UK National Health Service Apologizes After Woman Complains About ‘Transgender’ Nurse for Pap Smear

LONDON — The National Health Service (NHS) of the U.K. has issued an apology after a woman contacted them to complain that after she requested a female nurse for her pap smear, a man who identified as a woman arrived to handle the procedure.

A pap smear is a routine test that is performed on adult women every 3-5 years, depending on age, and involves the collection of cell samples in the cervix to test for cervical cancer.

The woman, who spoke with The Sunday Times and requested to maintain her anonymity, said that she had requested that a female nurse handle the intimate procedure this past September, but became “embarrassed and distressed” when the nurse who greeted her had a deep voice and facial stubble.

The woman says that she told the nurse that there must have been a mistake, but he replied, “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”

“[It is] weird where somebody says to you, ‘My gender is not male’ and you think, ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man,'” she recalled to the outlet. “[The nurse] had an obviously male appearance … close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, [a] large number of tattoos and facial stubble.”

She decided not to go forward with the procedure, and instead lodged a complaint with the NHS. The woman remarked that the situation was uncomfortable enough for a “40-something” woman such as herself, and that she could imagine it would have been even worse if it were her teenage daughter instead.

“People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is kind of how I was made to feel about it,” she lamented.

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The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust has now issued an apology about the matter, advising that a clerical error had occurred.

“We apologized to this patient for the recording error and because the staff member accepted they didn’t manage the situation appropriately or professionally; the patient needed to feel listened to,” it said, according to a statement published by The Sun.

“Trust policy for all services is to consider seriously all requests for clinicians of a particular gender; it allows patients to feel more supported,” the NHS continued. “We will deny a request if we believe it to be sexually motivated or where there might be a risk to a member of staff, but we will always explain ourselves.”

Respected Anglican preacher J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) once said, “Let us not only think of ourselves. Let us also think of others. There are millions in the world who have no spiritual light at all. They are without God, without Christ, and without hope (Eph. 2:12). Can we do nothing for them?”

“The highest form of selfishness is that of the person who is content to go to Heaven alone. The truest charity is to endeavor to share with others every spark of religious light we possess ourselves, and so to hold up our own candle that it may give light to everyone around us. Happy is that soul, which, as soon as it receives light from Heaven, begins to think of others as well as itself! No candle which God lights was ever meant to burn alone.”

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  • meamsane

    This article demonstrates, in a very plain and simple way, the utter absurdity of “transgenderism”!!

    • Robin Egg

      And people that support it.

    • carolyn

      No it does not. One woman complaining demonstrates that this woman had the same attitues as you. She was NOT abused, unlike the many women who have been abused over the years by male doctors, hence the fact that male doctors now must have a chaperone present to examine a female.

      • meamsane

        The article has nothing to do with “abusive” male doctors towards female patients. But nice try!

        • carolyn

          But she was not abused and since time, we have been treated by men, which no one thought anything of even though abuse regularly took place. I have been assaulted by male practitioners. That is reality for women. Not abuse by trans women. In all likelihood they would be VERY careful given that there are people like you all waiting in the wings ready to jump.

          • meamsane

            Again, your statements have nothing to do with the article!

        • carolyn

          If you google 10 Handsome Men (who were born women) you will see 10 people who according to you are “Women”. They were born women. Trans Men. You are aware aren’t you that there are Trans Men? By your definition they should be happy with a trans man treating them as they ARE WOMEN REALLY according to you.

          • meamsane

            I won’t bother “googling”, since this has nothing to do with the article.

          • carolyn

            Well the issues are entirely relevant but clearly you are one who chooses to remain ignorant

  • Nidalap

    In the months preceding this insanity coming to the forefront of society, if we’d warned that things like this would happen, we’d have been accused of fear mongering and sensationalism by the very ones defending it now…

    • carolyn

      It has not come to the forefront of society. It has always existed. We simply know about it now. It may have escaped your attention, but the woman was not abused. Historically women have been tended to by male doctors with very little choice and abuse did take place – why women can now ask for a chaperone if they are examined by a man. You may have missed too the fact that historically countless children have been abused by priests, by nuns in care homes etc etc etc. Maybe you should look a little closer to home instead of scaremongering?

