UK National Trust Accused of Blacklisting Couple Who Refuse to Wear ‘Gay Pride’ Badges

Photo Credit: Christine Matthews/Wikipedia

(Christian Institute) A couple who resigned from a National Trust property because they refused to wear gay pride badges say they have been blacklisted from volunteering.

Bob and Linda Gates resigned from Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, having worked there for 14 years.

When they applied to volunteer at Blickling Hall, a nearby National Trust property, they received no reply for over two weeks before they were eventually told there were no vacancies.

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  • Lydia Church

    Persecution against Christians is escalating by the “prejudice and proud” haters.
    Unless you fly their nazi (rainbow) flag, and do the ‘heil satan,’ you can’t do business with them.

    • james blue

      Christians would never behave like that…right?

  • Len Langan

    One dislikes slang expressions as a general rule but the National Trust are unquestionably “up themselves” in trying to force any member or volunteer to wear anything. Only they can be thick enough to overlook the fact that Volunteers are their life-blood. This is an organisation that needs a very strong enema at the top end.

    • james blue

      You should have a chat with the Calvary Houston pastor.

      • Len Langan

        Why not? Although I do not know him.

        • james blue

          Because the pastor needs to hear the same thing.

          In his case the church was giving aid (food etc) for Harvey victims, Carmen Hix (combat veteran) donated $500 worth of groceries and took a week off work to volunteer her labor. After a couple of days she was called to the pastor and told her help was unwelcome because they found out she is Jewish. (after bowing her head respectfully while the others prayed she said “Shalom”. She posted on facebook what happened and after members showed their outrage she was told she was welcome again, only to be turned away when the Pastor found out she is gay.

          • Len Langan

            A highlight of unreasoning prejudice. Did anyone ask what Jesus would do in such a situation? WWJD is a good guide in my view. Intolerance is an ugly beast.

  • Mourning Warbler

    People are so blinded with all the lies they’ve been pounded with over the past 55+ years. Need more men and women of faith in powerful places of journalism. Just read it was the journalists who were very powerful in causing the US to withdraw support from Christian leader Chang Kai-shek of China, leaving Communist Mao Tse-tung who had about 800,000 executed and possibly as many as 40 million deaths. I never knew this before last week. Got it from a Christian high school textbook. We have communists determining the content of news and college textbooks in this country, and this must stop. What a different world it would be if the Christian Nationalists had prevailed over the atheist Communists in China.

  • Jack-b-Quicker

    Yeah, go take a look at the leaders. These aren’t Christians, folks. Move on, rid yourself of these godless places. Let the heathens have it all.

  • YoikesAndAway

    Walker 2: Hey, Cedric! Bob! This guy won’t wear a ribbon!
    (Bob and Cedric turn around and glare at Kramer)
    Bob: Who? Who doesn’t want to wear the ribbon?
    Seinfeld, 1995.