California Secretary of State Gives Abolitionist Green Light to Collect Signatures for Ballot Initiative to Criminalize Abortion

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California secretary of state has cleared a proposed initiative that would criminalize abortion in the state as murder, allowing supporters to begin collecting signatures in an effort to have the proposal placed on the 2018 ballot.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced on Friday that the initiative had been given the green light and may now move forward for circulation. According to his press release, Attorney General Xavier Becerra prepared the official title and summary for the ballot initiative, which had been presented by abortion abolitionist Daniel Ehinger.

Ehinger’s proposal would ban abortion without exception, and those who intentionally kill the unborn at any stage of development would face first-degree murder charges.

“Eliminates a woman’s state constitutional privacy right to terminate a pregnancy, and to use certain birth control methods. Outlaws: abortion including cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman; intentionally terminating a fertilized egg; most embryonic stem cell research, some fetal tissue research; and many in vitro fertilization procedures,” the summary reads.

“Women, medical professionals, researchers, and others, who violate these restrictions would be guilty of first-degree murder,” it outlines.

However, the California legislative analyst’s office also noted, “Assuming that provisions of the U.S. Constitution would prevent the initiative from taking effect, voter approval of this measure would have no impact on state and local finances.”

Ehinger must collect 585,407 valid signatures over the next six months in order for the initiative to qualify to be placed on the ballot. The deadline for submission to county elections officials is March 5, 2018.

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“We received our circulating title to gather signatures and work to get abolishing abortion on the November 6th, 2018 ballot through a state ballot initiative that would amend our Constitution. Please pray for our efforts. JESUS!” Ehinger posted to social media following the announcement.

As previously reported, abortion abolitionists in two other states have sought to place similar initiatives on the ballot. However, in Ohio, the state attorney general rejected the petition in concluding that there were an insufficient number of valid signatures, and in Oklahoma, the state Supreme Court struck down the proposal as unconstitutional.

“You can search day and night through the Constitution and you will never find one line supporting the idea that human beings can be deprived of the right to live simply because they are small, weak and unwanted,” Russell Hunter of the Abolitionist Society of Norman stated following the Oklahoma decision in March 2016.

“I am a Christian, so I should love my neighbors as I love myself” he said. “That would be all my neighbors, even my unborn neighbors and should uphold the Constitution, and the Constitution says no person shall be deprived of the right to life.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whose duty it is to craft the title and summary for all ballot initiatives, is currently seeking the criminal prosecution of David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress for recording representatives of the abortion and contraceptive giant Planned Parenthood undercover. Planned Parenthood had donated to a number of Becerra’s political campaigns from 1998-2014.

Abortion is Murder from I’ll Be Honest on Vimeo.


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  • mr goody two shoes

    According to my beliefs doctors should save the life that can be saved . If the doctors all think The baby has no reasonable chance at surviving and the mother does and they abort her baby who they think has no chance of surviving to save the mother. The doctors should not face murder charges in that Scenario.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      kind of puts doctors in the place of God ………

      • mr goody two shoes

        Only if You want to think that going to any doctor for
        Any reason does what you say to. But the rest of us believe God gave doctors the brains they have to use!.

        • Amos Moses – He>i

          “But Lutherans believe God gave doctors”

          sure … absolutely ….. but it is not limited to that …. and doctors are often idolized …. made into idols … and that is idolatry ……….

          • Randolph Reynoldson

            Lutherans believe that each one of us, including Doctors are responsible to God the Father for their thoughts, words, and deeds. No one is above God’s law. God’s will is God’s law.

          • Randolph Reynoldson

            2 Peter 3:9King James Version (KJV)

            9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

          • Randolph Reynoldson

            Even the Hippocratic oath states that a Doctor will do no harm or administer knowingly a medicine that causes death to his patient.

