Air Force Colonel Punished for Declining to Sign Document Affirming Airman’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Air Force colonel was recently punished for declining to sign a document affirming a retiring subordinate’s same-sex “marriage.”

Col. Leland Bohannon, who serves at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, found himself in a predicament in May when he was handed a number of awards and certificates to sign for a master sergeant’s retirement ceremony. Among the certificates was a “certificate of spouse appreciation,” which is an optional document of recognition.

Because the master sergeant is in a homosexual relationship, Bohannon did not feel as a Christian that he should sign the certificate, as it would be a gesture of affirmation. He signed all of the other awards and certificates, and requested a religious accommodation from his superior for the spouse appreciation certificate.

The request was returned six weeks later “without action,” and in the meantime, Maj. Gen. Sami Said offered to sign the certificate instead. Bohannon agreed.

However, when the master sergeant discovered that Bohannon did not personally sign the spouse appreciation certificate, he filed an Equal Opportunity complaint, claiming that Bohannan discriminated against him.

Following an investigation, it was determined by Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets in August that even though he sought a religious accommodation, Bohannon was guilty of violating Air Force regulations by discriminating on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

As a result of the findings of an Equal Opportunity investigator, Lt. Gen. Anthony Rock suspended Bohannon from his command position, withheld decoration and submitted a letter recommending that Bohannon not receive the brigadier general promotion for which he is eligible.

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Bohannon has now obtained assistance from the religious liberties organization First Liberty in filing an appeal of the determination.

“[T]here is no requirement that a commander issue a spouse certificate. Moreover, the instruction does not require the commander to personally sign a certificate, should one be issued,” the appeal letter, written by attorney Michael Berry, reads. “Yet the MSgt’s spouse nevertheless received a signed spouse certificate bearing the signature of a two-star general, far superior than one signed by Col. Bohannon.”

“In essence, the MSgt’s complaint is that the person of his choosing did not sign the certificate,” it notes, “even though the certificate presented was in fact superior as a result of Col. Bohannon’s efforts to balance his sincerely-held religious beliefs with the need to serve all airmen regardless of their beliefs.”

First Liberty believes that Tibbets’ determination is faulty, as he had asserted that a religious accommodation would not have changed the discrimination conclusion.

“Moreover, the EO investigator’s statement that ‘even if [a religious accommodation] were granted, excusing [Col. Bohannon] from signing a spouse certificate for same sex marriages, it would not apply in this case’ defies comprehension,” Berry wrote. “Such a position renders religious accommodations meaningless.”

“The primary purpose of a religious accommodation is to provide a legal justification for engaging, or refusing to engage, in particular conduct that is motivated by sincerely-held religious beliefs,” he contended. “Religious accommodations exist to avoid placing service members in the religious and moral dilemma of having to violate their religious convictions in order to serve.”

Read the appeal letter in full here.

First Liberty says that it is prepared to take legal action should the Air Force not overturn the determination.

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  • Matilde Tavares

    This is called persecution for Word sake; praise God he did not yield. God will vindicate him legally in Jesus name

    • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord


    • Rob Bowers

      This isn’t persecution. Persecution is being afraid to go to church for fear that you might be murdered for your belief.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    God bless him.

  • Etranger

    Seems like there is no case there – as it is not a requirement to have a specific person sign the certificate. It is still, of course, despicable behavior on the part of the colonel. It also begs the question – what if everyone declined to sign? That is not right. Also, to put it in perspective, imagine a superior refusing to sign a statement showing appreciation based on religious belief – like “christian airman” certificate because the superior was not Christian and signing it would be an endorsement of Christianity.

    • ThroatwobblerMangrove

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • mr goody two shoes

      Homosexuality is despicable behavior . and those that try to protect it. Now if there ever was a reason to turn your back on the flag of the usa or spit on it or pee on it that would be it ,along with the murdering of Americas unborn children.

