Ministry Works to Help Churches Support Ukrainian Orphans

Photo Credit: Slavic Gospel Association

Ukraine (Mission Network News) During a recent visit to Eastern Ukraine, Slavic Gospel Association’s Eric Mock had the chance to visit a couple of orphanages. Through both its Crisis Evangelism Fund and its Orphans Reborn program, SGA helps local churches to offer support for orphans in Ukraine.

“It’s a heartbreaking experience to sit down on the floor of one of the orphanages and have three little boys, probably ages three to four years old, begin to climb on you and talk to you and say, ‘Will you be my daddy?’” Mock shares. “And my wife was there [and they asked,] ‘Will you be my mommy?’”

For a lot of these kids, they’re orphaned because of poverty and war. In fact, 70 percent of the kids in orphanages in Eastern Ukraine have a living parent. However, these parents (and other relatives) can’t afford to take care of them.

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  • mr goody two shoes

    How can they not afford to take care of their own? Have they tried to? Have Christians taught them to. I think christian church’s should help but not take over as if there orphans when they have a parent alive. There is good reason to teach parents God wants Christian parents to take care of their own children.

    • Robin Egg

      Have you ever been to a warn torn, third world country? I have. No running water, no electricity, minimal food, no hospitals, medicine, very little law enforcement if any. Roaming bands of thugs, intent on robbing anything they can find. Plus, in Ukraine, the weather plays havoc as well, bitter cold, no fuel. The kindest, most Christ-Like act these parents can do is give their child a chance at life. They are the most admirabale and selfless individuals of all.