      • Nidalap

        Come to the forefront, as in, once in the background?
        So the woman wasn’t abused?
        She made a request for a female. This man knew fully well what she wanted yet forced himself into the situation to make a point.
        You know full well what he did as well as I but, since you uphold his cause, you make excuse for him…

        • carolyn

          It has come to the forefront of the MEDIA, you are learning about it. It is not at the forefront of SOCIETY. Tell me how many times YOU as an individual have been affected by trans issues or even come accross a trans individual? It has existed for thousands of years. The fact that people were not aware of it, did not mean it did not exist and did not present issues for the individuals concerned, who have higher rates of depression and suicide and are regularly beatenn and murdered.

          Forced HIMSELF (RUDE) into the situation to make a point. You were there were you? I know full well what ‘he’ did as well as you? Really? SHE was asked to do a job. SHE is paid to do a job. HER gender is female. Your comment is ridiculous. How far do you supppose SHE would get if every time they asked HER to do a job, SHE said that SHE could not do it as SHE was not a real woman? SHE is a woman. Rational people would accept that. Midwives now are male. SHE lives as a woman. SHE did not just turf up one day in a dress. This is now accepted whereas in the past it was not understood. Guess what. YOUR VIEWS are on the way out. They should be. If the worker was black and the woman asked for a white person – ie discrimination just the same as this – should they have withdrawn the black person and apologised for sending a black person when she asked for a white one? Nope. That is pandering to discrimination.

        • carolyn

          I will give you a clue. The fact that a trans womans individual appearance is masculine is to do with the fact that historically, the issues were not understood and they thus lived “in the closet” as a trans person, just as gay people used to have to do (and some still do). They often married and went into masculine jobs such as the military, in order to try and suppress their own feelings and also to ‘prove’ to the outside world that they were ‘real men’ and hide their true self, as it was not accepted. As such, they did not get hormone blockers in puberty and for trans women (in contrast to trans men) testosterone did its damage in terms of masculinizing the body. Now in changed social conditions, they are finally coming out as Trans – ie admitting what they have always been. Thankfully, given that attitudes like yours are on the wane and the issues are better understood, kids are being accepted for what they are and gaining access to support and treatment, such that when they hit puberty, they have access to hormone blockers and do not have to deal with their body being masculinised, much of which cannot then be undone. In the future, trans women will not end up with masculinized features and trans men will not have breasts to remove and no one will know what sex they were at birth when gender is different to sex.

  • 4238Cattledrive

    Frankly I am surprised the hospital apologized.

    • Recognizing_Truth

      “the patient needed to feel listened to”

      I don’t exactly call that an apology, just an accommodation.

      • 4238Cattledrive

        you’re right

  • Thurman Merman

    i dont understand one cannot change their sex so why did they send a man when she specifically asked for a female ? to be fair perhaps only use these types of people to treat others with the same mental illness as them ? logic is the true measure of intelligence

    • carolyn

      It is not a mental illness. People are given transitions as it is an accepted reality. It may have escaped your attention, but doctors historically were almost exclusively men and women had very little choice than to be treated by men. A trans woman is not a man.

  • but he replied, “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”
    This is not over! Why? Because indoctrination doesn’t happen overnight. Think about it.
    Every immoral change in culture starts with resistance. But! After continued demands for dysphoria acceptance and so-called fake claims of making a mistake, people become conditioned. It’s inevitable. Just look around and see all the things that were taboo in the past, but now seen as defensibly normal.

    • ppp777

      Satan’ always been subtle .

    • carolyn

      The bible has numerous accounts of Rape and Slavery. Also being able to marry your rape victim, slave or prisoner of war. These things are NO LONGER accepted as they never were normal. Countless children over the years have been abused by priests and also nuns in care homes etc. These things too are no longer acceptable – they have ALWAYS been abuse. Being gay and being trans is now considered normal. People hae been gay and trans since the beginning of time, they are not new. Neither of them involve abuse, unlike rape, child abuse or slavery etc. You may consider a trans woman a man. This is NOT their gender and I might point out that historically virtually all doctors were men and women had NO CHOICE and NO CHAPERONE. That is no longer acceptable.