      • Etranger

        Sorry. Hard to understand this. So poorly written. The lack of education and English ability of our citizens actually might be the travesty here.

      • bwgirl

        The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:

        “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        They go hand in hand.

        Quit throwing a tantrum like a baby and stand and fight!

      • Dr_Gonzzzo

        Because only Christians are moral enough to to to other countries and bomb the population into ashes…
        If you have never served yourself, you are in no position to determine who are competent to die for their country and not.. As long as you do not have that guts, I call chicken hawk..
        P.S. I served 24 years ago in the Adriatic Sea.. I defend equal protection under the law, and the right for gays to get married and transgender people to live their lives in happiness. I did NOT serve so that some fundie bigot can whine about gays in the military and think you are in any way more patriotic or moral than others.
        I did not fight for the right of Christians to discriminate through religious tyranny. You can believe whatever you want. But if your beliefs demand that you do something which harms others, or takes away their civil rights as citizens, you and I have an issue.. If you believe that gays are just as capable of serving their country as hedge fund heirs, gun nuts and Christian fundies and deserve equal protection under the law to pursuit their happiness, we have no issues, Plain and simple..

    • bwgirl

      The REAL question is, why does there need to be a certificate for spousal appreciation? Especially, when he’s in a relationship with a man?

      That’s the REAL question.

      • Etranger

        You are almost right. Maybe one can ask the question “why does there need to be a certificate for spousal appreciation?” (no need for the second part). Based on what I have read, and from conversations with family members who are in the military, the certificate is to honor the support and sacrifices the spouse has made over the career of the servicemember. That makes some sense. The real question is why someone would not sign a certificate for an employee who has dedicated the better part of his life to the service.

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    more from the cry-bullies ………….

  • But upon learning that Col Bohannon did not personally sign
    Sounds like another Gestapo Sodomite looking to persecute a person with a Constitutionally protected right, while holding on to a postmodern illogical idea of discrimination that has no base of origin. It is also reasonable to assume that the Master Sergent knew the commander was a devout/practicing Christian and targeted him specifically.

    What’s even more irrational is to identify discrimination with identities that will clearly violate each other. It is impossible to maintain an anti-discriminatory position when religion–mainly Christianity–is faced with the idea of gender identity [sic] and sexual perversion.

    This situation brought this verse to light:
    Genesis 19:9 And they said, Stand back. And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.

  • chronicintel

    If your superstitions compel you to not do your job (sign a sheet of paper) or defer to another person in hopes they do it for you, you’re a fragile snowflake.

  • Lydia Church

    These are the tests that are going to be increasingly coming upon the church. The question: Will you stand for God and His standards? Or will you bow to pressure and deny the Lord? We must refuse to deny the Lord, and insist upon living out our faith, even unto persecution and martyrdom. Those are the Christian saints in whose path I follow as I follow Jesus all the way. It is not optional. Matthew 10: 32-33, Acts 5; 29, and many more.

    Good for him, I applaud this man who stood for the faith!

  • Just one more reason to get rid of the perverts in the military.

    • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

      Oh? Do you know any?

      • Fortunately I do not.

        • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

          Then you don’t really have any reasons at all to remove ANYONE from the military, do you?

          • As a matter of fact, yes I do. We do not need mentally and spiritually ill people in our military and as a tax paying American citizen I have the right to say so.

          • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

            Well, how about letting someone qualified determine if they are mentally ill (spiritually, who even KNOWS what THAT means…) and go from there? And when I say someone qualified, I mean someone who’s not an ultra-right fundamentalist but an actual qualified scientifically trained person.

          • It is all lined out in God’s Word. He loves you and wants you to get to know Him.

          • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

            God doesn’t want anyone hating others. Especially not for things they have no control over, such as transgenderism.

          • Nothing or no one that is LGBT is made so by God. God does not cause or make sin in any way.

          • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

            That is you talking, not your God.

          • I am telling you the truth of God and His Holy Word and He is your God also.

          • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

            You don’t speak for God.

          • I am a born again child of His and by being such He has authorized me to speak His truth through His Holy Word. God loves you and He wants the same thing for you as He has done for me and millions of others.

          • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

            When your God-speak matches that of all the other Christians, I’ll listen. Until that time you have a lot of work to do with your fellow Christians.

          • I follow My Savior Christ Jesus. He is God. I do not follow man. What I have told you is from God through His Holy Word. His words, not mine. Everything I said is backed by Scripture. It matters not what man says but only what God says.

            John 3:16-17New King James Version (NKJV)
            16 For
            God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever
            believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            No, you do not!
            You follow false preachers and false messiahs to hide behind your own homophobia.
            You are so deliuded that you think all that your Jesus spoke against was gays and abortion,,, In this case, gays,,, What is wrong with you is that you think that Jesus hated socialism and gays while he loved money grubbing preachers who molests small girls and boys in their spare time. Jesus said nothing about gays. The only time he mentioned something remotely about the people who are the butts of your hate are eunuchs. Back on those days, there was no such word as gay or homosexual or transgender. But they did exist. They were called eunuchs. Some were “made eunuchs” by others…They were used as slaves and guards for harems. Nero once had one such eunuch slave which reminded him of a dead wife,,, So Nero made him a eunuch, trying to make said eunuch into his former wife… Some were eunuchs -“by nature”… People who were born with no attraction to women or even being men. These were eunuchs by nature. The bible verse it there. But never used by *Christians since this verse does not coincide with your anti-lgbt narrative. Instead, you invoke the Torah (not applicable to Christianity) or Paul. A character who has stolen the biblical narrative and taken authority away from his messiah and formed his own theology. Paul referred to the Torah, Never to Jesus himself. Nothing you say, write or scream will change the fact that Jesus never condemned gays, He blessed them, Nothing will change the fact that every time you spread your hate speach against LGBT servicemen who fights for YOUR FREEDOM, you speak against your own Jesus, When you condemn gays for “their lifestyle” as if it was a choice to sin, you are putting yourself on a higher moral pedestal than your savior.
            It’s the height of arrogance to push the LIE that Jesus hated gays as much as you do.

          • You are a very troubled soul. I never said anything about hating anyone. I hate no one and neither does Jesus.

            John 3:16-17New King James Version (NKJV)

            16 For
            God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever
            believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

          • Rob Bowers

            That’s not God. That’s ego. God speaks for Himself, and fortunately He speaks much louder than those who assume they speak for Him. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes voices like yours only add to the confusion, pushing the world farther away from the fact that God loves ALL of us. You are not without blame. Open your ears that you may hear, and take the log out of your eye, that you might see.

          • Indeed God does love ALL of us and because I am a child of His by the Blood Atonement and Holy Spirit of Christ, I am authorized to speak for Him through His Holy Word just as all children of His are authorized to do so.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Your god is one giant egomaniac alright.
            And Christians seem to want the entire world to submit to their tyrannical death cult in order to get on the good side of said pedophile mass murder tribal god,.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            That’s the biggest piece of crap i have read all day.
            “He has given me authority to pass judgment on others and dictate how others must live”…
            You are kind of arrogant, are you not? You god does not exist son! NO ONE has given you authority over anything or anyone. No one has given you authority to speak of things you have not remote knowledge about. And if you hear voices in your head, chances are that you are the mentally ill one, and not the gays and transgender people who are risking a bullet for someone like you who denies them equal rights because of who they are.
            I think you should get your head checked for schizophrenia.
            And your god is completely irrelevant when practicing a secular law. When Christians put your religion in Government to deny SOLDIERS their civil rights, they are breaking the law, You know, committing a criminal act. As far as authority goes..,.. You have absolutely no authority over others. If so, I challenge you to impose your authority on veteran servicemen with a bronze star or a purple heart and tell them that they are too mentally ill and immoral to receive such honors.
            What is REALLY funny how Christians think that having gays in the killing business is immoral, and not the killing business itself despite CLEAR RULES regarding taking another life.

