‘Worship Band’ Performs Secular Rock Group AC/DC’s ‘Money Talks’ During Sunday Service

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — The worship band of a non-denominational “church” in Indiana recently performed the song “Money Talks” from the secular rock group AC/DC—also known for its “Highway to Hell” tune that celebrates having a party in Hell with one’s friends—during the Sunday morning service to correspond with the pastor’s sermon series.

“Come on! Put your hands together Pointe Church!” declared Fort Wayne Pointe Church Worship Pastor Josh Anders as an electric guitar riffed and drums beat behind him.

“Tailored suits, chauffeured cars/Fine hotels and big cigars/Up for grabs, up for a price,” he sang out. “Come on, come on, love me for the money/Come on, come on, listen to the money talk.”

Members of the worship team clapped and danced during the rock song, which was altered slightly to replace the tune’s reference to “where the red hot girls keep on dancing through the night” to “where the rock and roll bands keep rocking through the night.”

At the conclusion of the song, as Anders asked those in the congregation to “give it up” for the lead guitarist, those present clapped and cheered.

“Do you guys like that?” also asked a man named John—who identified himself as one of the church’s board members—being met with cheers. “It’s good stuff, right? Good stuff. Hey, a little ‘Money Talks’ AC/DC this morning.”

He also welcomed visitors who decided to attend for worship that morning.

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The selection of “Money Talks” was meant to tie in to the Pointe Church sermon series entitled “I Was Broke, Now I’m Not,” and was performed directly after leaders led those present in a prayer, asking that God would speak those those in attendance who do not know Him.

“Father God, thank you so much, Lord, for today—a chance to hear Your word, a chance just to grow in You and glorify You, Lord,” one of the men prayed. “There may be some here that just don’t know you, that are checking You out, Lord. Just speak to them in a real way that You’ll connect with them, [that] they can put down their guard and invite You into their life.”

Pointe Church is led by Ray Harris, who founded the assembly in 2005.

Reaction to the performance of the song during the Sunday service was mixed, as one online viewer wrote, “Next time, do Slayer’s ‘South of Heaven’ and do [a] series on Bible prophecy or Hell.”

“This is shameful! AC/DC in church,” another lamented.

J.C. Ryle, a respected leader in Church history known for his books “Holiness” and “Practical Religion,” once wrote in addressing worldliness in the Church, “On every side we hear professing Christians declaring loudly that we must not be ‘narrow and exclusive’ and that there is no harm in many things which the holiest of saints of old thought bad for their souls, that we may go anywhere, and do anything, and spend our time in anything, and read anything, and keep any company, and plunge into anything—and all the while may be very good Christians!”

“This, this is the maxim of thousands,” he mourned. “In a day like this, I think it good to raise a warning voice, and invite attention to the teaching of God’s Word. It is written in that Word, ‘Come out, and be separate.'”

A call to Pointe Church for comment was unreturned.

Performance begins at approximately 24 minutes into the service.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    SADLY again …. this is not the first “church” to do this and again ….. SADLY ….. it will not be the last ….. this is not church for His sheep ….. it is entertainment for GOATS ………

    Why Would a ‘Christian Church’ Sing AC/DC’s Highway to Hell …
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    Perry Noble No Regret Over Playing AC/DC ‘Highway to Hell’ for …
    christianpost com
    25 Mar 2016 … Pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church in South Carolina says he would choose to play AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” before his Easter service …

    Highway To Hell: I Wouldn’t Do It Again! | Blog | Perry Noble
    perrynoble com
    24 Mar 2016 … It’s simple…we would have actually kicked off the service with “Hells Bells” (also by AC/DC) and allowed the “gong” to set up the song, and then …

    • Paladin Roy

      Amen Bro.Amos. … I always look forward to Hearing from you. ?

      This is what the world wants, and as I’ve said before, I shed no tears when I see such an one being bound in chains and dragged to hell.

      It might just be me, but I think we are actually seeing the Scripture come to pass of the separation of the tares and the Wheat in this very day.

      • Peter Leh

        “I shed no tears when I see such an one being bound in chains and dragged to hell.”

        Wow… you sure can build a church on that.

    • xinthose

      Church of goats is right.

      • wandakate

        This is totally OUTRAGIOUS!!! I can’t believe they did this in what is called Church. It’s getting worse and worse as we move along. It’s not GOD’s church service, but more like a service for satan. It’s more like a rock concert and I would bet it was “loud”. No telling what on earth they’ll think of next. The people in this church are apparently just deceived souls and are lost and in need of guidance. The HOLY SPIRIT wouldn’t be there. Oh how sad! JESUS would have closed this down about as fast as He went through the Temple and got rid of the money changers and those that were selling goods in His FATHER’s house.

