‘Crucify No Voters’: Australian Churches Vandalized by Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Supporters

(Christian Institute) Christians who hold a biblical view of marriage are “bigots” and should be “crucified,” according to same-sex marriage supporters who vandalised churches in Australia.

Last week, two churches in Melbourne were daubed with graffiti including a Nazi swastika.

It is the latest in a string of reports of abuse suffered by marriage supporters in the country. In recent weeks, a mother received death threats and a Christian lost her job simply for expressing opposition to the redefinition of marriage.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    when you make one thing legal … you make other things illegal …………

  • Cady555

    The problem is not that some people think marriage should be “one man and one woman.”

    The problem is the ACTION to enshrine that belief in law and PREVENT other people from living in accordance with their beliefs. The problem is the arrogance that causes people to force their beliefs on others.

    “My religion teaches modesty, therefore I will dress modestly” is no problem. “My religion teaches modesty, therefore you will dress modestly” is wrong.

    “My religion teaches same sex marriage is wrong, therefore I will marry a person of the opposite sex” is no problem. “My religion teaches same sex marriage is wrong, therefore you cannot marry a person of the same sex” is wrong.

    What you do in response to your own beliefs is fine. Passing laws that force other people to comply with your religious beliefs is wrong. That is why people object to those adocating against legalizing same sex marriage. No one cares what they believe. They care that those people are unfairly interfering in the lives of other people.

    • ppp777

      The likes of you do the same thing by definition , what hyprocrites

      • Cady555

        Tu quoque fallacy.

        How about addressing what I said instead of tossing out illogical fallacies?

        Why do you think it is okay to use laws to make other people comply with your religious beliefs, even and especially, when they do not share those beliefs?

        • ppp777

          In case it has not sunk in to that degenerate mind of yours all laws are built on a persons world views , ours are built on tried and trusted solid world views that has stood the test of time and is built on reality , yours is a world view that is built on sand and leads to destruction , totally unscientific , totally illogical , that can only come from degenerate and reprobate minds .

          • Cady555

            The world views of the bible included slavery, blood sacrifice, concubines, beating children, and prohibitions on bacon, shrimp and tattoos.

            Those “tried and trusted solid world views that has [sic] stood the test of time” are mostly obsolete.

            I will take modern laws based on compassion and empathy.

          • ppp777

            Your laws are based on feelings , and you obviously know sod all about the bible or its context so you best keep quiet .

          • Brian Ansell

            PPP I love the idea that you imagine you did not evolve!! So you will identical with who?? Can you prove that evolution never happened? without evolution your children have no hope??

          • ppp777

            Before I tare your statement apart you better explain to me what you mean by evolution , and please no rhetoric .

          • Brian Ansell

            PPP. You could not take you way out of a paper bag!! please tell me how pure energy billions of years ago led to you existing with a silly name ??

          • ppp777

            That’s your answer , yeah right .

    • Lydia Church

      Therefore YOU cannot marry a person of the same sex… is not wrong… it is right.

      The fallacy committed here is that of ignorance of the absolute moral code of law. Most have been brainwashed into believing that morality is subjective, but that is false. In fact, to claim that there are ‘absolutely’ no absolutes, is a logical contradiction.

      Example: Some things harm others, therefore they should be outlawed, such as murder and drunk driving. We cannot say, well, I ‘believe’ in it, therefore I should be able to do it, but you don’t so you won’t. Since it is harmful, NO ONE should be allowed to do it, and the law should be applied universally.

      Application: Many falsely claim that the sin of sodomy ‘hurts no one,’ but that is false. Sodomy produces AIDS, something covered up by the media and academia. It is against God’s moral law and thus it is a sin. Many die from AIDS all the time, including babies and heterosexuals from transmission.

      Conclusion? It should be outlawed!


      Proof complete. Won’t be back to argue with a tree stump.

      • ThePantomimePrincessMargaret

        That’s not proof, that’s a rant.

      • Cady555

        Lesbians have by far the lowest rate of AIDS, yet you aren’t advocating for lesbian relationships. This tells me that AIDS is just a smokescreen. You are grabbing at straws to find an excuse for your dislike of gays. And since worldwide AIDS is primarily a heterosexual disease, it is a ridiculous argument.

        A committed monogamous gay relationship harms no one. You just want an excuse to hate gays.

        You still have no right to make other people adhere to your religious beliefs by putting them into law.

  • ppp777

    Again those children of Belial are using the same old tactics , threats and intimidation , hell is widening all the time .

    • Brian Ansell

      PPP I live in heaven how is hell for you?

      • ppp777

        Your getting desperate .

  • Lydia Church

    “Her employer, Madlin Sims, said this was “homophobic” and could not be tolerated.” Well in that case, Mrs. Sims is Truthophobic, and THAT can’t be tolerated! We have the right to oppose gay marriage because we are to stand for God’s moral law! No matter what the deal otherwise… BUT, we need to educate Mrs. Sims to relieve her of her ignorance. First of all, voting takes place in a democracy, if there is voting, it is implied that there is more than one choice! We have the right to choose the godly choice over the sinful one, and on top of that we have the right to speak our views! But, no one has the right to persecute us for that, because THAT is called discrimination! Thank you! thank you. Hold the applause. If she grows a brain she too….. will realize this.

  • Lydia Church

    This just shows that the devil is behind this by that slogan ‘crucify them!’ True Christians have always been persecuted and martyred for obeying Jesus. The early Christians, the ones during Communism, the ones by islamic state, and now by the sodomites. Stand firm Christians! Our day of glory awaits!

    • Brian Ansell

      Lydia how sad you claim to be a Christian but refuse to love your neighbours !! You have gay neighbours and Muslim neighbours!! Wheredid you imagine you needed to do what Jesus says! Jesus is dead!! But that does not stop you loving your neibour as much as you love yourself !!

  • Lydia Church

    Addendum to comment below:

    1. Q: Who are the haters and bigots here?
    A: The ones who want to murder us for our beliefs.

    2. Again, that is how the law works, it applies across the board. If drunk driving is banned, it is banned for everyone. That is why it is voted on, so the majority wins, and yes, ‘imposes their beliefs on you,’ aka democracy.

    3. Only God’s law is highest and if a contradiction, we must obey God over man. Acts 5; 29

    See comments below first.

    • Cady555

      Drunk driving is illegal because there is evidence that people who drive while impaired put other people in danger.

      Muslims believe drinking alcohol goes against god’s commands. Mormons believe drinking alcohol goes against god’s commands. Many christian denominations believe drinking alcohol goes against god’s commands. Yet it is legal for adults to consume alcohol because religious rules do not belong in secular law.

      Religious prejudice regarding the sexuality of other people does not justify attempts to enshrine those prejudices into law.