FBI Records Show Sandy Hook Gunman Was Obsessed With Mass Murder, Possessed Material Supporting Pedophilia

WASHINGTON — Newly-released FBI records show that Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza was obsessed with mass murder, possessed “large amounts” of materials on firearms, played sometimes violent video games and also possessed material in favor of pedophilia.

A report within the 1,500 pages released by the FBI outlines that among the digital evidence seized by authorities were found “commercial movies depicting mass shootings,” “the computer game ‘School Shooting’ where the player controls a character who enters a school and shoots at students,” a “five second video depicting children being shot,” “images of the shooter holding a handgun to his head,” “a spreadsheet listing mass murders by name and information about the incident,” a “large amount of materials relating to Columbine shootings and documents on mass murders,” and “materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights of pedophiles.”

The report also states that investigators found a number of video games at the residence that included “Call of Duty,” “Left for Dead,” “Doom,” “Dead Rising” and “Grand Theft Auto.”

Lanza, 20, had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, and would often stay in his room, not even allowing his mother to enter.

“The shooter was particular about the food he ate and the arrangement on the plate in relation to other foods on the plate,” the report outlines. “Certain types of dishware could not be used for particular foods.”

Lanza’s mother, Nancy, washed his laundry daily as Lanza was obsessive about changing his clothing during the day. According to the report, Lanza also did not like to touch door knobs and frequently washed his hands. He additionally did not wish to be touched and his barber told investigators that appointments were uncomfortable and awkward.

Police found garbage bags taped over Lanza’s bedroom windows as he had told family that the light hurt his eyes. He disliked holidays, did not enjoy being in crowds and could not stand the family cat, which his mother had to give away.

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The FBI concluded that regardless of Lanza’s diagnosis, mental illness is no excuse for the crime as Lanza knew exactly what he was doing and had planned it for some time. 253 live rounds were found on Lanza’s body after he committed suicide at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and many weapons—including firearms, knives and swords—were discovered at his residence. Some of the weapons had been purchased by Lanza’s mother.

“In this case, the shooter’s mental status is no defense to his conduct as the evidence shows he knew his conduct to be against the law,” the report states. “He had the ability to control his behavior to obtain the results he wanted, including his own death. This evidence includes his possession of materials related to mass murders, the removal of the GPS from his car, his utilization of ear plugs, the damaging of the hard drive, and waiting for his mother’s return from New Hampshire.”

“The shooter did not ‘snap,’ but instead engaged in careful, methodical planning and preparation,” the documents also outline. “The shooter was fascinated with past shootings and researched them thoroughly. The shooter shared many similar characteristics and behaviors with other active shooters.”

As previously reported, in Dec. 2012, Lanza shot his mother in the head while she was still in bed, and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School—where his mother was once employed—and began to fire upon the children and their teachers.

Lanza soon took his own life as first responders closed in on him. Twenty children and six adults were left dead, including the school principal. Medical examiners reported that the majority of the victims had been shot multiple times.

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  • Croquet_Player

    This mass murderer was severely mentally ill. I think we can all agree on that one point. Can we? Can we all agree on that one point?

    His first victim was his own mother. With her own gun. He then went on to shoot and kill twenty children and six adults.

    Please tell me again why it’s fine that people who we know are severely deranged or are on terrorist watchlists can buy a gun. Lanza didn’t have to. His mother had all the guns he needed. He took her guns, shot her in the face in her bed, and went on to shoot and kill twenty (20) small schoolchildren and their teachers. They’re all dead. Because this man had all the guns he needed. His mother bought them. They were in the family home. We all love our family. Who could imagine a weird nephew, or an off-beat cousin taking all the family arms and killing everyone in sight? Imagine it.

    • libertynorth

      “Please tell me again why it’s fine that people who we know are severely deranged or are on terrorist watchlists can buy a gun.” You explained 2 different times that he got the guns from his mother, thus showing bad people will always find weapons to hurt others and answering your own question.

  • Judy Zwyghuizen

    WHY did his Parents let him grow up this way Demanding this crap and let him Become evil! they need to hear about good thing’s and Praise when doing good to their path’s will be good… what Parent would not want this for their Child to Become good soul’s????

  • Dave

    Paul Washer video is total original sin rubbish.

    • mr goody two shoes

      Original sin infects us all. Don’t know a ny thing about a Paul washer though.or what he teachs about original sin inherited sin flesh gives birth to flesh be we know it or not.