        • HpO

          Y’aint seen nothin’ yet:

          According to Stephen J. Bedard, “The new worship war”, ChristianWeek, August 23, 2017:

          “Two of the most popular churches in my city … both had something in common when it came to worship. First, both had very good worship bands that were obviously very talented. The lights in the auditorium were dimmed (or right out) and the lights were on the band. The band only played a few songs and most of the congregation listened instead of singing along. Basically, both churches put on very nice and professional Christian music concerts. This is different from what I’m used to, which is congregational singing.”

          • wandakate

            Well you’re probably right about that. I think more surprises are on their way in the churches of today. Mainstream religion isn’t what it used to be. Wide screens up in the auditoriums, different songs, rarely ever see any hymnals anymore, people using their phones to view scripture instead of bringing a real Bible to church. Pastors dressed down in jeans and pull over shirts and tennis shoes. It’s more like people now just go for something to do. They go to be entertained. It’s really NOT about worshipping GOD anymore or kneeling in prayer or going down front to the benches to kneel and pray, it’s not like that anywhere that I know of. Seems like to me they’re all there for the wrong reasons…Serving self instead of GOD. It’s the trend now, the signs of the times. Corporate religion is something that I have shied away from. Bringing rock groups into churches must be just to bring in more people (thus numbers and money).
            If JESUS CHRIST were on the earth in bodily form I do wonder if He would go to any of these churches today…He did tell us to be IN the world but NOT of the world…

          • Beamer

            My church is not like that. We spend a good portion of our service worshiping and praising God . I have not been to an Apostolic Church that was anything like this.
            What you have said makes any sense to me. Other churches are as bad as this one, or the ones that support homosexuality? Really? that is so sad. I can’t imagine the congregation not participating in the praise and worship with the focus on Jesus. We sing a hymn from our program every week as well as other songs. The Pastor speaks between 30 hr. and 45min. The rest is all Bible oriented.
            I’m glad Jesus directed me the way He did.

          • HpO

            I wondered that, too, sister wandakate! – “If JESUS CHRIST were on the earth in bodily form I do wonder if He would go to any of these churches today”. Then it hit me 2 years ago. But He did just that the first time around! From one synagogue to another! Going synagogue to synagogue evangelizing! I say that’s the model for us today. In other words, say, I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’d make it my mission in life to – get this – REEVANGELIZE THE EVANGELICALS there! I mean it. Like I said before, Let’s snatch our fellow born-again Christian bro’s & sisters from the fire!

          • wandakate

            Not sure exactly what you’re saying but IF people are already born-again Christian brothers and sisters then what fire do we need to snatch them from?
            It’s the lost souls that need to be saved. They’re the ones that need to be snatched from the fire.
            However I do believe that some mission in life is better than NO mission in life, b/c JESUS told us that work is to be done.
            James said that our FAITH without our WORKS is dead faith. He told us that our faith alone CANNOT save us.
            So, we must be busy working and that needs to be combined with our faith in order to be obedient to the LORD.

          • HpO

            Jude 20-23 – 20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, 21 keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. 22 And have mercy on some, who are doubting; 23 save others, SNATCHING THEM OUT OF THE FIRE; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            Hillsong ………..

          • Paladin Roy

            It’s not worship, but plain and simply, entertainment. Anything to fill an hour so the hypocrites can feel good about “goin’ to ‘church’ “.

          • HpO

            Which makes all Bible Christians and Churches “hypocrites”, then? Where or how would you draw the line? Any scriptures to go with your explanation?

  • Worf

    “Darn kids and their darn rock and roll music!”

    *Shakes old man fist aggressively*

    • Nick Halflinger

      As I type this line, this “old man” listens to Iron Butterfly’s 1968 song “In A Gadda Da Vida”

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        at home …. or anywhere outside of a church …. appropriate …

        in a church …. NOT ………..

        “In The Garden of Eden” ……………. there is no path back to the garden …….

        BTW …. long or short version ………..

        • tylerclark

          This is …….. not …….. how ellipses work…….

        • Michael Moulds

          Amos Moses. Just had to comment. My favorite song when I was 12. Jerry Reed.

    • Michael Moulds

      Worship means getting away from the world. These wannabes embrace worldliness, and judge others. From such, turn away.