  • There is never a point where a baby need be aborted. The “life of the mother” wording is a rise to try to justify murdering a baby. When a woman’s life is in danger Dr.s often try to save both mother and child and in that process the baby dies. In the case of 3Croix pregnancies despite the left’s insistenc,e the child can survive. The Dr. can even attempt to transplant the child into the womb. Also as with all laws and especially murder charged there will be investigations. There will of course be lots of lies and subterfuge by pro murder folks even if this becomes law by the grace of God. You can have no doubt that the nuances will be examined,and there will be charges requisite to culpability due to circumstances in every case. Yet just because it will be complicated we must not differentiate murdering babies in the womb as any lesser crime than babies out of the womb.

  • Jack-b-Quicker

    Why not just sterilize those in favor of abortion?

  • InTheChurch

    We voted for traditional marriages and the court overturned our vote. I see this happening again. The court is bigger than our vote.

    • NCOriolesFan

      Sadly you’re right. Losers have to seek the courts to win over the electorate.

    • Jerome Horwitz

      No. It’s not. We just give up and tolerate it, no matter how much it is unconstitutional.

      That’s what Californians should have told that judge: 10th Amendment. Get stuffed.

    • james blue

      Is traditional marriage outlawed then?

      • InTheChurch

        No, all marriages are valid. But, the people voted to keep it man and female and it passed with over 51% and the courts overturned our vote. So again, the people’s voice is not heard.

        • james blue

          Wasn’t the nation founded on the idea of protecting the minority from the oppression of the majority?

          Please tell me what right you lost from gays being allowed to marry, please tell me what changed about traditional marriage because gays can also merry.

          • InTheChurch

            You missed the point. You are not understanding. The people voted for one thing and the court reversed it. So what happened to our voice? How you feel if you voted for a proposition, it passed with over 51% approval and then the court says you were all wrong?
            this has nothing to do with marriage or the gay community. Our vote was muted.
            And to your questions, I could care less who gets married. A person can marry a a dude, a chick, a cow, multiple people or his sibling, I don’t care. When I do care, when they make or force the church to acknowledge those marriages as holy and right in the eyes of God.
            Also, comparing gay rights to civil rights, is it the same? so marriage is a right or a privilege?

          • james blue

            Didn’t miss the point at all, a majority vote does not suppress the rights of the minority. If the majority of a state decided to vote to outlaw Islam (for example) the courts would rightly overturn that ballot.

            Who has forced the church to do or acknowledge anything?

            Yes marriage is a right as is being gay or heterosexual. Government should have no say in what consenting adults personal affairs.

          • InTheChurch

            Marriage is not a right, it’s a privilege like getting a drivers license. you go to the DMV, they can not deny you of a test. You past the test, you get your license. But, you don’t have to get a license. you don’t have to get married, it’s an option. Voting and Free speech, that is a right. Being denied an education because you are black is a violation of civil right. Gays are not being denied any rights. Shoot, gays were voting before women and blacks. Gays were attending school before women and blacks.
            As of today, the church has not been forced, but like Ben Shapiro has stated, just a matter of time before all tax exempt churches will be forced to do it. You get a tax exemption, you get to marry everyone or lose your exemption.

          • james blue

            Who decided it’s a privilege? What right do you have to tell two people they cannot get married?

            What you appear to be confusing is the right to marry and state recognition of marriage as an enforceable contract.

          • InTheChurch

            let me clarify my wording; everyone has the free will to marry. It’s not a right but a freedom to marry whomever, how many times and to as many people as you desire. It’s not a civil right but a freedom or free will. I will not stop two, three, four adults to marry each other, not my place. State needs to recognize all marriages equally. But to say marriage is a civil right, not even close. Free will is great, is it not?

          • james blue

            Don’t see any difference between right and freedom in this context.

  • Roy

    My wife and I will be in prayer about collecting enough signatures for the ballot. Abortion is absolutely murder. Where are the rights of the unborn. Even an animal has more rights.

  • Randolph Reynoldson

    Yes, pray to Our God in heaven that this will become a bill and that it will stand the test of the 9th circuit Courts.