University Professor Carries Out Plot to Murder Boyfriend, Makes Donation to ‘LGBT Health Center’ While on Run

CHICAGO — A university professor and his accomplice are facing first degree murder charges after carrying out a plot to kill the “distinguished microbiologist’s” boyfriend, and then making a charitable donation to an “LGBT health center” in the murdered man’s name while on the run.

Wyndham Lathem, 43, an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Northwestern University, and Andrew Warren, 56, a treasury assistant for payroll and pensions for the University of Oxford, are being held without bail after turning themselves into police following the murder of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26.

“For several months, [Lathem and Warren] communicated through an Internet chat room about carrying out their sexual fantasies of killing others and then themselves,” Illinois Assistant State Attorney Natosha Toller told CBS News.

Last month, Lathem bought Warren a ticket to fly from the U.K. to Chicago, and the men hatched a plot to kill Lathem’s boyfriend, Cornell-Duranleau, as well as someone of Warren’s choosing. Lathem and Warren also agreed to kill each other simultaneously as the last aspect of their plan.

“What I can tell you [is that] it was not domestic in nature, like a husband/wife or boyfriend/boyfriend or love triangle. That was not the motive,” Chicago Police Detective Cmdr. Brendan Deenihan explained during a press conference. “It was a little more dark and disturbing.”

Lathem invited Cornell-Duranleau over to his apartment, and after he fell asleep, Lathem allegedly gave Warren a cellphone and instructed him to record the murder as Lathem stabbed him in the neck and chest.

Cornell-Duranleau woke up as he was being attacked and began screaming and fighting back in defense. Lathem then called out to Warren for help, who subsequently hit Cornell-Duranleau over the head with a metal lamp.

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Lathem went to the kitchen to get two knives, and both of the men stabbed Cornell-Duranleau repeatedly until he was nearly decapitated. They then cleaned up the crime scene and fled the premises.

According to reports, while on the run, Lathem and Warren made a donation of more than $5,610 in Cornell-Duranleau’s name to the Howard Brown Health Center, which focuses on homosexual and transgender causes. It is not yet known as to why the specific figure was selected. The men also donated $1,000 to a Wisconsin library.

They surrendered nine days later, with Lathem creating a video for family and friends in the interim, advising that he had made “the biggest mistake of [his] life.” He also called his apartment building anonymously and suggested that someone look into the apartment as a crime “might have been committed” at the location.

Northwestern University fired Lathem while he was on the run, as outlined in a statement released on Aug. 7.

“Northwestern University has terminated the employment of Wyndham Lathem, an associated professor of microbiology-immunology, effective Friday, Aug. 4, 2017. Lathem was terminated for the act of fleeing from police when there was an arrest warrant out for him. Lathem, who had been a faculty member since 2007, continues to be banned from entering Northwestern University campuses,” it said.

Warren was also suspended from his job at Somerville College, which is part of the University of Oxford.

The Chicago Tribune notes that Lathem’s attorney, Barry Sheppard, presented Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. with copies of letters from friends and colleagues who attested to Lathem’s character and achievements. However, Bourgeois said that none of that matters now.

“The court has read his professional and academic achievements,” he stated. “Some of the finest in the world, right? It has nothing to do with this, though.”

Jesus taught in Mark 7:20 that evil begins in the heart, as man’s nature without regeneration is inherently wicked.

“[F]rom within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride [and] foolishness,” He said. “All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.”

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  • michael louwe

    Why did the above gays commit murder and imminent murder-suicide.?

    Gays are mostly atheists who believe that death is just cell-decay, ie no heaven or hell or reincarnation. Gays tend to avow of rules and laws, and enjoy their youthful and carefree life to the maximum. When the above gays reach middle-age, they begin to fear debilitating/sickly old age and become tired of living, eg required to work for a living.
    ……. Maybe, they are also HIV+ = imminent hospitalization and/or death. Hence the hefty donation to the LGBT health center.

    So, the above 2 gays chose to check-out early from the world/earth through murder-suicide. But because the 43 yo gay could not stand the thought of his 26 yo gay lover in the arms of another gay(= jealousy), he decided to check-out with him by murdering him first.

    This is the ungodly and warped world that most homosexuals live in.

    • Croquet_Player

      I’m a straight person, and I am just aghast at your completely appalling idea of gay people in general. You have some really warped ideas. Not that some human beings don’t have warped ideas, they do. But just reading what you wrote, what straight people aren’t capable of those same ideas? You think straight people don’t marry younger people? You think straight people don’t get debilitating illnesses? You think straight people never murder their wives or husbands out of some sick ideas? Do you think everyone behaves this way when faced with tough calls? Or only gay people? Really? What planet do you live on?

      • MamaBearly

        Love your Post!!

    • SFBruce

      That’s a lot of speculation based only on the absurd notion that every gay person is responsible for any and every bad thing another gay person does or will do. Are all Christian ministers shameless grifters because of Creflo Dollar?

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        well i would have a hard time classifying Cashflo Dollar as a “minister” …….

        • Croquet_Player

          Well that’s just too bad isn’t it? Because he’s a very famous minister.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            oh very “INfamous” …. but i guess it depends on which circles you travel in ….. but not in my circle he isnt ….

          • MamaBearly

            Thank you Amos!!!

        • Nedd Kareiva

          Cashflo – priceless, no pun intended! You got your bang for the buck on that one, pun intended! Best nickname I ever heard for him.

  • InTheChurch

    In prison, they will live very happy as gay men.

  • mr goody two shoes

    I wonder what denomination is northwestern university owned or supported by??

    • MamaBearly

      United Methodist Church‎ …

  • Nedd Kareiva

    The Howard Browne Center is located in the heart of Chicago’s Wrigleyville (homosexual) community and is known for things like HIV testing but also provides brochures to young men how to engage in anal activity. This information is being censored on Google searches but can be found on the Americans for Truth website via a Yahoo search. The HBC does far more than just “focus on homosexual and transgender causes”, to quote Christian News (which should, IMO, do more research on them). They are also known not to cooperate with law enforcement when a police matter occurs on their premises. Very shady outfit. The least officials should do, if they had any principles, is donate that $5K donation to a non-homosexual charity.

    It should also be known that not only was the victim nearly decapitated but his “junk” was, not that it matters a whole lot in light of everything else concerning this horrific tragedy but there is far more to this story than what was reported here at CN.

    • Rebecca Stevens

      The acceleration of evil now is horrifying to say the least. Thank you for your additional information, it appears that schools and colleges are brainwashing the young into accepting there are no limits, boundaries or common respect for anything moral anymore…