  • John Hemsoth

    I go there and know where Pastor Ray’s heart is. They always do a non secular song before the sermon to tie it together. They do so.much for this community and for others abroad and in South America. It was God that led me to this church so I could reconnect with Christ. I grew up Lutheran and hated it. organized religion is just as corrupt as the government is. So how dare you pass judgment on this beloved community without knowing the people here.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      “They always do a non secular song before the sermon to tie it together”

      sounds like you belong there ……… either the church goes out into the world and makes the world better ….. or the world enters the church …. and destroys the church …. they have judged themselves …. a little out of context but ….

      1Cor 11:17 Now in this that I declare unto you I praise you not, that ye come together not for the better, but for the worse.
      11:18 For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it.
      11:19 For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.

    • Croquet_Player

      Are you kidding? Passing judgement is what these people live for. The fact that they know nothing of your community makes no difference whatsoever.

    • did you mean they do a NON christian song or a secular song before the sermon instead of “non secular song”?

    • mr goody two shoes

      We Lutherans should enjoy the fact that he is your preacher after that comment of yours. But were suppose to love our enemies . lol. Now that you found a truly unorganized religion and preacher how’s that working out.

    • mr goody two shoes

      Sing your praises of Pastor pope Ray. Did he tell you his heart is as white and pure as the driven snow. Have you kissed his ring yet?or just his but . We Lutherans don’t have to kiss our pastors but. Because our pope is the bible and not what they say. In fact we know just from the liturgy what Jesus did for us.

    • wandakate

      People in America in what’s supposed to be GOD’s church don’t need any SECULAR SONGS before the sermon. They don’t need to be entertained by rock bands and feel like they’re at a rock concert!!!
      There’s no judging here, just plain old common sense. Would JESUS CHRIST attend this service? Would He be a member of this church? JESUS told His disciples not to be deceived remember? It was the first thing He warned them of in Matthew when He was speaking to them and warning them of things to come.

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        he would be at the door of the church …. calling those inside to come out of Babylon …….

        • wandakate

          Chances are in many churches they’re learning more about Babylon ways/pagan than they are outside the church doors.
          JESUS CHRIST warned us not to do as the pagans/heathens do yet we do it anyway. Do we obey the 10 Commandments?, of course we don’t, even though with effort we could, but we’re not focused to do the things of CHRIST. Instead we’re focused to do the things of this world.
          JESUS plainly told us to be IN the world but NOT of the world…We’ve messed up.

          • Lars Petter

            I apologise before hand for bad grammar and sentences. English is not my first language.
            You wrote that with effort we can obey the 10 commandments. I’m sorry, but that is wrong when talking about humans living on earth. The only way a man could do that, is if he were completely perfect, without sin, like Jesus is. But there will never be a human on earth who is that. And that’s why Jesus died on the cross for us.
            For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
            Because Jesus died for us and took all our sin, we who has put Jesus as lord in our lives have become filled with the Holy Spirit. And only when we seek God, fill us up with the Holy Spirit and have presence with Him, we can obey the 10 commandments, Not by our own effort or willpower, but with Jesus in our heart and thoughts.

          • wandakate

            Lars, I understood everything you wrote. You did a good job with your writing here.
            My reply is…I never said that we could do ALL of that by our own effort or willpower. I know that mortal man needs a Savior and JESUS is that Savior. We need to accept JESUS, be baptized (down into the water) and receive the HOLY SPIRIT. Then “AFTER” we are saved we will begin to be obedient and focus on obeying the BIG 10. What commandment can we NOT obey if we strive to do so with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT? I can’t think of any that are not attainable. Most Christians say they are ALL important, yet they don’t keep the 4th one. JESUS “never” took that one away anymore than He took away any of the other 9. People don’t obey it b/c they don’t want to.
            It’s not irrelevant, it’s not obsolete and it’s still valid even unto today. ALL of them are!!! We messed up.
            Keeping any other day besides the 7th day is NOT keeping the Sabbath. The Sabbath was NOT done away with at the cross like we are told. Who changed it? Did GOD ever tell us that it wasn’t important anymore?
            Yes JESUS died and rose again so that we might be in the family of GOD and so that we could go to the coming Kingdom of GOD (heaven) when that time comes. Most Christians will tell you to murder is sin, to dishonor your mother and father is sin or to commit adultery is still sin, but when it comes to the 4th one, ALL the sudden, it was done away with when JESUS died. WHAT? Where can we find that specifically in the scriptures. And NO I am NOT an Adventist, but the truth is what will set us free in the word, not what man has taught.
            If you search the Life and Times of the Emperor Constantine you will see you changed the Sabbath from the 7th day to the 1st day of the new week…Sunday is from the pagans, the heathens and it’s pagan worship. It was all about the worship of the sun-god, instead of the SON of GOD. It’s worldly and it’s also traditional.