          • Seek Christ Jesus while you still can because time is running short.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Your mindless abuse of your savior rather than addressing what is being given you tells me more about you than it does me..
            Get your head checked for brain damage.
            And check for a heartbeat.

          • Who is my Savior and how am I abusing Him?

          • This isn’t a case of equal rights though, is it? Certain vocal parties would like to frame it as that, but it really isn’t. It’s forcing a person to put their name to something they don’t believe in, which they cannot in good conscience be associated with. Col. Bohannan ensured that his subordinate got the piece of paper that he wanted, and had it signed by a higher ranking officer than himself, thereby increasing its value. The complainant wasn’t defrauded in any way – his only grievance appears to be that his commanding officer doesn’t approve of his lifestyle choice. By making the complaint, he is effectively trying to force the Colonel to make a statement which he wasn’t willing to make. It would be like me suing you in order to force you to sign a statement saying that fundamentalist Christianity is the only true religion and you support it. You do not believe that, I expect, and perhaps having your name associated with that statement would be repugnant to you. That isn’t equality, is it? It’s forcing another person to validate a particular lifestyle choice.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Off course it’s about equal rights.,
            When a Commanding Officer failed his duty to his troops, and let his personal issues stop him from doing his job, he shouldn’t be their commanding officer. Plain and simple.
            It’s the #1 job for a commanding officer to represent his troops and make sure they are being taken well care of. It is not his job to let his personal interests come between the welfare of his troops.
            If you are an employer.l
            Would you allow your employees to refuse to do their jobs because of personal issues and still expect getting paid
            That’s what you advocate when defending an officer who refuses to take care of his troops
            One of my best friends is a lieutenant colonel in the French Foreign Legion – Retired.
            Both in battle and outside, he would go through hell and high water for the welfare of his brothers in arms, That is his duty.
            I myself is a former Marine with a short tour to the Adriatic Sea in 1993 during the Bosnian conflict.
            Refusing to sign a simple piece of paper for ones misdirected religious conviction is not an excuse. He is basically betraying his own troops who puts their lives on their line for personal pettiness and failure to understand the letters of the Constitution.

          • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord


          • Ohhh….my dear Brother in CHRIST…..You are SO spot on.

            May you be greatly Blessed in your life, until you are ‘called’ to sit in the presence of our MOST Wonderful Lord & Saviour.

            All these years on Doug….and you still Bless me with your Godly Wisdom.

          • I appreciate the kind words my brother in Christ. Thank you.

            I thank God for His Holy Spirit from which all wisdom comes from to those who are His.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Sorry mac, You must be a deluded fool if you think that baby Jebus wants to hang around bigots who obsesses more over other people’s sex lives than focusing on his own transgressions.
            If you obsess more about tenying gays and transgender people equal rights than Christians who scam people and your own Capitalism and war crimes against other nations, you are one sad, confused creature who need to seek help for your mental illness. And if you have never served in the army and your country, you are the last person to pass moral judgment over the ones who actually do… But then again.. Hateful Christians have always been liars, hypocrites and cowards.. Christianity is a moral cul-de-sac. A spiritual straitjacket which promises eternity of torture if one does not share the same stuck up “values” as chicken hawk bible wankers who think they have ever been right about anything.

          • Dear hate filled Troll….

            Jesus LOVEs you, so much, that HE gave his Blood, for people like myself, and, for people just like you…, HE is there for you at ANY time you feel like getting real, with HIM……All you need do is to call out to HIM in your time of need, and HE will always hear you……and respond.

            Now….isn’t this ‘Good News’, for you…all just SO wonderful.

