Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report: 321,384 Abortions Performed by Organization in 2016-2017

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WASHINGTON — The abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood has released its annual report, which shows that while the number of abortions it performed last year are the lowest in a decade, still over 321,000 babies were murdered in their mother’s womb during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

“As we enter our 101st year, providing access to expert health care and education remains at the center of what we do. We continue to drive innovations in health care delivery by leveraging new technology to get patients the care and information they need to live healthy lives and build the futures they want,” the organization wrote in its report, which outlines the services provided over the past year, most centering on sexual activity.

Planned Parenthood reported 321,384 abortions for the year, down from the 328,348 performed abortions during the 2015-2016 fiscal year—or 6,964 fewer murdered children. However, the number still equates to over 800 abortions a day.

While some might assume that the number of abortions decreased due to the provision of contraception, the figures show that the distribution of birth control continues to decline at Planned Parenthood with each passing year. Over 2.7 million people were provided with contraceptives in the 2016-2017 fiscal year—from temporary to permanent, including over 730 thousand emergency contraception kits.

The figure is one million less than what was reported five years ago, as 3.7 million contraceptives were provided in 2012. 3.5 million were distributed in 2013, 2.9 million in 2014, and 2.8 million in 2015.

The number of Americans receiving testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), however, increased. Over 4.4 million people were tested or treated for an STD, up from 4.2 million the year prior. Over 222,000 were found to have a sexual disease, up from 209,900 in the 2015-2016 fiscal year. 706,903 patients were tested for HIV, up from 654,218 the year prior.

Only 7,762 women obtained prenatal care during the 2016-2017 fiscal year as many Planned Parenthood locations do not offer the service, down from 9,419 the previous year. Just 1,182 mothers obtained miscarriage care, as opposed to the 2,073 who were served in 2015. 3,389 adoption referrals were provided compared to the 321,384 abortions performed.

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Government funding was the largest source of revenue for the organization, as it received over $543 million in the year alone, down slightly from $554 million in 2015-2016. $532 million came from private contributions and grants. With all the sources of income combined, Planned Parenthood generated over $1.45 billion in revenue throughout the fiscal year.

And despite its expenditures, which included $75 million to “strengthen and secure Planned Parenthood,” $47 million for sexual education, and $40 million on public policy, the abortion giant still garnered a $98.5 million dollar profit, labeled as “excess of revenue,” up from $77 million the year prior and $58 million in 2014.

Read the report in full here.

As previously reported, in an introductory lecture to his course on obstetrics in 1854, Philadelphia doctor Hugh Lennox Hodge lamented that even the mothers of his day were lacking of natural affection toward their own children and sought out means to kill them.

“They seem not to realize that the being within them is indeed animate, that is, in verity, a human being—body and spirit—that it is of importance, that its value is inestimable, having reference to this world and the next,” he said. “They act with as much indifference as if the living, intelligent, immortal existence lodged within their organs were of no more value than the bread eaten, or the common excretions of the system.”

“We can bear testimony that in some instances, the woman who has been well educated, who occupies high stations in society, whose influence over others is great, and whose character has not been impugned, will deliberately resort to any and every measure which may effectively destroy her unborn offspring,” Hodge sorrowed.

“[S]he recklessly and boldly adopts measures, however severe and dangerous, for the accomplishment of her unnatural, her guilty purpose … that she may be delivered of [a child] for which she has no desire, and whose birth and appearance she dreads.”

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  • Business is down for PP. What a shame ….

  • ZappaSaid88

    Great news. Sadly the article tries to play down the effect of contraceptive use.

    “The figure is one million less than what was reported five years ago, as 3.7 million contraceptives were provided in 2012. 3.5 million were distributed in 2013, 2.9 million in 2014, and 2.8 million in 2015.” – This makes sense as more folks would get coverage through the ACA and not need them from PP.

  • Vince

    Great sign there. “Don’t take away my care.” Why not be more honest? “Don’t take away my baby-butcher.”

  • Reason2012

    So kïlling your own daughter is “care”? How so? If that’s how they define “care”, then what’s the difference one hour after she comes out of the womb? God will judge us all for supporting such evil, barbaric genocide. As we get away from God/Christ, we become the most evil generation to live in the history of the world, without God to keep our evil in check..

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    #ThisIsWhy abortion is still legal. In this newest video, Zachary Conover from #Endabortionnow speaks on the problems related to sexuality in our culture that lead to the pro-choice mindset.

