Eight-Year-Old Bludgeoned With Hammer While Trying to Save Sister From Sexual Abuse

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — An eight-year-old boy was allegedly bludgeoned to death with a hammer while trying to save his sister from being sexually abused by his mother’s ex-boyfriend.

According to reports, on Sept. 1, Elizabeth Salone, 28, asked her ex-boyfriend Deandre Chaney Jr., 23, to watch her children while she drove her brother to work at 5:30 a.m.

However, while she was gone, Chaney allegedly sexually molested Salone’s seven-year-old daughter, and her son Dante stepped in to stop him. Chaney then retrieved a hammer and began beating both of the children, with Dante taking the worst of the blows.

Salone returned home 40 minutes later, and as she heard crying, she went upstairs to see what was wrong. Chaney then struck her too with a hammer and tied her up, pouring lighter fluid on her. He then took her car keys and cell phone, and drove off in her car.

Chaney, who had been on parole and was wearing an ankle monitor, cut off his monitor, and soon took an Amtrak train headed for Utah. He was able to flee as far as Nevada and was discovered hiding in a backyard shed when taken into custody by police the following day.

Salone was able to break free and run to a neighbor’s house, where she called the police. However, her son Dante was declared brain dead at the hospital and died six days later.

“This guy beat my grandson with a hammer—down to his spine. They couldn’t save his brain,” lamented grandmother Monique Brown to Fox 40 Sacramento.

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Dante’s heart was donated to a four-year-old child in Southern California in need of a new heart.

Sister Latasha Robinson remembered Dante as being a lovable boy with a tender spirit.

“When his feelings were hurt, he would walk into the corner and wait for one of us to come over and give him a hug,” she told the Washington Post. “He was our emotional kid.”

Dante’s sister is recovering from her injuries, and Salone is still suffering from an eye injury from the beating. They both will have a long road to recovery, reports state.

“[Salone] will probably never see out of her left eye,” Brown mourned.

Chaney has been charged with murder, attempted murder and performing a lewd act on a child under 14. According to the Sacramento Bee, Chaney has a history of sexual abuse, including a rape conviction from 2007. He plead no contest last year to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender.

“The children will never be the same from this tragedy, nor will their mother,” a GoFundMe page for the family reads. “They will be traumatized from such vicious crime. They will need to start over from the ground up.”

As of press time, the $75,000 goal had been surpassed, with more than $83,000 being raised.

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  • Cindy Duncan

    it is this type of tragedy people need fighting against- wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could unite to eradicate domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse.

    • Peter Leh

      I agree. Moreover….

      The church has harbored them for TOO LONG.

  • Oleg Shishko

    Death penalty for him!! Oh wait… it’s California. The politicians would rather empty the state coffers to feed this murdering pedofile rather than giving him what he deserves.

    • Yep

    • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

      I don’t like the death penalty, because innocent people have died in the past. But in this case, death penalty for sure. California needs to change some of their laws. Some people deserve to die for what they do to children.

      • wandakate

        Have any of the Priest died yet that you are aware of?

        • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

          Not that I’m aware of.

          • wandakate

            There have been MANY out of the HRCC that have abused children over and over again. I wonder if any of them even went to prison for that.

          • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

            I’m sure some have been protected over the years. But they should be in prison for life. As with all pedophiles.

    • mr goody two shoes

      When are they going to start charging the creepy mothers. Time after time these creepy women leaves kids with known sexual abusing boy friends and one is murdered by that boyfriend. Oh what a surprise ?no not at all.

      • wandakate

        The mother may not be totally responsible but she sure did play a part in this whole thing. She has apparently NO common sense whatsoever. She must have seen the ankle bracelet, she knew he’d been in jail or prison and she should have sensed it wouldn’t be wise to leave those two innocent children with this idiot. Some women just seem to be so dumb when it comes to men and don’t seem to care about their children either. I pray for that little girl to be okay and heal and forget it all. She’s young enough that she may just forget about all of it and I hope nothing bad happens to her anymore.
        Her mother needs to be ALOT more careful who she hangs out with.

    • Sue

      it cost a lot less to house a prisoner for life than on death row for 20+ years while he goes through all the legal appeals…. which are tax payer funded by the state….

  • I read this on another site & found it so horrific. Thank you little buddy for defending your sister. She’ll never be the same.

  • Beamer

    Did you know that all black people are treated badly every day by people like you and I? It’s true. If you know anyone who is black, ask them respectfully what kind of things they need to do to get through a typical day, or if their kids are shining at school, and see what they say. I have been talking to them and the stories are just as horrific as this one is, but not deadly, but it is about each individual’s life every single day to endure. It’s not right and I am spreading the word to the people I can reach to let others know that there is much much more to the blacks lives, than what we think they are. We can go through a day without thinking hey I’m white, but they have to make sure they behave in a specific way and to bring their children up to be wary of everyone. It is not what our world should be like by now.
    Please, ask someone about what it is like to live as a black in the world. Don’t expect it to be like the stories that they write in the media, these will be people you can relate to, who you know, and when you realize how badly they are treated by so many people. Good people!! People you know! People who are like you in every other way!
    I find the general white population tend to shrug off the complaints about how the blacks are treated, and think it isn’t so bad, but IT IS!! ASK don’t shrug this off too please!! And if you find out I am right, please pass the message on to others you think may not realize the truth of it. It is something that needs to be talked about now. right now. I believe there are more good people than bad, and most people will have empathy when they hear a story told by someone they know. It won’t necessarily be easy for them to talk about because they are not victims and do not want to be known as that. Explain that it’s important that you know. For everyone’s sake.