          • Are you here to have a discussion, or just to vent some spleen? If you want an exchange of ideas, or a debate, this isn’t the way to go about it. If you want to be confirmed in the assumptions you’ve made in your remarks, then carry on in this vein. I would warn you though that you’ll gain nothing by it. It’s pleasant at times to blow off some steam by abusing people you don’t like – that, looking at pictures of cute cats, and viewing indecent images, is primarily what the Internet is used for – but there’s so much more potential there. Atheists take a pride in being open-minded and rational, and say that the religious are closed-minded and irrational. I would say that closed-mindedness is demonstrated by the unwillingness to receive new ideas. Are you open-minded, or closed-minded? Are you willing to have your assumptions challenged?

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Atheists are open minded to ideas and people Christian ideology has closed.
            If you call the comments bashing LGBT people in the name of Jesus an honest exchange of ideas between thinking human beings with compassion and empathy, I am afraid you have come to the wrong place.
            If you want a circle jerk to get your prefjudices confirmed without interreption by people who knows more about these things than you, there is no such place unless in closed forums.
            There is right and wrong.,
            There is fact and fiction.
            What is a fact
            Transgender people exist. It’s a Thing. And has existed long before the bible characters was invented.
            What is fiction?
            The bible mostly.
            A simple explanation of what is fact and fiction.
            If you want to learn about transgender people without prejudice and quasi christian bias, consider yourself having an open mind.
            If you come to me to complain about me setting people straight about both the concept of “sin” and transgender people, you are barking up the wrong tree.
            I am not here to mince words. I am here to plant the seed of Truth among people lost in their modern day prejudices based on ancient mythology.
            Bigotry has no place in Jesus’s circles.
            Knowledge, science, compassion and empathy does.
            Traits that fundamentalist Christians are doing their best to avoid.
            It is up to you how you want to deal with it.

          • Eldrida Urika

            I beg to differ. The man or woman are God’s creation, none others could make those.

            it is the sin you should be considering when you say something like that, not God’s creation. Every believer knows from the gospel that there will always be sinners who turn to Jesus. That includes anyone, as Jesus made no exceptions when he mentioned it.

            There is also the fact that God controls everything that happens on Earth and that includes allowing evil to have it’s way at times and God has reasons and uses those times to teach someone something we need to understand, molding us to what God created us for – the destiny God is leading the faithful to. Can you honestly not see that with God in total control, he gives his permission for the things that happen because God has a higher vision of everything around those things that the Devil does not have. Look at Job as an example. God gave him permission at every stage of the torments that Job endured before the Devil could act on them.
            No one here on earth has any authority to judge someone as condemned because we do not know anyone the way the Lord does each of us individually.

            Jesus told us not to judge because we too are sinners. Check that out in the story of the Adulteress. He also made it plain that we are not supposed to condemn someone who sins. His lessons were for the most part very plain to a believer although a newer convert might miss some of them.

            Jesus also told us that we should rebuke other believers about sins they commit because they already know the Word of God and are going against it. We are to help each other on the road to salvation by helping them overcome those sins.

            Jesus never told us to rebuke nonbelievers. He told us to tell them about Salvation by repentance and what Jesus is offering for believers. He didn’t say we should reprove them before they believe and he did not say that we should treat them as one who knows the Word of God since they won’t until we tell them as our duty “spread the Gospel” tells them all of it. Telling others about little bits of the hope of Salvation is not enough to win someone to Jesus so it must be the whole thing.

            If you like you can join those who look up scriptures trying to prove me wrong. I commend all of those who have tried – It is by knowing God’s Word that we grow into the Christian we are being molded into being.

            I enjoy asking others if they are aware of these things. I find many churches do not cover this very often in their sermons. Since I have challenged anyone to search the scriptures, and have had no replies, I can either feel that is because they could not find something to prove me wrong, or they didn’t “care” enough about God’s Word to bother to look and confirm what I say.
            Blessings to all in Jesus’ name, Amen.

          • My one and only point in what I said was that no one is born that way. All sin is a choice. If it were not a choice it would not be sin.