    It basically comes down to killing your mistakes ………… and a RELIGION of SEX ……

    Just When You Thought The State Of Higher Education Couldn’t Get Any Lower
    Frank Turek

    While these examples from “higher education” have the ruse of education, they in fact promote a dogmatic secularism with a kind of religious fervor intent on urging students to abandon reality and live in their own sexual fantasy world. The Young America’s Foundation surveyed 50 major colleges to see what courses they are offering as legitimate “higher education” in the 2017–18 academic year. As is evident by a reading of the complete survey, the new religion in America— “the religion of sex” – has taken over part of the academy and made it their temple. Here’s just a small sampling of the crazy courses now being offered:

    ♦ Up at Northwestern University there’s a course that typifies many being offered at campuses all over the country. It’s called, Beyond the Binary: Transgender and Race. Apparently, after thousands of years of human civilization and scientific advancement, college professors have abandoned biology and just discovered that gender and race have no scientific basis. They can be changed on a whim (this from the crowd who just 10 minutes ago were asserting that sexual feelings, like race, are fixed because “we’re born this way”. Northwestern, also has Medieval Sexuality, which investigates the “fluidity of sex and gender roles in an age before “sexual orientation” If only people would be less chaste in our society, then things would really get better…

    ♦ Indiana University is offering Topics In Gender Studies We’re All A Little Crazy: Gender, Madness, & Popular Culture. I wish I could tell you what this college course is about but the description is too profane to print.

    ♦ The University of Michigan is offering Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music, as well as Drag in America, which is now a laudable way to dress up a degree.

    ♦ Amherst College has constructed The Cross–Cultural Construction of Gender, apparently without correction from the biology department.

    ♦ Wellesley College offers the ever–necessary Rainbow Cowboys (and Girls): Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality in Westerns, a course that might even earn a blush from Wellesley alum Hillary Clinton as she rides out of town.

    ♦ At Swathmore College you can participate in Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology. “Key themes include: gender; embodiment; masculinity; liberation; sexuality; feminist and queer theory.” If that’s not queer enough for you, don’t miss Queering the Bible. Its stated goal? “By reading the Bible with the methods of queer and trans theoretical approaches, this class destabilizes long held assumptions about what the Bible – and religion ⏻ says about gender and sexuality.”

    ♦ The University of Maryland offers Homophobia in the U.S. Society in the New Millennium, the stated goal of which is not to educate, but to activate students to take up a political crusade. Its purpose is to “focus on students” powers and responsibilities within struggles to end discrimination based on sexuality.”

    ♦ Davidson College offers Oppression & Education (which ironically is not a commentary on higher education). They also list Marriage in the Age of Trump, which has nothing to do with the kind of marriage that has perpetuated and stabilized civilization. Instead the course examines “meanings of marriage for same–sex couples, including marriage as material right, marriage as protest, and marriage as validation.”

    ♦ At the University of Georgia you’ll be asked to swallow Gendered Politics of Food and adopt a completely new method of learning by taking Feminist Research Methods.

    ♦ At Ole Miss, there’s this golden oldie: Sex, Gender and the Bible – an obvious staple of higher learning.

    ♦ The University of Alabama has a course called Contemporary In(queer)ies.

    ♦ Texas A&M (the allegedly conservative school) calls a similar course Alternative Genders.

    ♦ At the University of Kentucky you can take – and I’m not making this up — Vampires: Evolution of a Sexy Monster. “This course answers the following questions: What is a vampire? Where do they come from? Why do we have an obsession with the walking dead, especially with fanged monsters?” (What employer couldn’t use a graduate with the answers to those puzzling questions?)

    ♦ DePaul University answers another question puzzling society with Are We Still Fabulous? Queer Identity in Contemporary Drama.

    ♦ Providence College students with less pigmentation in their skin will learn The Power of Whiteness.

    ♦ The Ivy League Brown University is apparently proud to offer Prostitutes, Mothers, + Midwives: Women In Pre–Modern Europe And North America, as well as Feminist Theory for a Heated Planet which, according to the description, has something to do with “the eruption of Gaia.”

    ♦ Columbia University advocates personal and political action with its course on Queer Practice, only to be outdone by another queer course at Nightlife, which appears to study what might or should happen at gay nightclubs.

    ♦ Dartmouth is teaching The United States of Queer as well as Radical Sexuality: Of Color, Wildness and Fabulosity.

    ♦ Yale University is peddling Globalizing Gender and Sexuality,The “Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department.”

    ♦ The once great Harvard University (founded by John Harvard to train pastors) now offers such biblically edifying courses as Gender, Religion and Scripture and Leaning In, Hooking Up, which will “critique ideological formations of gender, particularly as bounded by race, class, and sexuality.” Indeed, it offers “new models for sexuality” that, apparently, were beyond the provincial mind of Jesus.

    And that’s only a small sample of what’s being taught at just 50 schools; it’s actually worse and more widespread than that. Parents and alumni: if you love your kids (and civilization) more than your football and basketball tickets, then stop giving these schools your children and your money.