UK Mother Speaks Out After 22-Week-Old Baby Is Left to Die

(Christian Institute) A mother has called for a re-think of medical guidelines after doctors left her baby who was born at 22 weeks to die.

Sophie Dennis was told by doctors at a hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne that her daughter Autumn was not “viable” for help.

Official guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that only after 25 weeks is there a “general agreement that active management should be offered.”

Sophie calculated that she was 22 weeks and six days pregnant when she gave birth to Autumn, who weighed only 410 grams (14 ounces).

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  • sammy13

    Don’t doctors take an oath anymore that basically says they will do not harm ?

    • JoAnn Leichliter

      For the most part, no.

  • scubaqueen

    They should be arrested and prosecured for murder.

  • Myrtle Linder

    It is beyond my comprehension, that a mother or anybody, leave her/any helpless child without care, in any circumstances!!

    • pistolpacking_grandmaUSAUSAUSA

      But what could she do? Force them? It isn’t right and I was thinking the same thing as I read it. If she took it to another hospital, it would have been treated the same way since they have socialized medicine.

      • Myrtle Linder

        Very true, bu as long as that baby was alive, I would have been in a fight fie it’s life, not even if it were mine!! any baby is a precious human being and worth fighting for!!

  • Suzanne Watanabe

    This is the type of medical “care” that can be expected from a society that practices socialized medicine, as is done in many European countries. Doctors and so-called medical practitioners are the ones who determine whether a child or adult lives or dies. They no longer leave it in God’s hands. As for the Hippocratic oath, many doctors mouth the words, but don’t practice the precepts it advocates. And this is the result of pushing God out of society, out of the classroom, out of our universities, and even as far as out of many of our churches.