          • Rob Bowers

            That’s the point. No once chooses to be gay. Being gay is NOT a sin. In fact, if anyone IS gay, it’s because our loving God created them gay.

            Ignorance, or a misunderstanding of, or a refusal to dig into scripture and its’ real meaning though, IS a choice.

          • God has plainly said in His Holy Word that same sex sex aka homosexuality is a sin. God does not create sin nor does He cause or tempt anyone to sin and that is why we can say with all confidence that no one is born that way. All sin is a choice and with all sin only Christ Jesus is the answer and the cure.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            What do you know about it?`
            What makes you so sure that this god of yours shares your politics and bigotry?
            Where did JESUS condemn people? And if you claim to be better suited to be a cannon fodder, why don’t YOU put your body and life on the line instead of hating on people who actually do? Who gave you the right ande moral obligation to be a judgmental prick who gets off on putting down others? What makes you a BETTER person than any other in here or anywhere? Because you falsely claim to be a Christian and invoke non-existent bible verses to spread your hateful yet FAKE CHRISTIAN agenda?

          • It is not politics and bigotry, it is the truth of God and His Holy Word.

          • Eldrida Urika

            Spiritually ill? Because they are unbelievers did you mean?
            Also, is that a recommendation to remove anyone who is not a Christian from the military?
            I just want to confirm this was what you meant.
            I’ve never heard of a nonbeliever being thought of as spiritually ill. It’s an interesting way of thinking.

          • Perversion is the topic here. Not unbelievers.

          • Eldrida Urika

            So these sinners are spiritually ill – again I don’t understand it when Jesus told us that anyone could turn to Jesus at any time so we are to be well behaved at all times to reflect him.
            So why do you speak like this sin is any different to Jesus than any other sin when it’s not? It’s not less or greater than the sin of lying.
            Does that mean that the Perversion, which is the sin, makes someone spiritually ill just because of the sin?
            How is there a difference in this person and any other that commit sin, to anyone who follows Jesus, and tries not to sin. No one is not a sinner, no not one.
            I think when it is about a sin that includes perversion, it would be referencing non-believers, and Jesus told us to tell them about Salvation and leave them to Judgement Day.
            But I still want to know how anyone who is not of the Faith could be spiritually ill. Usually it is a person of Faith who is slipping from the straight path we need to help that I would say qualify as an Spiritual illness because they know that sin is against God’s Will, and therefore the Holy Spirits’ as well. If the person is not a believer, he wouldn’t have the Holy Spirit or God to sin against.
            We need to go after the people with the Gospel and stop focusing on other people’s sins so much. We are supposed to be aware of our own sin and our brethren’s sins but it was not unbelievers and therefore sinners, that Jesus told us to rebuke in any way. Not once.
            So, it is about unbelievers in actuality because people who commit the sin you are so dismissive about like it can never be forgiven by our Lord and Savior when it definitely can be forgiven as Jesus is the only one who needs to forgive their sins, not Christians.

            “Spiritually ill” sounds like a way to refer to nonbelievers that you deem ‘as not ever going to turn to Jesus’, and use it as a derogatory name. That’s a number of sins as we have no authority to condemn anyone, and only to judge whether or not the person will accept the gospel from you. That is not saying that they won’t accept for someone else’s help and clarification, but that Jesus has not given us that knowledge and we can’t determine it ourselves.
            I don’t believe that an unbeliever could be spiritually ill at all.