    • TheEditor2866

      Friendship of the world is enmity with God. Love not the things of the Word. Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. Any man who loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. But you are a chosen generation, a peculiar people, who have been brought out of the Kingdom of darkness…shall I go on?

    • HpO

      What did you think of Andrea Matetic not mincing words in “Churches adopt marketing strategies to attract worshipers”, KPC News, November 25, 2012, about your church? Did Christ Jesus and His 1st apostles & disciples formulate those “marketing strategies” for Pointe Church?

    • One4Life

      I had the opposite journey from you – evangelicalism to Lutheran faith. I’ve found so much richness and depth in the Scriptures and liturgy in the Lutheran Church that was so lacking in the Evangelical churches I attended.

  • Wow. Must be a really, really slow news day.

  • it was appropriate for the sermon and most of the song were traditional christian worship songs,i loved it.

  • HpO

    What do you expect, sister Heather Clark? The Body of Christ at “Fort Wayne Pointe Church”, a member of God’s kingdom at Willow Creek Association, is no flirtatious stranger to controversy, like when they “recently performed the song ‘Money Talks’ from the secular rock group AC/DC”. According to Andrea Matetic (“Churches adopt marketing strategies to attract worshipers”, KPC News, November 25, 2012), Pointe Church “uses non-sacred songs to relay a spiritual message” – such as when, “on Sept. 11 [2012], the worship band sang ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ a Led Zeppelin song”. (2) This religious institution “uses business marketing techniques”, which, obviously, all this is.

    • mr goody two shoes

      Instead of trusting Gods word to grow their church they use gimmicks like this .

      • juanwa

        You nailed it, Mr. goody two shoes.

      • HpO

        Heads up: Church-Growth-ology is predicated on the evidence-based prognosis that “trusting God’s word to grow … church” doesn’t work. I’ll “bet” your own church & of most here are living proof of such low, if any, productivity. Willow Creek-erz can’t accept and deal with rejection. And so, like this Pointe Church, they look to St. AC/DC and St. Led Zeppelin for “gimmicks” that would lure Seekers inside their pre-Lecture Concerts4Christ and keep these future Apostles & Disciples coming back with Tithes and Tithes. And you know? It works! It’s a miracle made in Christianese speaking American Churchianity!

        • wandakate

          Isn’t it ALL about the Almighty dollar in the first place? I mean think about it…all those numbers add to the offering plate and that’s what’s important in most cases. Churches of today are for the most part just a “business”…
          But we do have a judgment day coming and JESUS will be the one to judge us and HE alone knows the condition of our hearts and why we do what we do, and why we go where we go and if our giving and our motives are real or fake. We’re NOT fooling GOD, we just think we are.

          • HpO

            Your comments around here are good ones – thank you. About J-Day, it’s tempting many here to get ahead of themselves. Me sheep – they goats. Me wheat – they tares. That’s easy to do even if it’s a bad call. Let’s be mindful of Jesus forbidding us to separate goats from sheep or to pull out tares from among wheats. Only He’s qualified to do any of that. That’s what J-Day’s for and all about. Nowadays the best you & I can do is endure it all and snatch as many as possible from the fire.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            we are called to point out the false teachers, false prophets (profits) and false believers and we are FULLY authorized by scripture to do so …. we are to judge by their fruits ….. and a “church” that does this has none ……… and a quarantine sign hung on their spiritual door to warn others of the deadly disease of false christ being taught is fully in our scope of authority …..

          • Peter Leh

            “None”, Amos?

            Unless your church has it “all”…. I am sure they have “some”

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            i think you misconstrue my statement ….. but thats not knew ……

          • Peter Leh

            Sorry I do attempt not to…

            Your quote “we are to judge by their fruits ….. and a “church” that does this has none ………

            So this church no fruit, right? NONE?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            a church who is doing what this church is doing ….. playing AC/DC in the sanctuary …. has no fruit ………. not of the fruit of the spirit that Christ brings ……. they have bad fruit ….. and the axe will be taken to that root in that church ……

          • Peter Leh

            “has no fruit”

            So I did not misconstrue? I did not think so either.

            Again.. so YOUR church has ALL the fruit? ALL the truth? Amos’ church is the one and only true church? ALL who disagree even are fruitless?