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    Heart breaking 🙁

    • wandakate

      Yes, absurd, hateful, mean, selfish. Bottom line “EVIL”. Just pure plain simple “EVIL”. It doesn’t get much worse than this. He deserves the MAXIMUM sentence of either life without parole or to be on death row.

      • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord


  • Jerome Horwitz

    The most unsettling passages in this story:

    Chaney, who had been on parole and was wearing an ankle monitor, cut off his monitor, and soon took an Amtrak train headed for Utah.

    According to the Sacramento Bee, Chaney has a history of sexual abuse, including a rape conviction from 2007. He plead no contest last year to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender.

    The questions that come to mind:

    1) Did Elizabeth Salone know this guy was a sex offender?

    2) What’s the point of ankle monitors if they clearly don’t work?

    3) What the blue and yellow was this guy doing outside of prison in the first place?

    • wandakate

      Apparently she didn’t know. Hopefully she wouldn’t be having him there at 5:30 a.m. or in her house or around those children had she known…
      The monitors don’t work so it seems he should have been locked up…
      and yes, why was he on the outside to begin with?
      Most probably b/c there seems to be NO justice anymore in this country. Our jails as well as the prison system are overcrowded and the state doesn’t want to build anymore so they let um go and put a useless bracelet on their ankles for all the good that did.
      At least they found this man (who is totally screwed up), and maybe they’ll just hang him by his testicles and that will be the end of that.

      • Jerome Horwitz

        Unfortunately, the wheels of justice move so slowly in California this POS will likely die from natural causes before he ever makes it to the execution chamber.

        Better to just put him in the open population and let nature take its course.

        • wandakate

          NO, I totally disagree that he needs to be put in with the open population to do MORE harm to innocent children. How disturbing that thought is to me. I hope to GOD they keep him locked up forever. If this “creep” has to spend his life behind bars then that’s exactly what this “idiot” deserves. Shame on him for doing what the did to that little boy and to that girl and the mother as well.

          • Jerome Horwitz

            Open population is putting them in along with other inmates in the prison. Sex offenders are usually separated for their own protection, wandakate.

            I am saying putting them with the other inmates, how long do you think he would last when they found out he killed a kid who was protecting his sister from being raped by this monster? I would wager not long.

          • wandakate

            OK, sorry now I understand. I read the “open population” to mean out “free” with the public. You meant inside the prison, so now I agree. No, I don’t think he would last long at all. They do NOT like child molesters in prison from what I have heard…

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    Christian Sociologist Responds To New Academic Papers That Suggest No Long-Term Harm Exists On Minors Who Have Sex With Adults

    Pedophilia is coming ….. “science” has no conscience when it comes to evolution and children …

    • Peter Leh

      Pedophilia is here… always has been.

      So is protection of minors in countries living in 2017 rather than 1517

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        apparently “science” is saying it is not needed ………….

        • Peter Leh

          one is law the other is science. protection of minors is always needed.

          Where the children are not being protected is were science is not allowed. A males dominate the culture

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            they do not take place in a vacuum ……

    • meamsane

      Yup! The morally depraved will attack the age of consent using such a study.

    • wandakate

      It’s probably next in line from homosexuality, oh and plural marriages…

    • Chet

      And no regard at all for what God calls SIN- abomination!

  • There is no “cure” for pedophilia. He needs to be executed.

    • Peter Leh

      There is no cure for heterosexuality…. or homosexuality.

      Shall we be executed for heterosexuality?

      NO he needs to be executed for killing a child and raping a child. Just as a hetero for raping an adult or killing an adult.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      Christ is the cure for all …………

  • Peter Leh

    WE tell our kids the choices you make not only effect you but many others . We dont live in a vacuum.

    Along with others your spouse will is the largest decision you make. If you dont love yourself how will you demand love from your spouse, or demand lack thereof?

  • stupidmachine

    First BEFORE he is allowed to walk the streets Amputate his Genitals Completely, that way it is impossible for him to commit Rape!

    • Sue

      but not possible to keep him from using other parts of his body or other objects to molest or rape…

  • Chet

    Worse than demon possessed… Kill a precious little boy after sexually molesting his very small sister. Yet, with no death penalty the beat goes on… Abort the unwanted unborn in America and sell their body parts or simply dispose of them like last week’s news. Meanwhile, feeding, clothing, maintaining the health and giving recreational opportunities to the human devils… Go figure…