          • If you don’t believe that an unbeliever could be spiritually ill at all, then I have nothing more to say to you as it would fall on deaf ears, blind eyes and a hardened heart.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Since when do you have a single spiritual bpne in yoir body?
            What makes your statement “gays er perverts” to such a highly spiritual statements?
            Where did your Jesus state that gays are perverts?
            What makes killing less perverted than consensual sex between two adults?
            I have met several highly spiritual people. None of them have anything in common with you.
            In fact, you don’t know the concept of spirituality. The only thing you care about is spending time on fundioe websites, spewing your hate and bile, thinking you smearing LGBT veterqans makes you a en enlightened people.
            But you are not a big man. Nor do you have a single thought that remotely resembles Jesus.
            Not once have you quoted the one you falsely claim you follow.
            Instead, you act like a punk brat bully with a bad attitude and hothing bit pure bile to serve.
            I have challenged you to find a single study that supports your claom that you are better suited to be in uniform than gay people.
            I have challenged you to find a single quote from the 4 gospels where Jesus affirms your hate towards LGBT people as justified.
            But all I get is evidence that Christians are intellectually and spiritually challenged like toads.
            ‘the least Christ like people I encounter are self righteous chicken hawk homophobes like the ones who actually believe in this quasi Christian propaganda sites who make their money lying about people. These “perverts” were brave enough to serve in uniform.. and unlike you passed the psyc tests.. So it was the ARMY that affirmed their mental capacity to serve.
            But when you think that you have a higher authority and education in Psychology and Psychiatry than the Army and their doctors…..

            Donning-Kruger comes to mind.
            Seems to be a mental retardation among fundies who wants to play experts on things you know nothing about.
            Like gays and Jesus.
            You seem to draw blank on both subjects.

          • If you insist on trolling me at least be coherent in your typing and your thoughts.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            -Matthew 19;2..

            I rest my case..

            You lose my little fake Christian troll…
            May you be treated by others the same way as you view LGBT people..

          • Matthew 19:2New King James Version (NKJV)

            2 And great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them there.
            Great verse.

            And Christ Jesus can heal you and ALL who are sick with sin.

            Seems that for some reason you equate God’s truth as told in His Holy Word to be hate by me when I say it. What have I said that is hateful to LGBT folks? Everything I have said is backed by scripture.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Sorry. Wrong verse: (Matthew 19:11-12)

            “Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.”

            You have no merit to treat LGBT people as less than you and expect respect or salvation back. You condemn gay people, you doom yourself my little freeloading troll with a fake piety.
            There is no verse in the gospel which specifically condemns the targets for your hate. The only thing that would happen is that you will drown in your own bigotry.

            So when did you serve your country in ways that the LGBT people you dehumanize have not?

            May you receive the same treatment as you have been brainwashed to treat them.

          • A eunuch is a male without testicles. That has nothing to do with being any part of LGBT. Same sex sex aka homosexuality is condemned by God in both the Old and New Covenants.

            I have served my country by working in the defense industry for 34 yrs.

            I dehumanize no one nor do I hate no one even though you keep saying that I do hate others.

            I have not been brainwashed by anything or anyone. What you have a problem with is the Truth of God revealed in His Holy Word. There was a time when I felt the same way.

            The Truth is not hate or bigotry, it is merely the Truth.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            some war profiteer who deals in killing making moral judgments on gay people! That is so precious!
            “We are a moral army! We do not let perverts and fags do the killing for us! That would be immoral!”

            Apparently, you have a very limited definiton of eunuch.’
            What is ironic is how you make such mental gymnastics to defend bible verses that has nothing to to do with LGBT people to specifically target them when the verse speaks of a complete different thing… But keep narroring down the defintion of “eunuch” to move the goal post so you can claim that your god did not create gays and transgender people and that Jesus blessed all other kinds of eunuchs, but never mentioned the euncuchs in question!
            This is what we call ALL spin zone!
            You must be dizzy the way your bigortry forces you to deny the FACT that your own savior did not condemn the targets of your own perveted obsessions.

            The word Matthew used was eunuchoi. The etymology is dense, complicated by the layers of meaning that get added and subtracted by subsequent translations and interpretations. Certainly, however, the three-fold definition offered by Jesus/ Matthew speaks to what I found in my research; the term eunuchoi was used to describe more than just a man who’d had his testicles removed. Jesus says eunuchs may be divided into three categories: Born that way, made that way by other men (castrated), or that way by choice (i.e. the intentionally celibate — a common choice of members of many religious sects in the time of Christ. )
            ‘this is where you fail. “…born so from the mother’s womb.” To cite another religious scholar/major diva, Lady Gaga: Some people are just born that way.