            You seem to infer an “ALL or NOTHING” argument here. (not really, I know your are. I know your kind, growing up and living in it)

            Otherwise is it not possible we re all flawed in some ways? Some more that others?

            The log is very large in your eye my friend.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            there are no perfect churches … except Christs invisible universal church that is spread across all denominations and nations …. and i do belong to that church … do you …….

          • Peter Leh

            Good to know. So therefore by your our words there can be fruit in that church . Just as there can be less fruit, we would not like to admit, in YOURS.



          • Amos Moses – He>i

            God might find them there … but you wont find God there …………

          • Peter Leh

            ok.. can I have some consistency please?

            If god can show up at YOUR imperfect church…. Surely he can show up that THEIR imperfect church. In fact there is testimonies posted on this site of members.

            Otherwise god only shows up at “perfect” churches. You said there are NONE.

            SO… you cant have it both ways… which is it my gate keeping friend? 🙂

            btw it IS ok to say.. “In my opinion” rather than claim to speak for god. or pretend to BE god which we all know what the bible says about that!

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            God shows up in the life of the believer …. Gods salvation is on a personal level …. not a church level ……… God is intimate and personal …… He is the God of the details ….. of the minute, the tiniest ….. Gods salvation is His sovereign intervention in a single persons life ….. not their decision, not their deeds, and not when they demand it but when God decides to mercy whom He will mercy … on His schedule not ours …. and where He decides it will take place …. NOT US ….. because it is ALL about Christ …. and NOT US ….

          • Peter Leh

            Agreed.. but please stay on subject . YOU said the church has NO fruit. Therefore YOUR church must have ALL the fruit. Which you admit does not :”there are no perfect churches”

            Otherwise there is varying degrees in your church and theirs.

            your words… consistency please.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            do not know what you mean by “my church” or “your church” ….. it is CHRISTS church …. we have no ownership of Chists church …… and there are buildings with people in them that call themselves “churches” ….. but they are basically clubs for the entertainment of goats ….

          • Peter Leh

            and there are buildings with people in them that call themselves
            “churches” ….. but they are basically clubs for the entertainment of
            goats ….”

            THIS we can agree, brother.

          • Peter Leh

            “do not know what you mean by “my church” or “your church””

            You said THEY(their church) have no fruit.

            Which means YOURS must have ALL the fruit. (yours is the one and only true church ) (btw this is what I grew up with. taught all others were a “false church”)

            Either it is true or not. IF YOUR church does not have ALL fruit then by deduction it is POSSIBLE this church has some fruit.

            yet you said …. none

      • wandakate

        Well it’s apparent that you and I and others that make comments on this thread know that the HOLY SPIRIT is “not” in the place. It looks like it’s being taken over by the worldly ones.

    • Paladin Roy

      PLEEEASE …. They do not attract “worshipers” unless it’s those who worship and serve satan in this way.

      What they attract are hypocrites and liars.

      God calls the “pastors” of such as this “bastards”. For they neither serve Him, neither do they serve satan, but they serve their bellies which are never full, neither are they EVER satisfied. …. That is a quote Directly from the Most high !!

      • HpO

        Enlighten or lighten up, please. So the reference there is to Philippians 3:16-19 – 16 Let us keep living by that SAME STANDARD to which we have attained. 17 Brethren, join in following MY EXAMPLE, and observe those who walk according to THE PATTERN YOU HAVE IN US. 18 For many walk, of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ, 19 whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things.

        Alright, Paladin Roy. If you stick to what apostle Paul states here, then those whom you’ve called “hypocrites and liars … bast***s” are they who aren’t “living by that standard” as his, nor are they “following [his] example”, nor do they “walk according to the pattern [found] in [him and his co-workers]”.

        Which begs the question, if all that I have from you is your comment above, what “standard”, and what “example”, and what “pattern” is that which The Pointe Church transgresses?

        Like I said, enlighten or lighten up. Your move.

  • mr goody two shoes

    Pastors of non denominational church’s are popes over there congregations when one dies off the congregation is confused and many times splinters . Confessional Lutheran who have the bible as there pope just put in a request for another pastor. Sure most will miss him yet he was not the reason people go to Lutheran churches they go to see Christ in word and sacrament not the pastor.

  • Michael Moulds

    The word “church” comes from the Greek word Circe (Kirke). Circe was a witch who turned men into pigs. The word circus also comes from Circe. Who are they worshipping?

