‘That Is My Race’: ‘Transracial’ German Model Undergoes Treatments to ‘Transition’ From Caucasian to Black

A Caucasian model from Germany is raising eyebrows as she has been undergoing various treatments this year to “transition” to a black woman as she believes that is who she really is on the inside.

“Please understand me. I’m not a white woman with black skin and African hair. I’m a black woman with heart and soul,” Martina Adam wrote on Facebook in July. “Getting more and more the body of a black woman is so a wonderful and liberating feeling for me. I don’t want to offend anyone! But I’m not only outwardly a black woman; I’m also with heart and soul a black woman. I swear that by God!”

Adam, who initially underwent plastic surgery to look like model Pamela Anderson, changed her mind and decided to undergo a medical treatment earlier this year to increase her skin’s production of melanin. She also had her lips injected to appear fuller, and obtained a dark weave to look more African American.

Adam recently appeared on “The Maury Show” to talk about her belief that she is really a black woman in a white woman’s body. She wore a large necklace to the occasion that read “Black Girls Rock.”

“Martina, do you think you’re a black person?” host Maury Povich asked.

“Yes,” Adam replied, resulting in an uproar of disbelief from the audience. “But 80 percent. I have to learn a lot. I know.”

Povich explained that being black is more than just “skin deep” or hair extensions, and pointed out some of the odd statements that she had made to his producers.

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“I am black, that is my race,” she said. “I can’t wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty!”

Povich told Adam that it appears that she is “trying to find something,” and that she will most likely continue testing out something new in her unsettled state.

Adam’s “transition” and self-identification has generated mixed response from the public, with some opining that she should do whatever makes her happy, and others noting that Adam will never be a black person no matter how hard she tries.

“I am a African American woman, and I feel if a man is allowed to become a woman, why can’t Martina become a black woman?” one commenter asked.

“Wow. Just saw your interview and I think you’re very courageous to try and find what you feel is your truth and live in it,” another stated, adding the hashtag #onlyGodcanjudge.

“You can’t change your skin color and now you’re a different race; that’s not how this works,” a third said. “They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this is not. Everybody wants to be black until it’s time to be black.”

“I seriously wish you would reconsider all the work you have done to yourself and be the woman you once were,” another wrote. “Tanning will not make you a black woman no more than bleaching will make me a white one. Love who you are.”

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