnosis Obtain Abortion

REYKJAVIK — A new report by CBS is raising concern as it highlights the fact that nearly all women in the Nordic nation of Iceland who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis obtain an abortion—to the point that children with Down syndrome have been nearly eradicated.

“We don’t look at abortion as a murder,” Helga Sol Olafsdottir of Landspitali University Hospital in Ryekjavik told the outlet. “We look at it as a thing that we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication … preventing suffering for the child and for the family.”

“And I think that is more right than seeing it as a murder. That’s so black and white. Life isn’t black and white. Life is grey,” she asserted.

In Iceland, an estimated 80 to 85 percent of pregnant women choose to take the Combination Test, which is able to determine whether or not a child in the womb has an extra chromosome or similar abnormality. The number of Down syndrome babies born each year has therefore decreased to only two or three, since the vast majority of preborn children with the condition are aborted.

When asked if some women experience guilt for killing their child, Olafsdottir replied, “Of course,” but advised that she tells the mothers, “This is your life. You have the right to choose how your life will look like.”

While Iceland has a nearly 100 percent abortion rate surrounding Downs diagnoses, other nations are not far behind. In Denmark, the rate is 98 percent, and in France, 77 percent of Down syndrome babies never get to have birthday. A reported 67 percent of American women also choose an abortion due to a Down syndrome diagnosis.

View the full report below.

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The CBS report has been startling for a number of viewers, including Kurt Kondrich of Human Coalition Pittsburgh, whose 14-year-old daughter Chloe has Down syndrome.

“This represents the ultimate, extreme form of eugenics,” he told Christian News Network, “and there should be an international outcry to end this genocide against beautiful people who fill the world with unconditional love and genuine purity.”


As previously reported, Chloe was the inspiration behind a Pennsylvania bill, signed into law in 2014, that aims to help save the lives of Down syndrome babies who would otherwise be aborted. She also visited the UN this past year to speak against the murder of children like herself, and met with Vice President Mike Pence as well to be a voice for life.

“In 1928, capital punishment was abolished in Iceland,” Kondrich noted, “but now this country is systematically executing a group of citizens prenatally who have committed no crimes, hurt and offended no one, and who do not deserve prenatal capital punishment when they are completely innocent.”

“The culture of Iceland and many other countries are truly disabled by allowing this prenatal slaughter of diverse, beautiful people who have many abilities and commit no horrific acts of hate, violence, prejudice or racism in a world filled with evil,” he lamented.

Kondrich said that he believes that prenatal testing, such as the Combination Test, is a slippery slope that can result in other forms of eugenics in order to weed out those society finds to be imperfect or undesirable.

“As science rapidly increases and genetic codes are unlocked, we should ask who will be targeted next prenatally,” he explained. “What if the genetic codes for depression, autism, ADHD, baldness, shortness, brown eyes, etc. are unlocked and then used to prenatally eliminate more people our society labels ‘defective?’ In some cultures, prenatal testing is used to identify and terminate females because women are viewed as inferior; where is the outcry from women’s rights groups?”

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    so if a person was intent on having as many children in the womb die as possible ….. they could get a job in a lab and manufacture false positive results ….. hmmmmmmm ……..

    • MamaBearly

      That was an evil thought even giving someone else the responsibility for an evil act, makes it still YOUR thought that imagined it. You really have to watch how you think.

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        it takes a thief to catch a thief ………

    • Trilemma

      so if a person was intent on having as many children in the womb live as
      possible ….. they could get a job in a lab and manufacture false negative results ….. hmmmmmmm ……..

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        yeah …. but that would not be an alteration of Gods plan for all to be birthed ….. but producing false positive results would ….. in the mind of the perpetrator ………..

  • Trilemma

    A number of adults with Down syndrome attend my church. They don’t appear to be suffering. Perhaps the suffering the parents are trying to prevent is only their own.

  • mr goody two shoes

    Iceland is the Israel that moses found when he came down the mountain and broke the tablets out of anger. All over the world where Christianity has been ,the love of most for God is growing cold. Look at the USA its not far behind and Christianity has not been in the USA nearly as long. Look instead to country’s that have not heard Gods good news about Jesus. Reject the gospel it is on the move to fertile ground. Asia gains Iceland’s loss.

  • Archie Angel

    Seems most countries are just as guilty. The article raises the point – where dos it stop next, if your not going to look that pretty based on some lab results? your nose is a bit big? to short? dangerous ground.

  • MM Avelleyra

    This makes me so sick at heart. I have two adult Downs sisters. One is 56 and the other is 48. Although they have had their share of medical setbacks, they have led and continue to lead full lives, jobs, travel, groups which attend plays, bowling, etc. And most of the Downs community are kind, loving, friendly, very smart..I even know of a man on the bowling team who actually DRIVES. Yes truth. I also met a young Downs woman at Fan Fair in Nashville, TN some 20 or so years ago – her name is Gretchen Josephson, who recently passed away in Denver in March of this year. There are Downs actors, models, and married couples. Israel mandates ALL lives matter, are precious because of the Holocaust. Iceland – I guess you don’t look at the good and because of this – will answer to God.