    • wandakate

      I was wondering about that myself. It doesn’t appear to me that they were worshipping JESUS CHRIST or the FATHER GOD. Is this how JESUS wants to be worshipped? I read in my bible…BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD…Sounds like a church out of Hollywood!

    • Rafael Morales

      Hey brother, I understand the point you wanted to bring out and I agree. However, your Greek translation for church is not correct. To keep things simple: ἐκκλησία (ekklésia) is church in biblical Greek. It is reported to be used at least 115 times in the NT in reference to church. ekklésia is a noun composed of two words. 1. Ek = “out from” and 2. kaléō = To call. Together you get “Called out” something close to that. This word is very important in the NT. It refers to the body of believers that are in Jesus Christ. This body of believers are being called out from synagogues (If your a Jew), called out from the world (Gnostic, Agnostics, atheist, pagan, Babylon.), called out for one purpose that is to vindicate the character of God the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus. God bless and continue studying!

  • Is there a video of this as I find it somewhat hilarious as The Razor’s Edge by AC/DC are from my high school years. The King James Only movement always had a bug up it’s rectal cavity when it comes to secular hard rock and heavy metal along with their Christian metal counterparts. I will tell these churches to unloosen their ties and get a sense of humor. A worship team covering AC/DC is priceless.

  • TheEditor2866

    The Word of God says that whatever we do it must glorify God. This is a compromising church and I guarantee that nothing about a ‘worship team’ singing that song glorified the Lord. Changing the lyrics does not make it right either; the spirit behind the song doesn’t change simply because we christianise the lyrics. Many church leaders should be glad we live in the age of grace. They wouldn’t last as long as a sno cone on a hot pavement if they existed in Bible times!

    • Peter Leh

      Is that why we use no pagan symbols like a Cross? Alter? Or other pagan things that dont change? LIKE US?

      Naw.. God redeems many pagan things for his glory including you and me. 🙂

  • chip griffin

    in this time of great distress, i would figure a better topic is the need, but that song never belongs in any church…

  • Ironically, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, describing the “one-way ride” of a man “who doesn’t need reason, doesn’t need rhyme”, to hell where Satan awaits him, is probably the most conservative thing in a church where people don’t believe in hell at all.

    • Peter Leh

      yep. There are plenty of “secular” songs that could fit every well in a religious gathering.

  • Jack-b-Quicker

    Don’t ask why come preacher need to have a big house! Don’t ask yourself why come preacher have to have a nice car! Just ask yourself this mourning, How much can I give preacher.

  • Roy Dennis Rimes

    You need no discernment to see that the praise and worship leader has zero power of the Holy Spirit in his life. God forgive your backsliding and bring you back to the cross. This is what happens when you go by any other way than the cross. Repent Pastor and find God’s favor once again.

    • Peter Leh

      In general one may need to repent by playing god and judge his brother? How is that log in your eye brother Roy?

  • Faithwalker

    Do the leaders in the church truly believe in the whole counsel of God?….apparently not, I pray they start bowing to the spirit of God instead of bowing to the god of this world before it’s too late. Time is winding down.

  • NCOriolesFan

    I think a leadership change should is in store for that ‘church’ if they truly do worship the Triune God.

  • One God

    Wow. The world seems to be filled with criticism and hate these days. I am a member of The Pointe Church, so my initial reaction was anger that so many people would judge a church they have never attended. If they had, they would have experienced the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. I had to smile when I heard people say what Jesus would have done. Jesus can speak for himself and does not need anyone to speak for him, especially spewing critical judgement and hatred. I don’t believe Jesus would see favor in that. (IMHO) You see, our church does not have to live to please the haters of the world. We only have to live to please Jesus. The Pointe Church’s goal is to “Help People Find and Follow Jesus”. And it must be working since our church attendance has tripled in only 3 years to more than 1200. I realize that must disappoint all the self-righteous critics out there, but I want to believe Jesus actually is pleased. I doubt Jesus will condemn us to Hell over a song.  Personally, I find it humorous that any of the critics think their posts and comments mean anything. That’s because they are irrelevant. That’s right, what you say does not matter to people of faith that are more focused upon the love of Jesus than what is on internet comments or Facebook. So instead of getting angry at the people who spew their criticism and hateful comments, I choose to love them and will pray for them. I learned that at The Pointe Church. God Bless you all.