            One can assume he was certainly referring to the biologically intersexed (previously known as hermaphrodites). But it is not remotely a stretch to conclude that he cast a much wider net. After all, the transgendered have always been with us — treated differently according to local culture, for sure, in the same way that boys who liked boys (and girls who liked girls) raised eyebrows in some places, and caused no one to blink in others.

            However they get there, Jesus clearly has the same suggestion in how to treat them.

            “He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.”

            No need for panic. No need for demonization. No need, really, to make a fuss. You have no valid point. Your entire anti.LGBT argument, which is also an unconstitutional argument is shallow, empty and falls on its own lack of merit or authority.
            You have no moral argument, No scientific argument, Nor legal argument. For all I know, you are noting but an arms deals thug with as much blood on your hands as Klaus Barbie.

            In other words, to paraphrase Jesus:

            “GET OVER IT.”

            You are a sad, pathetic little person..

            Jebus is making face palms as we speak…
            May you be treated the same way as you you would treat others.


          • Obviously you do not want an adult conversation and I am tired of the way you blaspheme my God and Savior Jesus. I am done with you. You are now blocked. Goodbye.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Keep denying the true meaning of 19:12 does not make things better for your lost soul

            LGBT people are here, They will NOT go away. No matter how much you take your alleged saviors name in vain to deny them equal their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
            ‘If you want to deny LGBT veterans these basic RIGHTS after putting their lives on the line for you, then stop calling yourself a patriot or a Christian.
            Call yourself a fraud who is allergic to the Truth.
            You have no biblical, scientific or legal justification to force your fake “morals” and false dogmas on others.

          • Rob Bowers

            Ignorance is a completely different topic as well, but here it is rearing its’ ugly head.

          • Ignorance is the lack of factual knowledge. The fact is that this lifestyle is a perversion of God’s Word therefore, by definition, perversion is the topic here.

          • Rob Bowers

            I’m pretty sure that would keep everyone but Jesus Christ himself out of the military – and since He said “turn the other cheek,” you all of a sudden find your errant belief without defense.

          • And you my friend are misapplying that scripture.

          • Dr_Gonzzzo

            Are you a serviceman?
            Are you a trained psyciatrist with the competence to define what is a mental illness? If you are neither, you have some nerve putting others down as if that makes you a better person.. Or a better Christian… All I see is a whiner who thinks that equality under the law only applies to fundies who hates everything their Jebus preached..

          • Christ Jesus can heal your mind and save your soul if you will let Him.

  • Cady555

    The soldier exists. His spouse exists. No one is asking the officer to approve personal decisions.

    Why can’t the officer just be kind and acknowledge the person’s existence. Why did he feel his personal opinions were so important that it was necessary to remind the retiree that some people think his relationship has no value.

    It is possible to say “thank you for your service” without adding “but you are still a disgusting freak.”

    Just be polite and do your job. And as a military officer, your job includes recognizing the sacrifices of your subordinates and their families.

    • Etranger

      How sad that the retiring service member had to report to such an unappreciative boss. I can’t imagine my boss standing in the way of me receiving a well-deserved certificate for my spouse. Fortunately, most people in the general population are actually decent people, not radical Christians like this guy in the article.

      • bwgirl

        Decent people wouldn’t engage in homosexuality; therefore there would be no spousal certificate required.

        • Etranger

          LOL. Sure.

        • Dr_Gonzzzo

          Decent people don’t start wars and claims divine mandate,,,
          Decent people live and let live. Perverts are sickly obsessed over how others practice their sex lives. A decent religion does not demand that the rape victim marry her rapist. Christianity does! Decent people share what they have.. Open their hearts and homes.. Hypocrites shut out people and claim moral authority to judge others..