Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Trying to Flush Newborn Son Down Toilet

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — An employee at a California McDonald’s has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly tried to flush her newborn child down the toilet. The baby miraculously survived and is now in stable condition.

According to prosecutors, Sarah Lockner, 25, complained of abdominal pain while at work at the Redwood City McDonald’s on Sept. 4, and excused herself several times to use the restroom.

A concerned co-worker soon went to check on Lockner, who noticed blood on the floor. Lockner claimed that she was only suffering from heavy menstruation.

Another co-worker later likewise went into the restroom, and reportedly looked over the stall and saw a baby in the toilet face down with Lockner’s hand on the child’s back. She then heard the toilet flush.

Lockner told her not to call the police, the co-worker said, but authorities had already been contacted at that point.

Police arrived to find Lockner holding the baby, a boy, who at the time had no pulse and was not breathing. Officers performed CPR and were able to revive the child, who was then rushed to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto and placed in a medically-induced coma. Prosecutors say that the baby is miraculously expected to survive.

“We were told that the chances of survival were not strong. Somehow, through the grace of God, people [at the hospital] were able to help the baby and the baby boy is now conscious, and it looks like the boy is going to survive,” District Attorney Steven Wagstaff told reporters.

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Lockner is now being held in the San Mateo County Jail on $11 million dollars bail and is facing an attempted murder charge, along with child abuse and inflicting bodily injury. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lockner told police that she didn’t know she was pregnant, and had made the same claim three years ago when she likewise gave birth in a restroom. She has been raising that child as a single mother.

“This story is incredibly important because it reveals the cognitive dissonance shared by millions in the United States,” writes Frank Camp of The Daily Wire. “McDonald’s restroom or abortion clinic, the desired outcome is the same—the death of the child.”

“In the case of Lockner, though her son survived, she was allegedly attempting to drown him and flush his remains down the toilet. Were she to have had a late-term abortion, a doctor would have dismembered her son limb by limb, and disposed of his remains in a waste container,” he notes. “Lockner’s method of infant disposal shocked the nation, while a nearly identical practice is defended as a human right.”

Camp opined that the case further demonstrates “a sign of an incredibly sick society; a society that has so contorted human morality that it is no longer recognizable.”


As previously reported, in an introductory lecture to his course on obstetrics in 1854, Philadelphia doctor Hugh Lennox Hodge lamented that even the mothers of his day were lacking of natural affection toward their own children and sought out means to kill them.

“They seem not to realize that the being within them is indeed animate, that is, in verity, a human being—body and spirit—that it is of importance, that its value is inestimable, having reference to this world and the next,” he said. “They act with as much indifference as if the living, intelligent, immortal existence lodged within their organs were of no more value than the bread eaten, or the common excretions of the system.”

“We can bear testimony that in some instances, the woman who has been well educated, who occupies high stations in society, whose influence over others is great, and whose character has not been impugned, will deliberately resort to any and every measure which may effectively destroy her unborn offspring,” Hodge sorrowed.

“[S]he recklessly and boldly adopts measures, however severe and dangerous, for the accomplishment of her unnatural, her guilty purpose … that she may be delivered of [a child] for which she has no desire, and whose birth and appearance she dreads.”

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