    • Thisfieldmustbeunique123456

      You are right that you don’t need to please man but rather please God. Galatians 1:10. And yes there were some comments that were rude and not very nice. However, I think it would be hubris to ignore the criticism simply because you don’t like the how it was given. I would search the scriptures and see what is pleasing to God. We can rationalize many things but what does the Word have to say about it. Church attendance is not an indication that the choices a church is making are good ones. There are many things that draw people to a church and some of them are God honoring and some are not. There are many mega churches that are preaching a false gospel and drawing many people and that is not pleasing to God. The scripture is clear on that. You have also fallen into the trap that you criticized other for in your post. You are passing judgment and calling people names. I am so glad that your church is focused on loving people. I would encourage you to have a scriptural reason for all that you do in church.

  • Noel

    Normally I would absolutely stay away from fruitless
    conversation as such, however, as a former member of The Pointe Church and the
    worship team, I feel it is my duty to stand up for what took place. While I was
    in no way a part of the deciding factor for that song, I do know why these
    secular songs are chosen. They are in no way, shape, or form to be used to
    glorify the devil… as it has already been mentioned, these secular songs are
    used to help “illustrate” the sermon. Another reason we choose secular songs?
    Because our mission at The Pointe Church is to “Help people find and follow
    Jesus”. Do you know HOW you get one to come to Christ if they are completely
    uncomfortable with the idea to begin with? Sure, everyone has their methods,
    but we don’t consider ourselves a normal church. We want to be able to bring in
    people from ALL walks of life and if someone is walking into our church for the
    first time, or maybe even walking into A church for the first time, not really
    sure about this whole Jesus thing, they hear a song that they might be familiar
    with and they start realizing that us Christians are not out to get them, not
    to push them away, but to welcome them and give them a new perspective. I’m
    sorry if that’s not your forte or how you feel people should be reached, but I
    think it’s worked pretty well. I’m speaking about myself as well. When I
    started attending The Pointe, I felt like a bit of an outcast. I had been
    raised in a Christian household, but never really fit in at the church I
    attended as a child. Moving to a new town in 6th grade was the
    scariest thing for me; new school, new house, new friends, new church. My family walked into The Pointe Church for
    the first time 7 years ago and we instantly found our church home. Unless you
    have attended, I don’t think it’s for anyone to say. Yeah, sure, you can have
    your opinions about what glorifies God and what doesn’t, I get it. But not ONCE
    have we ever used a song just for the heck of it. I can absolutely say, without
    a doubt, that my worship experience has been completely unmatched at other
    churches. I found my sanctuary, my safe place, and a home away from home. I
    have a GODLY family at The Pointe Church and I will not sit idly by while
    STRANGERS… COMPLETE STRANGERS say otherwise. I understand that this seems
    strange to outsiders, but there’s a reason we do this. And please, might I add
    that we don’t necessarily do a secular song every week, but it is a large part
    to our worship sets. We never claim these secular songs as worship songs… we
    call them “Specials” for a reason, that way people don’t get the two mixed up
    like some people here seem to be doing. Don’t get it twisted. I am a better
    Christian, a better person, a child of God because of The Point Church.
    Redemption is a beautiful thing, my friends. The Pointe Church gave me an
    outlet and I didn’t feel like the outcast anymore. None of you know me, but I
    came in with a broken spirit and our worship team was what helped mend it. It
    allowed me to lead the congregation in worship and watch how the Holy Spirit was
    moving in other people’s lives. It was a beautiful thing. Because of The Pointe
    Church, I found God again, I was baptized a second time, I rededicated my life,
    I travelled to South America to do mission work, I witnessed first-hand how
    beautiful and up-lifting the love and forgiveness of God truly is! I’ve seen
    HUNDREDS of people profess their love and dedication to the Lord, I’ve
    WITNESSED SALVATION. Do not speak of which you do not know, for I have seen so
    many wonderful, AMAZING things first-hand and I wish to tell you all that I
    have yet to witness that elsewhere. I do not wish to take part in any arguments,
    for I have spoken that which is true. The Pointe Church is a holy place that
    houses and mends people that are far from holy; myself included. You cannot
    know the plans for which the Lord has for you, but I know for myself, and
    hundreds like me, He planned on our salvation at this church. Do not pretend to
    walk in our shoes until you absolutely have. Everyone has a story, everyone has
    a testimony, everyone who have and ever will claim God as their Lord and
    Saviour all come to know God somehow.
    This is how The Pointe Church was led to lead others to Christ. God works in
    mysterious ways, so stop questioning it. Honestly, it’s futile. Might I add, that yes, many churches nowadays have large screens and light shows… I whole-heartedly believe that it adds into worshipping God. It adds a certain element to give more emotion, more feel to a song. The music can work wonders, but we have screens so our congregation can follow along in scripture, take notes, follow our songs if they don’t know them by heart. There’s a reason for them. I don’t feel the need to apologize for the fact that people are using their phones to read the bible… it’s still God’s word, is it not? Just because it’s not what you were raised on doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We have been given these different avenues, different types of technology… we are using them to not only stay relevant, but keep peoples attention. I’m not worried about our newer generations of Christians… I’m honestly worried about the old generations that can’t seem to let go of their traditions and allow change to happen. Guess what… change is inevitable. You can’t help that. The world around you is always changing and we as Christians must find a way to change with it… I’m not saying that suggesting that we change our morals or the foundation upon which our faith is built, but we need to be keeping open minds. Love thy neighbor, do not point the finger “for he who is without sin may cast the first stone”… We are not perfect, but we are trying to plant the seed that God has told us to plant. It is not up to ANYONE how anybody comes to Christ… that’s God’s decision. While you are typing away, spewing your nasty opinions about this church that is home to hundreds of Christians, think about your own faults. Instead of disagreeing with your entire being, either open your mind, or take your opinions elsewhere where they’ll actually be useful. “Go and make disciples of all nations”… that’s what God has called us to do and that is what The Pointe Church is doing. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There is no such thing as a perfect church, a perfect congregation, or a perfect worship band or pastor. There is such a thing as a gossip column and that is exactly what this website is. Every Sunday, The Pointe Church is able to reach hundreds, even thousands of people worldwide because of the awesome technology that has been created. Yes, we have an alternative approach, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t sharing the gospel. That is the truth, our truth. This is one article about ONE single Sunday worship service. Stop comparing my church to another church that performed “Highway to Hell” because I think it’s confusing people and unfortunately making matters worse. We are not responsible for what another church has or has not done. We are not those other churches. I am not going to sit here and pretend to know anything about those churches, or their leadership or their congregation. I will, however, stand up for the truth! I understand that certain people are going to be uncomfortable with how we run things at The Pointe Church, I understand that it’s not what people are used to seeing and hearing… that doesn’t affect our mission. You absolutely cannot lump our church into a ball of bad ones simply because of a single performance that got some negative attention. I ask you to watch next Sundays message and WORSHIP on Facebook Live and see for yourself how Godly and wholesome our church can be. We are not to judge where we have not walked, seen, or experienced. We are not to judge, PERIOD. That is all this is. You read an article that is simply built up of opinions. That is NOT journalism… that is a gossip column. God Bless.

  • Peter Leh

    how is this news?

    You dont need a “secular” song in church to have christians condemn. All you need are just plain chrisitans.

  • kngln1

    End Times are upon us!

  • firescape

    I am the Worship Pastor at The Pointe. I welcome any serious discussion, in love, privately but I will never post publicly in that regard as that does nothing but cause even further division that has already been in action by many of you. Interestingly enough, no one ever contacted our office for any comments. If they did then they called and never left a message.

  • Iron Bible

    Christ was condemned (by men) for dining with sinners. Just sayin. Pretty well throws the WWJD argument out the window.

  • Dara Nee

    Highway to Hell is an iconic song but maybe not appropriate in church. My friend was a rock fan and when she had her destination wedding in Bali recently, they played rock music during the reception instead of the usual Ed Sheeran songs that one expects during weddings. The wedding was arranged by this global wedding marketplace and despite the fact that I’m not a fan of rock music, I did enjoy the location and the rest of the wedding.

  • TimothyJ

    This is the new church. I attended my ex mother in laws church on several occasions to be more family caring and I could not believe my eyes and ears! It starts out as some kind of perverse concert with young girls up front wearing clothing not fit for the house of God, I had to keep my eyes lowered from such a horrid site in the house of the Lord. The music leader banging on a guitar kicking in the air. After such horror the preacher comes out and reads a verse or two on the love of God and then, slicker than snot he rolls into a sales pitch while all around on the walls are projected verses and sayings urging you to give money to be blessed and happy. I was thoroughly disgusted and made no secret of it. After such things I was asked to no longer attend, praise God.

  • One God

    Isn’t it so wonderful that the people giving comments have given our Lord God a rest by taking over his job of judging people. Foolish me thought that was only God’s job. The song was to point out the love of money was evil, not that AC/DC was great. the point was missed but the critics weren’t there and had to criticize based solely on this severely misleading article. I guess fake news has now been permeated and adopted by Christian News. I suppose prostituting yourselves is worth more readership. Congratulations upon your success.